2007 New York Auto Show: 2009 Ford Flex Unveiled


First the good news: The Ford Flex looks as good as a production version of the Fairlane concept could have looked. We still have to go check it out up close, but from the shots below it looks nice. The bad news? The 2009 Ford Flex won’t go on sale until the summer of 2008. That’s more than a year after its debut here in New York, and Ford could use a hit long before then.

It’s powered by the same 3.5-liter V-6 found in the Edge crossover and many others in the Ford family. Here it’s matched to a six-speed automatic transmission; Ford says it will have more than 260 hp.

There are side airbags and curtain airbags for all three rows of seats, as well as standard stability control. Ford is touting the Flex as a safe family transport with style. For now, we’ll agree. We just have to wait a while to make a final judgment. More photos below.

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Amuro Ray

This vehicle is DOOMED. DOOMED I say. Reason? When it was 1st debuted 2 or so yrs ago, it's a new, and possibly unique design. Now fast forward to ~ 4 yr. later (and 1 yr. into the future) - this style of vehicle, with its size and V6 gas guzzling engine, is NO LONGER the hip. Seriously, the look is already a little bit outdated as of today...Perfect textbook example of poor planning!


amuro i think it will do just fine as long as ford does not advertise it against the 2008 chrysler town and country and dodge caravan because it is basically a 4 hinged door minivan, but the roof is nice, and another thing if they are not taking the taurus x (formerly known as the freestyle) out of production next year why are they making two basically the same vehicles compete against each other


Look out Honda pilot and Saturn Outlook, FORD IS BACK FROM THE DEAD!

(I don’t like the name flex though go back to Fairlane)


thats the ugliest thing i have seen since the aztek. what are they doing??? look at the CX-9, acadia/outlook, highlander, pilot, even their edge. who in there right mind is going to buy this piece of crap, key word: right mind, except for those aztek buyers(this will be their srquel to aztek). this vehicle will be DOA in the showrooms. no amount of flex will save this nightmare.


Isn't this just a Freestyle? Maybe they should call this the Taurus XL???


Isn't this just a Freestyle? Maybe they should call this the Taurus XL???
Ford is as lost as Subaru in the area of styling. It's a shame!


give it up for Fields, he should be in the showrooms selling cars!!!


Good concept... poor execution. It's WAY too long and the back end is pulled straight from a 1984 Ranger pickup. Nice interior though.

I agree, I think the stretched rear and that overhang really kill it.


This proves that retro=dumb. HHR, SSR, PT, and now this... They look ridiculous and hideous. The interior kind of reminds me of Audi's. But as a strong guess theres no damn way quality is even ooo i'll say 10% that of Audi's interiors. Sucks for Ford lol. IDC.

what an awesome vehicle!!!! I only wish it were available this year.


Stretched rear and overhang are bad. The rear doors are way too long.


This vehicle is clearly evoking strong emotions on both sides. (even just judging by the comments here) For that I say, "Good job Ford!" They haven't done that with a vehicle in a long time. They're finally taking risks again, and trying something new. Seems to be that the domestics start experimenting only when their backs are to the wall. (See Chrysler minivan and K-car, Ford Taurus and Explorer, etc.) Something that makes people feel this strongly is actually a good sign that they may have a hit on their hands. Either that, or it means at least their design department is thinking, and that the suits are willing to take chances. Regardless, I'm a bit excited. Maybe it's a bit skewed by some hope that the home team can make a comeback, but I like where this is going.


The back is ugly, and from the side it looks way too long. I dont know, I thought it looked good from the front. Thats it. I like the sunroof with an available panoramic. It reminds me of the Malibu MAXX!!

The interior is nice though, except for the fake wood. It looks out of place for this type of vehicle.


I did not expect it to be SO long. And the back is seriously nasty-looking.


In spite of how much people say they hate it, I predict this will be clogging Wal-mart parking lots by Christmas 2010.

Okay, it has awkward styling, and how big is this weird-lookin thing?


It just came to me...the designers thought Ford should have something that looked like the Mini.

So, they spent millions of dollars to develop one, then product planners thought that in order to sell well they needed to make it bigger, because well this is America and that's all American automakers know, is bloated. So they stretched it, because Americans need 7 seats everyday for our small families, and had to make those seats hide-away in the floor, so they raised it. Ahh, the result is a Mini-inspired Minivan. A Mini-van. Only this one will take an 8-point turn to get into a regular sized perpendicular parking space, and will suck tons of gas. Let's see, gas will hit almost $4/gallon this summer, so maybe this will be out before it hits $5/gallon.

Ford in bankruptcy by 2011?


