Great Car Faceoff: The Champion


Well, at least you can't say the fix was in. In a contest where our seeding was roundly questioned, the title match came down to a No. 6 seed versus a No. 7 seed. Oh, well. There's always next year.

As for the 350Z, the fans came out of the woodwork early and often. And what passionate fans they are: They were happy to tackle each and every foe, but they took particular joy in voting down the popular — and controversial — Mini Cooper, which some voters claimed had been "fixed" as the winner of the contest. Among the comments: "The Z totally dominates the Mini in every way — for speed and performance, on the road, on the track, from a stoplight, careening around the corner on two wheels while trying to lose the police trailer ... well, you get the picture."

Here are all the cars the 350Z had to vanquish on its way to the title:

  • Scion tC
  • Chevy Corvette
  • Porsche Cayman
  • BMW 335
  • Mini Cooper
  • BMW X5

So, congrats to the 350Z. We'll see how it fares in next year's voting.

The Great Car Faceoff

By David Thomas | April 3, 2007 | Comments (11)



This was awesome I am so looking forward to next year.


And congrats to the Z!

geez don't you think thats alittle extreme matt?


Congrats to Z owners!!

I would like to say that while the Z can't carry 3 passengers (pets not included), I will say that I've packed my fair share of groceries (sometimes $300 worth) into my 350Z. Not to mention when I traveled to ZDAYZ how taking out the spare tire (I have aftermarket rims) freed up much more space and my friends filled the inside cockpit quite nicely with many neccessities as well (photos upon request).

I wouldn't underestimate the Z's hauling potential, just have to be more creative! Nissan 350Z, built tough and sexy!

Black Z Eddie

Nice job everyone. That was fun. We'll have to do this again next year.


Is it me or does the Z look like a Mitsubishi Eclipse?


Z was first...the 4g Eclipse took some of it's styling cues from the Z, as well as the 2G Eclipse.

THank you, this contest was a hoot.


paul , its you dude, cuz the Z looks nothin like the eclipse and vice versa.

WORD UP to the Z, it smash three bmw products!!!!


I like pizza!


Hey, what happened to the camry? hehe


"Hey, what happened to the camry? hehe"

Got raped by a bunch of CV fans who has nothing better to do than reloading the darn page more than 20 freakin' times a piece.


congrats to the 350Z! didn't give it a chance and the BMW crowd scoffed at it only to looked slack-jawed after it beat three of their products!


I think I will jump in my 350Z for a victory lap now!

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