Faceoff: Toyota Tundra, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150


One of the biggest launches this month is the all-new Toyota Tundra full-size pickup. Toyota hopes it can compete with the two big boys on the truck block, the Ford F-150 and the also all-new Chevrolet Silverado. Mike Hanley, David Thomas and Joe Wiesenfelder tested all three in their four-door trims, and the final winner wasn’t easy to decide.

Cars.comparison: Full-Size Trucks

By David Thomas | February 1, 2007 | Comments (68)



oh gee how did we figure everyone would vote for the toyota...kinda seems discriminatory since the chevy was the LT1 and not the LTZ or a higher grade, where as the ford was a lariat and the toyota was a Limited model...and the camera and navigation is available on the silverado, but apparently the people who did research on these vehicles didn't quite complete the job.

The Silverado came a very close second. We can only test what we're provided by the automaker as well and we pointed out all the discrepancies. On personal taste and value I would've gone with the Silverado. But because of all the better specs/stats and features the Tundra won the day.


woot! Toyota wins again.

What a load of Crap. That is a very poor excuse as to why the chevy lost. Maybe if you TOLD the company what you were doing, they might be a little less skeptical of your actions and would have given you a model that was in the competing range with the Toyota. Chevy's rule.


Stop crying.

All fair in love and war. A the Toyota won the war and has my love.

Ooo, wait is that Chevy shedding a tear perhaps too? ::gasp:: I think it is =0 lol

Well, i'm sure if the toyota fans got jipped of a fair comparison, you'd be whining too!

A truck is a truck is a truck, they all do the same thing, all made of the same thing, and all shaped the same. So.... stop whining like babies.

I wouldn't take it personally and I don't think we're saying you shouldn't buy a new Silverado. It's the best Silverado ever and it will probably be a Best Bet as well.


Just like consumer reports...picking the Japanese models over the American ones...every damn time. Thank God we have motor trend. Hey Toyota...try and get truck of the year next time.

Chevy is the best...all around. All the biased car people always look for luxury and smoothness...a truck is made for hardcore work...these comparisons should be based on what trucks are supposed to be like...not a BMW.

So actually...thank you for making Chevy and Ford the winners of what the best REAL truck is.


The three comparisons we've done besides this one that featured American vehicles ended this way:
Saturn Sky beat out the Volvo C70 and the Mitsu Eclipse

Toyota Camry beat out Fusion and Kia Optima

Kia Sedona beat the Dodge Grand Caravan and Toyota Sienna

So we don't pick one group over the other every time and they are exhaustive reports. If you're a Chevy fan and thought we disrespected the Silverado in some way you didn't read the faceoff right.

The other faceoffs we've done on sports compacts, luxury midsize sedans, subcompacts etc. did not feature an American competitor. Our next faceoff features two. So there's a 66% chance an American vehicle will win that one.

Toyota is here to stay so theres no way around it, the Silverado and F-150 are very very good trucks but not everybody likes the same thing. Personally I like the older Silverados but there is really no need to cry and whine, the people who wrote the faceoff are just doin their jobs so if your gonna complain to anybody, complain to Toyota for makin trucks.

Juan Carlos

real drivers know silverado is the king. that it is the best truck. period. but for those that don't know any better will just see that toyota won. nevermind that a lesser silverado trim almost beat the top tundra trim. that is all you need to know on the real winner.

so one has to wonder on these comparisons. shouldn't they put one similar cars? the saturn beat volvo. but was that best saturn vs a lesser volvo? or were they at the same level? since all know who would win in a rematch, perhaps there shouldn't be one, but in the interest of fairness there should be one.

and just think what the sierra denali would to the tundra. a bloodbath it would be.


I think people who say the Silverado not winning don't see the fact that Chevy did pretty dang well with this truck.

Alot of sites have comparisons now, and some favor Chevy, some favor Toyota, but all around, Chevy/GM did their job at the end of the day and thats make a dramatically improved truck that competes very well with anything else out there, and not be lagging behind.

With the Aura, Silverado/Truck Series, new Crossovers, and other new cars like the Malibu and Astra, I think GM is looking good. No need to fret.



If the Tundra was released the same time as the Silverado it would have gotten Truck of the year. Who won it last year?? Honda. Truck of the year aside, all 3 of these trucks are great for their specific audience. IMO it's good to have some stiff competition to keep the innovation alive. If it wasn't we'd be stuck with the same trucks year after year. Oh yeah, we were stuck with the same trucks until Toyota, Nissan and Honda entered the scene. After they arrived, those same trucks we were stuck with started to get better. They had to.

