Jeep Commander Dead After '09?


J.D. Power analysts and sources at the United Auto Workers union both say that the much maligned Jeep Commander large SUV will stop production after the 2009 model year. Introduced as a 2006 model, the Commander was to fill a perceived gap in the Jeep line-up of a large-SUV with its three rows of seating, unlike the two-rowed Grand Cherokee.

In 2006, Jeep sold just 88,497 Commanders, and many of those were heavily discounted. currently lists $2,500 customer cash back and 1.9% financing for the 2007 Jeep Commander, but last summer’s employee pricing saw much larger discounts on 2006s.

We’re not surprised that the Commander followed the trend of most other large SUVs in 2006 when gas prices were high; the Commander’s love-it-or-hate-it styling, and the competition from within the Jeep family, probably didn’t help either. Even if the Commander is phased out after the 2009 model year, that doesn’t mean Jeep won’t design a replacement that could look radically different while using the Commander’s existing platform. Until then, expect rebates to remain.    

[Big Jeep SUV's Ride May End, The Detroit News]

By David Thomas | January 22, 2007 | Comments (56)



Sold "Just 88,497" in one year, for a full-size SUV that's just a derivative of an existing model?

I'd say that's pretty good. I can understand them cancelling it by 2009, but I believe the Commander has been considered to be a great success for DCX, it increased their annual SUV sales considerably (even though it did bite off a chunk of Grand Cherokee sales).

We say Just because with the introduction hype of an all new model, its first full year of sales AND heavy discounts you most likely won't see a return to those sales numbers again, at least for the Commander.

Jeep sales overall were down for 2006 by 3% There was absolutely no uptick in SUV sales for the Chrysler group. 06 was a bad year for everyone selling full sized SUVs.
They sold 70K less grand cherokees in 06 down 35%. 33K less Liberty suvs, down 20%.

The Dodge Durango was also down 40% in 06.

The commander didn't sell enough to help the company's cause in 06. Perhaps with low gas prices 07 will be a better year but I'd bet the ship has sailed on the Commander and new, sexier, more efficient, roomier crossovers like the Mazda CX-9, Saturn Outlook et al will hurt.


The super large SUV is now offical a niche vehicle. If you can build it off an existing platform and set sale numbers under 100K numbers, and make money discounts or not. Build it.

Devin Sidell

OK, here it is...

The commander was the worst misatke chrysler has made to date. Has anyone even driven one. It drives like a boat. (kinda like the 745) The third row is just for more groceries that wont fit in the eaxtra car riding on rear axel. It's way over priced. Its built like crap (all american cars are). It's under-powerd.

All that just to compete with the H-2.
What are chryslers designers smoking?


I like the Commander idea however, the design looks dated. It looks early 90's to me. I think people want more agressive looks.

I think the Commander still has a chance. 88K units sold is a very decent number for an SUV that big, and owners love it. Maybe with a powerful, more efficient engine like the 3.0L CRD V6 Turbodiesel they can keep it in the line up.

i agree. a diesel with loads of torque is just what this thing needs to make it feel strong off the line without getting 10mpg.


I'll be glad to see the Commander go. It's styling is reminiscent of the Cherokee but not as good. The Cherokee was simple, rugged and it worked. The Commander seems awkward both inside and out. In an effort to make a "large" SUV it just seems stretched and expanded without a thought to design or usefulness.

The interior may be the worst I have ever seen on any vehicle. The build quality of the interior is embarassing. I completely disagree with Devin that they are trying to compete with the H2. For starters, I don't see anything Hummer makes as competition for anyone. The H2 is simply a reskinned chevy truck while the H3 is nothing more than a chevy colorado with a different bodyshell. It may make sense for GM to take an existing vehicle, throw a different body on with big wheels and charge and extra 15-20k but sales numbers for Hummer prove that most people aren't fooled.

