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We’ve gone a few days without talking about the Pontiac G8, so it should be safe to bring it up again, right? OK, we promise not to talk about the G8 itself, but instead the new Pontiac emblem GM unveiled on the show car. The silver emblem was created to replace the conventional red Pontiac logo we’ve grown accustomed over the past 40 years or so. Obviously, a car company doesn’t mess with that much tradition without some market research, and the Chicago Auto Show is ripe with consumers. We like the new look, and it sure will be easier to swallow on certain exterior colors. What do you think? Is it time for a change? Should GM keep it the way it is? Is this more interesting than the Ford Taurus naming announcement?

By David Thomas | February 12, 2007 | Comments (14)



I like it.

I noticed that too when I got a bit closer to the car, I thought it might have just been a concept thing and will change on the production moodel, but I like it. It's certainly more modern, and you're right in that it will look much better on certain colors.


I am neither crazily loving it, nor hate it. Just wish to know why would they want to change it.


I like it, but they should still include the red...Most of the emblems out there are all silver or gold except for a few...why change it when it's not broken?


I surprising love it.

I don't know... I think these Aussie Pontiac models and European Saturn's are turning me towards them alot more. And that's an accomplishment being that I'm a stubborn teen who loves pocket rockets. I think the G8 looks amazing and the logo is an awesome change.

its just a logo....its not going to change whether i like the car or not

It looks like a V. Pontiac starts with a P. Leave it alone or try again.


I agree,it looks like a "V" in the center.
Its obvious Pontiac wants to become Volvo,Volkswagen,or even Vauxhall...
Its a good way to turn your back on 40 years of Venturas,Astres,Sunbirds,Phoenix,Bonneville Model Gs,2.5 liter Firebirds,T1000,J2000,A6000,Parisiennes,LeMans,Azteks......so,I guess its not that bad of an idea afterall.

Here's what I've surmised.

Someone said that Pnotiac starts with a "P". I believe I may be able to shed some light on this. Pontiac was an Indian chief of the Ottowa Tribe? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chief_Pontiac

The logo then, I've concluded, would be an arrowhead. And It looks more like one now than it ever did before. Why was it red in the firstplace? And what was that star in the center for?

It would look better on green.

I own two Pontiacs and I think GM should Keep it Red! Just try to make it slicker. Like Chevrolet did with its bow tie logo on newer models. I love that emblem too.


I like it, as I stated when the G8 was first revealed! I also agree with Dave about the arrowhead- it looks good!

It is a good thing that the brand managers at Pontiac are trying to change things up a bit in an attempt to become more of a BMW than a Toyota. Keep the engines big and the style aggressive and Pontiac should be able to come out of the shadow of Chevrolet.


It sort of reminds me of the front grille and emblem on my '86 Oldsmobile Delta.

BA Knight

This is great. Would look AWESOME on my Black Solstice!!!!!


How do i get one i want one on my g6?

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