OnStar Dumping Analog Subscribers


GM is going to cut off 10% — roughly 500,000 — of its OnStar users because the system is upgrading to digital equipment as of Jan. 1, 2008. OnStar is the concierge service provided in GM vehicles, made famous by the company’s ad campaign featuring folks getting locked out of their cars or calling for help after an accident.

Owners of pre-2003 cars will get an offer from OnStar for a free year of service, but they’ll have to buy a new GM car to get it. Seriously. More likely they’ll buy an upgrade kit installed at dealerships for $15. GM just hopes they don’t give up on OnStar entirely because of the switch.

Other vehicles impacted include Lexus models with LexusLink, but those numbers are small in comparison to GM’s.

Mercedes-Benz offers a similar service and will also be switching to digital, cutting off nearly 200,000 of its 420,000 subscribers to Tele Aid. Owners of 2001 - 04 models will have to get an upgrade as well, but the cost for the new equipment ranges from $600 to $1,500. We’re guessing even Mercedes owners will balk at that fee, even with the $100 - $200 rebate the car company is providing.

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By David Thomas | March 14, 2007 | Comments (134)


I'm not sure why anyone would get too comfortable with OnStar as GM has been trying to unload the company for more than a year. We all know how it tends to go when new owners show up. Higher prices, less service. As far as the digital switch over goes I think there is more to the story than is being told as my sister was quoted $500 (after rebate) to upgrade her MB C class tele-aid. She's not going to do it as she'd rather buy a Treo.


point of clarification. you mention above that most folks won't choose to go for the new car, but pay $15 for the upgrade. sadly, that $15 upgrade is only available to people with (analog/digital ready) systems.

the majority of the analog folks (analog only) would literally have to buy a new car if they want to stick with onstar.

So much for the feel good commercials about knowing someone is always there. We are so disappointed there isn't a fix for our 2001 Silverado or any of the other analog customers. Just a free year of service with the purchase of a new car. After this debacle, I've lost faith in the company to make good on any promises. Why would I buy another GM product?

Stephen Roberts

I have been a loyal subscriber to On Star since I purchased my 2002 Tahoe. This is very disappointing! The idea that nothing can be done to convert my analog system to digital is obsurd. Of course it can be done. They just don't want to spend the money. I smell a class action law suit. And the first law firm to send me and invitation to join is going to get my signature.

I agree with Stephen!! We have OnStar in our 2004 Park Avenue. My husband and I both have medical problems and we are going to be totally lost without this available to us, not to mention possibly at risk one day when we really need it! My husband is upset because he says it renders our trade in value on this car as useless. If GM thinks they can muscle us into buying a new vehicle just to get OnStar, they are P!$$!ng in the wind! We have been loyal GM owners for over 36 years. Never having anything but GM in all that time. Several new and a few used. Well, that may change now. Our's was one expensive car and we rely on that feature and I'm just sick about this, so you can bet I'd join a class action suit. In a heart beat!!!

hey folks. I don't think you read about the $15 update you can have your dealer install in pre-2003 GM vehicles to get the digital service. Doesn't sound like a horrible solution. Just kind of a pain.
the 2004 Park Ave shouldn't even be impacted by this. Even if it was I doubt it would impact resale value in the least.

Bob De

I have a 2005 Buick Park Ave. and just found out through a letter from GM that it is Analog. After 2003 all GM cars should have been digital. Noe GM wants me to buy a new GM vehicle to get Digital OnStar. No way!!! Will go to another vendor most likly FOREIGN andwould be ready for a CLASS ACTION Lawsuit against GM

adele rothman

i just heard about the on star changeover in a letter from g.m. they thanked my for my loyalty and then told me if i wanted onstar i would have to buy a new car. yeah, right! in addition, as the parent of a younger driver i have developed an enormous sense of security when he leaves the driveway not to mention my husband and myself. i don't know how we are going to replace that. our car is not equipped to change over to digital.......

r.j. smolow, esq.

Press Release
Smolow & Landis, Trevose Pa
Re: OnStar Class Action

Trevose Pa. 3/28/2007. On Monday, March 26, 2007, Smolow & Landis, a consumer class action law firm based in Trevose, Pennsylvania, filed a class action lawsuit against OnStar Corporation and General Motors Corporation on behalf of OnStar subscribers, owners and lessees whose OnStar services are about to be terminated because their vehicles have analog OnStar equipment.
At the time of purchase or lease, OnStar and GM represented that OnStar was a unique in-vehicle safety system that provided automatic crash notification to emergency responders, stolen vehicle location, remote door unlock and remote diagnostics in the event of problems with airbags, anti-lock brakes or other systems.
OnStar and GM further represented that the OnStar system, like other vehicle safety systems, would function for the life of the vehicle:
The life-saving benefits of OnStar are intended not only for initial vehicle purchasers but also for subsequent owners over the life of the vehicle.

OnStar has notified OnStar owners and subscribers with analog equipment that based on design limitations, OnStar will terminate their service as of December 31, 2007. Further, that OnStar and GM will not provide repairs or upgrades. Consumers are being told that if they want to continue to receive OnStar service, they can purchase new vehicles with more up-to-date OnStar equipment.
Ronald Smolow, the plaintiffs’ lead attorney, says that: “OnStar and GM’s decision will expose thousands of OnStar customers to great risk of bodily injury and harm in the event of a crash. Without OnStar, there will be significant delays in emergency care during the crucial minutes following an accident. This delay will surely lead to an increase in permanent injuries and fatalities. OnStar and GM are about to strand hundreds of thousands of people without safety features that they thought would work for the life of their car. Its like being told that their airbags or seat belts won’t work after Dec 21, 2007 -- if they feel unsafe – then its time to buy a new car. This is an unfair and outrageous consumer tactic.”
In their lawsuit, Smolow & Landis are asking the court to certify a nationwide class of OnStar subscribers, owners, and lessees, and for the court to award damages and for injunctive relief to order OnStar and GM to provide repairs, upgrades or other means of obtaining OnStar service.

For more information contact:
Ronald Jay Smolow, Esq.
Smolow & Landis
Two Neshaminy Interplex
Trevose PA 19053

Dianne and Fred Fawbush

Myself and my husband, feel terribly disgruntled and let down, by this decision to cut off our analog OnStar at the end of this year.We purchased our 2002 Chevy Venture Van, with the knowledge we would have access to the safety features as described by OnStar..We would be first in-line to join any Class action lawsuit..

From what we understand the main problem also is the FCC.. Surely Onstar themselves, could take out a law suit against the FCC on behalf of their 500,000 plus loyal subscribers.

Not everyone these days, can just upgrade to a new car, for reasons such as this..We hope that something can be done, so everyone can benefit.. We are on a fixed income and cannot afford a new car.especially as we were told that our car, does not meet the requirements to be upgraded to digital.

So let all of us current analog Onstar users stick together and make a fight out of this..

Dianne and Fred Fawbush

Springfield, Oregon

Bob De

Send Lots & Lots of E-Mails and Many, Many letters along with numerous Phone Calls to GM letting them know your feelings of how they let you down. Also do the same to the DEALERS who sold you the vehicles NEW. They had the information 2001/2002 and choose not to inform the consumer prior to the sale. Keep the pressure on and we will WIN!!! Also don't forget to get the Local and National Media involved. They always like a Good FIGHT for a GREAT cause such as ours.

