2007 Chicago Auto Show: 2008 Pontiac G8


GM answers the rear-wheel drive full-size sedan question with the all-new Pontiac G8. The angled auto is based on a popular Australian sedan and will hit the U.S. in August with a choice of a 260 hp V-6 engine or 360 hp V-8.

That’s some serious power going to rear wheels, a set-up enthusiasts have been clamoring for ever since … well, forever, but especially since Chrysler introduced the 300C.

We’re most excited about, well, the V-8, but the interior looks to be of a high quality ,similar to the now-defunct GTO, also based on an Australian GM vehicle. More photos below and more information will be coming from the show floor later today.









Full report and live photos from the show floor.

By David Thomas | February 7, 2007 | Comments (31)



Awesome looking car, I like what GM is doing. Opel=Saturn and now Holden=Pontiac.

Holden's are great cars with real performance and handling. The interior is 100% better than the current grand prix. Just as long as they keep the price relative to the current price, this car will have more followers than the current model.


GM has been on a roll with their new product launches over the past two years. The Solstice, Sky, Malibu, CTS, Aura, Astra, Vue, and now this. It's funny how talk of GM going bankrupt mostly evaporated now that they're building what people want.


Overall looks good, the specs sounds good. Only one thing needs to change: The tailights design.


It looks tough. The tail lights aren't great, maybe the weakest part of the exterior. They are better than the last generation of Pontiac tail lamp designs. I hope it's a winner.


Thank you GM! Finally a car for me - I can't believe its a Pontiac. A 4-dr family sedan with RWD V8 and manual trans that can be used as a weekend track racer. The CTS-V and Evo8 have the same idea, but the Caddie is high priced and I'm not fond of the Evo's AWD and import roots. If the Charger gets a manual trans in the upcoming model I'll need to do a good comparison. I hope the automakers keep'em coming.


Ram Air doesn't appear to be functional--whether it is or not, I'd rather have a smooth hood. Given the choice, I'd delete the rear spoiler altogether, but the holes in the hood need to go.


I agree with Segfault. The hood scoops look a little silly and takes away from the styling. Aside from that, the car is beautiful and very well proportioned.

I'm hoping that the scoops aren't on the basic V6 model, that would be the model I'd choice if it were the case.


We have this car in Saudi Arabia known as a 2007 Chevy Lumina. It is a blast to drive and its base price is around $23,000 US Dollars. We've been having the chevy Lumina(Holden based) since 1990s they always competed against the Camry and Accord. I hope this helps!!


I want one with a stick and a V-8! I also like the new Pontiac logo. It appears as though the investment in Bob Lutz is finally paying off! Great work, GM!


Finally... GM gets its act together!


Another ugly car by GM. It looks like a boxier GTO, especially with the hood scoops. Also this doesn't fit with the look of the G6 or the Solstice. Lots of power, without lots of style. Just a typical GM.

Overall, I'm impressed, as I was with the GTO. Not a fan of the hood scoops or the honeycomb grill (or Pontiac front ends in general.) I'd probably prefer the holden version over this one, but I'd say if the price is right, GM has a hit.


This car seems like it will raise the bar for the 4door sedan's. I can't think of another vehicle in its class that can match it on the engine and trans. department, interior, and yes it will be offered with a v8 rwd and a stick, what more could you want. Gm keep up the good work and bring us more of these cars.


Wagoner ... bout freakin time ... What's the deal? Do Americans come off that dumb? Which market have you been paying attention to? Have you even been paying attention or too busy trying to figure out how to slip more health insureance costs into your cars sticker prices? Maybe a line item on the sticker? "Retiree Health Insurance Sur-charge"?

You offer nice cars abroad and crap here. Which american market vehicles are sold abroad? Probably none becuase the america market cars are mostly junk.

Better chnage your thinking fast and stop trying to sell those flimsy ghetto-sleds you've been peddling. Bring em all over from abroad - in YOUR case - designed and made in America is a deterent, not a selling point.

Americans have not buying your your cars for a reason.

Paul from Australia

I think the makeover detracts from the original design - certainly agree with the others, the scoops look crap. Glad you guys like what we make, I believe the import is temporary until a GM plant is tooled up to produce it. There's a liklihood of a more substantial makeover once its locally produced, so I hope they integrate it a little better than this.