Juan Carlos

what makes you think honda makes a real truck? and they won last year on "innovation." the ridgeline is no truck.

so we all agree silverado is better. one point lost here is that the f series might be at best #2.



The experts picked the Ridgeline. I would say they had better credentials than Juan. I admire your love of Chevy. I too am a GM fan. Grew up on them.... However, you cannot continue to be biased towards a brand you like just because you like it. Change is inevitable.

The experts here chose the Tundra. I say lead, follow, or get out of the way. Imports are here to stay. The Tundra edged out the others in this test. As hard as it is to except, it happened. Buy what you want. Buy the truck that fits your needs and "image".

I think Jared hits it on the head pretty well.

the ridgeline won lots of accolades and was a great "vehicle" but didn't win over truck buyers at all.

In term of saving money from repair, save life, and ower cost of driving, toyota, will last forever and ever. If you try Tundra, you will never let it go!!!!!!!. So please; enjoy your Tundra, can't wait on 07 Tundra.


Where is the Dodge Ram in all of this. I figure it's left out because it would be the obvious winner....


The Honda's angled bed is a cool Industrial Design touch but I want to reach into my bed from any position around the truck. My 4X4 makes it a little difficult to reach over it but the Honda just makes that important function impossible. I'll keep the Tundra made by Americans thank you. And yes Toyota makes Chevy and Ford better trucks with honest competition.

You guys have a long way to go to gain credibility in your evaluations and comparisons of cars and trucks. One reason I do not subscribe to any car magazines is that for the past 30 years it’s a fad to pick a foreign auto. I believe the American auto companies have come a long way and exceed many foreign autos especially when you try to buy one. Dollar for dollar american beats most everyone every time. I speak from experience of buying and owning both in the past and have returned to american ownership.


Yayy! another win for us!!

Right now we're keeping the contestants to three, and the redesigned Silverado and Tundra made the most sense to compare to the F-Series, the top-selling truck in the U.S.


First of all the Honda Ridgeline is a joke, not a real truck. I'm pretty sure its based on a car platform.

Anyway, of course this review was baised. How do you compare a Limited Tundra to a mid level Silverado.

All the other reviews ive read so far give the Silverado an upper hand on ride comfort, so I can't figure out why they chose the Tundra for that as well.

Unlike other people here, I've sat in both the Tundra and the Silverado in Detriot and for the first time I can safely say that Chevy has better fit and finish/quality than Toyota.

I wasn't impressed at all with the Tundra, and the styling is very much Japanese in influence, not American.


Art, you're from Detroit right? Isn't that where GM is based out of? Just checking.

My point is alot of us are biased towards our vehicles. I prefer a Honda car, Chevy truck and Scion xB (Toyota) wagon/CUV. I own a Ford truck and currently am looking to unload it on someone. It's dated, unrefined, unreliable and makes lots of strange noises. My neighbor however loves his Ford truck. My other neighbor swears by Dodge.

In this thread's test, the Tundra finished first. I'm positive the Silverado would win first in other tests, the Ford would win yet other tests.

On another note, the Ridgeline is indeed a truck. Because some people dont like Honda, they claim it's not. If it looks like a truck, has a bed and 4 wheels, it's a truck.

Step out of your comfort zone and give another brand a try. Be loyal to your brand but, don't bash others without proven facts.

sum dude

Does anybody here even realize that alot of the Toyotas on the road in the US are made on US soil? (and yes i do know that that toyota does import vehicles built in Japan for sale in the US, so dont rip me apart on that) Even though it is a Japanese company, the fact that its built on US soil by US citizens and with US money, makes it about as American as the Silverado and F150?


Actually, Troy, the Ridgeline is not a truck. The Lincoln Town Car is more of a truck than the Ridgeline. It's a body on frame design, versus the unibody Ridgeline construction. Although it is a very marketable vehicle, it's not a truck.

sum dude

The Ridgeline reminds me more of a Chevy Avalanche, the way its shaped anyway, and the Ridgeline may be called a truck by Honda but it is definately not a truck, its more of a urban utility vehicle with a short bed, for people that want a truck (lookalike) but dont want to buy a real truck.


The last comparison I saw between the Silverado/Sierra and the new Tundra said that the Tundra seemed like it was still chasing the last generation from GM.

The Ridgeline won truck of the year, probably because there weren't hardly any other new or redesigned trucks for it to compete against that year.


John B.

