Dodge Demon Concept


Dodge is previewing its plan to jump into the affordable roadster market with this jaw-dropping concept set to debut in Geneva next month. We’re personally a bit miffed that this wasn’t shown in Chicago last week, but we’ll forgive Dodge because the Demon looks like a winner.

Last year, GM began sales of its own small roadsters, the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky, and they were met with great fanfare and sold briskly. The Demon, which is still just a concept, would join those two vehicles as an affordable sports car aimed at driving enthusiasts — and we’d guess it would also be priced near the same $21,000 mark.

Chrysler’s new global engine, a 2.4-liter four-cylinder, produces just 172 hp — compared to the Solstice/Sky’s 177 hp — but the car weighs in at an estimated 2,600 pounds, versus the Solstice/Sky’s 2,860 pounds. Of course, all power goes to the rear wheels

The Demon could prove another victory for the average Joe enthusiast; it’s radically styled, but not as polarizing as the Dodge Viper. Check out the photos below and let us know if you think this is a winner.














By David Thomas | February 11, 2007 | Comments (69)



Looks like a winner!!! Amazing!! The back looks weird to me, but also original. Also, with what looks like to be a few adjustments (wheels and such), it looks like a production.

Def. is a winner. From the front it reminds me of a Z4 and the rear a bit like a 350Z.. i like both of them so thumbs up from me..

sum dude

awesome looking car. i dont know about anybody else, but i do see a bit of Honda S2000 influence in the way the sides are shaped.


Dodge should definitely greenlight this car for production.


How about putting in the SRT-4 engine in there if it fits? They're putting one in that crappy arse Caliber. They could follow the Solstice/Sky with offering a "Redline" version with the SRT-4, price it about $25,000. It'd be a killer to those vehicles and about 10 grand less than an S2000.


To much audi on the back!!!


The Demon looks like a cheap knock off the the BMW Z3 and the Honda S2000. How about bringing back the 'Cuda under Chrysler, since Dodge is bringing back the Challenger!?


Looks good. I'd really like to see an SRT version, as well as a Chrysler variant. I think there's a market for a Chrysler/Buick/Mercury light roadster for boomers who want something fun but not too fun. Something between the Soltice and the Boxster

I see both the Audi and S2000 influences as well and yes, I'd suspect if they produced this there would definitely be an SRT version.


Definitly S2000 and Audi influences. Definitly could be a winner.


This is the clone car for the BMW Z4, Audi TT, and the Nissan 350Z.


Who slapped the crosshairs symbol on the front of a S2000?


I hope they bring it to production Dave. An SRT version would be better handling than the old Neon SRT-4 and lighter as well. Roadsters are at a disadvantage of being called clones. In away all roadsters resemble each other in one way or another. Short overhangs, rollbar behind the headrest, convertable with chopped windshield...there's only so much they can do.

I absolutely love this vehicle. As someone who's in the business and has never been a massive dodge fan - I believe I'd buy this car. Great photos!


I really like the front of the Demon... the back end is similar to this 2002 GM Concept... curve of the trunk... the tails... the shape of the exhaust tips and the recessed 3rd brake light...

As a SKY owner, thankfully they brought out the current SKY and not the 2002 concept.


Heck ya, baby Viper for 1/4 the price, what's not to love? The world can certainly use a lot more affordable rear wheel drive sports cars. Agree with the others, they must offer an SRT4 version. They should also offer a fixed-roof version to broaden it's appeal.


This may be the ugliest roadster I have ever seen from any manufacturer. No, wait, it is the ugliest roadster I have ever seen from any manufacturer.

To me this is what dodge is all about. They produce this baby and they will back into full production. I love it

The front end and interior are awesome. The back end looks too much like a Z or new Eclipse and needs to change significantly in my opinion. Other than that, looks like competition for GM and Mazda.


OK Look take it from a person who owns a 71 Dodge Demon it looks like a little BMW roadster! it's nothing close to what the real Demon's look like. and 2nd they had to get rid of teh Demon line back in 72 because of religous hroups. Do some google on the Dodge Demon and you can find out more. They only produced teh car for 2 years form 71-72 and on top of that this new concept Demon has a weak 4 banger? I'm sorry it does not deserve the Demon name!!! Stick it with a Baseline model V8 that you can find in Ram trucks and have an option for a Hemi package not a damn 4 banger!!


I dont like the front, BUT thats the best interior i'v ever seen at that price. If they make with that quality and all that brushed alluminum, get to be a 5.5 sec car to complete
with the Saturn Sky Redline then i'm SOLD.


Is this functionally a Dodge version of the Chrysler Crossfire? (which itself is a redo of a Mercedes, right?) Or is it a new platform?

