Car Design Trend of 2007: Side Vents


You’ve seen side vents before — we all have. They’re the little inlets on the side of a car, usually between the front fender and front door. In some applications, like the BMW M3, they actually serve a purpose; most allow hot air in the engine bay to escape outside, while others are just for show. We couldn’t believe how many we saw on both concept and production cars at the Detroit auto show, almost all of which are just for show. Keep reading to see how many we found, then try to guess the car they belong to. For the answer, hover your mouse above the picture. That’s the Lincoln MKR Concept above.













I like side vents - as long as they end up on the right cars, and don't get too over the top. If side vents start showing up on Camry's and Accords, then it's time that they go away.


I've seen them before, but I first really noticed them again on the new Escalade. Soon after, the new Fords and Lincolns were showing up with them. I though it was kind of silly. Ford always seems to be the "me-too" company.


It was the Discovery 3 or LR3 in the U.S. that brought back side vents. They are real in the Landrover. Everyone else is copying Land Rover it had in 2005. That picture should be on top. Not some ugly Cadillac.

The BMW M3 and Mini Cooper brought it back as far as I know with the Aston, Land Rover and Buick's portholes on the Lucerne being other recent applications.

V lopez

and why the hell does a FOCUS have one? the only one that looks outstanding is the pontiac solstice! its small, but very detailed!


I should be laughing how less you know about Ford for a saying "Me-too company". Its got history to slap on fake vents on modern non performance cars. BTW Landrover belongs to Ford. Also BMW M3s have a fake vents which are of no use. I can understand Focus does not need them. So i would recommend reading before commenting.

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