Warren Horton

I am among the thousands of consumers affected by this action of OnStar to discontinue service to analog users. GM is NOT the only automaker involved. I have a 2003 Acura CL. A few things of interest that I have found out. Title 47 of the Telecommunications Act has been in existance since 1999 with revisions that mandated the changeover. According to a voice message from OnStar (1.866.248.1966), this changeover was confirmed to be known since 2002.

Several questions should be raised here:
1) If this act has been known since 1999, why weren't buyers made aware of the potential impact?,
2) Did OnStar knowingly conceal information from automakers of the madated change?,
3) Did automakers knowingly conceal information from buyers of the intended mandated change?,
4) How long ago did automakers know of the intended mandated change?,
5) Are automakers still supplying analog OnStar systems?,
6) In addition to GM and Acura, how many other automakers are involved?,
7) Should OnStar have had the responsibility to notify it's customer base of the intended mandated change earlier than March 2007?,
8) Should automakers have had the responsibility to notify it's customer base of the intended mandated change?,
9) Who knew what and when?,
10) Why aren't automakers working to design and install upgrade systems for analog only systems?

Someone knew what was going to happen and didn't inform anyone. It is not right and a remedy needs to be ajudicated to affirm consumers rights and define the obligations of automakers and OnStar.

Warren Horton
Palm Springs, CA

From what I've gathered the problem isn't so much the FCC taking things to digital and requiring the changeover, as it is GM "electing" to no longer provide analog service. GM could provide analog service to those customers with analog only vehicles, they just don't want the expense!!!!

Go back and read your letter you got from GM/OnStar. It reads "GM is no longer "required" by the FCC to provide services to vehicles equipped with analog only systems" not that the FCC demands that GM drop analog only customers, they just are not "requiring" GM to support the analog system. This is GM and their not wanting to spend the money to stay in the analog network!

Dave T. you are wrong when you state that the 2004 Park Avenue shouldn't be affected by this. MINE is!!!! I've phoned them 3 times to make sure and they have looked it up and told me that my car contains analog only equipment and can not be converted. As for the $15. switch, that is only for cars that have the analog/digital split. It can then be changed over to digital by your service garage.

The man with the 05 Park Avenue, that really stinks!!! My husband has an 05 GMC extended cab pick up and it is not affected as it has the analog/digital both, feature. At least they tell us it is safe. We'll see when renewal time of the OnStar subscription on it comes. That 05 Park should have had it!!!! But, my 04 Park should have had it also if GM knew this in 01 or 02!

I really hope something comes of this class action lawsuit. GM sales overall have been down anyway and this is certainly no way to gain patronage and customer loyalty!!!!!

I just got back from NY. I'll check into everything with GM to confirm.
Sorry for the delay.


Since our 2001 Tahoe is analog only, my husband and I are going to do what Dianne and Fred Fawbush suggested and we have sent an email to Ronald Jay Smolow to see if we can join the class action suit. If enough people get involved and get the word out, hopefully GM and OnStar will rectify this. To write GM: FORMAL COMPLAINTS at PO Box 33170, Detroit Michigan, 48232-5170. We were able to locate the following two websites that also have people interested in a class action suit. http://www.gadgetell.com/2006/12/say-buy-bye-to-analog-onstar-in-2008/#comment-134084 and http://www.engadget.com/2006/11/22/onstar-could-go-black-for-millions-of-analog-subscribers-in-08/2#comments. Stay tuned ...

GET OVER IT! just trade your vehicle in, you probably don't even use onstar most of the time anyway! a 2001 model only had the 3 button system, it didn't do the features it does today!! its the money yall are after! not the service!

Don Sharp

Thanks to you all for the information and your postings. I feel the pain just like the rest of my fellow bloggers. I initially thought most people would NOT fight this. Thank God I was wrong! Let's fight this and WIN!

(see above for more information on the Class Action Lawsuit)
Please write to the following persons for more information:

Press Release
Smolow & Landis, Trevose Pa
Re: OnStar Class Action

Ronald Jay Smolow, Esq.
Smolow & Landis
Two Neshaminy Interplex
Trevose PA 19053

I hope they can assist us all and get our justice that we, as consumers, deserve! Power comes in numbers!


To the poster of GET OVER IT! Hmmm, let's see, do I pick college for son and co-pay for medications & physical therapy for hubby who has Multiple Sclerosis or new car ... Unfortunately, some of us may be in a situation that buying a new car is not an option at this time. For our family, 3 buttons are better than none. Can we please stay on the subject and be kind? Thank you.


And yes, it's the service we want to keep.

kathy mcgovern

When I purchased my 2001 buick, I was told by my dealer that I would have onstar for the life of my car.So, what happened? I don't want a new car, I love my car, it still looks brand new and runs the same.To buy a new car, is not the answer for me.


I just finished talking to one of thr onstar reps because I wanted to know what was up, and she told me my 2004 buick lesabre even though is analog is upgradable for a one year commitment or $199.00 plus a 15.00 dollar aministrative fee.


Your car must have the analog/digital split option because my 04 Park Avenue (analog) is simply not elegible for upgrade. Hell, I'd commit to the 1 year in a heartbeat because I always renewed for a year at a time any way!

To the "get over it" poster, maybe you need to quit posting here to cause trouble. We use OnStar and don't want to lose it. It's really none of your business how much anyone uses the system because that isn't the point. The point is we were sold new cars with the promise of OnStar being available for the life of the vehicle. My 04 Park Avenue (not a cheap vehicle I might add) still has life in it with only 24,800 miles. If you paid a lot of money for something with a promise of years of use then was told after just 3 years, "no, we change our mind" wouldn't you feel a bit cheated and ripped off?

Bob De

Just got off the phone with GM. They offered me an additional $500.00 toward a NEW GM VEHICLE due to fact when I purchased my 2005 Buick Park Avenue and the dealer stated that it was OnStar Digital Ready and would be converted to Digital prior to 2008. This was not the truth and if I had know I would not have purchased the vehicle. SOME JOKE!!!! GM now wonders why we are moving toward FOREIGN cars manufacturers.

David Busch

I have a 2004 Passat with Onstar. My service is also being terminated. I wrote a lengthy letter to VW asking what they were going to do about it. I received a phone call this morning offering me $500.00 towards the purchase of a new vehicle. Of course, the new vehicle will cost over $20,000. It will also not have Onstar. This is why there is a problem with consumer loyalty. There is little corporate loyalty. The Onstar feature was the deciding factor in my purchase of the Passat. So much for safety. This was known in 2002. Vehicles were sold with this obsolescence planned. Why? Seems like a great law suit. Sign Me up.
David Busch

william scribner

does anyone really believe that the analog only on star technology cannot be converted to digital if OnStar really was as caring and as loyal as they claim to be. I am very disappointed in their campaign of "it's not our fault, its the FCC". they claim to have known this would occur since 2002 yet myself and many of you bought vehicles after that date with no warning from OnStar or the dealerships. send an e mail to rsmolow@smolowlandis.com to let them know of your intrest in the class action suit. If enough of us speak up maybe someone will come up with the fix for this problem

If we join a class action suit on this problem, what are our out of pocket costs, our attorney fees, going to be? Has anyone heard back from Ronald Smolow, the attorney from PA. who posted here and what did he say?