About the dollar for dollar, did you happened to factor in those thousands and thousands of rebate, incentive, or whatever those thangs are called?

Sum dude,

I kinda agree with you on about what is American and what is not. I remember reading a comparison a year or so ago, compared the Fusion, Accord, Sonata, and Camry. Who was the American? Fusion: Mexico, Accord: Ohio, Sonata: Alabama, Camry: Kentucky.
I keep hearing people from Detroit whining about unfair foreign competition, what the heck are they actually doing? Shipping jobs to MEXICO to cut jobs here in Detroit!


What is defined as a truck?
A vehicle with body on frame, with seperate section for cabin and bed?
Keep in mind that definition of anything changes over time. Staying with the old way of thinking something will keep us out of date.


BTW, what is the standard tranny on those 3 trucks again?


I like you J.... :)


If this comparison was based on what a pickup should really be, the F-150 would win because of the cargo box, payload, and towing capacity not because of luxury features and a big cabin. If you want luxury features and a huge cabin then buy an Escalade or Yukon Denali.



You described a work truck. They already sell those. Today however, people demand luxuries in their daily driven vehicles. Yes.. Trucks included (even though 90% of folks rarely use a truck for it's intended purpose).


Truck buyers nowadays don't want a penalty box anymore. If they want a real work truck, they will get the F-250 and or above.

J, The Silverado and F-150 have a four-speed automatic while the Tundra has a standard five-speed automatic. When the optional 5.7-liter V-8 is selected, the Tundra gets a six-speed automatic, which is the drivetrain our test truck had.



That's exactly what I was trying to point out.
Those 2 automakers are either trying to keep us using outdated tech(While they both got 6-speed too...), or just trying to cut costs.


Yes it's true,the asian maker's hardly ever get recall noticed on the front page,if it's domestic it's plastered all over for week's,it's a perception asian car's are better that's a myth.I have been foolishly converted to buy a toyota and it was the biggest lemon of all,my wifes honda pilot cant keep a transmission farther than 15,000 mi,my toyota stranded me 3 time's,and rattle's,now the motor needs a rebuild at 60,000,dealer serviced since new,and I found out up to 4 million toyot'a are being recalled for engine's failing(sludge buildup)If it was an american car it would be plastered every where,shoul of kept my dodge sririt 2.5 4 cyl 270,000 mi,only changed the head gasket and timing belt at 160,000mi,only problem ever!!!


check out the picture! even the domestics are dirty and nasty where as the toyota looks like it was just detailed....hrm...and by the way to the person who made the comment on where these vehicles are build, keep in mind that its not where its built, its where the money goes when the vehicle is purchased-IE chevy-america ford-america toyota-JAPAN...hrm, which country are we helping out here??

sum dude

Not all of the money goes to America or Japan you know. A majority of Chevys and Fords are built either in canada or mexico. So technically not all the chevy or ford money will go to america. keep that in mind.


Thanks for your reply.
But you have avoided the point that the Chevy, Ford, Chrysler jobs are shipped to MEXICO(Also Canada) cleanly.
About where the money goes, I can see that most of those GM, Ford, and Chrysler money went straight to pensions.

ok it doesn't matter where the vehicle is build, sure they give a few jobs to the country's economy, SO WHAT...BUT when profit money goes into an american company, usually it ends up benefiting the AMERICAN country, so more cheap labor, more profit, better for us. Toyota may have a few plants in american, big deal, its still designed in japan and where does the profit go to benefit the country, JAPAN.

sum dude

Yes but also money goes to Canada and Mexico, how else are the people paid and the plants kept running.

in the business world, profit is counted after all bills are paid INCLUDING payroll. THANKS

Dave Williams

85% of the money paid for any japanese car that is assembled in the US goes back to Japan. Where will future Americans get jobs? Japanese auto companies bring the high value components over here and have us bolt them to the car. Many other high value components are supplied to them by their suppliers who are also japanese companies set up here in the US. They are invited over here to supply their japanese counterpart. All the design and engineering of any value is done by the japanese and mostly in japan. Where will our kids find jobs? Do you think Japan will lower prices after they are done killing off the US auto industry? To boot, they use our natural resources and pollute our country to produce cars here and send all the profits back to japan. Then they want us to reduce our greenhouse gas emmisions that they will soon be the only creators of. They let US companies make bolts and brackets. Wow. I once designed American car parts and through comparitive testing my product beat the pants off my japanese competitors. The last time I checked, the Tundra had a forearm length between the uprights of the front and rear seats of their extended cab truck. Their new version may have fixed that problem, but where are your kids gonna find an engineering job in 2015? Maybe they can still live home and be kids forever. That way they can fit in the back seat of a Tundra. Anybody awake on the coasts?

sum dude

Still dosent matter though, money still goes to Canada and Mexico. Even if its just a little bit, money still goes there so oh well.

sum dude

On second thought which country the money goes to is a moot point, all vehicles are made of the same things so, money goes all over the place to get the parts.


