Miami Still Top Road-Rage City


According to a survey by a national automotive club, Miami is the nation’s leader in road rage. The survey included 25 major metropolitan cities and 2,521 interviews. Besides determining which cities have the most- and least-courteous drivers, the survey also found that road rage has no gender, with men and women ranking as equal offenders. Most people were offended by bad driving related to cell phone usage.

Miami was the top city in last year’s survey, too. For a full list of the cities with the most and least road rage, click below. Feel free to let us know what gets your blood boiling.

Least Courteous Cities (Worst Road Rage) 2007

  • 1. Miami
  • 2. New York
  • 3. Boston
  • 4. Los Angeles
  • 5. Washington, D.C   

Most Courteous Cities (Least Road Rage) 2007

  • 1. Portland, Ore.
  • 2. Pittsburgh
  • 3. Seattle/Tacoma
  • 4. St. Louis
  • 5. Dallas/Ft. Worth
By David Thomas | May 15, 2007 | Comments (3)
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HAHA. Why does that not surprise me.


Phoenix should be in the top 5 for sure, it has become "East L.A" (my personal name for it)in just the past 5 years. They are so used to road rage incidents there they barely make the news unless there is an extended police chase involved somehow. On a Phoenix related but non-automotive related note: GO SUNS!!!


Neat study. The top #5 worst cities are probably in line with a lot of people's expectations.

I've wondered if some kind of car-to-car radio would help fix the road rage problem. Just a button on the steering wheel beside your thumb - hold down the button to talk to every car within 15 feet. Each car's VIN would be included in the broadcast so that you could "mute" on a per-VIN basis. (nobody wants to listen to a loud, swearing, verbally abusive person.) The audio could be recorded for evidence in (hopefully rare) case of abuse and subsequent prosecution. But wouldn't it be nice to be able to just say, "::click:: Could you please merge to the right so that I can pass you? ::over::" instead of honking the horn and flashing the lights? I think a lot of the anger comes from a person's inability to do something about the behaviour of another driver that interfers with his or her own convenience and especially safety.

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