To answer the blogger dated April 18th- I did receive an email from the attorney listed. Currently they are working to build a website for people interested in the Class Action Suite to obtain information and to provide instructions. As soon as I hear back from them, I will post more information on this site regarding what web site to visit.


OK, seriously folks:

1) This is an FCC decision, not a GM decision.

2) Five years is a REALLY long time for technology to work. You don't still have your cell phone from 5 years ago. You don't still have your computer from 5 years ago.

3) There is no law that says GM or any car manufacturer has to provide emergency services.

4) If you are really concerned about safety, QUIT DRIVING! Automobile accidents are the leading preventable cause of death.

5) BMW offers an upgrade to its analog system. It costs $1500. My guess is that if GM offered such an upgrade, you cheapskates would be creating a class action suit because you didn't want to pay that.

Buy a cell phone and a GPS and get over it.


Jonathan Lifschutz

I own a 2003 Saab and I was also informed by Onstar that conversion will not be possible. I was told that it was because Saab had elected to "opt out" of converting their cars to digital How interesting that a company owned by GM, believes it is simply ok to opt out under such circumstances. If the cost is really several hundred dollars per vehicle to convert from analog, assuming GM were willing, why not share that cost with the consumers as a solution. Their refusal to offer a solution other than that of buying a new car will not wash, with me or any other auto owner. We will simply not buy their products any longer. But it is key that we all make as much noise about this as possible, using whatever access we have to get heard. Does anyone have a corporate directory for GM so that we can call their corporate officers direct? I am disabled and need that service in the event of an emergency!

Melissa C

Are you people for real. You are actually seriously thinking about a class action suit, because the analog system in your vehicle is out dated and will no longer be available. Anyone with a 2004 or newer vehicle some 2003 are able to upgrade and yes the cost is only $15. For all of you other who are wining about not beeing able to upgrade. SUck it up it's technology, there are so many advances now a days and older hardware is NOT CAPABLE of using new technology. Just like an A TRACK can't play CD's its the same thing. I'm guessing all the ones talking about class actions suites are also the ones who call in for a door unlock and if it doesnt work you yell, scream and sware at the Onstar advisor because it didn't work. IT TECHNOLOGY please someone tell me a piece of technology that always 100% guarenteed will never ever malfunction, or not work. I didn't think so, there is no such thing. You all need to stop you crying and grow up, it's absolutly brutal the way your acting.

Melissa C

And if any of you would actually do the research as to why the Anolog to Digital switch over is occuring, maybe just maybe you will understand. IT"S NOT ONSTAR'S FAULT that all CELLULAR TOWERS are beeing converted to DIGITAL ONLY signals. So anyone with a analog cell phone, or Onstar system will no longer work on a digital cell tower, which all will be switched over. AND IN CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW IT"S NOT ONSTARS DECISION TO MAKE THAT CHANGE IT"S THE FCC'S. WHo ever the person was that said Onstar has known about the change since 2002 that is a HUGE LIE, They did not know about the change over until January 2006. Where you guys get your information from is beyond me.


Thanks Melissa, let OnStar know that you did a good job telling us off. And as for the "wining", I am sure you meant "whining". You need to understand that we have been loyal customers to OnStar by GM and GM. I have personally paid over $40,000 for my vehicle and also "still" pay OnStar by GM my monthly fee. If it was as simple as paying a fee, nominal or minimal, I would, to have the upgrade or change out done. And no...I have never called OnStar to unlock my car. I also do not yell at people on the phone, even when provoked. I think OnStar is a wonderful company and has always provided excellent customer service. I love my vehicle and I want to keep it. Technology is not as lame as you make it out to be. There can be a fix, but GM is not offering it. Everything has a solution. In the Class Action Suite, I am hoping that GM will make the choice to update our cars, even for a fee. I have only had my car for 5 years, and to have components that no longer operate, are unacceptable. I refuse to have GM advise me to purchase an updated/new vehicle. You never mentioned having this issue to deal with yourself, so I take it you are not dealing with this issue. We are not idiots, and we do not appreciate you verbiage. Maybe you need to, as you say "Suck It Up", and take a hard look at our views. And WOW, I did that all without yelling or crying. How amazing is that! LOL And again Melissa, I really want to keep OnStar in my current vehicle and I have always appreciated the services OnStar has provided since I purchased my vehicle. Oh, by the way, I have done my research on this issue.


Melissa C. Please get your FACTS together . Not all 2004 and up vehicles are upgradable. I own a 2005 Buick that is Analog only. All purchasers of the SAFETY FEATURE ONSTAR should have use of it for the Life of their Vehicle no matter what year. A certified letter to your dealer will initiate a QUICK response from GM (HINT) Make it STRONG and to the point.

Thank you Don for a very skillful, polite response to Melissa. I too have a 2004 Park Avenue that is not capable for the upgrade. For heaven's sake if I could do it for $15 I would have had it done by now. I would have had it done by now for $500. It isn't available on my Park Avenue. And like you, I have never called OnStar for a door unlock nor have I yelled and or swore at anyone over the phone! My car was purchased with OnStar capability for the "life of the vehicle." Our salesman even told us the changeover was going to happen in a few years but there would be a conversion kit so we went ahead and bought it. Well, guess what? No conversion is available for my Park Avenue. And Melissa is wrong. OnStar and GM DID know about this as early as 2002. That is why they started making some 03 and virtually all 04 and later vehicles (except for some apparently) with digital options. It is GM and OnStar that is doing this.



Last time I checked, On Star is SATELLITE, not cellular. I often drive in areas with no cell phone coverage, but that is where OnStar can be a lifesaver. I was recently returning with my daughter from a trip when a large whitetail doe stepped out in front of her brand new Pathfinder. Thank God I was able to brake and steer away at an angle so that the impact was on the right headlight and not head on - otherwise the air bags would have deployed and the vehicle would have been inoperable. Guess what, no cell phone coverage. Had we been in an On Star equipped vehicle, the satellite system would have worked. How do I know this? I've previously used my OnStar phone minutes in the exact same area where this happened.

This is not an FCC DECISION, it is an OnStar decision. The FCC just let them off the hook. The last GM vehicle I owned was almost nine years old when I traded it in. I fully expected at least ten years out of my current Silevrado. Lots of us who rely on OnStar are retired folks on fixed incomes. I didn't mind the $100.00 it cost to upgrade from an analog cell phone to a digital, but if GM thinks I'm going to shell out another 30K on a vehicle just because they decided to abandon my OnStar support, not in this lifetime.

If this is an example of loyalty on the part of On Star and GM, my next vehicle will be a Toyota Tundra.

Why didn't OnStar and GM offer an upgrade? I would have paid a reasonable fee, but will not purchase a new vehicle. Gee, wonder if the prospect of sellilng new vehicles had anything to do with not offering an upgrade package? Cynical minds want to know.

