The Urban DINK: 2007 Lincoln MKZ AWD


This is going to be a tough one. Let me just say it right off, the Lincoln MKZ — formerly Zephyr — is not going to make it on my list of most noticeable test cars. In fact, it has stirred up some major feelings of dissatisfaction, starting with my No. 1 complaint: sticker price.

The all-wheel-drive Lincoln MKZ starts at $31,050, and my test car with navigation and the premium sound package ($2,495), heated and cooled seats ($495), interior satin/aluminum trim ($195), Sirius Satellite Radio ($195) and HID headlamps ($495) totaled $35,640 after destination. Yes, $35,640 for what is basically a tarted-up Ford Fusion.

I’m not one of those message-board lurkers who routinely rail against what many call “badge engineering.” That’s when a company like Ford uses the same platform for various models under various nameplates. However, this is one case of badge engineering that has gone completely awry. The MKZ and Mercury Milan are basically no different from a much more affordable Fusion; similarly equipped with AWD, leather and navigation, the Fusion costs $28,265. The Fusion, with all of its trim levels and options, is actually a very competent midsize sedan, and it’s priced properly.


I even got to express my disappointment with the MKZ when I drove my wife to pick up our Jeep from the service shop at our local dealership, an odd marriage of Jeep, Chrysler and Ford. A salesman was trying to dissuade his customer from ogling the slick black MKZ I had parked right in front and go back to the Fusion he was trying to sell him. The problem with not being a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury shop, I guess.

I asked the man shopping if he wanted to check out the MKZ and he asked my opinion. I told him to — gulp — listen to the salesman. The Fusion is the best bang for the buck, but, yeah, the MKZ sure looks nice. 


That’s from the outside, of course. Inside only the gauges stand out. The silver-coated plastic finish everywhere is atrocious. Joe Wiesenfelder also marked it down as a negative in the MKX he just reviewed. It just screams “cheap,” and 35 large ain’t cheap.

Oh, back to that price. I couldn’t help but remember the G35x I recently tested. Its interior was one of the best around, it had a more powerful engine and got better mileage. The MKZ had a final tally of 14 mpg in heavy city driving. The cost of the Infiniti G35x, also with all-wheel drive? Well, our tester was loaded with navigation and the premium package, which adds a sunroof, and it totaled $38,900. The base G35x, at $34,650 with no options, is still a giant step up from our as-tested MKZ.

Other cars you can get for $35K or less?

Would I ever recommend the MKZ AWD to other Urban DINKs over any of these cars? Nope, not on value or the amount of luxury you get for the money, anyway. Some of these models don’t have the same reliability, of course, and realistically equipped some would top the as-tested MKZ price, but not by much.

Even though the MKZ was a competent driver, I don’t think I’d recommend it over any of these other vehicles in the “fun to drive” category, either.

Lincoln needs to get its pricing right, and its parent, Ford, needs to do more for its luxury division. People can cry all they want about how a Lexus ES 350 is a Toyota Camry underneath, but it’s all that good stuff on top that makes it worth the money to the buyer. Lincoln needs more of the “good stuff” to be a real player, no matter how good-looking the outside is.




IF you think about it. Acura tl Honda accord ex
Lexus es toyota camrey xle are all remakes off there brands and they get all the praise!!!! fusion and mkz is the same as those cars.

Amuro Ray

This is how you can tell a smart car company from a not-so-smart one. In the case of Acura/Infinit/Lexus that you've mentioned, they upgrade their vehicle so much better that, other than info you can dig up from various sources (such as internet), potential buyer can feel a really big difference between the 2, and why it's worth to pay the extra $$$ to go to the next level (such as quality, ride, services, etc.)! But as you can see in this article, the reviewer has made the point of not able to distinguish the differences b/n Ford & Lincoln's version, and he has indicated that there are quite a number of (better) competitors at around the same price range...


I still don't see why those "Luxury" car makers likes to put that tiny clock on their cars.(Example: Infiniti)

I mean, how can you read it? And what's the point?

David S.

Mmmm. Scathing. I think this is the first review I've seen of the MKZ that's actually called out the car's flaws. Most reviewers generally express a sense of ennui, talk about the nice squishy plastics and move on.