Jeep is a proven off road commodity that, sadly, is losing it's shine. They are moving away from the 4-wheel drive systems that made their reputation. They are attempting to mainstream themselves with poorly designed cars (Compass) and rushed stop-gap vehicles such as the Commander.


I really like our 2006 Jeep Commandeer - an ideal car for 2 people. My only concern is with the windshield. Only 2800 miles on my car and, so far,3 major windshield breaks due to flying rocks from passing cars. Didn't have that problem with my former car or our truck. Seems that the windshield acts as a magnet, atracting every rock and other debris on the road.


I love my Commander, yeah, gas sucks, but to me, that's no reason to stop buying them. My Commander hasn't failed me, & it's an 06. so you'd think that if a first year model came about without major glitches, it should all be alright.


I have a 06 Commander with the v6 and I love it. The styling is great and it is very comfortable to drive. The Commander is a little heavy but I seems to work well in the snow. I cant believe so many people put it down, maybe its because they cant afford it.


The possible demise of the Commander should come as no surprise to anyone. It was a poorly conceived and executed product. I know that many automakers cut costs on interior materials but the Commander interior is simply embarrasing. I don't think anyone expected this vehicle to do well or last very long.


Since we've owned our Commander, we have had 2 rock chips repaired, and now currently have 4 separate cracks in our windshield. In doing research online and talking to other local Commander owners, all seem to have had problems with the windshield. This seems to be a design flaw, not just a lot of people having bad luck. Are other's having problems with their windshield? We have filed a complaint with the National Highway Safety Traffic Authority and encourage anyone else experiencing this problem to do the same. Below is the information we found on the NHSTA web site at


while drving about 65 mph a hissing noise in the front window begins. anyone experiencing that problem?

Phil Connor

I have now owned my 2007 Jeep Commander for a month and It's fantastic. I previously had a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee both vehicles fitted with the Hemi engine. I have to say the Commander rides much more smoothly than the Cherokee did. The addition of remote start and back up assist camera are useful extras. The Commander is less economical to run than the Cherokee. However, if you're an idividual who worries about gas mileage then don't even consider these vehicles and you won't be disapointed. I really like the retro styling, it reminds me of the older Land Rovers that I used to drive years ago.The performance and styling far outshines BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne when it comes to value for money, it's simply the best vehicle in it's class.


Phil, Thank you so much. I'm laughing so hard I'm almost crying!

Phil Connor

Then my work here is done.......

buyers remorse

Leased a 2006 Jeep Commander and from day 1, I knew it was a mistake. The 3rd row is unusable, it's uncomfortable to climb up into it, because of the "stadium seating" with the 3rd row being higher. 3rd row is too shallow to accomodate most car seats so bringing friends w/kids along was not possible. The cloth interior is dark, however, every speck of water that get's on it seams to leave stains, I've never seen anything like it, very cheap material. The doors are tremendously heavy, this is an nuisance for a family with young kids. I find that if I don't open the door fully, it swings back and slams into me, and my kids have gotten knocked out once or twice! Not pleasant. Also it has water issues. The side bars leaked when I got it, for about 6 months, when it rained, streams of water came down in the upholstered area between the windsheild and the side windows. This has stopped, but I'm sure the water is still getting in. Also, when it rains, water pools on top of the car door, and when you open the door to get in, it all splashes down on your feet! We also have a problem with the passenger window, when you lower it, it goes down a 1/4 at a time, so you have to keep hitting the button to completely get it down-this issue totally stumped the dealer. The 6 disc CD changer is not user friendly, it takes like 60 seconds to get a disc loaded and unloaded. The gas mileage is terrible, and the cargo space is not adequate. All in all, the only thing I like about it, is the look of the exterior. But the design is poor, the engineers should be sent to China and hanged...

So how DO you get out of a lease?

buyers remorse

One more thing...jpace...just read your post, and YES I do get that whistling sound, it seems to happen with the air conditioning on. Sometimes it's very loud...