Rebecca Bedwell-Coll


Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP is a national law firm that represents consumers and businesses harmed by unfair business practices of large corporations.

If you have a car with a Mercedes Tele Aid system scheduled to stop working at the end of the year, we wish to provide you further information on your rights and remedies under the law. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at rbcoll@lchb.com.

Very truly yours,

Rebecca Bedwell-Coll
Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein, LLP
780 Third Avenue, 48th Floor
New York, NY 10017-2024
Tel: 212-355-9500
Fax: 212-355-9592

Disclaimer: This message is not intended for any persons that may be presently represented by counsel in a matter involving a Mercedes Tele Aid action. Please be aware that the transmission of an email message does not contractually obligate Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, to represent you as your attorney. We cannot serve as your counsel in any matter unless you and our firm expressly agree, in writing, that we will serve as your attorney. You should also be aware that the Statute of Limitations (the deadline imposed by law within which you may bring a lawsuit) may severely limit the time remaining for you to file any potential claims you may have. In certain jurisdictions, this message may be considered advertising material.

I dont think I would want a lawyer that couldnt read an article that related to ONSTAR in GM products, not Mercedes Teleaid


It is not only OnStar that is affected by this shut off of OnStar and Tele Aid, Mercedes Benz is also doing this because of the same FCC New ruling also to the Enhanced 911 services. I too have a 2000 CLK 430 with Tele Aid and the intergraded phone system that will BOTH will be shut off next year and there is NO upgrade for the 2000 CLK 430, upgrades only start at years 2001 and up. I wanted both these systems on my car because it is safer, now I will have a car that has 40,000 miles on it that has no safety features. Mercedes Benz told me to talk to the FCC.

Barbara W

I bought a 2004 Volvo S80 and paid extra for the OnCall (soon to be OffCall!) telematics system for the SAFETY and peace of mind that I could get help in an emergency. I called Volvo’s 800 customer service and was told that I could bring my Volvo to a dealer and they would remove the soon to be outdated OnCall equipment and replace it with a storage box!!!!! This is outrageous. Volvo should be ashamed. “Volvo For Life” - I think NOT!

Jan Patterson

I've been fuming since I received my letter from On Star about discontinuing service to analogue customers. I have a 2001 Cadillac Deville that is customized and my husband has a 2002 Suburban Z71. Neither vehicle has 55,000 miles on it, both are extremely dependable, and they look and drive almost brand new. Therefore, we have no desire to trade at this time. I thinks it's appauling that GM and On Star are allowed to make a decision such as this one after promoting and marketing On Star as an important feature on their vehicles that would last the lifetime of the vehicle. This, in most cases, contributed to the decision to purchase a GM product. To know now that the feature we paid for will no longer be useful, and will likely take away from the value of the vehicle because of the public knowledge of this decision is wrong. And, to know that On Star had a choice not to discontinue the service is equally disturbing. I think On Star and GM should have to reimburse current GM onwners the price of the system, or be made to offer a transition to digital, which I understand is not an option for my vehicles. I can't help but wonder if this is a ploy to uplift GM sales. If it is, I for one am not buying it! Literally!!!!

Amuro Ray

BINGO, Jan, YOU"VE GOT IT! You've hitted it right on. Do you think that it's impossible to switch your On Star System from Analog to Digital? Yeah right! This is purely a business decision. Which one do you think is better: selling u an upgrade for $xxx (hundreds) or selling u a new car for $xxxxx (tenth of thousands)?

As an employee of a SUPER high tech company, this is like a < 15 min jobs for switching the units (depending on the complexity of removing and installing the units). But you sure are now on the bait for a new vehicle, aren't you?

P.S. 1 interesting observation - it seems like many of you are buying your vehicle because of the On-Star, NOT because of the vehicle's ability! IOW, it sounds to me like, "I'm buying On-Star, but the vehicle comes with it." Some work around will be buying cell phones with bluetooth features to sync with your vehicles (like Nissan) - great for city and most suburbs, or if you travel to the "unknown land" often, how about a CB (or is it CF) radio? Anyhow, the cell phone is no joke, but the CB/CF radio is, this is a legitimate lawsuit for both GM & On-Star. This is how Corporate America likes to treat its customer, no matter how loyal you are (in their eyes, they really don't care!).


My car is a 2002 Eldorado, I bought it used November 2006 and just put it on the road because the winter gravel has all been cleaned off (oh, and what a nice car... it's an ETC with the Bose stereo). Then I checked into the On Star system only to find it has just a few months of life left!! What??
This has got to be a bad joke.

Lets try this thought experiment: suppose the cellular module of the On Star system in your car breaks down; is it now broken down permanently, or is there some way for the garage to fix it somehow? If there is no way to fix that broken part on the car, then that is a serious problem of the manufacturer. If, on the other hand, they actually do have a way of removing and/or replacing the electronic cellular module, why is it that there is no way to replace it with a digital module rather than an analog module?? In 2007 this cannot be a major technological barrier!!

In the reading I've done on this topic, GM / OnStar knew about this analog cutoff since before year 2000, and could have rectified the problem long ago with a dual mode system that would have cost only a few dollars more per car. Yes, that's the figure I heard: just a few $$ extra per car!! And while they did get around to making that dual mode system, they never bothered to fully implement it until like 2006!!
I'm not even an OnStar subscriber, and I'm ticked off! It's because I didn't even get the opportunity!

Hopefully, if nothing else, perhaps some enterprising techno-geek can "reverse engineer" On Star and figure out how to make up a new module out of a Nokia or something. I mean, gimme a break.

And I bet you that GM engineers have already designed that updated crossover cellular module, GM is just waiting for enough consumer reaction before they are "pressured" to release it.

And furthermore I heard that OnStar is faced with losing more than half its existing subscriber base. I can imagine On Star must be pounding on the fools running GM as well.


I received a letter from OnStar informing me that I had to upgrade my equipment on my 04 Avalanche. The letter stated that I would pay $15 and commit to a year of service. I thought, "that is a fair deal". Scheduled the appointment at my dealership, and when I dropped off the vehicle I was informed that it would be $220. I complained that I was already a subscriber and that I pay every month, and that I would agree to continue paying without cancelling for at least another year. I was then informed by the dealer and the OnStar CS people that it did not matter and had to be done as a prepaid option and that there was no other way.

It is not the $220 that has me mad, had I known ahead of time I would have paid it. I am mad that the letter they sent me was essentially a bait and switch. The reason they want you to pay upfront is so that they can use that money now, to defer their cost for the upgrade. The OS CS manager admitted as much to me.

I have checked into it and they did know by at least 2003 (and appearantly much earlier) and chose not to act.

It is a great service and I feel safer when on a trip with my family knowing that I have it if needed. I have used the phone, and signed up for the monthly diagnostic email, and feel safe knowing someone will know right away if my airbag goes off. BTW, it was a big selling point and the dealer assured me that it would be good for the life of the vehicle.

Those of you who have posted stating essentially that we should get over it, have obviously not had the experience of being ripped off repeatedly by large corporations. I am sick and tired of it and so I cancelled the service. I may go ahead and renew and pay for the update later b/c I like it that much, but for now I refuse to let them cover their bottom line by putting a dent in mine, that they were unwilling to explain and be upfront about.

