A Propane Powered Ford F-150


Roush, known for its custom Mustangs, debuted the first dedicated propane-powered F-150 pickup today. The company says it has the same horsepower and torque of a gasoline-powered F-150 with a 5.4-liter V-8 engine: 300 hp and 365 pounds-feet of torque.

The car features a 20-gallon propane tank mounted where the spare tire would normally reside, under the bed. An additional gasoline tank can be added. The range of a full propane tank is 250 miles, roughly 12.5 mpg of propane. The average price for a gallon of propane as of yesterday was $2.05, according to the Energy Information Administration, a government agency.

Before you rush off to order one of the Roush F-150s at a premium of $6,500 over the base MSRP, you should know that most of the 10,000 propane refueling centers in the country are for commercial use. Roush admits it expects most sales to go to businesses that already have their own propane fueling stations on site.

Propane is used in other motor vehicle applications and powers some 450,000 forklifts as well. It’s a byproduct of natural gas processing and the refinement of gasoline, and it burns cleaner with less emissions than gas.   

Roush says it’s taking orders now for the propane F-150, which can be ordered in regular cab, SuperCab and SuperCrew styles, with XL or XLT trim and the full range of bed lengths through select Ford dealers.

For more information, check out Roush’s website and let us know what you think of propane as a viable alternative fuel.



Interesting, a high performance company making a vehicle with an entirely different purpose. Perhaps they're just trying to create a bread and butter product that's still a bit unique? (Kind of like Porsche with the Cayenne)

johnny t

hank hill would be proud.


Hmm, an alternative fuel source that gets much worse fuel economy, gives a reduced driving range, takes up more space, and STILL comes from petroleum? No, thanks. You'd do better buying a hybrid or diesel pickup, assuming you actually need a pickup.


Sounds like Roush wants to sell propane,and propane accesories...
However,if Ford's unlamented former Ranger electric pickup didnt sell well,isnt any way that a propane F150 is going to sell either.Without filling stations,you have to stay in-state,and not every construction company or delivery service stays in-state.Until these "alternative" fuels become readily available...you will not get buyers.
The first foreign imports faced a tough road in America...who wants to buy a vehicle that you cant buy parts for? Why buy a vehicle that you cant buy fuel for?

geez, another reason for yet another ford product to go... with the fire incidents its been getting into lately...

its supposed to say Kaboom after "go..."

Interesting. Propane was really popular in Canada for a while, mostly with pickups and all the cabs seemed to use it. But the increased demand ultimately drove up the price of propane which killed the original incentive. If I remember correctly most places charged around $1,500 for the conversion, so $6,500 Roush is asking seems like a huge rip-off to me.

Gerry Vass

For Canada this new 150 is great, Propane almost on every corner. I built and drive a propane powered 4x4 1 ton camperised van and have done so for the last 5 years, I have never failed air care, I get 13 miles per gal now with 3.73 gears and a three speed auto trans and I am at present installing a 700R4 which should bring my rpm down to 2200 from 2900 on the highway at 60 miles an hour. This should get me up to 16 -17 miles per gal. In Canada gas is $1.23 per liter x 4.5 for our gal. Propane is at present 45.9 cents per liter. I built this engine for propane and on the dino it makes 452TQ. at 3600 rpm and 386 HP at 4900 rpm. Propane, clean burning, great power and reliability AND I am useing old tec. The system that Roush is useing is the best system on the market. People PLEASE give it a chance, go test drive you will be pleased.

imma rapper i like car im doin history on propane whips not mars

Big Tom

You can't buy one! Thats what I was told from 3 different Ford dealerships, when I went to order a new propane power F-150. You need to have a fleet number! To get the fleet number, you have too already have a fleet! So much for just being a long time loyal Ford owner. I have emailed to all corporate Ford departments involved. No reply as of 5/24/08. Good luck with that!


What's the price of a basic f-150 propane powered truck ?

A very interesting thread where I would like to clear up a few myths. Engine horsepower on propane only diminishes by 10-15% compared to traditional gasoline yet the cost per gallon of propane can be significantly cheaper - currently 30% less than gasoline. And you are doing a great thing for the environment as propane NOX emissions are 80% less than that of gasoline, even better than ethanol mixed fuels. Our customers also report lower operating costs as propane does not fowl engines like gasoline. Happy motoring everyone.

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