When did Delphi became a Japanese company?


One more comment about the engineering job.
Great, talking about jobs here. How many jobs GM cut again last year? Why was GM cutting jobs? Because they don't need the engineers here in the US, but rather over in Europe where the Opel was made. And then all they need to do is just rebadge them. The end of story.

I still don't see why a rebadged vehicle with some 90s technology can beat a fully redesigned vehicle to take the North American Car of the Year.

Dave W

Most of the jobs are gone to Mexico, Europe, India, China. Why? It's too late already to save the big three. Enough of you have bought enough japanese cars to close the doors on the big three. That's why they don't need engineers. I'm talking about most of the money, parts, and jobs already lost. How many of the ten richest banks in the world are owned by the japanese? Next moves for the japanese? Kenworth, Mack, Catepillar, John Deere, Harley Davidson?

sum dude

I have seen alotta japanese motorcycles on the road, but i really doubt people will stop buying harleys.

oh im sure that is next, american is america no more.

sum dude

Is there really even american anymore? almost everything ive looked at has "made in china", "made in japan", "made in Mexico", "made in taiwan" and so on so forth. Sure there are things "made in america" but chances are the products are made with foreign materials so, does it really even matter anymore?


Dave W

If I work hard for my money, then I will buy whatever I think is the best value for the money.

Survival the fittest.


This is about a comparison between the Toyota Tundra, Chevy Silverado, and the Ford F-150 not about where these vehicles are made and where the money goes when you buy them. Refer to the fourth bullet under Post a comment for the rule.


We seem to be missing the point. It is all about value. "Bang for the Buck" I use the domestic brand trucks in my job everyday. I use them for what they are designed. 4x4 in snow and sand, towing and a great deal of off road work. Working for a public wildlife reasource agency we are required to use the "low bid" truck. I have use Chevys, dodges and Fords. All have their strength's and weaknesses. I can say they are not designed for extended off road use. In addition, I have noticed design flaws which have lead to cracked frame rails over shock mounts, bed seperations, and cab mountings which have failed leaving the truck bed and cab riding loose on the frame. You think I abuse the trucks? Not at all. They are maintained and responsibly used. But they are used. I can say as a user that the domestics have lost their soal and are not well suited for what they were intended. Granted, most of us do not use the vehicals to this degree. But proper design and engineering is just that. And we should not accept any less for 35,000 dollars. As I have watched the domestic brands decline in overall quality I have observed the imports gain market share. Not because of some magazine recomendation or "head to head" competition, but because most people who use these trucks buy the vehical which provides the best value and the highest degree of reliability. At the same time it is nice to trade a vehical in which has not lost most if not all of it's trade in value. For the first time in the history of my state agency we started using Toyota Tundra trucks in the field. We not only had a lower frequency of repair, but we have enjoyed significantly improved fuel economy. As a person who has used all of these trucks for the last 30 years I will buy a Toyota Tundra for my personal ride. I wish I could come to a different conclusion...The decision is obvious.


"85% of the money paid for any japanese car that is assembled in the US goes back to Japan."

I never read so much b.s. in my life. I love it when Americans defend 'American' car companies. The same ones who screwed the consumer so bad they are now feeling the effect. Don't kid yourself, it is about one thing and one thing only, QUALITY. Honda & Toyota dominate and will continue to do so.


I would rather drive a foreign brand anyday why I say that because when it all comes down to safely and reliability thats what your gonna get with any foreign brand. The reason why the all-new Toyota Tundra won because of the inprovement Toyota had made with the Tundra and who cares about GM winning the truck of the year

eric sedam

I wanna laugh when you talk about reliabilty, because didn't the tundra have to recall the new truck for engines failing. I also saw someone talk about the honda getting the truck of the year in 06. I want to know has anyone seen the sales numbers, not to good. I don't think they have sold over 100,000 in 2 years. I guess you can see they don't really know how to pick a truck if they went with thr ridgeline. I also want to say that toyota imports more than 55% of there cars to the U.S.. They get to bring them here with little tariffs, but we can't sell ours there because they won't reduce theres.


