Pontiac G8 Interior Up Close


Pontiac's new G8 performance sedan was one of the most significant debuts at the Chicago Auto Show, and any enthusiast going to the show should check it out. If you can't make it, no problem; this photo blog of the car's interior will bring it to you.


The G8 GT show car features a pale yellow dashboard covered in leather. The dash's symmetry is really nice, but the color and material combination is for the auto show circuit only.


The grippy, thick-rimmed steering wheel fell perfectly to hand. It features baseball-style stitching and a squared-off bottom.


The Blaupunkt audio system hints at the G8's Australian roots. Below it are the controls for the dual-zone automatic air conditioning system.


The manual shifter is nice and short for quick gear changes and is available with the V-8; the V-6 model comes only with an automatic.


Two-tone leather seats will be offered, but the yellow inserts you see here will be replaced with blue or red ones in production models.


The G8's headlights are operated by a knob on the dash as opposed to a steering column stalk. Very Euro.

By Mike Hanley | February 9, 2007 | Comments (22)



The center of the dash reminds me of the 2004- TL. Maybe just a happy coincidence? This car seems like it could be a big winner for those looking for GTO performance from a renewed Grand Prix sedan. If I were in the market for a Maxima, I'd take a close look at the G8.

This could be another small victory for Pontiac.


The silly hood scoops really have to go in order to win me over.

Interior material looks above the class, but have to see in person to tell.
But...why can't they put the window switches ON THE DOORS?! Kids that can sit in the front can mess with them.

sum dude

i dont see how the hood scoops are silly, thats like a symbol for Pontiac plus it makes the car look more aggressive, but it would be much much better if they were functional.

Ken L.

I really like the looks (fake hood scoop included) and performance from the G8. Sounds like the BMW 5 series has a series competitor on its hands. In fact, I think the G8 looks better than the current generation 5 series too. If I ever decide to switch to a sedan from my SUV, this would be it. The new Camaro, upcoming Challenger, etc. are just not practical for me. The G8 is at least practical, fun and affordable for the majority of the auto buyer public. I still can’t believe I’m praising GM so often lately.


First, let me say, I hope this is not the GTO replacement. If it is, GM did not learn its lesson. If the G8 is just the next logical step from the G5 and G6, it's not bad. Pure modern day Pontiac. Lots of power-nice. Uninspired styling-on target for Pontiac sedans. Great interior layout-a welcome surprise from past efforts.

P.S. Ken, BMW has nothing to worry about.


Ken, anyone looking at buying a BMW doesn't seriously consider a Pontiac.

Personally, this car is shifting my interest towards American cars again. Well at least just GM. I think that may have to do with the australian influence.

But back to my point. Either your going to buy a BMW, Benz, or someother high-end car or your not. I highly doubt any person in that market will look at this. This G* has a crudeness to it, something BMW buyers aren't desiring.


The G8 replaces the Pontiac Grand Prix, which finishes its run in 2008. There will be 1 year overlap with both models. This vehicle looks like a winner for GM


If this is a replacement for the aging grand prix, I think it will do very well. It should appeal to the average gp buyer and looks to be a step up.


If this is a replacement for the aging grand prix, I think it will do very well. It should appeal to the average gp buyer and looks to be a step up.

Anybody who wouldn't buy this because of the hood scops would never have bought it in the first place.
If you don't like GM stop trying to pretend that you're open-minded--yet they're "just not good enough" for you.
If the hood scoops were not there, you'd be saying something ridiculous like: "I it costs $25,000 fully loaded I'll buy it."


I personally thank Pontiac for dipping into the Holden car lineup and bringing the GTO and G8 over here. Everyone complains because it is a rebadged Australian but have any of them driven the car. Why not use the research that GM has already spent money on to our advantage. Was Pontiac doing better before? I have an '06 GTO sitting in my garage and your right it looks nothing like the old GTO but take the car for what it is and you have a car that you love to get into everyday, can outrun just about anything on the road while still getting decent mileage and an interior thats far better than most cars.
I'll start cleaning out the other side of my garage to make room for the G8 so I can drive it to haul the family around. Oh yeah and still have a blast doing it. THANK YOU PONTIAC!!!


Much better than the current model! Some cheap plastics show up in the pix(left of the shifter, left of the headlamp switch). Y did they put the Cruise control on the turn signal stalk?? Very 90's! They used the Toyota style fob on the wheel in '04 & '05, then reverted to the turn signal stalk in '06!!?? I am betting the current model will stick around for fleets & maybe as a cheaper alternative for dealers to have on hand! Also I prefer the red gauges to the new white ones!Just MO


Tom, I'd like to direct you to the Pensylvania BMW dealer that is now stocking 2 Solstices on the front corner of his shop. Maybe BMW buyers wouldn't be caught dead in a G5, but if a Solstice gets their attention,,,,


I have an '04 Comp G - looking forward to the G8. Just wish they kept the ignition on the dash. Reminds me of my Dad's car back in the 60's - that's where his ignition was. They should make the hood scoops functional - but the look is sharp none the less.

From an Aussie
If you would like to see what the Pontaic G8 looks like in Australia before it has its American facelift have a look at the links below. By the way the G8 is a standard family car in Australia. The SS or HSV are the V8 sports models.


It comes in a pick up version & is soon to be exported to the USA. (this year I think


If you would like more information just post a request & I will try to assist.


Aussie D..

Good to see you helping out our American friends but the ute (pickup) links you've posted are based on the now superseded Commodore... The VE based ute is not due for release here in Aust. till late 2007...

For the other posters here it is a bit unfair to say that a person looking at a G8 won't buy it because the BMW 5 series is better - that indeed may be so but also bear in mind that (over here at least) the cheapest 5 series Beemer is almost 3 times the price of the cheapest Commodore... I've driven a VE Commodore (but not the BMW unfortunately) and can say it's a damn good car for the money... There is no reason why the same shouldn't apply to the Pontiac G8 version - all I can say is take one for a drive when they come over your way.


Just like the GTO...the volume is on the passanger side. You would think that Blaupunkt would put the knob in the middle so both countries would be happy! Other than that, I think this is gonna be a winner. I think that most people will like it. Hopefully they will not have clear coat problems with shipping the cars over here like the GTO's did.


Comment from an Aussie:

Not sure if people are aware of the comparison Wheels Magazine did between a Calais V, an E55 Merc and a 550i Beemer.

The E55, at au$158000 won, but to quote the mag: The Calais is $58k, the 550i is $162k, EVEN IF THEY WERE THE SAME PRICE, WE'D PICK THE CALAIS.

The Beemer, it seems, would only be for people with more money than sense.

Shannon Hammett

Why the change of the front end and the hood scoopes? I was excited for the look of the Commodore SS, and was going to purchase. I have changed my mind now due to the nasty looking grill. The sad thing is I haven't been this excited about a car for a long time, just to get late down.


The front had to be redesigned so that the vehicle could be sold in the states. We have some regulations here (unfortunately) that the Aussies don't.

Overall this is a GREAT product!! I can't wait to get my hands on a manual v8.


THis car is sold in the Middle East as the...Chevy Lumina!! LOL


I was at the nissan dealership test driving a new maxim with the sport package and let me tell you after driving it and the g8 I would go with the g8 all the way. obviously it has better power, but its handling was better, seats accomidated me better and I even liked the way it handled better then the nissan. Best of all this car wasnt even fully loaded and it was tipping the scales at 35 thousand dollars. The g8 I could get loaded for 31,800 after some haggling. I would go with the G8 anyday but go test drive thme for yourself and see.

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