Fortunately last year's milquetoast engine and the car's half-baked looks will assure the Zephyr/MKZ's place as a SUPER smart off-lease buy for the used car set.

I'm of the opinion that the Milan represents the best of the trio, as it looks arguably better than its sibs, has all the squishy soft plastics from the Em Kay Zee, AND it gets the neat-o gauges in Jaguar colors (green w/ white needles).

I must be one of the only people NOT super impressed with the Lexus ES. I too feel like it's a Camry with extra buttercream, but unfortunately Lexus' rich icing is a mismatch for the Camry's soft and sugary cake, and that serves only to showcase the car's few flaws like undercushioned seats, squishy ride and limp steering.

The gauge cluster screams late 80s, early 90s, and the interior does scream cheap.


First of all the MKZ is a sweet car.You ------ like a ------.Its not a tarded up fusion and the interior is nice as hell.For 35 grand fully loaded that is a deal on how nice this car is.Actually this is better than that crappy es 350 u fool.Your review is full of -----,Motortrend likes the MKZ so ------.

Wow, that's an angry comment. Someone has to start tracking fallacy to word ratios. By my count al just scored a 0.083 That's equivalent to one fallacy every 12 words. I'm impressed. Maybe someone can top that if you post Consumer Reports' new top picks list. This blog could use another flame war.

Coming back near topic: "a tarted up Ford." I couldn't come up with a better phrase to describe the Lincoln brand. Do they offer anything other than nicer interiors and very nice styling to distinguish themselves from Ford? The extra $10K+ should, at the very least, buy a retuned engine.

I'd say you know a car company is in trouble when their flagship model is only being produced because it utilizes antiquated technology required by a very small niche group (the limo companies that need the Town Car for its body on frame construction construction).

A lot of the above was ridiculous so I edited one comment heavily and removed another entirely. You can disagree, just do so without bad language.
Your friendly neighborhood blogger


Although the MKZ seems like a nice car, it just doesn't have enough luxury features (better engine aside) to make it be worth the extra 10 grand or however much than the Fusion/Milan. I agree that Ford needs to pay more attention to its luxury brand, as that's where all the money is.


Dave T, can you please remove Mr. James' comment? My brother is a Marine, so we are all about American Pride! We are very affended by his horrible comment. Show some pride in the country you live in, or GET OUT! We don't want you here!

Thanks al, that does make you appear more intelligent. However I didn't comment on your grammar, I commented on the things you wrote that simply aren't true. For example, Hyundai neither assembles cars in Tawain nor in sweat shops. If you want to "stick up for the home team" you could have pointed out that the MKZ, along with the Fusion and Milan, were picked as Consumer Reports' most reliable new cars; or you could argue that it's infinitely better looking than any Lexus. Calling people gay isn't very persuasive.

I should have been paying more attention though, James took the f/w title at 0.091

Wow, so many peoples egos were hurt :|, ya'll should really get over urselves. What engine does the MKZ have in it anyway?


the 3.5 with 250hp* and the fusion has a 3.0 with 221hp*
* = ish

Agree with the reviewer's criticism. The metallic-painted plastic in this (and other) modern cars is atrocious, but the MKZ just has a lot more of it. $35k? Where's the Advancetrac stability control to go with the all wheel drive?


Although I believe 'James' post is nothing short of ignorant I can state with a fair amount of certainty that he is technically correct. I am an analyst for a WS firm and see demographic scripts weekly. The more educated you are the more likely you will not buy American. The less educated you are the more likely you are to buy American. Pretty much the same concept with salary. That does not mean it equates to everyone across the board as the USA is full of exceptions. The other post I found to be just as if not more ignorant than 'James' is the one from 'Thomas01'. I can only suspect that the '01' stands for brain cells. No one cares how much money and everyone on the internet is a doctor and/or millionaire.

Dave - keep up the great work as I find myself reading these boards several times a week. You have turned me into a car nut.

Yeah, this is how I like to spend my weekends, cleaning up comments on the blog. Sigh.
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And to set the record straight the 3.5 liter in this application has 263 hp. No need to insult the guy because he didn't know exactly.