Bought my 2006 V-8 Commander used with 18000 miles. So far I've had it in for fan and the driver 3rd row seat belt locked up and I couldn't put the seat up. I also had them check out that hissing/moaning noise that seems to come from the engine the faster you drive, as well as the shocks?? - I thought were going bad because every time I back out of the driveway they sqeak. The dealer claims there is nothing wrong with the shocks or engine noise - that it's just drivetrain noise?? Well my commander also clicks clicks clicks..... while I'm making left hand turns and the dealer also said they could find nothing wrong. Lastly, my passenger front window sticks sometimes while rolling up and at about half way goes back down.
Sooooo many little things with this vehicle that the dealer can't seem to find anything wrong with. I love my Commander but I just wonder how long it will be before I may be stranded on the side of the road. Anyone else had any problems similar to this?

Max Reid

Its not a surprise. Many big SUV's are falling in sales and this is just another 1.

The non-hybrid vehicle sales have declined this year and it will continue every year in the future.

No wonder, Dodge, Jeep, Nissan are all coming with smaller CUV's with car chassis which still offers lot of space especially with 2nd row folded.

Poor gas mileage?

All the more reason to bring the CRD version over to the states from Europe. It is EPA estimated at mid 20s ,pg but several automobile journals have road tested it at close to 30 mpg mixed use.

I'd love a Commander CRD if only they'd get their act together and bring that beast to America!

gino anzovino

We love our commander. We hace a 4x4 with the 4.7 and a 4 inch superlift. It looks good. We are a family of four and it fits our needs fine. The 3rd seat is not meant for long trips, but it comes in handy for short trips. The kids like the windows in the roof as well as the stadium seating because they can see out the window they are not sitting low like most other trucks. Gas mileage is not very good, but it has alot of safety features. We love it!


Anyone had problems with Commander transmission shift from 2nd to 3rd gear slippage - appears to be torque converter not locking but dealer replaced and I am still experiencing the problem. Also flashed PCM but this did not work. Dealer and Chrysler now claim this is normal.


I have a 2006 CMDR. I was hesistant to buy a Chrsyler product (can you say Neon and K-Car), but as a parent, was attracted to the 3rd row, lower price, Jeep mystique and retro Cherokee styling. I've experienced numerous small defects including hissing from windshield, stained prone cloth seats, rear glass lift breaking, auto window not stopping, 3rd row seatbelt recall, airbag indicator malfunction and now think the transmission is failing. Sorry, I'm giving up and going back to the quality and reliability that Japanese autos provide.


Gas Mileage STINKS!!!! 16/20 is a farce for the 3.7l 6cyl. I'm averaging 9.6 miles/gallon, if I would have know this it would have remained in the showroom


I have an 07 Commander - my intent was to buy an 07 Grand, which would have been my 4th (93, 00, and 02). They have shrunk the Grand to the point that I don't have enough headroom to sit in it. I am 6'-6" tall, and never had a problem sitting in the other Grands. So I bought a Commander Limited with the Hemi (0% and lifetime power train got me). So far I really like it, other than the stupid cup holders and the gas mileage.
Back and forth to work I am getting about 14, but never much more than that on the highway (at 80 mph).


I bought my 2007 Commander 4x4 in July, 2007. I absolutely love the look of the exterior, however the material of the seats is true to a previous comment...the car seat material stains from water!!!!! The seats are firm though and thats great for long drives. My BIGGEST COMPLAINT: My windows in the front zigzagging up and down on their own!!! Ive had the module and regulators replaced 6 times now-Grrrrrr over 1000 miles are back and forth to the dealership.
Also, one day it wouldnt drive over 30miles per hour!!! Dealership couldnt duplicate this of course!! It must have been my imagination.
Unfortunately, I must confess, I have a lemon...please note: to get your money back, you have to contact the Attorney General for your state!!!! I have over 25 calls in to Chrysler and more to the one told me they wouldnt refund me!!! Kept passing the buck.
On a positive note, we love how the vehicle drives...when it does! We havent been able to make it slip, slide or skid! Its awesome at climbing, we call ours our billy goat. You can go literally ANYWHERE.
Oh, and the rubberized cup holders suck!!! Every tiny bit of dirt gets trapped in there, its hard to get them out in order to wash them.