Why can't Ford would focus on building a few good vehicles instead of a bunch of crappy ones? They seem to have no clue what customers want and are taking a shotgun approach by throwing out as many slightly different vehicles as they can.


While America is a place for small families, it is also a place with 50%+ divorce rate. Combine that with the high % of 2nd marriages and you then have 2 small families blended together to make 1 larger family. Mine for example has 4 children between the ages of 7 & 10. This vehicle would be a great asset. Room for 6 plus all the stuff that goes with a larger family. How do I do that with a small, fuel efficient car? And I'm past the point where a minivan is appealing. Even a vehicle like the Edge doesn't satisfy my families needs. I'm just glad there is something other than a "tank" and something without sliding doors. I'll be in the showroom when it comes out.


I agree with most of the negative comments above. This seems the wrong vehicle at the wrong time. How much mileage do the American car makers think they can get out of the retro look? It's more gimmick than good design, and the gimmick's already old. Furthermore, does Ford really need another vehicle to compete with its own current vast lineup of large-to-gargantuan crossovers or straight SUVs? Let’s see, there’s already the Freestyle (cum Taurus X), Edge/Lincoln MKX, Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer, Expedition/Lincoln Navigator.

Earth to Ford: Gas prices are going up; demand for large SUVs (or crossovers—whatever) has been shrinking. Ok, so it takes you guys 7 years to get a new vehicle from drawing board to market. (It takes the Japanese makers, what, three years?) So you began designing this thing—the Fairlane/Flex—back when you thought you would be able sell Expeditions faster than you could crank them out, forever. The Flex is still a year and a half away from market. Cut your losses and kill it. How about investing in bringing over some of the cool sedans, wagons and minis you make in Europe?

On another styling subject, maybe some people really like the horizontal chrome bar and whited-out tail lamps of the Fusion, but maybe lots don’t (I personally find the look to be simultaneously flashy and bland). So, if you’re looking to broaden your market appeal, how smart is it to decide to slap this look on to almost your entire vehicle lineup? Whatever happened to the bold “New Edge” design philosophy (not to be confused with the current Edge vehicle) that Ford applied to the Focus, but that later dropped when it lost its nerve?


This is a great looking vehicle and people-hauler. I would definitely buy one for my family Much more unique than the other CUVs out there. Good job Ford!!!!

Ken L.

The design of this vehicle is horrible. It looks too much like an old station wagon with the overused Fusion grill. If Ford wants to be profitable again, they should invest in the stock market and forget manufacturing vehicles like this.


I've been following this vehicle since it debuted at the 2005
NAIAS, and I fell in love with it. The day Ford unveiled the production
version was a very exciting day for me, but it really didn't shape up
to my expectations. But after thinking about it long enough I realized that the concept and the production version can never be the same. Did anyone really think that they would just take the concept, make very minor tweaks, and sell it? No. They had to change it a little, even if the end result is a tad dissapointing.
I've been thinking of so many things Ford could have done better with the production version of this vehicle... the front end, back end, even the color they showed it in. But like I said, there is only so much bad you can look at, and as you do, you take away from the amazing things Ford has done with this vehicle.
You'll hear people say that it's ugly and a box on wheels and that you'd never see them in it or that it reminds then of the Pontiac Aztec... but truly, if you get beyond what could have been better, it really is a tremendous car.


Is it just me or does it have some hearse car style too? guess its the next gen undertakers car !!

ninevah keith

thats not an suv its clearly a wagon stop calling it an suv that name is getting tossed around too loseley lately


The front end reminds me of a late 80's/early 90's Ford F-150/Bronco.


event though i think it's ugly, i think it will become popular in time. i think this vehicle is absolutely pointless. ford should have just kept its already good selling freestar and improve it rather than taking a chance on a totally new and naive vehicle. this vehicle could predict ford's bankruptcy or success. like i said earlier, ford shouldn't have taken a chance and should have stayed with the freestar. good luck ford.

Lets hope it will be able to tow a small boat. If so, the FLEX will have a home in my garage. Plenty of room for fishing/camping gear for the retired folks on a budget. Great work Ford. Glad to see you back in the ring.

Ok I hear people say "Fords SUCK" But Look at the F-150 best selling truck on the planet 30 years in a row, Explorer Best selling Suv 14 years and Still running and now the all new Edge starting it's streak. Stop hateing on Ford. Can Chevy or Dodge say they have the best selling vehicle NO they can't. Has any one seen this car out on the street? I have I bought one and belive me people cannot stop talking about it My friends and random people love this car. Yes it's long but it drives great better then my 08 Accord and for a longer vehicle the gas milage is't too bad. And for the Pontiac Aztec comment there is no comparisons what so ever.

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