Reviews the New 2007 Volvo S80


A few weeks back, we showed you how the new Volvo S80’s blind spot information system worked. Today I present you my full report on the all-new flagship sedan from Sweden. Interestingly enough, our friend Jim Mateja published his take on the S80 in this weekend’s Chicago Tribune, and while he liked the car almost as much as I did, we differed on the annoyance factor of the blind spot system.

2007 Volvo S80 Review

By David Thomas | March 26, 2007 | Comments (4)


Has anyone had a chance to try out the "heartbeat detector" that tells a driver (via the fob) if somebody is lurking in the car (before you get into it)? I didn't know car-lurking perps were common enough to justify a safety feature.

we thought of it a couple of times but honestly never got around to checking it out. Seriously though, you can check on your S80 from 300 ft away with the remote key. So you shouldn't be leaving it open regardless.
And no, I can't remember the last time I heard a story of a car lurker.

Brian E

You know Jim Majeta? It's a rare day when I don't read something misleading or flat-out wrong in one of his articles. In this case he understates the effect of the collision braking system - in addition to alerting the driver, it provides brake support much like emergency brake assist systems do.

Brian E,
There are differences in opinion in many reviews I agree. I think if you don't see the collision braking system in action like I did it would be hard to write about. of course, you never "should" see it so it's a tough call. I, and most of the folks on staff, also didn't find the BLIS system as annoying as Mateja.

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