For those of you with analog only, I sincerely hope that you do sue and win. There needs to be a change in this country in regards to the way "corporate citizens" do business. They are bleeding people dry and no one will act because the ones running the large corporations are also running the government.

Ross S. Wynott, Jr.

I bought a new 2002 3500 Silverado, with analog only OnStar. This was sold I believe with the full knowlege that the FCC was terminating Analog use. I think that General Motors continued to use this system, because the coverage was greater. My current location is near Ava, MO. My Analog Onstar system works fine, yet no cell phones work here. We have at least two competing non-compatable digital systems in the country. When old analog users convert to digital they will find far less coverage. OnStar is a "cell phone company" the same as Verison, All Tell, Sprint, etc. with different options.

Melissa C

Ok here we go again, Onstar is Only satellite for the GPS location all vehicle services such as door unlocks, are through cellular connection. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

Robert R

I hope that everyone having this problems sues and a fix is provided. I used to work in Wireless industry and used to program and activate the old Onstar handset units all the time. This was in 1998-1999. You had to have not only onstar service but you also had to have a analog cellular plan with a cell phone company as well in order for it to work.

Then around late 1999-2000, many of the Wireless providers stopped offering Analog only plans because it was not only more expensive, you can't have as many Cell phone users within a few mile radius using analog cellphones as you can with Digital. but the FCC made the wireless providers still keep the Analog towers that were still operation in place because many of the computers in police cars and other remote locations that had computers, like stop lights, rural pipeline montiors ETC, that had Analog Cellular Modems to give them time to retro fit them with Digital Celluar Modems (today, everyone including the kids have cell phones now) From that point, Onstar decided to work with the Analog providers directly and leased various analog service providers towers to offer their services, now two subsribtions were not required, just one. But remember, OnStar Does not own any Cellular towers, Analog or Digital. Its kind of like ADT or Brinks Sercurity for your home, you have to have a home phone in order for Brinks to monitor your house. If someone cuts the line, it dont send a alarm to there call center

But back in 1999-2000, Digital service was still very new and there was still more analog towers than digital. Many companies changed up their Digital service between then and now. Southwestern Bell, Bellsouth,Cingular,and AT&T changed there digital technolgy twice going from (AMPS) Analog, TDMA 800/1900 to GSM, requiring all their customers to change phones. Some have added more Bands in the 800mhz, 900mhz, and 1900mhz range. Verizon/Bell Atlantic/GTE wireless were the only ones that kept the same technolgy over the years. So Onstar chose Verizon Cell phone towers to use, since it was the largest but it will ROAM off other (CDMA) digital or (AMPS) analog towers if Verizon is not near by.

In case some of you may not know. Onstar works together with wireless providers that offer Analog Cellular Services (AMPS) or (CDMA) digital to connect to your car's computer. The onstar module acts like a Wireless modem if you will, and reads data about your current position via GPS, airbag deployment, Trouble codes etc, sends this DATA to OnStar when you request it. Its important to remember is that it only receives location data from Satilites, it does not send data via Satilite, only via the Cellphone modem in the OnStar module. If the OnStar module did send and receive DATA via satilite, it would cost alot more.

Now here is the problem. The FCC is not requiring any US Wireless service provider to support (AMPS) Analog service anymore after this year. With that said, most if not all wireless providers will tear them down, or convert them to Digital service becuase its more expensive to support them and most of their customers have Dual band Digital only phones. Since OnStar can't count on any one including Verizon to offer Analog service to be around were you need it the most, im sure it chose not offer it to Analog Only Onstar cars. They don't want the Liabity But even with that said, it shouldn't cost that much for onstar to change out the Analog module and Antenna for a Digital one and they should provide it free in my opinion if you sign up for a year or two.

And shame on those who are bashing on others who feel concerned about not having a safety feature not work on their cars if they already paid money for it. I have a GM car with Digital onstar and live in a rural area. The door Unlock is nice considering how far I live from everything but most importantly, I rest better knowing that if my wife happens to be in a accident, and she passes out with my little girl in the back,help will be on the way.

Bob De

Start sending out the mail and E-Mails
G.Richard Wagoner, Jr.
GM Chairman and CEO
300 Ranaissance Center
Detroit MI 48265-3000
also lettere to Your Dealer, Congressman, State Attorney General, NHTSA.Dot.Gov and OnStar.
I have a PEN PAL with GM
Rozlyn DeJonge, Executive Assistant GM
www.rozlyn_dejonge@gmexpert.com This young lady reads from a SCRIPT with ZERO management decision power, but is very nice.

Even though we have a CLASS ACTION going( I HOPE) we must constantly pressure GM for relief to our ANALOG problem. Action at a rapid pace is need from EVERYONE.

David Pruner

Yesterday I called the On Star folks to comment on the bulletin from them that we have all received. I found the normally polite and helpful personnel very curt and unhelpful. When I was transferred to the "technical guy" for further clarification he seemed anything but an expert. I asked him why my On Star could not be upgraded. His answers was because my automobile did not have the proper capabilities. I inquired further what he meant by that comment and he said he did not have that knowledge. When I said I had been transferred to him because he was the technical expert in order to answer any of my questions, he became very dismissive and brought our conversation to a very quick ending.
I would be happy to join in a class action suit. I felt somewhat belittled by the letter from On Star and insulted by their solution of purchasing a new car. Whoever drafted that letter needs a real lesson in human relations and communications.
Ontario, Canada

I'm just home from vacation to the east coast and Canada and had to use my "Analog Only" Onstar service twice. I am so upset that I am going to be losing this after December 31st. We also got the letter from GM offering us a discount on a new car purchase!! Why in the name of God and everything Holy would I buy a new car when my 2004 Buick Park Avenue only has 28,000 miles on it and the only thing that will be a problem is that danmed OnStar????? We also got a letter from our dealer asking, literally begging us to repurchase our car and giving us a better then normal trade in allowance. If I EVER buy a new car in the future it will not EVER again be a GM of any kind. We currently own our last GM car and pickup truck, and it just kills me because we have owned nothing but GM for the past 36+ years!

robert daugherty

Be careful when you go to a Chevy dealer for the OnStar upgrade to digital. One in Tampa tried to charge me a separate dealer fee of $50 in addition to the $15 install fee and the $199 one-year service charge. When I started asking questions, another advisor came by to say that the dealer stopped charging the $50 fee.

OnStar says there is no fee such as that to be charged.

Sounds like some dealers are taking advantage of unwitting customers

I just received this website from a friend.
Check it out.
OnStar Class Action Investigation
Girard Gibbs is currently investigating consumer complaints regarding the General Motors OnStar System. Go to this website if you purchased OnStar as an added feature in your General Motors Vehicle, and would like to contribute to their investigation by filling out the information sheet.

J. Hart
I have a 2004 motorhome with Onstar and was never informed that it would not work as of 1/1/2008. There are a lot of motorhomes out there that don't know about this problem because they dont keep them turned on when in storage. There has been no offer of any kind to those people.

