2007 New York Auto Show: 2008 Subaru Tribeca


When Subaru debuted its first traditional SUV its radical front-end literally scared off potential customers. The company even attempted to alter the grille just last year. Today, the company announced the 2008 model that not only addressed the cosmetic issue of that eye-offending grille, but also the vehicle’s engine and transmission.

Those major sore points might have offended automotive journalists more than the Tribeca’s looks. The new engine is a 3.6 liter six-cylinder with 256 horsepower. The new five-speed transmission promises faster shifts and reaction times. There are other interior improvements including a new third-row seat. Tomorrow, well have a full report on the main Cars.com auto show page. For now, check out the photos below.

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So no unified grille between the Impreza, Legacy, Tribeca and Forester? It's better than previous years, but (to me) the design pendulum has swung mightly far to the dull Pacifica side of life. Subaru of America should sit down and decide what direction they are taking their designs in and
a) stick with it
b) brand it across all their autos


Hm...is it just me?

I am seeing a Pacifica crossed with the Outlook, and mixed with the Highlander.

The product reliability is consistent, but the design is not. What is wrong with those goofy guys?

I can see it now...
Everyone complained about the last grille being too radical.
now everyone will complain its too boring.
They'll both be right

V da Lopez!

Don't insult the outlook, it has its own look, where as this pos looks like a hyundai rip off with a freakin aspen grill...i guess subaru is going for the cheap category

I thought it looked like a Pacifica from the front. Then I came to the comments and found two other Pacifica mentions. That settles it; it looks like a Pacifica. It will sell better now. How much? I don't know. But better. The B9 was the closest thing to an Aztek that I've seen since ... the Aztek. People just didn't like the way it looked. It's not the most flattering association, but looking like a Pacifica is still better than looking -- to borrow a term from my father -- like a hog's ass in the moonlight.


at least they didn't mess up the interior. has to be one of the nicest interiors i've ever seen.


LM, really? I figure there's plenty of cars out there with more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing interiors, well whatever floats your boat.


The front end looks too much like the Chrysler Aspen (and that's not a good thing)


From ugly to utterly dull in one simple step. Oh dear.

Still love the interior, but if anything the exterior just got worse (and that took some doing)!


Better to be different than dull.

Either way I have no use for a 6 seat SUV.

It's a shame they wasted such an ambitious design on such a conservative market segment.


Let's face it; all SUV crossovers look a little alike. Subaru sets itself apart from the field with a well thought out interior design.

I personally think it looks great! I am also a huge fan of the interior!


The new design seems to go the way of "safe design" to please the masses. The old design had grown on me over time. I'm sure there is a way the designers could have kept the 3-port front bumper but reshaped it into a more attractive shape. There have been plenty of 3-port bumpers which have been well executed in the past.

The first objective in auto sales is getting someone into a vehicle. That was hard to do with the previous model. The interior of the Tribeca should sell the car. I think Subaru hit there objective with this design.


I currently drive a Subaru B9 Tribeca, I bought mine last year, I have only driven cars and thought I would see what the hype was with a SUV, my last car was a 2005 Pontiac GTO and it was totaled when a snowplow ran into it while I was at work, before that I had a 2000 Pontiac granprix GTP coupe also had a 1989 montecarlo SS and my first car was a renault alliance, dont even remember the year, my dad bought it for me very cheap so I could learn to drive.
Anyway I narrowed my search down to 3 SUVs 1. The tribeca 2. Subaru Forester XT 3. Nissan Xterra. The Forester I was looking at was loaded with alot of nice options and the price was $32570 while the tribeca was only $3500 more and it was much nicer inside. The Xterra didnt cut it anymore after I drove the tribeca.
Sure it had a weird look to it in the front, and some of my friends and even family asked why I would get such a weird looking SUV, and I could only say because I really liked the inside, and I am definitely looking forward to driving the new one, as mine is a bit underpowered so the new engine should give it a nice boost in power, hopefully. And I love the new look, hey maybe at 30yo I am losing my sporty taste, but if you ask me the Forester doesnt look sporty either, neither does the Porsche Cayenne, that is almost as ugly as the Aztec, the only reason people buy it is for the more powerful engines. I love the new look not that I dislike my tribeca because I wouldnt have bought it if it was ugly, just like I dont have a porsche cayenne in my garage, I could have one of those too, at least the one that is under $50,000 anyway.
I am not saying I will never go back to a car, but once you go SUV its hard to go back to a car, Subaru keep up the nice work and ignore the comments of those who dont understand.


Wow, the front looks like Chrysler Aspen, but the redesign looks a lot better than the previous generation.


Actually, more like the redesigned Chrysler Town & Country.


When thinking about a 3 part grille, first thing came up in mind is Alfa Romeo.

Anyway, the interior to me means more than the exterior, because I sit inside the vehicle, and I have to deal with it much MUCH more than the exterior.
That's why I agree with those who think the interior looks nice, even the exterior looks kinda outstanding.

There is a saying: You are laughing at me being different, I am laughing at you being all the same.


I just bought a 2007 Tribeca before the 2008 came out. I noticed the dealers in my area were running out of the 07's in anticipation of the 08's, so the first one I found I purchased. I knew the 08's were going to be blanded down even before the photos were released. Sure enough, I was right. I have always liked the old B9 even back when released in 06 and still do. That's why I bought one. Buy the 08 if you are proud of being a conformist. Too bad Subaru gave in.

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