2007 New York Auto Show: 2008 Jeep Liberty


For 2008, Jeep is giving the Liberty an all-new look inside and out, along with a radical, optional retractable roof. If the Liberty resembles the Dodge Nitro, that’s because they’re largely the same vehicle. The Jeep sports a 210-hp V-6 and two 4x4 drivetrains, and comes in Sport and Limited trims.

We’d get into all the changes from the past generation, like all the added space and comfort inside, but we’re a bit bummed there aren’t more Jeep-specific touches.

Unlike the Nitro, the Liberty has an optional retractable canvas roof that Jeep calls a Sky Slider, and it looks to live up to its name. We’ve seen similar roofs offered by prominent aftermarket companies on vehicles like the Hummer H3, but this is the first time we’ve seen one from a manufacturer. You’ll also be able to add a rear seat DVD system and the new MyGig entertainment system.

We’ll have more on the 2008 Jeep Liberty later today from the show floor, but for now check out the photos below, including a comparison shot of the Dodge Nitro so you can judge for yourself.

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So fabric sunroofs are making a comeback, are they? Is this because the people who are designing cars now are too young to remember why they went away last time?

I don't think there going to sell more than a 1000 per state unless they give you a free Jeep commander and a free Dodge nitro to show you that they chopped them in a half and made a new car and lets hope they don't do that with the dodge charger and chrysler 300c(chop them into 2 halves and make one car)

no seriously I don't think there going to sell more than a 1000 per state unless they give you a free Jeep commander and a free Dodge nitro to show you that they chopped them in a half and made a new car and lets hope they don't do that with the dodge charger and chrysler 300c(chop them into 2 halves and make one car)

Car Expert

Well, at least it finally looks like a Jeep. What ever happened to the Jeeps that sold so well in the 90s? You'd think they would have figured out they're buyers. I feel bad for Chrysler. Ford and GM (especially GM) are turning things around and Chrysler is just sitting there.


I like it better than the Nitro, but I don't think it will be competitive.

Chrome grille doesn't look right on the Liberty--it's too small a car.

Looks like they didn't fix the front legroom issue--the drivetrain intrudes horribly on the front footwells. What is there to like here?

The sliding cloth top is probably the most notable aspect of this car. While it may not exactly leap off the page, these things are absolutely *awesome* when you drive the vehicle (i.e. Subaru Forrester and Cadillac SRX sunroofs transform those cars). It's like having a convertible, but with few of the problems. And the top down, wind-in-your-hair feel is what Jeeps are all about. As the Wrangler Unlimited 4-door is showing, small but clever variations on a theme can make all the difference. This sunroof should be an option on all Jeeps -- it would be an advantage that Jeep could work like no other brand.

Bring back the diesel, give me a five speed and this vehicle would be in my consideration set.


whats going on these days in the automotive world in america, ooh ooh i'll tell you, they are running out of designs, so whats the best bet: BOX!!! nitro, flex, commander, and now liberty as join the fray. THIS IS THE REASON WHY DAIMLERCHRYSLER IS GETTING RID OF THE CHRYSLER GROUP from their portfolio. wit designs like these they are doom to fail!!! the only thing going for them right now is the 300, the ram seems to be lost in translation with the titan and Tundra now in serious play, and the 2008 cherokee looks like 2007 cherokee!!! WOW

From a guy that still drives a 98 Cherokee, let me tell you what Jeep is. It is for the true outdoorsman. Its a swiss army knife. If you want a grocery getter, buy a Camry or station wagon or (puke).... a crossover. If you still go tent camping, not RVing, if you still take the logging trails, tow snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, and treat your car like an old pair of jeans, then a Jeep is for you. The Nitro does not have the same off road capabilities.

If you let your dog sit on the seats, or let you buddies in with snow and muddy boots, then this is it. I like the looks. I hope they spent some time thinking about cupholders, map pockets, storage and utility. This isn't a minivan for soccer moms or a cute ute for sorority girls, this is a Sport Utility Vehicle. Do any of you even go off road? If you did you would know that Jeep is by far the best thing off road. If they ever spend time engineering their vehicles to match the engines and transmissions of the old Cherokees, they would capture the SUV market. Not the station wagon, cute ute, crossover market, but the SUV market. A market that is hardcore, because they still go places that other cars can't. Put a 4L I6 in it and I'll sleep with it.