I’m not trying to insult any one i didn’t know exactly either

no offense aimed at you. I deleted a guy insulting you ;)

Segfault mentioned a key point: The MKZ has no electronic stability system (in Ford's case AdvanceTrac). In a field where virtually all competitors include it -- and so do cars half this price, like a Hyundai Sonata -- it's a striking example of how the MKZ falls short.


--I would very much like to buy an American car, but the MKZ is an example of why that's not likely to happen soon. Cheap interior, underpowered (though not by much), and no option for a manual transmission. A cheap sports sedan with no sport.


Safety? When it's one of only two midsize sedans without stability control? (Chevy Malibu being the other)

And please don't post promotional or offtopic links. thanks.


replace this thing with the new ford Mondeo.


Its interesting that you can say a MkZ and a Fusion are the same. You obviously have not driven both. But you think a guzzied-up Accord (Acura) with the same mushy handling, uncomfortable driver seat, is somehow worth more money???
Exactly where do you buy your hallucinogenic drugs?
Price-wise this car matches up to the Acura Civic and the Lexus Corolla!!!
MkZ is a better value than a
Acura Accord or a Lexus Camry

If someone's doing drugs here it isn't me.

Not only have I driven the Fusion and the MKZ I've also driven every car mentioned in the above post besides that particular Volvo trim.

I would not say the MKZ is a better value than the TL or the ES. The TL is probably the best value of the three with the ES a close second. I think they are examples or where you actually notice the changes the car companies made to their non-luxury models, where in the MKZ you don't. I'd almost say the actual HONDA Accord has better fit and finish and interior materials than the MKZ but it's not aimed to "look" like a luxury car. Plus the TL and ES come with a lot more standard features.


the MKZ is still in my opinion better then the Japanese because the engine, all Toyota engines are sludge motors, the 3.5 is a good engine the Acura is a good car to but not the Toyota oops i mean Lexus

while the ES is a boring ride, I don't think the MKZ is that stunning a performer either. The Audi and Subaru turbos are a lot more fun to drive.

"dont know nothing" is a double negative, and im pretty sure Dave T. knows alot more about cars then the average person. Speakin of value, would the MKZ hold its value more then the Fusion would? it bein a luxury car and all, one would think it would hold its value more.

I would've left your comment up if it weren't for the last line. ah well.

Ken L.

I personally think this is a descent looking car, but to call it a Lincoln is a doing a disservice and cheapening the image of “American Luxury”. It’s bad enough Town Cars are seen all over the place as slightly up-scale taxis. The MKZ should’ve been a limited edition Mercury Milan at best. Besides, this vehicle is most likely made in Mexico with cheap labor, whereas the Acura TL is made in the USA with skilled labor. Anyone spending that kind of money on an unproven MKZ should call themselves M (I’m) K (Kray) Z. I’d take a 2 year old Cadillac STS over this any day.

al h

I think all the funds from those acuras just goes back overseas, don't they

al h

I actually have drove both the new MKZ and one of those newer acuras. My Mom just bought a new MKZ and one of my friends just bought an acura last year. Sure, it does look sharp, but it feels like the MKZ just out performed the acura. I also like the way it feels while driving it. Very comfortable.

al h

Hey Dave, what would you say about Ford doing something like sell the Mustang as a Lincoln, as well as a Ford. Just make the Lincoln very luxorous, and maybe supercharged or turbocharged?

joe w

I think the reason the difference between the Fusion and MKZ are not as big as the difference between the camry and lexus es, because Ford dosen't want all of their Fusions to be totally stripped-down, so to speak. The Fords should also have some options, not just bare like the toyotas are compared to the lexus'.

I would love to see a Lincoln based on the Mustang. That's probably one of Ford's best platforms. If they would bolt on a pair of turbos and give it IRS it could be extremely competitive. I don't know if people want a car like that or not, but it might remind people that Lincoln is still around.

They just need to make sure they're giving people their money's worth; most of us don't live in 7.5 million dollar Florida mansions you know :-)


what Lincoln needs is a E-Class fighter in the 50's the most expensive cars were Lincoln’s put a 5.4 in the MXS and you could have 300hp and 500hp versions

Ken L.