Gordon Blaney

If you people have noticed, there is no such disruption in normal cell phone service. As cell phones have been digital/analog for many years maybe even 10 granted there are many million of cell phones. If Verizon, T Mobile, Sprint and AT&T did what GM is doing Just Think of the problems.

Gordon Blaney

If you people have noticed, there is no such disruption in normal cell phone service. As cell phones have been digital/analog for many years maybe even 10 granted there are many million of cell phones. If Verizon, T Mobile, Sprint and AT&T did what GM is doing Just Think of the problems.

Gordon Blaney

If you people have noticed, there is no such disruption in normal cell phone service. As cell phones have been digital/analog for many years maybe even 10 granted there are many million of cell phones. If Verizon, T Mobile, Sprint and AT&T did what GM is doing Just Think of the problems.


I have an analog phone and Verizon is stopping service Feb 18, 2008. OnStar uses Verizon for their analog cell phone network system. The FCC has been pushing back the date of cutting analog for years and years...at least 4-6 years or more.

It's no different that you buy a cell phone and they say you have to upgrade. But a car is a larger investment and I agree with what comments have been posted. I side neither side. But the car manufactures have to know this information as they have contracts with Verizon for the network usage, etc. So, why did they continue to sell analog equipment knowingly that it was being cut eventually soon?

Another key point for the people: The cellular networks did not allow anyone to put an analog phone on their networks for the past several years!!! The phone has an ID chip and it is advertised....someone has to put that information into the main computer so the cell network allows the cell phone to work. So, Verizon knew...and I'm sure Verizon told GM/OnStar. But if Verizon was adding analog cell phones (OnStar buttons), then Verizon should have told them as well.

Good news, the digital cell phone (OnStar) is a digital cell phone and should be able to use a positioning software (TruePosition, or other companies) to triangulate the location of your vehicle with the cell towers if you are unable to talk/etc. So, there are benefits for the upgrade, but the costs, I agree are high as well as they should not sell equipment that has been on the "outdated list" for years. Documents pushing to release of analog has been filed for years by this companies. 1 analog signal (channel) takes 16 (and it may be up to 32) digital channels!!! So, they can fit more people and with less bandwidth.

My background is having a ham radio license, analog cell phone (Motorola 2500a) still and using it, and keeping abreast with this as it will affect my cell phone, and computer programmer.

I hope this info has helped for the litigation and bring justice towards corporations who sell old equipment to the hard working person.



I also agree with the lawsuit. The fact that GM would sell a vehicle under the assumption that there would always be a upgrade makes them liable. I didn't buy the other vehicle that did not have Onstar, I bought the one that did! Also, Onstar is a satellite service. It will work just about anywhere. I would have never have bought it if it was no different than a cell phone. Speaking of a phone, I use Onstars phone service when I have to get through. So, when it comes to a emergency I know I have a 99.9 chance of getting through. GM and Onstar have became a great team,but that doesn't mean they can cut me off just like that. Where do I sign.


Has anyone else recieved the information via US Postal service from the Smolow law firm in PA? I did. The contract language is so bloated it's hard to understand and as best I can, if they do not recieve the monies they feel they need, presented by the court systems to represent us, they then can and will charge each individual as much as $500. an hour to represent us. No way can I nor will I sign this contract. I'm insensed that they even sent it to me when my first correspondence with them alerted them that if I would be responsible for legal and or attorney fees, I would not wish to participate. They are also asking for copies of a lot of things (purchase of vehicle, On Star agreement which I don't have as it came with the car and I always renewed with a credit card so I have nothing in print as far as an OnStar contract) that I can't readily get my hands on. Plus it states that you may be called to testify. I can't travel to PA. from where I live to testify. That would be what I'd hire them for!!!!! This whole thing is a screwy mess and in jumps some lawyer thinking they will ease the burden of this mess when in fact, they plan on taking advantage of all of us.


It is my parents who will be losing their service. They have the analog only system. As a grown child, who lives 3 1/2 hours away, I found some comfort in knowing they had this available to them in case of an emergency.

I have read every post and I feel for everyone who is going through this. Surely something will be done when GM realizes that they are going to lose a lot more money down the road, when a big majority of these people will never buy another GM product. They could spend a smaller amount per vehicle to fix the problem now, rather than lose the future sales. This whole effect will also trickle down to the family and friends of these people. It already has in our situation. This diffinately is not a case of a company doing their best to take care of their customers.

I was just on onstar.com, and I was looking at the coverage maps for the new digital service. Go look at it... click on "coverage maps" at the top. It shows the current coverage map, then click "important information about OnStar services, 2008 digital coverage and this coverage map" at the bottom.

It looks like some people with the digital coverage will lose there service depending on where they live, or what area they travel to.

I don't think this is over by a long shot. Good Luck!


My husband has OnStar in his 2005 GMC truck. It had the digital split so we will be able to keep OnStar in it. We just received a notice in our email about renewal and now I know how they are going to handle losing or dumping rather, 500,000 customers. Beginning October 1, 2007, they are increasing the monthly rates by $2. That will be a $24. a year increase to each person who has an OnStar equipped vehicle. And you know once the $&1t hits the fan the increases won't stop there. That's how they are handling losing the money from the subscribers they are dumping!!!!!!!!! Korporate Amerika, ya gotta love it huh? We all should go back to horse and buggy. This is not fun anymore. From what Jwatrlily said the attorneys are going to be no real help either after they fleece us!!!!!!!

BUZZY 07-08-07

General Motors is guilty of a bait and switch tactic for a lousy $214. I bought new, a 2003 Trailblazer and frequently used the OnStar telephone service because of its hands free feature. I received the mailings regarding the analog service being discontinued and wanted to continue so upgraded to the digital service for a $15 fee and the $199 annual subscription three days ago, 7-6-07. Two weeks ago, I added 60 minutes to my telephone time with a promise that it would roll it onto my new digital service. After converting, now I have no telephone service at all since Verizon is not available in the area where I live so there are no telephone numbers available. No advice upfront from the dealer or OnStar about the lack of telephone service after the conversion. I'm sending letters to everyone, GM, Letters to the editors, FMCA, my local GM Dealer, AARP. This is an absolute misrepresentation of a product that their campaign forced us to comply if we wanted the service.


I bought a 2003 Cadillac CTS paid way to much for it, but I wanted it. I love the car! But I just received a letter from ONSTAR informing me that I had to pay $15.00 to upgrade to digital service. GM should absorb that cost! I feel as if we were taken advantage of when we bought the car because the dealership never informed us that it would be obsolete in a couple of years. I consider that FRAUD. I am concerned how we are going to be affected with the $42,000.00 Silverado truck that my husband just purchased. GM/ONSTAR had no problem taking my money for years. They just now June 21,2007 ,informed me of the digital switch. I hesitate when adding this but I am an employee of General Motors.


I have just recently purchased a 2003 Yukon 2 weeks ago. I wouldn't really be upset over the digital analog switch but I can't help but feel that the dealer that sold me the car had this info and failed to disclose this info. As a matter of fact, On star and XM radio wass one of the selling points they pushed to seal the deal!! I don't recall them saying by the way, your onstar is trash come 12\31\07....

Marlene from chandler AZ

I wrote to the FCC and they said it was OnStar's choice to continue analog or not. That this is a transition period. What's up with that?