I bought a 06 Commander over all I am happy few remarks though. Front windshield collects stone chips, gas milage is poor, and not much power under the hood for a vechile with a gross weight of 4800lbs with a 3.7L V6. If the CRD was introduced to the USA I would buy one.


I bought a new 07 Commander in January for the life time power train warranty however everything else is the problem I have has repeated water leaks which resulted in the floors and hardware rusting, my jeep has been in for repairs 8 times now and about 36 days the windsheild has been replaced twice and still makes noise, it has all new interior due to moisture causing a smell, the floors were repainted and all seat hardware was removed and painted, I am pursuing the lemon law for this vehicle. I have had enough. the check engine light pops on and by the time i get it to the dealership it goes out. the motor shuts off in tight slow moving turns. the interior was stained while in service but this was my fault for what reason i have no idea. I should go to a graphic shop and have lemons plastered all over it and park it at the dealership in Raleigh NC where i bought it. it has 9k on it and now i have parked it for the last 6 weeks. a word of advise try another product, I have always had good luck with Chrysler until now. I hope they do quit making them in 09.


We love our Commander. We have the Sport in Light Khaki with the 4.7 and the optional wheels. Yes we have had the problem with the window going up and down and the lights flashing, but we took to our local Jeep dealer here in Texarkana and they fixed it right away. It has great power, is smooth on the highway. We have 3 kids, yet rarely use the 3rd row. On the highway we get 20-21 mpg, in town its about 16-17. I like it enough to want to trade in my other car so we can have two!!! If I had to do it over again I would have got the 4wd and leather.


Bought my 2006 Commander new. Light Khaki. Had aftermarket leather installed. Gotta have leather. Traded my 1996 Cherokee Country with 225k miles and leather. Currently in the shop for water leaks but overall enjoy the car. The dealership is taking great pains to get it right. Got the 4.7L engine and average 17-20 miles per gallon around town. Not bad. Just keep your foot off the floor. Only in a Jeep...


I am on my 2nd Commander, don't know what I was thinking. The 2006 leaked, spent months in repairs for engine light, leaks and damage caused by dealership while repairing. Finally I had enough and went for a 2007. Jeep/Chrysler would do NOTHING for me as an incentive and to date I dont' know why I stayed with Jeep. Maybe because these are my 4th and 5th ones and I had positive experiences with my Cherokees and Grand Cherokee. None the less, I almost followed a test driver back to the dealership today to tell them to find another vehicle.
I battle to get the thing over 13 miles to the gallon, have had the windshield repaired already and suspect the thing leaks as I'm finding rust throughout the interior. I have 12,000 miles on my Jeep and honestly I think it's made from junk. Shame on Chrysler for not correcting this, it very well may be my life mission to let Jeep owners know just how bad they have bashed my pride. I am only beginning to scream and will be calling the dealership tomorrow as under my seats is rusting out. A totally pathetic vehicle and I'm ashamed I got duped twice.

beyond frustrated

I bought a brand new 07 commander model from dealership 3 mo ago. Was looking for Gr Ch, and liked how the Commander drove and extra space/headroom (I'm 6'3"), so I bought it. I also have experienced water collecting around the doors, and splashes all over me when I open them although it looks like it hasn't made it's way in yet. My real beef is with the transmission. People...BEWARE!

I was taking my daughter out to her grandparents house a few weeks ago. I placed the Jeep in park, got out of the car, took her out of her car seat, and started to walk inside when it suddendly burst into drive and took off into their yard and crashed into their tractor. Jeep totaled. Tractor totaled. What the hell is up with that? I had no idea a vehicle could suddenly slip gears and move out of PARK and into DRIVE. I have owned a 99 Gr Ch for 9 had issues, but I loved the vehicle. I did like this car until this unfortunate event happened. A little research showed that gear slippage CAN and DOES happen with Jeeps...not only the Commander. Consider yourself warned. I am staying as far away from Jeep as possible hear on out.


