Review Preview: 2008 Saturn Vue XR


In our continuing effort to bring you the most up-to-date information on the all-new 2008 Saturn Vue, here is a preview of the review I’m working on for Below is a link to a photo gallery with a number of photographs of our test vehicle. When I’m reviewing a car, I like to use my digital camera to take snapshots of things that interest me instead of just relying on written notes.

Then when I sit down to write the review I have some visual reminders of the placement of controls, the gauge layout, materials and other tidbits I might have forgotten otherwise. I also rely a lot on our staff photographer’s work for exterior and interior styling. So, check out the photo gallery and take a peek at the visual writer’s notepad.

2008 Saturn Vue Review Preview Gallery

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By David Thomas | May 17, 2007 | Comments (19)


Where's the rear cargo cover? Saturn didn't even provide an attachment point if you wanted to add it as an option. The Ford Edge is that same way. A cargo cover is a must.

I would think that with this rail system there must be an available cargo cover. That said the beltline is high enough, and the rear windows dark enough it's pretty hard to get a good look if you're just walking by.

Mike W

Everybody's needs are different but I don't think I have ever used the included cargo covers with my three previous vehicles. They usually end up sitting in my garage.

David S.

Dave: The way you talk about it, methinks the new VUE will end up pretty high on your car shopping list.

To Matt:
There are two small removable blanking plates,to install the cargo cover. Cost $50. from the factory or $199. from the parts department.

To Matt:
There are two small removable blanking plates,to install the cargo cover. Cost $50. from the factory or $199. from the parts department.

Dave S.

I was given a cargo cover for my 2008 Saturn Vue and like Mike said, there are two removable plates but I don't know how they are supposed to pop out. I don't want to scratch up the interior. An advice?

What would you say to the wallpapers with the coolest cars of 2009 - ? Impressed? ;)

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