2007 New York Auto Show: 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i, WRX


The intrepid web surfers out there might have already seen images of the all new Subaru Impreza WRX sedan and wagon elsewhere on the internet. Today, we’re bringing you everything we have on the highly anticipated — and somewhat controversial — new model.

Car enthusiasts loved the WRX’s turbocharged 224-hp boxer engine powering all four wheels; the look of the vehicle was something of an afterthought. Now Subaru has delivered a dramatic new look, especially in wagon form, for the totally redesigned model. The signature hood scoop is much more subtle, the grille flows into the headlights and the beltline is quite high. Unfortunately, the engine and transmission setup remains exactly the same as the old model.

We’d guess the overhaul to the chassis, body and interior were more important for Subaru at this time and that improvements to the engine and transmission can be dropped in as the design ages a bit. That would be a wise move. Even more importantly, the interior looks vastly improved. The base Impreza 2.5i’s 170-hp engine remains as well, but the important model is the WRX.

We'll have more on the WRX tomorrow from the New York auto show, but for now click below for more photos. 

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looks like a kia with a scoop, maybe a hyundai


Dave T,

After reading Motor Trend's story, I was freaked out to hear the STI only comes in hatchback.

Why can't they leave us a choice to choose from?

Could you guys confirm it for us?


There's no way this THING can compete w/ the new Lancer. The rear of the hatch looks disgusting and the rear of the sedan has the Rio's taillights. The things a pos and i can't wait to laugh at the few ppl i'll see driving them on the road.


It does look like an Elantra wagon...the wagon.

And the sedan looks like a Suzuki. Where has subaru been spending their design dollars?

I guess they will also be quirky. Always have been, always will.

I believe the STI will come in sedan form, just not at first. We will check tomorrow when we talk to the folks from subaru.


blech! the styling looks like something Kia conjured up... on the plus side I'm happy to see a navigation system with cloth seats... usually automakers nickel and dime you by making you purchase leather seats and other luxury options before ordering a navigation system.


I've not seen any comment, anywhere, saying "I've just got to have one of these", and I've seen a fair few comments around the web.

The front is a mess, way to busy and not at all coherent. The back of the hatch is gimmicky (and dull), the back of the sedan is dull (and boring).

Subaru's interiors continue to improve, can't they do SOMETHING about the exterior styling? Even my 2002 WRX wagon was better than this, and I'll be keeping it a good while longer now.


I guess the "new look" (re: Tribeca) has offically fizzled. Too bad,,, I actually liked it, and I was waiting to see how it would look on a ground up redesign that WASN'T an overweight SUV.

Speaking of weight, how much does the new platform weigh compared to the previous one? If the engine is unchanged, then that's the leaing factor for performance. (I'd wager that the weight continues to creep up though, sadly every redesign is heavier than the prior one)

Looks like a good time to pick up a leftover 07.


Well, Subaru has not been known for nice exterior designing.

They build solid, but kinda geeky looking cars...

I'm seen a lot of comments saying it looks like a slightly larger Corolla S. Essentially, what the Corolla S *should* be. Thats not saying much for a car such as the WRX. Its supposed to be better than that.

2008 WRX Weight 3,142 lbs. for sedan, 3,208 lbs. for wagon
2007 WRX Weight 3,192 lbs for sedan, 3,252 lbs for wagon

sorry we don't normally run all the specs on the blog. but I'll track it down if asked!


I have been reading a lot of the comments on various websites regarding this new Impreza, and quite honestly, I am growing tired of all the unimaginative, relentless spewing of vitriol that people are passing off as enlightened opinion. The "It looks like XYZ car" comments are especially lame. All cars in the same class inherently look similar. And the fact remains that people never bought Subarus because they looked so great. You buy a Subaru because it is more reliable, performs better, and is safer than a Corolla, Kia, Hyundai, Focus, etc. I am not enamored with the new design, but if I buy an Impreza, it will be because I am buying a better car than these others and because I am more concerned with the function of my car as opposed to its looks, which, by the way, don't matter once you're sitting in the driver's seat. On that note, the interior (i.e., where you spend your time in your car) looks like a great improvement.


Wow! It LOST 50 pounds! I'm impressed (thanks Dave T.)

Hey Adam, I'm just dissapointed that Subaru hired some hotshot designer, made all sorts of hay about a new corporate "look", then bailed on it after only 2 models. (the Tribeca which has a LOT of problems, and a mildly face lifted Imprezza) The "Next" familly look is a rather conservative square grill with horizontal lines and a chrome mustach bar, (Forester, Legacy, Tribecca, and to a degree the Imprezza) which you must admit is pretty common these days.

Although "flame surfacing" continues to spread though the industry, oddly enough the only cars it doesn't work on is the Z4.


I myself own a 2005 WRX and was very upset to see that my potential upgrade looks as horrible as it does. The 2008 WRX screams of Hyundai styling, and although the STI version will sport a supposed 330 horses...(30 more than the 2007 version) the extra horses will not make me feel any better about purchasing this vehicle. Its the perfect example of kick butt rally machine turned into an Emo kids top choice to stand out, in the not so pretty, almost throw-up worthy way. Time for Subaru to hire on some Italian designers... its gonna take alot to pull their butts outta the hole they dug for themselves.



That's why we can always get some cosmetic surgery done to the car's exterior by some aftermarket parts.


The only thing I don't like about the front end is that little bit of chrome around the grill. They should have just made it body colored.


Let's be real,this is one of the most boring designs ever came out of Subaru. It's like looking at Porsche,they are all the same but you end up with 6 different models to choose from.
If by chance this new Subaru was designed by the folks of Kia and Hyundai. I am not least surprised to see re-badged version of this car,say Kia Rio WRX or how about the 2008 Hyundai Accent STI Ralley Car.

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