2007 Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia Recalled Due to Faulty Airbag Sensors


GM has recalled its all-new crossovers, the GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook, because of potentially faulty airbag sensors. The recall affects all 13,032 of the vehicles on the road. The problem stems from a faulty sensor that controls the front airbags’ deployment. It will also prevent the vehicle from alerting owners of a malfunction.

GM says the problem is a software issue and can be remedied with a service — no parts need to be replaced — at the dealer at no cost to owners. The company discovered the problem during internal testing and no incidents have been reported.

Letters went out Thursday to Outlook owners, and letters for Acadia owners will go out Feb. 28. Owners can call GMC at 1-866-966-9463 or Saturn at 1-800-972-8876 for more information.

By David Thomas | February 23, 2007 | Comments (32)
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Ah yes, what else is new. Recalls from every new GM vehicle. Don't they do pre-testing of their own cars. At least they don't have to replace any parts as they say. Hopefully these two SUV's don't have the same dubious distinction as those awful, GMC Enovys, TrailBlazers, Bravada and anything else that came of that platform.

GM, you'll never be the sales leader with the garbage you put out when things like this happen with every new launch

I'm pretty sure GM is the sales leader. We can point to similar recalls recently from Honda and Toyota as well. They happen unfortunately.



First of all those are the first new 2007 GM vehicles that have been recalled. Second they do do pretesting of their own vehicles because I saw a disguised Acadia on the highway once. Third the Outlook and Acadia are built on a different platform than the Envoy, Trailblazer, Bravada. Fourth and final GM is the sales leader and has been for years, and years, and years.

Dave T. is right about the recalls from Honda and Toyota. They do happen.


They do happen but when you buy a toyota or honda they happen less often. Every single study shows that and thats why toyota and more specifically lexus continuously receives reliability awards. This is why Toyota is about to pass GM as the #1 car maker based on sales (even though every person in their right mind already knows Toyota is number 1).

I think the recent trend we've noticed, and most media is reporting, that as Toyota grows it is experiencing a lot of the same problems as GM. Look in the recall category and You'll see huge recalls from Toyota and Honda recently. The GOOD news all around is that recalls are down significantly lately for almost every brand.

If you must find a brand to attack for quality problems it would be Chrysler Group, the only automaker to see more recalls in 2006 than in 2005.

sum dude

Hm, Chrysler only thing good that ever came from Chrysler is the Dodge Ram, Dodge Viper and the Jeep Wrangler.

Juan Carlos

at least they got it early and the Buick Enclave will be free of it. and at least they did a recall unlike lexus with their tramis problems. and let's not start with the camry trammy.

Hmmm. So if you hit someone in a defective Lambda, does that mean the airbag might not deploy?

Nowhere have I read that sales have been ordered halted. Is that correct?


I can't blame GM for the recall at all. Why? It's a computer software glitch. Every home PC has experienced some kind of glitch with it's software. Something as minor as this should be applauded for a newly released vehicle.

Amuro Ray

GM must be using Windows OS! :) But serious, Troy, there's a big difference, and you have to blame GM! For you home PC, if there's a glitch, all you have to do is to press the reset button. But in a collision, the software glitch prevents the airbag from deploying, and you hit ur head somewhere (which from your comment, sounds like sthg simiar might have happened to you), and u got into a comma, or even dead 'coz of this...there's no reset button to press that will bring your life back! This isn't a minor glitch; this is a MAJOR one, and it should NEVER occur in a newly released vehicle, and why the heck should people aplaude for it? It's not a radio button glitch, you know, like you can't tune in to your radio channel or sthg...This is really poor QA on GM's part on such a brand new vehicle, and will definitely hurt its image by reinforcing the poor quality beliefs of GM vehicles on MOST consumers (except for the small bunch of pro-domestics fans).


you guys need to get off GM's back, I really don't think much of the General, but these products are quite impressive and something as minor as a airbag sensor shouldn't be your foundation for thrashing a company that's doing its best to regain its competitive edge.

no need to halt the sales as its fixable at the dealer. presumably they've already been fixed before they sell them.


My newphew is an engineer for Hyundai Corporation working in engine design and development. He recently told me that they disected a Toyota Camry and were instructed that this car is their benchmark target. The engine appeared to be built to a failure tolerance of 500,000 miles. He also noted that they work with various outside automotive engineering consultants and a few of them mentioned that in the past year GM has raised it's driveline tolerance levels from 150,000 miles to 300,000 miles. That may not seem like a lot but it's a huge step in the right direction and I believe you are starting to see the quality show-up in their vehicles.


Hmmm, if the Airbags don't work. Maybe people will put down their Latte's and TRY not to hit anything!

Volvo drivers on the other hand,,, scare me.


GM will always be behind Toyota in quality, period.

M Moore

Please note that GM is the global sales leader, and Toyota is the global recall leader. It was Toyota, not GM, that recalled more vehicles than it sold in 2006. And that does not even get in to the engine sludge settlement that required a law suit before Toyota would do anything for their customers. It is not good to have to recall a new vehicle, but lets keep things in perspective.



You're on track but you must also remember how long vehicles have been on the road without airbags. A loooong time.