I have a 2006 jeep commander. To tell you guys the truth i love it and dislike it at the same time. The biggest problem is that the third row seat is small as hell! no one above the age of 10 can sit their comfortably! In my case i wish i could take it out and make the second row bigger because its not the most spacious 2nd row ever. I saw people complaining how it drives, but me personally i love the way it drives its easy and easy to park. I can park just as good or even better than a normal car. But the worse thing is i hate all jeep dodge an Chrysler dealerships and salesman, they will lie to you like it nothing! They lied to me and i drove 200 miles from my school back to my hometown because they were telling me things and when i got their i found out they lied to me through the phone and mail that they sent out! I was ready to beat some ass!
By the way if anyone has ideas for me to make my silver jeep commander sick please email me at

Thanks for the information. Any other posts or blogs you can recommend on windshields or auto glasses? Great post. Gives me what I have been looking for.

Michael in Clearwater

Leased a 2007 Jeep Commander from Fitzgerald's in Clearwater, Florida. Since Fitzgerald's is no longer Chrysler-Jeep, I have to go to Dayton Andrews Chrysler in Clearwater. My jeep developed a horrible leak. When it rains I get a standing puddle of water on the floor on the driver's side. I took it in and Dayton Andrews said it's a maintenance issue and said it will be $100 to blow out a drain line because it's clogged with debris. I argued there is nothing in the owner's manual addressing this "maintenance" and pointed out that there is also a service bulletin addressing this issue to no avail. No wonder Chrysler is having problems. I guess my next step is to contact an attorney. Stay away from the Commanders and avoid Dayton Andrews in Clearwater at all cost.

fat eddy

I don't know why I bought this piece of crap 2006 Commander. Never buy a jeep. Horrible mileage, 3 row?? yea, for your small house cat. Whistling windshield, squeaks when you go over bumps, and now the paint is falling off (no kidding). And the 3-year warranty from jeep has expired, so I am supposed to pay for the repair myself.



Going back to Japenese models because they are more relaible? HA - mow I am laughing...Toyota is a joke and can't touch the SUV's like the Commander...what are you guys smoking?


What remains of Chrysler needs to get the Jeep brand back to what it was. Rugged vehicles such as the Wrangler along with a Cherokee type vehicle for mainly highway use but off-road capable. A simple line-up that would satisfy the majority of buyers looking for that niche of automotive type. Right now they have the Wrangler, Wrangler Unlimited, Compass, Patriot, Liberty, Cherokee, and Commander. Too much duplication and some out-of-touch designs.


I have experienced a very similiar serious safety issue with my 2006 Jeep Commander -- similar to "beyond frustrated" and his post on September 18, 2008......

I mailed the letter below to Chrysler Canada and they have done nothing. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with a similar situation with their Commander.