S. Cameron

This looks great. It's a classy 2-seater. The front looks mean and clean, but not over the top. I agree that the sides look somewhat like the BMW Z4, and the back end looks like a 350Z, but that is not bad. Those are great sports cars, but they don't hold a candle to the mean front end of the Demon. Dodge also did a great job on incorporating the center brake light into the trunk lid. Performance is another matter. This car really needs more than 200hp to compete in this market. The SRT-4 power plant should be a must, not an option.


For a minute I thought that the Chrysler Group had lost "it". See "2007 Sebring Sedan" for a let-down. I'll give the "Un" then you finish with " " (inspired, refined, attractive, successful...). I'm not big on drop-tops but this one excites me in such a way. Bring at least 99% to production and I'll be in line with cash in hand. Make mine SRT4/6!!!

NJ Osprey

I love the interior. Dodge has captured the feel of the ‘60s British roadsters. The chrome rings around the gauges remind me of the TR4A I briefly owned during the ‘70s.

I am looking to purchase a roadster in the next two years and was considering a Solstice or MX-5. The Demon goes on that list if they go into production.

Richard Delaney

When and where can I buy one?

Love My Daytona

God Yes. I love it. As soon as I see a few performance stats I just may be in love. There's something about a sporty Dodge that gets me...I love my Daytona, but that Demon is hot.


If they dont offer this car in an SRT4 version they are wasting their time, IMO


You people crack me up.........this car is a big piece of junk....kind of cheap in price, SOMEWHAT ok in styling, VERY cheap in quality....WAKE UP FOLKS!!!!!!111 Dodge, stay home.


hmmm 300HP+under 2800lbs=......I want one!


How big's the trunk going to be? I would be in the market for an under $30k roadster, but right now there isn't one I can use. The Miata has too little space in the driver's seat, the German ones are way too expensive, and the Solstice... ah... so close, but there's *no* room in the trunk with the top down. Not even enough to be sure I can get my laptop-case in, so I could pick my wife up after work, without having to have her keep it under foot. Bad move, Pontiac! I hope Dodge is at least MARGINALLY more pracitcal.

James S

Forget Sky and Solstice. This car is hot.


I don't see the comparison to the Z4. It doesn't have that big ugly Z on the side body lines or the rear duck tail that was ripped off from Ferrari. The back end does remind me of the 350Z, but the obvious inspiration for the design of the sides and back is from the Chrysler ME4-12 concept from a few years ago. It's cool but I'm not sure I like it as much as the Sky, and that's hard to admit coming from a mopar junkie. I'll have to see one in person.

426 hemi dan

awesome!! all it needs is the devil and pitch fork. I'd buy it.


Yeah, all it needs is the devil and the pitchfork! And a new front end that's not the ugliest thing to come out of Detroit since the Aztek, and a completely new side profile without cheap, plastic-looking add-on vents and a rear fender line that would make J-Lo blush. This fugly roadster may have decent performance with its power/weight but you wouldn't want to be seen in it. Woof!


personally, i think it needs a hemi


personally, i think it needs a hemi

Go for it,and add the little devil with the pitchfork.

Philip Anderson

I hope Dodge will produce the Demon so that an average american can drive it. By that, I am 5' 11" tall and when I sit in a Viper or Corvette convertable I am looking straight at the windshield frame. A Corvette coupe does not have this height restriction. I have a 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T and a 1998 Neon R/T, both of which provide adequate head clearance. As soon as a Dodge Demon ACR is produced, which I can fit in, I'll be at my local Dodge dealer with a deposit for the first one he can get.

joe r

I wonder what the top looks like? All the pictures are of the top down. The Solstice is a big dissapointment because of the top and is flimsey finish. Thats why the Mazda continues to be #1. I hope Dodge can do better, cause this car looks great.

Man I hope the SRT-4 ends up in this car. At 300hp plus this car could be a major force.


I say they have at least 3 options on beginning production models:
base: as described in the press release
R/T: 300hp I4 from the Caliber SRT-4
SRT-6: with a reworked v6 from the Crossfire (or better yet a better turboed/blown v6) with at LEAST 400hp (probably no more so that it will not blow the Viper out of the water). Just my .02 :)


so when is it coming out cus im buying it!!!


I hope this gets at least 300 hp if not more. The faster it goes by, the less likely I am to puke! This is the fugliest car to come out of Detroit in years!


Actually, Dodge has annoucnced that the Demon will be priced extremely low, an astouding $15,000. This is to compete with the likes of the others, by being so low priced. Also, the car doesnt take much to make


Trunk space you ask? ALOT. This is another smart move by Daimler-Chrysler to compete with the less impressive space in the Mazda Miata and GM's Solstice and Sky.