Right, we don't fly home to those mansions in Florida every weekend on the company's tab either (aka Mr. MK Fields himself!). Back to the topic, Toyota's Camrys are made in the USA with skilled labor and input from Americans. That’s how you succeed in the auto business, by giving consumers what they want (quality, reliability, etc) at the price they want. This strategy minimizes the need for rebates and such and will always put you in the top 1 or 2 position for that market. The Camrys are not stripped down at all; in fact, they come so loaded that most buyers will skip the Lexus ES for a well equipped Camry. Those in the market for a Lexus ES obviously want it for the Luxury nameplate, sharp yet conservative styling, and all those wonderful attributes that comes with owing a Lexus. I think if Ford uses this strategy with the Fusion/Milan/MKZ, then they’ll have a chance at going after Honda/Toyota, but the MKZ will not win on looks alone.


Ken I agree with your assessment however given that Ford and GM have been chasing Honda and Toyota since the mid 80's I think it's a company culture issue. It's clear to me that Toyota and Honda (and some others) actually sweat the details and ask themselves, "Is this the best product that we can make at this time?" The answer for GM and Ford (in my experience in owning their vehicles) is this question never enters the equation. That's a shame too since the MKZ is a sharp looking vehicle with style that I think COULD have mass appeal. Unfortunately once one gets behind the wheel (as I recently did) it is clear to even a novice like me that even a Hyundai Sonata V6 is a superior vehicle. The MKZ was destined for rebates.


For the MKZ to not have traction control is simply inexcusable. My '01 Maxima has it. We are getting real close to where the average consumer would be better off buying a slightly used Jap car than a new Detroit car. And to think that Honda started out as a motorcycle company...

Stability control, not traction control. The MKZ does have traction control, but Ford's AdvanceTrac stability system has yet to enter the picture.

David S.

Criminy, Dave, it's a good life being an auto reviewer isn't it?

Lil'Tom: The Mustang is actually sitting on an updated version of the DEW98 platform, which underpinned the Lincoln LS, Ford Thunderbird and Jaguar S-type.

In fact, one of the big problems I have with the front wheel drive MKZ is that it seems to have "replaced" the rear wheel drive LS, which aside from its frumpy looks was a very worthy car indeed.

David S
I never complain about reviewing cars. Monitoring comments that sometimes border on the nonsensical and/or vulgar...that's another story.

I think the MKS will offer the more LS type equipment/luxury feel even if its not the right drivetrain. I think with so many car companies going RWD a FWD/AWD alternative may be a good thing, or it may not. It's risky either way.

The MKS MUST have better interior materials though not in the ford parts bin.


This car and other recent Ford products tells me that Ford's urgency to right things are still not working. Ford lost almost $13 Billion last year and have a total of $26 Billion in loans to float the company for the short term. This really is a make it or break it moment and if the MKZ, Edge or Fusion are what we can expect from them then I say let the company go under. If they can't find a way to build cars that Americans want to buy then they should not be in business. Americans will no longer accept a poor Japanese imitation. The MKZ is not even that. It's just another Ford product begging for a large rebate. How sad to think that this is the same company that brought us the Mustang and original Taurus.

Jack J.

Ok guys. You call Toyotas Japanese, but say they are made in USA? And I don't see how Ford makes "Japenese Immatations". I don't see Honda or Toyota making F-350's or Mustangs.


*pwhew* So much Drama!

Dave one thing that you might want to consider; Lincoln's depreciate so fast they're worth about 1/2 price the minute they roll off the dealer's lot. Now, anyone who's gonna buy one new? That's one problem, but conversely if you're looking for a nicely equiped two year old sedan with AWD and almost all options, and you can find a dealer who isn't trying to pump up lease residuals, you could probably find a nice MKZ for $15-20k. At that price it DOES become a considerable bargin.

In fact, I'm sure when Ford's numbers start looking grim you can count on rebates and cash back deals of up to $5k on these things.

Mike B.

Wow... I guess some people reading this are a bit out of the loop. The Lincoln MKR Concept is a Lincoln based on the Mustang Platform. The MKZ has traction control. I don't know how that's different than stability control. But if stability control is so that the car doesn't flip over, I don't think there's anything to worry about there. I've gone really fast on turns with my Zephyr and never felt like the car was about to flip. I've been researching the options between the Fusion/Milan/MKZ a lot, and there are a lot of differences that warrant the higher price. Like the standard features that come on the MKZ, leather seats, 10-way power driver and passenger seats, electrochromic driver window & rear view mirrors, 2 person driver seat memory for the seat and outside mirrors, to name a few. There are a lot more things that separate the two if you actually looked into it.