January 10, 2010

Dear Reid Bigland, President of Chrysler Jeep Dodge Canada
Re: File: 192 00491
I am writing to convey a serious safety issue that recently occurred with my 2006 Jeep Commander. On December 21, 2009 at approximately 12:45 pm I drove my 2006 Jeep Commander (VIN - 1J8HG58226C121338) home from the local shopping centre in Edmonton. I had the roof rack and cargo carrier attached to the top of the Commander. As I parked my vehicle on my (inclined sloped) driveway at home preparing to pick up my children and run further errands, I put my vehicle into PARK allowing the driver’s door to unlock and then exited my vehicle. In view the entire time, I left the vehicle running for 3-5 minutes as I entered my home through the inside garage man door, two of my children (aged 10 years and 6 years) ran out to get into the vehicle. My nanny, I and my third child (also aged 6 years) watched them run out to the vehicle which was ‘still running’ and stationary on the driveway. My oldest child asked me to unlock the passenger doors as they were all going to get into the second row of seats. As I pressed my second key fob to unlock the passenger doors, suddenly my two children screamed as the vehicle started to move toward them and then into the garage. My oldest son pulled his sister out of the way as well as his younger brother who had since walked into the garage to get into the vehicle. The vehicle proceeded into the garage scraping the roof rack up against the garage door and opener. I moved to the front of my vehicle and attempted to stop the vehicle, by pushing on the vehicle hoping it would stop. My children were screaming “mommy is going to die” as they saw the vehicle was pushing me toward the interior garage wall. I quickly moved from the front of the vehicle to the driver’s side, I opened the door and pressed the brake and put the vehicle, which was now in DRIVE back into PARK. The vehicle was approx 2 feet from the far end of my garage. In other words, the vehicle moved almost the entire length of the garage (approximately 24 feet - starting from my inclined driveway). Also by the time that I stopped the vehicle, the vehicle was fully into my garage with the cargo carrier compressed and lodged under the garage door and opener, causing damage.
I am absolutely shocked by this event which could have resulted in a fatality. My children and I were placed in severe danger and we have suffered significant trauma due to these events. We are afraid to be driving this vehicle until a full investigation is performed and an outcome of the problem is accurately determined. Despite the fact that my vehicle, roof rack, cargo carrier, garage door and garage door opener were all damaged because of this incident we are very fortunate that no one was severely injured. I estimate that there is more than 3,000 dollars worth of damage to my home and vehicle (including rental vehicle costs); I will have more accurate numbers once I can contact someone to assess the damages. As a mother, I can’t help but think about what could have happened. This is a very serious issue that must be treated with the highest amount of attention by Chrysler Jeep Dodge Canada.
Since the event I have spent a notable amount of time researching if this has been an issue with other Jeep Commander owners and I have learned that, indeed, a strikingly similar event has occurred with a 2007 Jeep Commander (blog post attached). Given this is not the first documented instance of the Jeep Commander slipping from PARK into DRIVE, I would offer that this safety related defect also be reported to the Defect Investigations Group of Transport Canada who has a mandate under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act to investigate complaints relating to alleged manufacturing safety defects.
I brought this issue up to the attention of Kris Shukaliak, Service Manager at Capital Dodge in Edmonton, Alberta on December 28, 2009, and my vehicle was left at the dealer for a full investigation and inspection. This is the dealer where I routinely have my vehicle serviced. Please note that I am the original, sole owner and driver of this Jeep Commander. Capital Dodge in Edmonton had the vehicle from December 28, 2009 until January 4, 2010 so they could assess and thoroughly examine the problem. During this time, Capital Dodge Jeep organized a rental vehicle for my usage. When we met with Kris on December 28, 2009, we made it clear that we expected Capital Dodge/Chrysler Canada to be assuming these rental costs as this incident was not caused by my actions, rather it was a safety defect of the Jeep Commander (A Jeep product that has had all recommended service done and is still within the 100,000 warranty period). Also during this time that Capital Dodge had my vehicle, they also contacted my vehicle insurance company to discuss this matter. When I picked up my vehicle on January 4, I was informed that they couldn’t find any warranty related issues in my vehicle and that they would not be covering the cost of the rental vehicle or any of the damages. At no point did I suggest that this was a warranty related issue, I clearly outlined that this was a serious safety matter – particularly given that a similar situation has been documented. To this day, I do not believe that this matter has been thoroughly and accurately investigated to prevent further similar occurrences.
To be frank, I need the confidence by way of written letter from you, the President of Chrysler Corporation of Canada, that you stand behind your product and that this vehicle has been properly examined and it that is now safe to drive. As a socially responsible citizen I strongly believe I have a moral responsibility to report this incident to you and potentially to others. Given the severity of this situation I would like to request an entire copy of the ‘manufacturer documents’ for the Jeep Commander be provided to me so I may have the opportunity to further investigate if there have been other similar incidents.