I wrote a letter to the CEO of GM regarding the end of OnStar in my 2002 Buick. I just got a call from "the executive office" with the same old standard line of "sorry but there's nothing we can do". It's a sad situation when a manufacturer of a $30,000 plus vehicle can't come up with a fix for an electronic system that is becoming obsolete.


I am furious! How dare they tell me to buy a new car. I bought the Escalade in 2005, and one of the reasons I bought it was the On Star. It only has 50,000 miles on it, and I can guarantee you if I buy a new car,. it won't be another Escalade or GM for that matter. I paid for the service every year, and they turned me off with three months still paid for. Of course they didn't send me a refund for the months they still have. I think something should definitely be done about this. They promised a service and took it away.


OOPS! I meant to say, I bought my Escalade in 2002. Sorry


Is there anyone out there that will be able to provide cell phone usage without the other On Star features?


Is there anyone out there that will be able to provide cell phone usage without the other On Star features?


Is there anyone out there that will be able to provide cell phone usage without the other On Star features?


This is certainly a bad problem but I must say I think it is a little strange for people to want refunds of the years of service they already used. Did you not get use of the system in those years? When DVD players came out did you go to the video store and demand all of your rental fees of vhs tapes back?

Ray Richeson

I haven't seen it mentioned that not only do we loose the service, the circuits cannot be removed from the car. It will be a mocking face to greet us every day we use the car.

Rebecca Bedwell-Coll


Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP is a national law firm that represents consumers and businesses harmed by unfair business practices of large corporations.

If you have a car with a Volvo On Call system scheduled to stop working, we wish to provide you further information on your rights and remedies under the law. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at rbcoll@lchb.com.

Very truly yours,

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I am very upset with GM. We found out that our 2005 Equinox has to be upgraded. 2005! GM knew about the ruling and still elected to put in old equipment. Now we have to fork out $199 (required 1 yr service) paid to the dealer so they can order the equipment so Onstar can reimburse the dealer for the remaining costs. We have been loyal Onstar subscribers for both of our vehicles and like to pay for the service monthly; however, GM feels that they need to lock folks into a 1yr service contract. I got the BS that it has to go to the dealer since they do the work then it gets reimbursed, yada, yada. How is a warranty repair handled? All I asked was for them to handle it like a warranty, I'll sign whatever they want to prove that I will continue service for at least another year. Bank One (now JPMorgan) offered Microsoft Money for downloading account info. When Microsoft tags a version as no longer supported, I receive a new copy in the mail. Sometimes I need to resetup some account info; however, I appreciate the fact that they provide the upgrade free of charge. What does GM do? They get customers caught in the middle of a finger pointing match between them and the FCC. Is that good customer service?


The major reason we bought my collage age daughter the VW Passat 2004 was because it came equiped with OnStar--now what a waste. Also has anyone ever tried to use OnStar to find someone--its a joke-and they do not help--what can you really expect from the great GM


The major reason we bought my collage age daughter the VW Passat 2004 was because it came equiped with OnStar--now what a waste. Also has anyone ever tried to use OnStar to find someone--its a joke-and they do not help--what can you really expect from the great GM

Disgruntled GM Owner

Well, my 2004 Park Avenue OnStar system phone minutes are worthless to me now!!!! I have OnStar service until Dec. 31 right? Why in the blue blazes are my remaining 104 minutes on the phone of no use to me? Because I think they have already messed with my analog system. I can't call out and get any kind of reception to make who I call able to hear me and when someone calls me it is nothing but static!!!! The phone minutes are now worthless to me. They have my money and I have nada!!!! This has turned out to be the biggest dissapointment of this beautiful car.

White Diamond, sunroof, Bose sound system, a lot of the bells and whistles and now, a useless piece of GM/OnStar crap on the rearview mirror!!!!

This should have NEVER happened in a 2004 luxury car. They knew in 2002 at the least that they were going digital so why did they make later cars without the ability to switch? I have discovered that ALL Park Avenues are analog ONLY with no feature to do the switch to digital, for ANY amount of money. I'd have gladly gave them $500. to switch me, I want to retain it that badly but, nothing is an option with the Park Avenues!!!! Why would GM make one of their top lines (although they have discontinued them now) that way? I'm about sick of GM for the remainder of my life. I was guaranteed OnStar for the life of the vehicle. This beautiful car only has 24,000 miles on it!!!!! Our salesman told us about the switch to digital but he also told us there would be a fix to upgrade it when the time came. No fix, no OnStar for us and with serious health issues, we need it for when we travel! What a joke GM and OnStar is turning out to be.

[...]thank,I applaud the effort.[...]

John Vaala

I purchased a 2001 Cadillac Deville and a 2001 Tahoe new. Both have OnStar, which we use frequently.I have a difficult time believing that, in this day of electronic capabilities, a reasonable upgrade is not feasible. I have owned GM autos for over 20 years. That will change the next time I purchase a new vehicle. I may as well drop my loyalty to GM since they did it to me first.

John Vaala

Greg Arena

Just today I got a letter telling me that they can upgrade my car after all. The fee will be $15.00, but they'll require a one-year subscription to the basic Safe & Sound package for $199 (about the same as I what I'm already paying).

I have a 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora - not sure if this affects any other GM makes from around that time (maybe the Pontiac Bonneville, Buick Park Avenue, or Buick LeSabre).

W. Driver

As PM above, my wife and I purchased a 2004 VW Phaeton, top of the line. GPS and On-Star on board, meaning hands free phoning and help when needed. We are both senior citizens and are very disappointed in the change over of On-Star. This vehicle was intended for traveling after we retire, now they say there's no upgrade available and that we need to buy another vehicle. Guess What?? The Phaeton ($80,000) is no longer available in the USA!! When you purchased an automobile of this magnitude, you expect its major selling assets to last longer than 3 years. Steaming!!!

Cassandra Brooks

I too purchase a vehicle equiped with On Star for safety reason, as I have a private care home and fell safety issue and protection for my clients when travelling was important. I was told by the dealer that the On Star would be for the life of the van . Well I just made my last payment and guess what: On Star is not upgradable. How sad.I have relied on this service since 2001. I have paid over $36,000.00 for this vehicle that is supposed to offer protection and will not after December 31st, 2007. My dealer send me an invitation to purchase a new vehicle again, my answer: NO WAY, why should I buy again from a company that does not care about their customer? I phoned GM to report my concern, was transfered to different department to finally talk to a rude agent that could not offer any valid solution other then buying a new car. I am from Alberta Canada and would join in for civil suit.


On the 'Older car Side', I Purchased a 2001 Buick LeSabre Custom in Aug '07, with ONSTAR on Ebay,no less. I was quite excited with this seeing I'm on Disability, after working 34 year's. In any event I activated ONSTAR only to find that I had until the end of Dec to use their system as the Analog system would no longer be in use. I knew even then in my mind, that ONSTAR would certainly come up with something as NOT to lose $$$ in the long run. In reading, I guess I am happy that I am one of the Owner's that will be able to bring my Car in and update to Digital as being Disabled, I like the Feature's they offer if needed.
Sorry for those of you the have spent so much on your Cars/Trucks and cannot continue or are losing ONSTAR however truly it is not their fault. The FCC runs the show.