I'm sure there are lots of software fixes happening all the time that no one knows about it. I seen it mentioned many times in a long term car review test. Usually its covered under warrentee, and not called a recall. I think its nice that GM step up and did a recall on their own. Some other companies won't cause it affects precepation.


M Moore comparing GM and Toyota is silly. You must have meant to compare GM and Ford as those are the two sinking rocks. Toyota will be the #1 global car company by end of '07 and by '08 they will be #1 in the good ole USA.

I love my Toyota truck. It's nice being part of a winner.


From a February 18, 2007 article in the Toronto Star:

"A troublesome by-product of Toyota's growth surge has been a decline in quality – the bedrock on which Toyota built its remarkable success in North America, where it derives the largest share of its profits. Since 2004, Toyota has recalled 9.3 million vehicles, up from 2.5 million in the previous three years. Last summer, the Japanese government censured Toyota and arrested three of its top executives for allegedly failing for eight years to disclose and act upon reports of a design flaw implicated in loss-of-control incidents.

By 2005, in tandem with the acceleration of Toyota's production rates, its rate of recalls as a percentage of vehicles in operation hit 10.1 per cent, compared with 6.8 per cent for GM and 2.5 per cent at Chrysler Group. The trend continued last year, as Toyota's recall rate remained among the highest in North America, affecting Prius, Echo, Lexus RX and Highlander models."

What does this all mean? Recalls happen to EVERYONE, like other people have said. We all like to see car wrecks and hope to brag about how bad the weather gets. So, people tend to pile on the hurt to the American car manufacturers. I am not saying they are better than the Asian brands, but they are definitely better than in the past.

Here's the full article, a good read with good and questionable news for Toyota.



I purchased brand new vehicle on March 3rd, today I get a call from the salesman demanding I take my new vehicle back to the dealer because there is a new recall on it. When I purchased the car I asked him about recalls and he stated "if there were any recalls on the vehicle, they have already been taken care off" I went online to the NHTSA and found the recall was dated Feb 6, 2007. So obiously, the car was sold to me without any repairs; what I find interesting is that the car was paid cash $30K and they want me to go back to redo the sales contract with a new date... I've purchased many cars in the past and I've never seen this... Could it be that they charged the manufacturer for the recall repair and now they realized the work was never done and they need to cover them their ass with a new sales date on the contract?

Steve said, "I love my Toyota truck. It's nice being part of a winner."

Steve, that's what New York Yankees fans say, too. Truth is, it's also EASY to be part of a winner rather than do the thing that might, just might, require more character.

Oh, by the way, I myself am a Toyota owner currently, but have owned GM vehicles that made me happy: My 1988 Olds Delta 88 went well past 200,000 miles.


Toyota has recalled more vehicles this year than any other manufacture. http://forums.trucktrend.com/70/6285978/toyota-lexus/toyota-trucks-ahead-in-2007-recalls/index.html

about time some people learn that toyota isn't gold...maybe this will help educate more americans on the facts of the automotive industry.

Song Chavez


I'm having problems with my lift gate on the Acadia won't close. When pushing the button, the door would go down and then go back up. What culd it be? We took it to the dealer and said that it could be the remote, so they reprogram it and it's still not closing all the way. The only way we can close it all the way down was when it's half way down, we would have to put pressure on it to close. Any suggestion or theory will help.

Lee Gausling

We just purchased a Saturn Outlook and are having problems with the liftgate. Everytime When we use the button, or remote the gate will close and open back up. Only way to stop this is turn the remote/automatic button off on the console. Dealer made an adjustment and said it was fixed but came home and still have same problem. the user manual says that under extreme weather lifgate may have problems so turn off and use manual until weather gets better. It has been extemely hot in Atlanta. Any ideas?


Is anyone still having issues with the Saturn Outlook auto lift gate opening? We purchased a 07 outllok and on (3) occassions the door has failed to either lock or opened unknowingly. Two times it opened when he car was placed into reverse. I see that others have had issues, does anyone have any additional feedback related to this issue?


I bought a 2007 Saturn Outlook brand new. When I reached about 55,000 miles the car began to run rough and loose power. The engine light came on, Stibilatract started
flashing, the brake system started flashing, the air bag started flashing. I mechanic checked the codes and I had multiple engine codes. My Outlook is at a dealership now and I wonder what it will cost me and how long it will last.


Donnie I have also had the same problem with my 2007 Saturn Outlook. My vehicle has just over 50,000 miles on it. The stabilitrak is going crazy. I lost oil pressure and now I am told I have to replace the engine at my cost. Seeing as I have not kept accurate records of my oil changes etc. Has anyone else had this issue.

It's good to hear the problem was diagnosed early and GM took action immediately before they hear complaints.Great job for GM and their personnel.

Hello I am a GM technician, the lift gate problem could be a miss aligned liftgate latch. As far as the stabilitrck light being on is just due to the enhine light being on. The best way to keep the engine light from coming on is to change the oil every 3k miles, not 10-14k miles. After driving 5k miles on the same oil you are just asking for it.

Im a master auto tech, and my 2 cents about toyota, honda and GM. All will last if do just normall maintenance, and all have there problems. Toyotas are known for oil leaks, Hondas are known for bad transmission, mainly torque convertors, and GM is known for coolant leaks. Its just about what you are willing to live with, but keep in mind GM does give the best warranty.

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