Infiniti's New Around View Monitor


When Infiniti announced its new EX yesterday, it mentioned it will be the first vehicle to offer a new technology they’re calling the Around View Monitor. We didn’t know all the specs then, but we do now. The system includes four cameras mounted on the front, rear and both side mirrors. A display screen on the dash actually shows a sky view of the vehicle and its surroundings. It’s a bit extreme in our mind; we'd rather perfect our own parking skills rather than rely on technology, but this might become more common place.

Click below for a video of the system in action. You won't believe where the front camera is.


Amuro Ray

Oh, the "Infiniti" badge fron camera is SO COOL! The 2 side mirrors monitors, however, were on the concept Nissan Quest back in 2001 or sthg like that. Too bad that it only has a V6. If it has a 4-cyl, I'll definitely put it on my shopping list...

P.S. The demo video isn't for the N. Californian crowds - 99% of N. CA drivers (me excepted) never Back-Up into a parking spot! In fact, even if front in parking requres a lot of work and turns, and backing up is just a one shot deal...they will still only go front-in :( (Driving instructors don't teach how to back in here, and DMV tests don't require back-in parking.)


Yo Amuro Ray, i see they also don't 'requres' you to spell correctly either
But front camera is the COOLEST thing i have ever seen b4, can see all the copycats now!!


That front camera is much more gracefully integrated than the thermal camera in the grill of the Cadillac DeVille for their night-vision a couple years ago. They simply removed the Cadillac logo and left a huge round hole in the middle of the grill for the camera to see out of. Ugly!


I think it is not only use as parking guides, but to check and see if anything is around the vehicle before take off.


OMG!! I love the cool front camera!!! BUT, I wonder how it does with wear and tear such as car washes.

Bizarro--think it would mess with my equilibrium.
Still won't stop you from running over cats and small dogs!

There's a tech-free solution & so much cheaper since the 1960's!--The Plymouth Barracuda!;
390 degree view with largest rear glass ever and extra wide mirrors+ windows all the way around!
In fact I'm selling one of these!
(or you can just turn your head!)

Recently i had an accident caused by a blind spot inside my vehicle. It was 100% my fault as I always hang my suit jacket on the hook over the rear window, thus blocking my vision. I'm sure this happens to thousands of people. I was told of a device that clips into the headrest of your car seat that allows you to hang the jacket or suit coat directly behind either the driver or passengers seat. I also love the name they use for marketing. I purchased one & cannot believe how simple and effective it has been. I even go into my appointments & meeting with a jacket that has no wrinkles anymore. Check out

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