I trust that you will give this situation the serious consideration that it deserves, as well as, cover the costs of my damages and rental costs. I would be pleased to speak with you further about this to ensure that this event is not experienced by others. I look forward to hearing from you.
Most sincerely,

Shannon Scott
Edmonton, AB

Enclosure: email and letter to Kris Shukaliak dated December 28, 2009
Enclosure : Blog posting
Cc: Kris Shukaliak, Service Manager
Cc: Defect Investigations Group, Transport Canada by February 1, 2010


Aside from the terrible seat fabric, which stains by water, we love our 06 Commander. However, MAJOR transmission problem. When in drive from a stop it slips and then suddenly leaps forward almost hiting the car in front of us. Took it in to dealership (still under warranty) to determine problem with transmission slipping. We were told by dealership its a computer issue related to the transmission and NOT covered under warranty. Really? This is ridiculous. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!


This has been the worst vehicle I have ever owned. 9 trips to the shop for transmission problems. Leaks to be exact.


the one where the car moved maybe next time you will put it in park not half way ALL THE WAY - oh it was the ghost


Jeep commander doesn't have any great quality to stand on-top. The installation or lighting problem will be common in Commander.

virginia ott

Bought my 2007 Jeep Commander new off the lot in 2009. Obviously it was not a big seller in our area. Could have been the price tag. $45,500. sticker price. We did not pay the asking price. We walked away waited a week and the dealership dropped it down to about $27,000. My commander has the hemi and the works. To date I love it. There have been some of the problems previously mentioned and some new ones. I had an electrical problem a year after buying it. There was a short in the radio. The headlights and windows were not operating correctly after the radio was fixed. Turns out they had to be reset due to the battery being disconnected. Water does set at the top of the door. We rarely use the third row of seats. My son doesn't seem to mind it. He is only eight. The gass mileage isn't horrible about 17-20 mpg depending on the traffic. I travel a major beltway and it is often stop and go traffic. The other conviences make up for the poor gas. DVD player, automatic windshield washers, lights, 6 disc cd player. (yes it is slow at changing) sunroof, moon windows, gps, leather interior.
Overall I love my Commander. Does it have problems? Of course, Is it large? yes. Would I trade it in? No

Ken Gallagher

My 2007 commander is alright, 56k and we've had numerous software clitches. Recently we have the no start problem. No power to the starter? Seen in edmunds blog that this problem has happened to a lot of people. Also had the windshield leak 2 weeks after we bought it new? Love the truck but it's got an ugly bad side that only in America you can get!

David D

I have a 2008 Jeep Commander and I’m glad to say I have had no issues and love it, it’s great in the city, mountain trips and shore trips. I liked it as it reminded me of a cross between a Wagoner and a military vehicle, ok, its green and I dig the old school full cover hood. It fits my family of 5 including our travel luggage with ease and we do know how to over pack. The 2 extra seats are used a lot by kids so space is not an issue, I have sat way in back and had no issue, the separate A/C and hear controls are cool as well as the extra power. I have plenty of elbow room, were not crammed in rear seats recline a little and the 3 sunroofs are so cool. I can’t think of a thing I don’t like about it after 3+ years of owning it. I did get the lifetime powertrain and bumper to bumper warranty. My Prior vehicle was a loaded Grand Cherokee Limited and although I really liked it I found it was not very durable, transfer case issues, 2 differential failures, A/C unit kept clogging up making a mold smell. Fog light glass units fell off till I went aftermarket. Line leaks at very low miles, Transmission replaced at 32k. Mile for mile my 2008 Commander is way better than my prior 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I also purchased new.



(just empty every pocket!)

as being part of a jeep club i do have to say i am pretty sure that with a little lift kit my wifes's 06 commander will go just about anywhere my well built 98 grand cherokee will go! no complaints here! i agree that the looks are a little different but that's just jeeps way of sayin that they are capable of anything u throw at them.yes they are big but they are sterdy. limited slip front and rear, awd, and track control..... so what if the gas is not great small price to pay for a well controlled suv and safe in all weather conditions! so they discontinued them ok but the durango is now the only 7 pass. Chrysler suv same vehicle shinier penny. all jeeps are great just need people that understand them to appreciate them!