Safety, Toyota? This is definitely Toyota biased because they did not get a 5 car rating versus the Chevy and Ford. Also - wet's compare apples to apples here. They took the top of the line Toyota.


In world war II American planes walked all over top of the Japanese. You know why? We built our planes better than the Japanese did. We built them stronger. You know why we shot so many of them down. Because the Japanese planes could not fly at a high enough altitude to stay out of the way- we built high horsepower engines for our planes.

Honda Ridgeline is not a truck- it is unibody frame and it is front wheel drive- that is not a truck.

I have a '99 GMC SIERRA, I bought it brand new in 1998 and I have had absolutely no problems with it. The 327 is strong and the truck is just a joy to drive. I have been working in my yard and I have been hauling loads at a time of gravel, and the truck pulls it with no problem. I have rented one of the small backhoes at the rent-all place, no problem pulling it.

Keep in mind, Toyota or any other foreign vehicle is not BUILT in the USA, they are ASSEMBLED her. Meaning, Americans just put them together here.

Another thing, whomever on here that loves the foreign vehicles so much to say that they are built here, if Americans ARE building them, what is so different from an American working at Toyota versus an Amercian working at a domestic car factory.

What I am saying is: if there is so much better quality in a foreign car, how is it that if it is an American building it? Case closed, foreign cars are assembled here.


"TOYOTA - Brought to you by those who brought you Pearl Harbor" Buy American, morons - the quality is there and it will help secure your childrens future!


Jason: "HA!"

Does this mean you don't buy anything from China too? Or Germany? Or England? Do you buy oil? From Saudi Arabia? Ya know, where 9/11 terrorists came from and were bred?

Yeah, I wonder if they even drove the other trucks and just looked at other reviews and the vehicle specs sheet... I own a 06 F150 Fx4 and I love it, I haven't noticed any supposed "shuddering".

I would never buy a Toyota, especially their frame isnt really tough at all, its using old technology by using a C channel that can capture salt (I live in the snow belt) and I bet that would definately rust through within a few years. That and it twists like a friggin pretzel having the box hit the cab, and this happens if you go offroad on any real jobsite or to your cabin out in the woods....

I would buy a GM truck just because the 4WD system is cheaper than any other truck. I would also buy a dodge because I never had a problem with my previous Ram.

I did find something interesting though, I remember Ford having the truth about trucks ads that pretty much brought out how the competition build their trucks and I guess they updated it. So any potencial Toyota drives might want to look at it because they hit them pretty hard on their overall design on a wanna be truck, sure it's got HP but it doesnt do you any good if your overall frame cant take offroad beating and they love to put their TRD badge on every truck, they better look at off road racing and might want a stronger frame from bending and keep the bed from hitting the cab, because as much as you pay for all that crap (most expensive truck no matter what the configuration, hands down the big 3 including dodge can beat the price of the same options as the tundra) you dont want to pay for paint and body repairs.


My neighbor just bought a 2008 Toyota Tundra, and not even a week old had "RUST". Besides that and to put it simply, the TuRD just looks bad. As another friend said, I should sue him for making my eyes sore, from "UGLYNESS"! Face it, the Chevy looks tough and works tough! I have had 3 Chevy trucks and I have not gotten rid of any before they reached 300,000 miles and that was only because it was time to sell it due to it reached 6 years old. I have a 2006 now, with the Duramax Diesel and all In have to say is "WHAT A TRUCK"!!!

Here ya go all you Tundra tards! Give this the number one pic! A truck is supposed to be treated like a damn truck put these trucks on an off-road test guarantee the tundra won't compete let alone with something in the back, that is unless you take the box off so you don't damage the cab of the truck!

here's the video since I don't think it came up


I spent alot of time test driving all three of these trucks. I went with the Tundra. it recently got keyed by some jerk who has never done a hard days work in his life and probably ownes a ford or gm.I grew up driving gm my whole life and was pretty sure i was going to continue, until i drove the tundra.. i loved it and made a deal. when the tundra went in to be repaired they gave me a sierra for a week and i couldn't wait to get my Tundra back. The sierra was nice but just not the same. clunky and noisey. I don't know what to say, many people say, " why didn't you buy american. Hey, " while gm and ford are cutting jobs toyota is providing jobs for americans. Its too bad people have to destroy your property out of jealousy or what ever it is. Hey Tundra is a NASCAR champ how much more American can you get. by the way my Tundra was built in Kentucky. I'm not saying its better it's just better for me. anyone would be lucky to own any of these trucks.

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