I think this car looks awesome but why dont they call it a Dodge Crossfire. It looks just like a chrysler crossfire with a body kit. Chrysler is known to make a dodge and chrysler version only difference is body kit. For example Stealth and 3000gt. This looks nothing like a z and it didnt copy off anyone (crossfire) If Dodge is bringing back cars like avenger where are the stealths they pwn everything.


I love roadsters. -Nobody is commenting on the TR3/4 lines along the front. This car is evocative of many others, but has it's own identity.

Dodge is claiming that they can get the base model out the door for around 15K because they are using their corporate parts bin extensively.

I just wrote an email to Dodge to beg that they produce this car. -Isn't it time that there was an American sportscar on the market that allowed a middle-aged man to drive it without being accused of being in the throes of a midlife crisis or gender challenged?

Given the Crossfire's close genetic coupling with the old Mercedes SLK and that car's distinctive features, I am at a loss as to how anyone could mistake one for the other. I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Also, I think that Dodge has benefitted greatly from Daimler's technical expertise (my new Durango fairly screams German engineering), and the new Dodges are solid and good vehicles.

We need the Demon. Badly.

I think it may be a moral imperitive.



I just sold my 2004 srt-4 a few months ago. Loved the drive train, but couldn't get any respect being a neon. I like the idea of a hotter body with the great srt-4 worked into the car.


Ugly beyond belief.
Have they no imagination? They have to steal styling from just about every other manufacture. Pathetic and sad.


Ugly corporate car. Do not ruin the "Demon" name on this piece of trash!


If this was on the market today, my Wife and I would both own one. We cant wait to see the real production version.

mark pizz

looks much better than viper i see s2000 mid section to front influence in body design as well as an origanl face that is more rugged than viper. rear is a little akward but estimated sticker price overlooks all down falls

mark pizz

poop on a stick

bob harley

i agree with u it is ugly it should never be created i just want the days of muscle cars to come back

rick james

dog its just tupid. complete lack of creativity i see s2000,350z,tt,z4,sky and more wat are they doing. like the styling and hate it at the same time

j schatz

looks like a winner to me. I read some reports of a 300-hp motor, probably the one that powers the Caliber SRT-4, option being available. If thats the case.....wowwie wow. I like, yes.


I've been reading the "fugly" comments above about this car. There's no accounting for taste, I guess; I think this is a beauty -- nice job Dodge. Before the need for kayak/bike racks made me abandon (temporarily) convertibles, I drove a Toyta MR2 Spyder. I love roadsters and have been looking for a quick, reaonably priced replacment for my beloved Spyder. The Sky is too George Jetsony for my tastes, but this muscular Demon -- well that's a different story. I haven't owned an American-made car since the '63 Impala I had in 1975, but if the Demon's performance and reliability match its looks, I'm coming home.


Can you say Chick Mobile!!! What about a mans convertible! something more along the lines of Mini me of the Viper world or something along those lines. I wonder is Mazada and Nissan going to have a spaze about seeing both those vehicles (mazda front end less the hood scoops and a Z back end) how about the Dodge B2350-Z. hehe. kidding ( check out the monster miata if you want to see a beast of a sleeper miata that will beat a vette. ( )


The emergency brake lever on the center console needs to be on the left. The drink holder needs to be on the right. Tall drinks in the holders interfer with shifting and the same tall drinks will interfer with activating the emergency brake. Mazda placed their drink holders in the same location on the MX5 and it is the pits to reach the shifter by going over or around the drinks.


The Solstice and Sky can kiss my a@@. This Demon will blow them out of the water. When are they coming and where do I pick mine up?? Chick car?? Only if she has style and gas in her veins!!


The Solstice and Sky can kiss my a@@. This Demon will blow them out of the water. When are they coming and where do I pick mine up?? Chick car?? Only if she has style and gas in her veins!!


This will be my next car once it enters production. As a huge Dodge fan and even bigger fan of the SRT line this is the car i have been dreaming of and waiting for. My current SRT will have to go to make room for this post release. Great car with everything the enthusist wants.


i've had my eye on this one for quite some time, it's a beautiful car and i will be very interested in purchasing this in near future!

im supposed to be grduating when this car comes out && i cant wait for my graduation present!


you should definitely make an SRT version of this car


this is a kick-a** roadster. i just wish they'd put like a redline version as an option or somethin. They'd go alot quicker if they put more hp than the sky & solstice.


If you've ever seen the classic '60s & '70s cars you could tell what it was just by looking at it. They had individuality and character. Modern cars all look the same. You can tell the manufacturer by the look of the car, but you can't tell the model (okay, there are a few exceptions). If Dodge was going to bring back the Demon they should have made it look more retro, like what they did with the Challenger.

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