New 2008 Scion xB Pricing Announced


Following up on its debut at the Chicago Auto Show in February, the new Scion xB got its price tag today while the world was watching things in New York City. The base xB with a five-speed manual transmission will start at $15,650, a significant $1,620 over the outgoing model. The xB with an automatic transmission will start at $16,600, a bump of $1,770.

The price increase seems warranted, as the engine is significantly more powerful and the xB now comes with standard stability control, antilock brakes, a tire pressure monitoring system, front side airbags and two-row side curtain airbags. Cruise control and 16-inch wheels are also standard. 

We also learned the xB will arrive at dealerships in early May, not April, as Scion originally stated.

2007 Chicago Auto Show: Scion xB and xD Video
2007 Chicago Auto Show: More on the 2008 Scion xB, Arriving in April

By David Thomas | April 5, 2007 | Comments (16)


Referring to:

"The price increase seems warranted, as...the xB now comes with standard stability control, antilock brakes..."

The 2004-2006 xB also came standard with ABS and traction and stability control.

Have they posted mileage estimates yet for the new Xb? It will be interesting to see how it fares with the new EPA tests and the larger engine.

I just lumped a bunch of features together. i'll reword it.


Also comes standard with a huge C-pillar blind spot.


"Also comes standard with a huge C-pillar blind spot."

This is a style car, NOT something that needs to be designed to focus on blind spots. Those are easily fixed anyway with convex mirrors on the side views, no?

What are they, $5?


Why didn't we get the much better Japanese version?!?!


Ok, I know it is a question of opinions but this thing is UGLY...


I'll be first in line to get one of these...


Actually, LM, they are about $1.00. But, if this is a style car, then the Aveo is a luxury car. I concur with Expat. Is Scion targeting teenagers?


The front end looks rather truck like while the rear looks VW Golf-ish.
At least the prior XB was called a "box",this one defies description.
I predict the fad that was Scion will steadily dissolve in years to come.
Keep raising the prices and the teenie boppers might not be able to afford them on Mickey D wages...


In my family we have 3 scions actually 1 of each model, my husband drives a 2005 XA, he bought it for the great gas mileage and it currently has 78,000 miles on it and he will drive it into the ground like he did with his Toyota Echo, when it died it had 225,000 miles, I dont remember the year of it,I believe it was the 2nd year it came out, I know he would have kept it longer but he was in a accident thats why it died. My husband now drives an extra 50 miles a day since his days with the Echo. And my husband is 49 and could be driving a Audi or Jag since he is a high school principal. Myself at 47 I drive the XB bought it also in 2005 my XB only has 41,000 miles and I am a school teacher, I love my XB and either in 2008 or 2009 will buy the new one, it is very nice looking, and the only thing I missed from my previous car was the power, as the 2004-2006 XB has very little power, I used to drive a 1997 Mustang so it was a big change, so hopefully the new XB will have more zip.
My 18yo daughter has the TC and she loves that, I will be interested though to see what that will look like when they decide to redesign that model, my reason for this post is to justify that these cars arent just for teenagers, that there are adults who drive them as well.


The xB while targeted at those under 30 sells quite well to much older folks, who like the size combined with the interior versatility. I imagine the new model will continue down that path. My 51 year old mother has an xA - she chose that over the xB because the xB was too boxy. She loves the design of the new one though and wanted to trade up.


Wait, so the xB has standard stability control, whereas the more expensive (and popular) Camry does not? Toyota needs to get its priorities straighter.

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I took my 2008 Scion xb home this week. I waited for the first one to come to the dealership and bought it pretty much unseen, other than the pictures I found online. It has some features that the 2006 didn't that I wanted. I have to admit, when I first saw it in the metal, I wasn't sure. I had become used to my friend's little box.
After a week, I have to say that I really love this car! It drives really well, is quiet, the acceleration is great and so is the gas mileage. I like the fact that it has side air bags. Will give an update, but I am really glad I bought this car!

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