What is the big deal? Yesterday my dealder updated the on star on my 2004 regal. I paid a total of $214 which includes a year of subscription to on star.

Michael Richardson

I too bought my 2001 Suburban on Ebay in 2004. I was thrilled with it and OnStar "hounded" me until I took the Safe and Sound Plan. I do Search and Rescue and it took me (2) 50 hour weeks to install all my equipment, 2-way radios, dog cages etc. I really like the stolen vehicle tracking ( for my dogs!) and airbag notification. There have been several recent instances in my local area where the remains of missing people were found months later in a crashed vehicle concealed by vegetation. It is a safety feature that I had "reasonable expectation" would be available as long as I owned it. I do not want a new vehicle and don't have the time to swap my equipment at this time. It would rather put in a new motor. Now if our country is planning on landing humans on Mars by 2020, you can't tell me that OnStar can't come up with a conversion. You can buy a digital conversion board for ham radios for about $150. Furthermore, do the math. From the article at the top of this page, they are cutting off 500,000 subscribers that are paying for the most basic plan, Safe and Sound, 16.95 per month. Plans go up from there. Estmating $20 a month per customer, which is probably low, that comes to 10 million dollars a month in lost revenue for OnStar. I hope the class action suit is successful. I don't want any money, just a resonable conversion kit so I can continue sending them my $16.95 a month.

steve Felder

I just purchased a 2001 Sevill STS in excellent shape for my daughter to take to college. the OnStar was a selling point for me. The dealer did not tell me the Onstar was only temporary so as all of you have commented I am very disapointed both in the dealership and onstar. I plan to join the lawsuit just because it is wrong. the deception by the dealer is somthing I am going to pursue with a local lawyer.

OnStar Advisor

I am an OnStar Advisor and have been dealing with this issue for the past year and do understand the frustration of the general public with regards to this upgrade to digital matter. Once the topic of change was heard, GM did begin to install dual mode analog/digital hardware. They were becoming prepared for the move/changes to happen. But it is quite interesting that OnStar sent out letters to all vehicle owners that had vehicles that were not upgradeable and then months later some have now received letters that indeed their vehicles could be upgraded from the analog to digital hardware. At one point the cost did just involve a $15.00 upgrade fee and a paid committment of one year of service (which paid for the cost of the upgrade, so that inturn would mean one free year of OnStar service if you look at it correctly). Now that the transition date is approaching, the cost factors have increased. One wonders why!!! But as most comments posted have pointed out that technology is ever changing, even the televisions of today are changing. And that eventually will mean going out to buy a new one. Are we to sue the manufactures of all electronics when they become obsolete??? REMEMBER EVERYONE....IT WAS THE FCC..NOT ONSTAR OR GM!!!

A. Tyler

Are you kidding? You advertise this as a good thing, we accept it as a good thing and now we cannot use the system Are you kidding? I just purchased a 2001 chevy tahoe and got signed up for onstar. I looked over 3 other SUV's because this one had onstar. When my wife or kids drive the truck, I feel better knowing that someone was watching over them when I could not be there. Nontheless, that this vehicle was pre-owned. When I called onstar the same day I purchased the car, they said and I quote,"congratulations on the purchase of your vehicle and welcome to the onstar family". Are you kidding? NEVER once, did anyone say this system would be rendered obsolete within 30 days.I also have used the system several times before the letter arrived, and no one said anything. When I got the service, they were very happy to take my credit card as well as bill my card and now this? The dealer as well as gm,(small letters) says to buy a newer vehicle. I told them, If I had the money to buy a new vehicle, I would have done so. You have got to be kidding me. Anyone, please tell me what we are going to do with this. I would hope that we are not going to lay down and take this where they are trying to put it.


I own a 2003 Acura 3.2TL and was told today by an Acura representative that there are no upgrades available for non-GM cars. The only cars that will carry the On-Star product will be GM made cars only. I might have paid a modest fee to upgrade my On-Star system to digital, but that was not an option.

In regards to the posting about the Digital T.V. conversion, at least a person can purchase some type of box that will convert the digital signal so consumers can still use their analog set.

The only option for me is to purchase a "new" GM vehicle, which is out of the question.

Lou Branch

When are we supposed to know when to go to the dealer who sold us our 2002 LeSabreto get the $15.00 kit? The new year is fast approaching!

Bruce Baird

Yeah. I feel great that we paid $700- plus for on-star when we purchased our 2004 Passat in Oct. 2004. So we use the service for basically 2 years and the SOB's pull the plug. I would be very happy to join a class action suite.

onstar NOT

To the onstar advisor. You have to be kidding. How many TV's can you purchase with the money it takes to purchase a new car?

onstar NOT

To the onstar advisor. You have to be kidding. How many TV's can you purchase with the money it takes to purchase a new car?


To the OnStar Advisor: Please get your facts straight. The FCC did not MANDATE that analog service be terminated. To state otherwise is misleading, if not downright fraudulent. The FCC ruling allowed service providers to phase out analog suppport; it did not REQUIRE it. That choice most definitely did reside with GM and OnStar. Your statement (emphasized by the use of capital letters) may simply be a case of misplaced loyalty, but it is flat out WRONG.

I have a 2002 avalanche that I will be losing my onstar service on. I am very disappointed with onstar & gm over losing this service. I feel I was not informed about any of this when I purchased my vehicle, I hve e-mailed onstar & gm all they have to say is they are sorry. I didn't even get a reply from my dealer. I have been a loyal chevy person for a long time. maybe it's time for a change

william hamlett

i just got off the phone with onstar they quoted my $200.00 to upgrade but the dealer said $300.00 because of a fee. i was a loyal customer but i am not payin that much for something that onstar should take care of. i love my yukon and it stills run great without it. the come down on the pricwe i might think about it.

To Late Now

BG, applause, applause, applause. I've been telling people here to read their letters closer because it reads in plain print, that the FCC gave the notice that they were not "requiring" GM and OnStar to run analog after December 31, 2007. Not "requiring" them to is a far piece from ordering them to go digital, which the FCC DID NOT DO!

This is all GM and OnStar and no OnStar employee is going to shove that load of crap down my throat!

As to the poster who said, "what's the big deal?" I'll tell you the big deal mister. I'm sitting here with a $40,000 + 2004 Buick Park Avenue, bought new by me, in my garage that as of Dec. 31 does not have OnStar as promised (and less then 30,000 miles on it).

Seems as though they are now saying they never made any, ANY, Park Avenues with the switch to digital option and no one told us, including our dealer who said there would be a conversion kit available that would cost us $15. when analog ended. Now the dealer won't address the issue with us at all beyond telling us to buy a new car!!!! A snowball has a chance of surviving in Hell better then me buying anything again from GM. My husband has a beautiful red 2005 GMC extended cab that did convert to digital but it is his last one from GM.

My husband and I both have health concerns and this car was a security blanket when we traveled, and we have had to use it. I would give the suckers $500. to install OnStar digital back in my car. It's not the money and it sure as Hell is a "big deal" to me!!!!!!

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