2008 Scion tC Gets Standard iPod Integration, New Grille


The tC coupe doesn’t get the radical redesign that the 2008 xB did, but it does get a few touches to keep the 2008 model fresh when it arrives this summer. A new black grille with varying sizes of circles, like those on the new xB and xD, has been added, along with new headlight and taillight treatments that resemble the tC’s new family members.

The inside remains pretty much the same, with iPod integration now a standard feature. This allows iPod owners complete control of their tunes via stereo and steering-wheel controls, and the stereo head unit displays track names and artist information. The seat fabric has been upgraded, and there are more silver-accented touches on the doors and center stack.

Surprisingly, two popular colors — Azure Pearl and Black Cherry Mica — have been replaced in 2008 by Crimson Mica and Wave Line Pearl.






By David Thomas | February 8, 2007 | Comments (29)



This is a piece of junk(price). I will never buy it. My opinion.


Is it just me?

What is the difference?


What? Who said this was a piece of junk for the price? Do I smell a import-hater?

So what, its a mild refresh, we have dealt with that in American cars for over a decade, and the tC still beats any other vehicle in its segment and price range hands down.

I'm pretty sure I listed all the differences. New grille, new ipod integration, new headlights/tailights. New seat material. That's pretty good for a 3 year old vehicle. The new one will probably be a 2010.



I see the tailight is different...But I can't see the headlights' difference.


The new low beams look to be projectors, or just small round reflectors. Too bad no amber rear turn signals, or 6 speed automatic or even 5 speed automatic.

Captain Pepper

It looks very similar to the 06 model. But it is still an expensive toy car to put a lot of plastic in it.


Toyota makes good cars, but Scion is an expensive toy car to cover with cheap plastic. One of my friends drove one and he bought a Mazda 3 instead because he felt that the Scion was a toy car.

Guys, I think the most important change, for me at least, is that the 2008 model comes with side and curtain airbags standard. This was optional in the past, but at a price of $650, it's much better to have it standard. The iPOD connectivity is also cool. The exterior design changes make no difference in my opinion.


To all the haters, "I had a friend who"..... I knew someone who"..... means nothing. If you actually owned a Scion your credibility would be more substantial. I'm 100% certain we could easily pick apart what you currently drive.

Back on topic.... The around 600-650.00 price increase for this vehicle is a small price to pay for what you get. Safety alone is priceles.


Although I feel that this is a solid car, I wish it were lighter so its handling characteristics would match its sporty appearance.

Any Man

Maybe we would have more friend with a Scion if they were solid cars. I know a bunch of people who drove them and didn't buy them.


Its a nice car and all but not much different..they really need to make it a 5 speed auto or it least make some more body style changes..not just the lights...its not enough..and its way to similar..THEY NEED A WINDSHIELD WIPER IN FOR THE BACK!


Just bought the 2008. Not really my cup of tea but it is pretty sporty for the wife. Lots of blind spots but I think it looks better then the older models. Gas mileage is not great at 19-29. Engine seems ok, chassis skips around if you hit a bump while accelerating hard through the corners. Steering is very nimble and responsive, loads of room inside, more then the SUV we had. Brakes are soft and not very good, accents inside look cheap, love the interior.

matt yaga

I work as a sales consultant for Scion. It is an awesome car for under $20,000. With all the standard options it has plus the power of the 2.4 camry motor makes the value hold up. The lights and radio are correct, but it also has side curtain airbags as a standard and a subwoofer installed in the trunk.


well i own the scion tc 2008; and for me for the price i received for it, its a fare price. if you go to the dealership, for a 2007 with barely any options, you can get it for 18; but with the 2008 you can get it for 19; both equally not the out the door price. so which well means, the 2007 can cost around 20; and the 2008 around 21. which i got mine for 20. driving the tc 08; is enjoyable. i realized most guys, seem the appearance to be appealing, and it fit as a "girl car". i think also it depends on what color you have the car, i have mine in super white, with a lot of options, and i hope you know, the material of scions, are cheap, yea we all know. but its all for appearance. the mazda, as well is cheap, and def. the 3 is cheap material too, and lacks in areas as well. trust me the mazda3 was my second option. but overall the mazda 3 looks great, but in the back it looks imcomplete. and overall room space, scion beats the mazda. all in all, i guess this is everyones opinion in this. but i have the scion 2008. and if you dont have it, im not saying your missing out, but its not fit to be your car. so i'll drive mine, as you drive yours.


I drive an 08 scion tc and i love it. the sound system is great. all around air bags are great. ipod player is very great. oh and the sunroofs are nice too. don't see a problem. dont like it? dont buy it.


