Porsche Cayenne Ambulance: 0 - 60, Stat

The pictures say it all here: Porsche has taken a Cayenne S and converted it into an emergency vehicle. The passenger slides into a very tight area, but the Cayenne’s high-speed and off-road capabilities guarantee a fast transport. On board is equipment like an EKG machine, a defibrillator and other first-aid gear.

This is the sixth specially outfitted Cayenne in Germany; others have been outfitted with equipment for fire fighting, security and other safety services.


Porsche Cayenne News (KickingTires)

By David Thomas | May 10, 2007 | Comments (14)



Good thing this Cayenne is only in service in Germany, by the looks of that stretcher area, the "average" American wouldn't even fit in there, LOL!!!

I can see this comin in handy on the autobahn and when somthing happens like out in the woods or whatever. this is a good idea though.

Amuro Ray

1 Porsche...and possibly the only Porsche...I would NEVER want to ride on, and even be in any way IN it at all!



I would get hurt just to ride in it!

I would move to Germany and trade in my ambulance now to drive that thing!


I happen to be an EMT, and while I wouldn't want to have to do CPR in the back of that bad boy, or have a vomiting patient, that wouldn't be a bad environment to work in.


Too much for ambulance services. We save humans' lifes and don't want to be a kind of advertisement.
I think it is bad idea.


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