VW Recalls 790,000 Jettas, Golfs, GTIs and Beetles


Volkswagen today announced a recall involving a defect in the brake light switch; the switch could either not function, or remain on at all times. In either case, that could send the wrong signal, literally, to other drivers. The recall involves more than 790,000  1999 – 2006 Golfs and GTIs, 2001 – 2005 Jettas, 2001 – 2007 New Beetles and 2004 R32s.

This recall comes after the same problem was discovered on other Jettas and New Beetles last year. That recall involved 362,000 vehicles. The sheer number – 1,150,000 – of cars involved in the two recalls is immense.

VW will begin the recall in April; owners can contact VW at (800) 822-8987.

[Volkswagen Recalls 790,000 Cars to Fix Brake Light Switch, The Detroit News]

By David Thomas | February 26, 2007 | Comments (9)



This must be another wondefull part from Bosch!!


I could have told them the brake light switch was screwed up years ago. I had to have mine replaced the week I bought my Jetta and have had to replace it at least three times since then.

The brake light switch goes screwy if you leave the car in drive when you shut the engine off. It's happened to me every time I've made that mistake.


Yeah, I see those brake lights stuck on all the time, and I don't even own one, I always thought they should have done something about that, it's about time.


Anyone ever notice A4 series late 1999-2005 Jetta's almost always have a headlight (daytime running light) burned out.

The "Jetta Brakes"

I have a Jetta 2004 and have a miserable experience with VW and two of their dealers: the brakes on that car are terribly "mushy": it takes forever for braking action to occur when the brake pedal is depressed. Action starts only when the pedal is almost fully depressed. I brought the car to two VW dealerships (Sunnyvale and Redwood City, California) to tighten the brakes, and they both said "That's typical of the Jetta brakes!" Calling VW USA was equally frustrating: nothing they could do, they said. Well, that's not good enough - this car is plum dangerous to drive! (I have six other cars, and it's evident the Jetta has a problem - which should be fixed by VW.



I find your post interesting as my girlfriend is always complaining about her Jetta brakes. When I finally drove the car I too couldn't believe the lack of feel. The pedal travels a great distance before the car begins to stop. VW should take a serious look into this potential problem. We are going to have the brakes upgraded by an after market shop at the cost of $1100. Her VW dealer has the nerve to say that it was probably a good idea as many others complain too. The next car will be a Honda.

Scott Chambers

FINALLY! We have replaced our brake light switch three times on our 2001 Jetta. The switch fails and will not allow the car to come out of 'Park' This usually happens on the hottest day of the year when we are coming home from buying ice cream.

VW must resolve this problem. For consumer might not patronize their products if problems continues. Hopefully no other parts like volkswagen brake caliper - [ http://www.dubautoparts.com/volkswagen-brake-caliper.html ] is affected? Anyways, VW owners epecially those who are affected with this should bring their cars to the dealer to have it fixed and other problems could be prevented.


If your Jetta gets stuck in park.....call the VW 800 hotline number and have them tow the thing. The service is terrrible!

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