I drove both the tC and the Mazda3. I bought the Mazda3 with its superior handling and more space (apparently, babilove didn't consider the hatchback as I did--plenty of headroom for those in the back seat). At least for the 2004 models, the two cars have the same 0-60, but the tC has better acceleration when you are in the higher gears. However, I was interested in the handling than the acceleration. I could buy a truck if I wanted acceleration only.

The tC is a good car, but for what I was looking for, the Mazda3 was a far better car.


well kids this is a no contest kinda thing but if you ask me and im old by the way 48 the scion tc is a great car that you can have for a long time with know porblemo thats why its better than the rest thanks. oh ps and mine makes 380 hp and 0 to 60 2.8 sec ha phase two turbo mazda?


To all the Mazda 3 whiners. Not sure why people think the 3 is some sort of luxury car inside. I don't know which 3's interior you saw but from what I can see the interior is essentially the same. Regardless of the interior, nothing is going to help that butt ugly 3 exterior. The Mazda 3 is overpriced compared to what you get in the tc. Actually all Mazda's are overpriced. The tc accelerates nicely and handles quite well. Low profile tires make the handling feel different but it still feels fine. If you are not teetering on the brink of death it will handle quite nicely. If you plan on dying by driving recklessly then you might need some sort of edge in handling. I'm not sure the Mazda 3 is going to be your best option in that regard. The stock stereo is pretty good especially with the ipod integration. Look, it's a small 2 door so don't expect a lot from the back seat or trunk area. Personally I have fallen in love with my tc. For the Mazda lovers, enjoy your overpriced ugly 3.


After doing much research, I felt that the tC was the best value for the price. It was also the nicest looking car among the cars I was considering.

I bought an '08 scion and have been disappointed ever since. I currently have 5,000 miles on the car. The biggest problem I have with the tC are the brakes. They just feel awful -- too soft -- I honestly don't feel safe. Number 2 - Accelerating out of a turn (and I'm no crazy driver) the car often hesitates and the lurches foward. It's a really crappy feeling. In traffic, the car jerks forward at the lightest touch of the pedal.

I took the car to the dealer, they inspected it, test-drove it, and said it operated "as designed". Well, then, holy crap, that's a bad design. I feel it may be my particular car and not the model in general bc I can't seem to find too many complaints online. It just sucks bc a new car shouldn't have those kinds of problems. I'm very seriously considering selling it bc I feel that unsafe on account of the brakes.

And to wrap it up - the seats are the most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in and there is no rear wiper (which is kind of baffling).

I really wanted to love this car - my first new car, but unfortunately it's just been one crappy experience.


"the seats are the most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in"

Apparently, someone didn't have a good test drive.


Seats are fine for a short trip - like the kind you would take on a test drive. It's about a half hour into a trip when the seats start getting real uncomfortable. Haven't had the same problem in any other car - driver or passenger. And I do routinely drive for lengths surpassing 30 minutes.


I am currently trying to sell my o7 Tc due to one factor.

The seats. After a year of owning this car I'm debating on whether or not I can afford a chiropractor.

If they re-design this car to have useable seats it will be easily the best car for the price. I'm a little upset I didn't get the mazda 3, my girlfriend did and it is leagues more comfortable.

During a quick test drive the seats feel sporty and hold you tight, after about 20 minutes of driving your back hurts so much your not sure if if you should get out to take a break or just keep driving and pay for it later.


Obviously none of you know how to drive. I road tested my 08 tC at 110mph on some fairly difficult curves. As for the jerking out of a turn, you need to work on your clutch/gas pedal work. If you let the clutch out quickly past where the car goes into gear, it will jerk on ANY CAR/TRUCK. If you have an automatic anything I feel sorry for you. So all it comes down to is how well you drive, anyone else can just go home with their ugly 3's. 3's are even more unfinished then the new Mitsu Lancer.


I agree with sssayn. I tested an '08 tC at 470 mph on the autobahn, and it was like carving through butter with a really hot knife. It was a bit tricky getting the salesman to ship the car out to germany, but it was definitely worth it. They flew me out there for free, too. And it's true what ssayn infers about cars and people -- cars are flawless, it's the people who are the problem. In short, don't buy a person, they suck, especially babies, they are so unfinished it's not even funny! Call me when you learn to walk, babies. Then I'll school you in the ways of shifting.


This is true as long as you do not have a new i-pod. I have a 2008 Scion and my new i-pod gen 4 works but will not charge. I was told by Corp. Scion that this was a i-pod/Apple problem not Scion’s. Kevin went on to tell me that Scion did not know Apple was changing anything, and Scion will not be doing anything to fix this and I should call Apple.
Just info


Looks fast, isn't.
Looks good on gas, isn't.
What is the point?

As far as the 110 mph baloney, I am sure my minivan could hit 110 as well - it gets up to 90 without even trying. Almost any car made today will get up to 110 if you stand on the gas long enough. Your point??

Jay Baby


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