I have a 2007 Jeep Commander and I LOVE IT!! Bought it in Alaska, drove it up there for a year and now live in Wisconsin. It is great in the snow and on ice covered roads. My kids love sitting in the 3rd row and it was nice to have it on a road trip one summer. I have hauled lumber and all kinds of building materials in it with the 2nd and 3rd row seats folded down. I have never had any issues with it other then the regular stuff, new spark plugs and a new battery and that was just recently when I hit about 119,000 miles on it. Oh and the A/C stopped working last summer, just needs a recharge. Every brand and model ends up with lemons and that can really spoil someone's opinion about that model or brand. As far as leaking goes make sure the mechanic you took it too isn't trying to swindle you out of money. The local Jeep dealer here told me I had an oil and transmission leak. When I took it up to a dealer who I know the shop manager personally he said there are no leaks at all and noticed they had put some oil up in the "shelf" at the front of the engine to make it look like it was leaking! Anyway, yes it uses a lot of gas. But when you have 3 kids and do a lot of driving in the snow and haul a lot of stuff it has been a pretty great car for me. I think compared to other large SUV's is handles nicely. With that said it is not for everyone. My mother has driven it and she hates it so do both of my kids who are now old enough to drive. I have owned cars, trucks and a minivan at one time. Hands down this is the best car I have ever owned!

Brian Ives

I bought a used 06 with 73,000miles. So far all city miles getting 15 to 16 miles to the gallon. True back row is small but my 8 year old loves it. I get a mistle sometimes at about 50mph, nothing to disturbing about it. Sort of soothing really. I absolutely love this SUV. Its been raining like crazy, no leaks. I feel I could drive right over most cars on the road and not realize I did. Plenty of power, I'm not driving NASCAR. Hope it gives me years of hassle free miles. It's fun fun fun to drive. I love my JEEP!


From what I gather some of the folks on here had no problems with their commanders and some had many problems. I have had my 2006 commander 4.7 limited for almost eight years no squeaks, leaks, chips, rust inside or out, and has never been in for anything but for oil changes, brake pads and rotors, the final drive line recall reprogram and filter changes. That's all. And he has well over 140k miles on it. 3rd row seating is not very big but hey the car is a beast and it has a nice interior for a tank like car.

I've had my 08' Jeep Commander for over eight months now and couldn't be happier. I have the Sport model with the V8. I am getting over 20mpg on the highway which is above the original showroom sticker we found in the glove box. I owned a Chevy Trailblazer before this and thought that since it was a V6 I would save at the pump.. Wrong! The Chevy was nice but the gas mileage was terrible, less than 17 on the highway. I think the economy itself was probably the downfall of the Commander, along with many of the SUV's. Our Commander had less than 50K even though it was over 5 years old. Love it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a SUV that gets decent gas mileage and is 4wd!

K J Nail

I just bought my '06 Commander Limited 5.7 Hemi 67K mileage two months ago. Yes, she had the horrible genetic water leak into the passenger floor during a rainstorm, but I repaired that in 30 minutes (both sides). It was easy to get to the sunroof drain hoses and cut the ends off the floor grommets that hold them. Problem easily solved.
I've got to change the right rear tail light due to moisture retention, but that should take 15 minutes and a fifty dollar bill. She has a few other issues (HVAC blend doors on passenger's side), but I am willing and able to tackle that and most problems that don't require replacing the motor or transmission.

I get lousy gas mileage, even with my light foot, but I LOVE my Commander. I am so glad I found her and my husband is, too.


My 2007 jeep commander has had a few problems but nothing major. The 5.7L V8 hemi engine is the best hemi I have ever drove. If Jeep made these more attractive and did something about the gas mileage I would for sure buy another.

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