2007 New York Auto Show: 2008 Honda S2000 CR


Honda didn’t even have a press conference for it, and the company gave it a “prototype” designation instead of the more popular term “concept.” What does all that mean for the S2000 CR? Not much. The slow-selling — but beloved by owners — S2000 will indeed get the club racer trim shown here. It will arrive at dealerships this fall, lighter and stiffer than the standard S2000.

Fans of the S2000 love it for its track prowess, and the CR should only heighten that devotion. The suspension settings have been set to be “highly aggressive,” and all the weight-saving and aerodynamic work is to reduce lift. But the biggest news of all is that an aluminum hardtop replaces the convertible soft-top as standard equipment. 

Some club racing circuits require a hardtop to get on the track, and the CR delivers that option. It also sports a huge spoiler and nifty nacelles behind the seats. Engine, transmission and interior all remain the same. More photos below.

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That means it has no soft top at all?
Is it street legal?


It looks old, because it is. But, the top looks awkward. Also, I am sure it is a blast to drive, but it could have been refreshed at least.


So is this the end of the line? Or will there be a next generation version?

It could be a swan song for the S2000 and I don't think they'd be able to justify a new model for how many they sell. Developing anew model is expensive, tweaking an existing one, like this, isn't and they know how many to produce etc. Who knows how long it will continue.



Doesn't that reminds you the NSX?

yeah a lot like it but you can get away with selling 100 NSXs for a long time. Selling 100 S2000's a month doesn't bring in as much cash. I think the loyalty of the owners/buyers helps justify it a little.


Finally.... a hard top!!! I'll take one please...

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