New Camaro Convertible Concept Photos


Some of us in the office really like the look of the new Camaro concepts from the past few years’ auto show circuit. Others think it’s a mess of retro styling and odd proportions. One thing is for sure, though: When the real thing hits the streets sometime in 2009, it will be a head-turner. Chevrolet is saying the real thing will look almost identical to the convertible concept in this photo and the photo gallery below. Enjoy the images and let us know if you’re willing to wait another two years for one. 

Camaro Convertible Concept Photo Gallery

The Camaro Concept Transformer (KickingTires)
2007 Detroit Auto Show: Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Concept (KickingTires)
Chevrolet Camaro Concept 2006 (

By David Thomas | May 15, 2007 | Comments (7)



Personally I like the sytling of the hard top better then the convertible. I think the hard top adds a lot of the lines that make the styling of this generation look distinctive. Personally I will stick with my 02 with T-Tops.


Hmmm, the coupe isn't even out yet and they're already making another concept? It feels as if Chevrolet's is (over)hyping us up, let's just hope they deliver.


Any word yet if GM will continue with their rear-wheel drive program? I know there was a question about a month ago whether they'd continue after these Camaro's came out, because of the gov's mileage stipulations.

The Pontiac G8 and Camaro are still a go. But it seems that everything else is getting another look including the next Impala.

We also read that the Cadillac STS and DTS would be trimmed to just one vehicle instead of two. Probably right between the two in size.


Does this car really have a top? I've seen pictures of the hardtop, but not a picture of the convertible with the top up. GM has a long history with late-to-market (G6) or completely botched convertibles (1980's Allante). Do they have the talent to make this happen?


It is good for Chevy to create some hype, people will go to the dealerships, even if they buy another model.


I have a 99 mercedes with a 115,000 miles on it. That car gets the heave-ho as soon as I can get a Camaro Convertible without having to pay over sticker. Late 2010 I figure. Why does GM take so friggin long?

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