The Australian Version "Holden SS V" is an absolute pleasure to drive.

I do love the rear boot lip spoiler, I wish I could get that over here. The 20" wheels are taken directly from Holdens performance line up the Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) GTS.

Can't say I like the front too much but overall it's a nice car. Hope you guys get the same pleasure out of it we do.

It's a shame you don't get the Holden Calais V.

sum dude

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice car very very nice, thats what pontiacs should look like, fits their sporty image. but those taillights tho have got to go.

Ken Smith

The styling stinks (they didn't learn their lesson from the GTO debacle), but I'm glad to see GM finally has a big RWD car again. Too bad Pontiac's on a letters-and-numbers kick again. "G8" sounds like an economic summit.

Unfortunately, GM, Ford and Chrysler have an uphill battle against anti-American-car xenophobia like that displayed by our friend Rick. As a ghetto resident, I'm a bit curious. Just what sort of cars qualify as "ghetto-sleds", Rick? Be specific;-)

Ken L.

I don't congratulate GM too often, but lately... good job.


Im a bit disappointed about the bonnet scoops Pontiac have put on this car. Here in Australia the bonnet is smooth with a single opening for the grill. Its called the VE Commodore here and is known as the "Billion dollar car" due to the amount of design. My brother owns one and it is a wild ride and is a completely different car to the GTO from the ground up.(the GTO (Monaro)will be a collectors item in 20 years). The VE (G8) chassis is being stretched for the new corvette I believe.
Google "Holden VE Commodore" to see the original design before Pontiac got to it

Nick R

Nice, im 15, just wating for the 2008's to roll out so i can snatch one, and the g8 gt is my pick. Hope the release a price soon. If there smart theyll keep prices in same range as gran prix. can t wait to buy


I like the scoops myself, but I'd REALLY prefer it if they were functional.

Nick R

Id say, this the exact offspring of what happens when an acura TL is the parking lot qith mazda speed for to long

This is a huge improvement over any other Pontiac, so that is positive. The usual accoutrements (hood scoops, flares) are for product ID, but I wish they'd have toned it down even further. But still at least it's not a screaming chicken on the hood of an old Trans Am. The interior is up to par and aside from pricing, it seems like GM might be waking up. We want veh's that look good and perform as well. I get this sinking feeling that after a given auto show, GM will screw it up. (Remember the amazing Cheyenne concept truck)? Let's hope they stay on a roll.

Andy Lopez

I agree with most, If this car is half as fun as my Gto/Monaro.. It will be another huge plus for GM.. And to any of you above who have less then kind words About the GTO can S*** it, you obviously have not been behind the wheel!! My car is 585hp to the wheels without spray, with a stock botttm end and still averages over 28mpg with six exhilerating gears.. Seats four with way more room and comfort then any other coupe on the market period.. I also have a CTS-V and a '07' Sky Redline So you could never pay me enough to own and Japanese crap!! But I would definately trade in my 'ol' ladies Denali for This grocery getr. Keep em comming GM I personally can't wait for the Next GTO!!!!


Is it me or is the middle of the hood taller than on the Commodore? I prefer the Commodore's fog light assembly to the Pontiac, but I prefer the Pontiac grill (I think it gives the front a smoother look than the typical gape with the Holden emblem in the middle).

I like the hood scoops on these pics, but I may change my tune when I see the car in the flesh. And I think a brighter color will make the scoops stand out too much. Same goes for the lower part of the front where the fog lights are.

I'll have to hold off my final judgment for the overall styling until I see one on the road. Right now it looks a bit boxy, like something between the 300 and a Lexus IS.


I noticed on the GM Middle East website that the G8 is already being sold there...as the "Chevy Lumina"!!!! LMAO


Its about time, I hope the people at GM are reading these posts. I have been waiting for GM to wake up and stop trying to build a Performance car on a front wheel drive platform. Nice Job GM now... Don't screw this up by over pricing the car and put out of reach of alot of people. In the passed you've done it. GM needs to get us buyers back so work with us.


this car is great! i will be trding my pontiac g6 gtp in for this one... you guys are getting only better...im a female but i love fast cars!


Y aren't they calling it a 2009???


The Chevy Lumina SS was named 'Best Sports Saloon’ by Car Middle East magazine, this is the same car as the Pontiac G8 GT coming to the USA!!

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