Enough to warrant the price difference is a matter of taste in most cases, but the only 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 that puts out 263 HP on REGULAR unleaded gasoline is a nice bonus. If they put a turbo on it and offer a trim with 300HP or more for the 2008 model they definately have a fighting chance to survive. More power than a BMW.

The only other "luxury" car I test drove when shopping was the Acura TL. It was nice except for the ride. I don't know what the issues was, but on one street I was litteraly airborn out of the seat. I took my Zephyr down the same street and even though it was still bumpy, my butt never left the seat. The 600-watt THX Certified 14-speaker sound system is incredible. Best sound I ever heard in a car. Could use a lil bit more punch in the bass, but it could be that it's actually accurate unlike all the other systems that over compensate for the bass. It still sounds very smooth at all frequency ranges.

I'll agree the big silver metallic plastic panel in the middle does look a lil cheap, but I guess no one's complaining about it in the 2008 CTS.

Infact the material of the dash and doors has a very nice feel to it. Feels expensinve, unlike the TL. And if anyone thinks the LEDs on the TL look at all decent, they're kidding themselves. The MKZ exterior looks 100x better than the TL. Even the Lexus ES in my opinion. Plus the analog clock in the center of the dash in my opinion looks very very classy. All expensive wrist watches are analog. If I had to make a choice again, I would easily take the Zephyr/MKZ over the TL anyway, I'd have to test drive the Lexus ES since I didn't the first time because the 2006 model was already hideous compared to the Zephyr. Not to mention neither the TL nor the ES have AWD available. And if anyone wants to tell me that the Lex ES doesn't look like a rebadged Camry, I say BULL. Everyone KNOWS and can EASILY tell by looking that they're the same car. They share so many of the same curves even the same shaped tail lights, and similar headlights. But I don't hold that against them, because EVERY company does that. Anyone can easiliy tell that the Audi Q7 is a VW Toureg. And that an Infinity M is an Altima or Maxima, I forgot which one it's built off, but I think Altima. But it definately looks like a Nissan. My point being, the rebadge thing is a HORRIBLE argument. And to say that Lincoln did the worst job of rebadging, I disagree.

That was prolly the longest comment to a blog entry I ever wrote. Please don't delete it.


I believe Lincoln did a better job rebadging the Lincoln that Toyota with the Lexus. One of my neighbours had a new cheap Lexus and everybody believed for a while that it was just a Toyota.
I like some Toyotas, but I am not going to pay extra for the same car with different make.

Mike B.

I didn't notice this at first but the pictures show the interior with the Satin Nickel Aluminum Package, but who would want that? The wood on the light stone and charcoal is gorgeous.

Donald E. Vollrath

I just took a close look at the MKZ. Decided not to buy. 4 basic reasons. Hated the stearing wheel adjustment lever. It is a real knee killer on every entrance/exit. Didn't like the lack of gentle throttle response at 35-50 mph. No gentle accel torque till the dang thing down-shifted 1 or 2 notches and then took off like a scared rabbit. Cheap looking plastic interior. Gages were also too small to read by quick glance. Lots of deco space, short on the requirements. However, it gave a great quiet ride. Better thn many other higher priced cars in that regard.




Interesting review--full of subjective criticism. You think 35k is too much to pay for a 'tarted-up' Ford Fusion. How do you feel about paying $40K for a 'tarted-up' Toyota Camry? The base price for a Lexus ES 350 (which you have on your alternate recommendations) is $33k, for a FWD vehicle, yet the base price for the MKZ AWD is $31k--2K cheaper (rounded of course actual MSRP can be compared at Edmunds. Yes, options can add up--did you think that was something unique to Lincoln? Try The Ultra Luxury Package from Lexus for only $5,380, and throw in the Levinson sound and voice-activated navigation for another $4,050, pushing the price of a ES 350 over $40K (and you still don't get AWD).