The '07 Nitro is an '07 Liberty, with 4 inches added to the wheel base and 1 inch chopped off the top..................the ’08 Liberty is a Nitro. They are SUV's with 4X4 available - they are NOT Jeep Wranglers - they are good for snow, dirt roads and light 4X4 driving - not rock climbing. This may finally move the liberty out of soccer mom status……..

I think this is an improvement over the old Liberty - it was too short and too tall - like an Element, it just didn't look right and the commander was too boxy.

If you like SUV's and you don't want to pay the price at the pump for a V-8 - the 3.7 with a manual is great.

I would expect since this comes from the same assembly line as the Nitro - that it will be just as good. So - it looks like a Nitro, that's 2 - not the 15 cookie cutter cross-overs that are all built to appeal to Women.

I think what is killing the American car manufactures is the UAW – high pay for less work, no accountability and longer breaks then any one else.

It's just too bad, the Cherokee was so great. In 2002 they could have just advanced the design, updated the interior, tweaked the short-comings and they would have been set for the next 20 years. How many vehicles can remain virtually unchanged for almost 2 decades and still sell? I miss my Cherokee.

Jeep Liberty has remained a leader in the mid-size sport-utility vehicle (SUV) market. Jeep design that is guaranteed to strengthen its draw to current owners and broaden its appeal to a new audience. It is equipped of newly improve parts such as advanced anti-lock brakes and jeep exhaust system - http://www.flowpowerexhaust.com/exhaust_system~jeep~flowmaster.html . The redesigned jeep offers comfort and safety as you drive. This is perfect those who loves off-road and had an active lifestyle.


Thanks for the commercial Trivia Lover. You should be worried about your job at Jeep if this is the design direction they are taking. Leave it to Jeep to ruin the Liberty design. It was actually a pretty good design change from the old Cherokee (which is still a classic). But now, they made it more reminiscent of the failed Commander. Hmmm, how do we spice up one of our best sellers? I know! Let's make it look more like one of our failures! Meanwhile, we'll give the Grand Cherokee barely noticeable updates and ignore it's shortcomings while the rest of the SUV industry innovates their way right past us. Perhaps Jeep should continue to point out to soccer moms how the Grand Cherokee can tame the Rubicon trail. That always works.


Are you listening, Jeep engineers? Just bring back the real Cherokee with environmentally-responsible upgrades....I just keep looking for a 4 x 4 that is tough on a snowy slope- to hell w/ the DVD players and fofo trim.


I just bought an old 98 Cherokee. Sure, I could have bought new but why? I am going to take it off road and beat on it. Something you can't do with other manufacturer's products. When this one dies with 300K miles, I will go out and find another old Cherokee and do likewise. The old Cherokee design is so good, they copied it and are making to this day in China with some minor cosmetic tweaks to the nose clip! Look up "Jeep 2500"


its so bad

we want cherokee 2001 baaaaaaaaaaaak

I like cherokee 2001 better


if they gave it and the Nitro better suspension for handling and ride, better brakes, the 3.5L engine with a 6 speed auto like in the Avenger (face it, the 3.7L is AWFUL), better legroom for the front and rear, better all around fit and finish, better acess for the front and rear, better visibility, and stability control that is better calibrated, both the Nitro and the Liberty could be very competative,l especially with this cloth roof.

but with its tight quarters, bouyant ride, clumsy handling and excessive body roll, slow acceleration, 4 speed transmission, poor fuel economy, awful fit and finish, bad access, and pretty lackluster visibility, neither vehicle will be competative. all of these factors cannot be offset by a little bit of off-road ability and a cloth roof.

if you *need* a Jeep that goes off-road, get a 4-door Wrangler.


I happen to like this vehicle, I have test driven one and I don't find the interior cramped at all..i'm about 6 foot 205lbs....Only problem with the interior is it scratches easy..but who cares...its a Jeep.

I like the fact that they've brought back the more boxy look..I did not like the round bubble look of the previous gen. Also as far as its off road ability...its got more than just a "Little bit". A buddy of mine has one(part of what drove me to look into one myself)..we have gone on trails with the wranglers and they have been impressed with just how capable this vehicle is.

Now i'm not saying that it is as good as a wrangler...not many vehicles out there can compare off road..but it will do most of what you need... and it has a lot of potential (seen a couple with small 2 inch lifts thatgo through everything the wranglers go through).

Bottom line...you looking for on road comfort go get a crv or rav4 ...but you want something with serious off road ability and a lot of potential...get the Liberty.

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