2008 Dodge Avenger Pricing is Here


Dodge announced the starting price of its all-new 2008 Dodge Avenger sedan at the Detroit auto show last week, but today we have word on the starting price of all three trim levels, including the top-of-the-line R/T with all-wheel drive.

The base SE trim level, with its 173-hp four-cylinder engine, starts at $18,220. The middle-range SXT comes standard with the same engine and features a few more cosmetic and interior options; it starts at $19,120. A 189-hp V-6 that runs on E85 or regular gasoline is optional on the SXT. The top-of-the-line R/T comes standard with a 235-hp V-6 and six-speed automatic and will start at $22,870. Adding all-wheel drive adds an additional $2,000, bringing the price to $24,870. None of the Avenger prices include the $675 destination charge.

Ford's similarly equipped all-wheel drive V-6 Fusion SEL — the Avenger's clear competition — starts slightly less at $23,885.

The Avenger should arrive at dealerships next month.

2007 Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Dodge Avenger R/T
Dodge Avenger Arriving in February

By David Thomas | January 15, 2007 | Comments (4)
Tags: Car Buying, Dodge


V lopez

should be an awesome rental car...just like the crappy charger...have you seen the interior in that car??? geez..who let fisher price into the dodge design center?


seriously... the top of the line 235 hp V6 seems to be anemic compared to Toyota's 270 hp V6.

Why does everyone keep comparing this car to the Toyota Camry? Please realize that the Camry competes against the Charger. This car competes against the Corolla. No Brainer there.

The Avenger is a mid-size sedan like the Camry, Sebring, Fusion et al.
The Corolla is a compact sedan.
It is the correct comparison.

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