I note you dismiss reliability--no not completely, but as of little consequence. It is of course, your perogative to do so and to attach little value to it. However, that is a subjective decision--others might deem it to be more (or even less) critical. Some might attach some importance to the fact (not my opinion) that the IIHS does not list Lexus, any Lexus as a recommended safety pick in any of its categories for the year.

The casual off-hand, 'the 300C is only 38K' is tossed off as if the matter of 3K is inconsequential. Again; very subjective. To you, it may not matter, to someone looking to fit a payment within the constraints of budget, that might not be true.

While I find myself agreeing with your assesment that the MKZ should be more, I disagree with your assertions that it offers less than Nissan (Infiniti), Toyota (Lexus), and Honda(Acura) in terms of re-badged marketing efforts. You may subjectively argue that the MKZ does not offer enough value for the dollar. Your opinon and $1 isn't enough to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Having said that, my opinon is that the MKZ offers just as much value for the money as a Lexus ES350--and of course my opinon and a $1 won't get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. But if you are ever in Cleveland, TN, drop me a line, I'll be happy to buy you a cup!


I am a proud owner of a Lincoln MKZ. The article above states that the car is too expensive and cheap inside. It states that the car is a tarted up Fusion. I realize that the MKZ and Fusion share quite a bit of mechanicals, but the Lincoln looks much better (subjective opinion) and has a much more upscale interior. Also, the cars do have different engines and the Lincoln offers significantly more horsepower (263hp vs. 221hp in the Fusion). Driving both cars back-to-back presents a very different driving experience- with the Lincoln having a quieter, smoother, more controlled, more powerful ride; this is only apparent to those of us who have actually driven the cars back-to-back and the difference is noteworthy.

I also drove several MKZ competitors prior to making my decision. I drove an Acura TL (I am a former Acura owner), a BMW 328xi, and an Infiniti G35x. The Lincoln is quieter and has a better ride than each of these cars. The BMW was the superior driver's car, but seeing that I will not be driving through twisty highways or on the Autobahn, such an expensive (over $40 grand for a comparably equipped 3 series) driver's car made little sense. The Acura felt exactly like an Accord - it was far less luxurious than any of the cars and it doesn't look upscale. The Infiniti drove well and had a great interior, but the dealer mark-up was shocking. I could not find a well-equipped model anywhere in Colorado for under $39,000. This is where reality and suggested pricing (as is mentioned in the article) come into play. The Lincoln was the best value by far, offering a quiet ride, a luxurious interior (especially with the maple wood), a fantastic sound system, more features than its competitors, and great looks. It was $1500 cheaper than the Acura, $7000 cheaper than a comparably equipped Infiniti, and $8000 cheaper than a comparably equipped 3 series.

Needless to say, my choice was simple. Since having my car, I have not had any issues (and I shouldn't in just 4 months). In fact, I've been pleasantly surprised by the painless buying experience and subsequent courtesy check-in calls from the dealer. I get complimented on the looks of the car - exterior and interior - daily. Most people are shocked it's a Lincoln and comment on how Ford should advertise it more. I was able to drive it in the snow here in Colorado this month and the AWD system is excellent.

Being in my early 30's, I am probably not the target audience for this vehicle, but I am pleased to have a great car that is somewhat exclusive, though I'm seeing more on the road. Lincoln's sales have been up for 14 straight months and I don't think it's an accident. I know people are hard on American automobile companies, but with the current success of it's high-value lineup and the upcoming debut of the MKS (another horrible name), I think Lincoln is headed in the right direction. The MKZ is one of the best values in its class and it's definitely worth a look. I couldn't be happier with mine.


