Unnecessary Sequel: The 2008 Touareg 2


Another automaker seemingly wasting our time is Volkswagen. The company’s big news this morning is that the slightly updated 2008 Touareg will be called the Touareg 2. This might be the worst naming idea we’ve seen since the Taurus X. The Touareg 2 goes on sale later this spring and will start at $39,320.

There will be three upgraded engine choices, including a V-6, a V-8 and a monstrous twin-turbo diesel V-10.

VW Unleashes V-10 Diesel Touareg on U.S. Today
New 2007 VW Touareg Gets Pre-Paris Expose



Is it necessary to put a twin turbo V-10 diesel in a VW SUV? I can only imagine how much that will add to the price.


So let me get this right, they FRESHENED it and are renaming it?!

It looks like the Touareg but with a different front end.

Automakers and their naming rituals are becoming outrageous!


How many Ford Execs work at VW anyway? Must be something in the water.


yea, like it's such a new idea....1 2 3 4 was the naming for the VW Rabbit from the 70's until now... maybe not here in the united states but sure in germany. the rabbits are called "golf" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....each number standing for it's generation.
Makes sense to me; how else do you differentiate between the touareg and the touareg 2? It doesn't make sense to put a new name on the carsince it is still essentially the same vehicle.

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