Gee, a lot of harsh reviews here, but a couple of good ones which IMO reflect good research as I happen to agree with the positive ones. We are soon replacing our Audi A6 quattro after 8 years & with money an issue now. Being a research-oriented, baby-boomer female, I feel my newly-gained knowledge, along with a test drive,entitles me to post here in defense of this car. Ok, so the interior is a bit retro & linear, but it does stand out from all the others. I find the exterior good-looking & I'm very critical. Have no clue on color, but we're in no rush. The MKZ is the only, and I mean THE ONLY $35K AWD car that comes close to our Audi, feature-wise.(been researching for 3 wks) It's not a quattro, but it's getting good reviews from actual owners who have been thru the winter & that speaks volumes over one-time test drive reviewers. The first interior we viewed at the dealer was one of the 2 light ones & my first impression was "ugh" - until I saw the charcoal/ebony wood. Nice. (and now I have to admit I'm considering a lighter one as well as the more I see it..) We took a long test drive, thru local, bumpy streets & on the thruway. The MKZ passed with flying colors. Fast when needed, great handling, good breaks, smooth & quiet! Perhaps just a tad softer steering feel than I personally wanted, but my hubby felt no problem there. I laughed at the retro-looking google vents but when we turned the a/c on, I was suddenly reminded (from my childhood)that you can turn them 360 degrees & aim them anywhere. Very nice! Lovely, comfy leather seating (heated & cooled standard!) with power 10-way driver AND passenger seats, both with lumbar! (try to get that on any other 35K plus car as standard, or even optional - most don't give a rat's as* about the passenger - so thanks for thinking of my behind, Lincoln) And standard back-up indicator warning system? You gotta be kidding me? Then there's the sound - Oh my! We specifically requested that our test car have the upgraded ($900) THX Certified II sound w/14 spkrs. My hubby grabbed one of his fav CD's. This was our biggest fear as so many people rave about car stereos that we find sub-par, so I'm happy to say that we were pleasantly surprised - it's superb! We'd get the optional THX sound system, HID lights, remote starter & perhaps chrome wheels, and expect to pay about $34K tops. And that's a car that comes loaded with standard amenities! I can't say enough about the fact that we are not being forced to buy unwanted features to get the ones we do want. (every other mfr priced us out with their forced "packages" that included things we had no interest in) This was one of the only cars that we could opt out on a moonroof. And the Navigation is also separate should you want it! Lincoln has our respect for doing without packaged options! Kudos & thank you! Because AWD is a must for us, we are limited, but NOTHING comes close, equipped as we want, for $34K. Not Audi, Not Lexus, Not Infiniti, Not Volvo, Not Acura. While I would love a smaller car (180 inches, I'm pleased the MKZ is 2 in. shorter (190 in) than our A6. As far as the beef about lack of stability control, I'm sure stability will added soon, but people should know that the AWD model got 5 stars for rollover avoidance (FWD got 4 stars) & that's what stability is supposed to prevent. So for now, I say it's a moot point. The only cons I can find are very minor: big turning circle, key doesn't open windows from outside to release hot air (great Audi feature)& no lock on glove box (missed this one until read here today). To sum it up, the MKZ is not our Audi A6, but it's darn close (& no more Audi reliability issues!) The only other car we are considering is a Subaru 3.0R Legacy but the lack of amenities & lack of upgrade options are steering us to the MKZ. I hope my female perspective has added something worthwhile to anyone looking at the MKZ. You really should see it and test drive it before you buy anything else in this price range, but you won't find any car in this price range with all the amenities/upgrades I've mentioned. Trust me on this!


I have owned an 06 Zephyr, and currently own an 08 MKZ. The 08 has the much needed 3.5L, and AWD. I think for all I spent (35,000)it's a great car! I will buy the restyled 2010!!!


I have had a MKZ AWD since 3/2007 and I am very happy with it. It has good power and it is great to drive. I waited a long time for a good AWD car and this is it.

There are so many Acuras and Lexus (and even more Hondas and Toyotas) it is nice to have an uncommon car. Only 33k nicely loaded.

Great on my road trip to Yellowstone!


wow, you guys are all so lame...look at yourselves; arguing over riceburners...let me ask you this, Mr. Dave T... why do all you writers for car & driver, consumer reports,, etc always go against american cars. You could have a brand new Cadillac up against a '86 civic, and you ALL would say the civic is a better guys are a freakin joke and the only reason i even bother to look at your articles, is b/c they make me LAUGH!!!!


dave t is a cock sucking prick! hehe


I own a 2007 Lincoln MKz and it's great I get cOmpliments aaaalllll the time on how great looking the car is .... It's fast with a couple easy mods you can push almost 300 HP plus the sound is incredible and i like the linear retro look the interior has. IM a 27 year old male and love the car plus so do the ladies ;)

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