A Closer Look at the 2008 Ford Focus Interior


One of the most openly discussed and debated debuts of a production car at this year’s Detroit show was the new Ford Focus. Commenters and even our staffers are divided on it. Whatever your stance, one aspect that hasn’t been addressed fully is how good the interior looks. Here’s what I noticed when I got some seat time with it.


The gauges — along with the new font for the rear badging — are much improved and actually stylish. The Focus now has a whole Tomorrowland look to it.


More impressive is the new center stack. The buttons and knobs are sooooo much better than anything in other Fords today, excluding the new 2008 Ford Escape, which will also features them. Ford representatives say these are the controls of the future, and I was really impressed with their weight and feel. There are also two different colors of metallic surface you see surrounding the knobs: The darker color above and a lighter silver look shown below.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the power going to see the new blue lighting scheme or the ambient lighting, which can be changed to various colors, similar to what Scion offers as a dealer-installed option. The new Sync hands-free media system will also be offered in the 2008 Focus.

What do you think? Does the interior make as much of an impact as the new exterior?

2007 Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Ford Focus Coupe
2007 Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Ford Focus

By David Thomas | January 11, 2007 | Comments (17)



I don't like the faux painted metallic trim. Just make it a complimentary color of plastic, like grey, and make it soft-touch.

It's actually not that bad segfault although you think black would work just as well right? I've seen much much worse of the painted metal variety trust me.

The 2 lower trim levels only get the metallic look on the center console, not the dash. Personally I love this darker metallic. Overall the new Focus is very very goodlooking. Now if they'd just make a Mercury version...


they waste a lot more money doing this than releasing the C30 european version


For other readers, look at my take on the 2008 Ford Focus, I believe it looks much cleaner. Feel free to modify it, spread it around, or even submit it to Ford to change it.

George Chiahotny

Ford has dropped the most useful styles namely the hatchback and the wagon. When my lease is up in 2008 I will be looking at the Chev HHR and the Dodge Caliber


While the new Focus is definitely an improvement, I too wonder why they did not bring the far better C30 here: it'd of been cheaper, the platform is better, and if they pumped the same amount of money into it as they had the old platform, the car would undoubtedly (in my mind) kick the shins off of the competition!

Argh! Ford, why must you do this all the dumb way?! I love you guys, but even now you disappoint me with your trucks: the F-150 is already dated, being beat in terms of Horsepower, Torque, and fuel economy be almost everyone!

V lopez

and on top of that, Dodge is the oldest of the trucks! HA! poor ford, oh well business is business, and I do believe they will lose alot because the fucus is fugly! and that interior is horrid, I don't care how it turns in a corner, I can't pay on a car looking like that for 4 years!


The Focus, targeted towards the youthful tuner market has a very serious shortcoming IMO. To me, it appears it won't be easy or cheap to upgrade the OEM audio system. Many tuners and young folks look at a vehicle based on how easy and cost effective it will be to modify the vehicle. Modifcations as simple as a better than OEM stereo system. A costly oversight. Did Ford have blinders on or do they need some fresh thinking in the design department?


With the radio, FORD must have been thinking they will force someone who wants a better radio to purchase their upgraded sound system. If someone really wanted to get a standard head-unit in there, they could cut the dash and make something fit. This would be custom, but not easy and depending on how you do it...not cheap. FORD just doesn't get it I guess.


i think ford might have a chance for 2008 to get their billions of dollars back. now since the expedition, edge, escape, f-250, and fusion sarting to kick in for 2007, i think they will skyrocket in 2008, plus since they're redesigning the 500 (which will be renamed the taurus again) and the focus, those would probably be ford's best selling vehicles.


Personally, I HATED the 2005 redesign.

This one, I really like the interrior and sound system. For me personally, i'd rather have a sleek and satisfying stock one integrated then futz with something aftermarket.

BUT THAT EXTERIOR SUX MONKEY SWEAT! YUCK! It's almost like they wanted to try and make it look like an import variant of the escort! Go back to the 2000-2004 exterior, keep this interrior, and we're good to go!


Ford needs to update there transmissions and offer a manual mode automatic. Every other car manufacturer has a manual mode automatic!
Where's yours Ford? A four speed automatic? Come on that was great in the late 90's, but not in 2008. Where's the horsepower? 136 is all you can muster, very weak compared to most japanese car manufacturers that have 200 horsepower standard. The car looks great but it really needs a newer modern transmission with 5 speeds for the automatic with a manual mode and 6 speeds for the manual version. The motor should pump out at least 175 hp and then you would have a real hit on your hands. Right now you have a so, so, compact car that looks good and that's about it.
Ford needs to wake up and get into the 21st century. Even Hundyai offers a manual mode automatic and more horsepower.

I feel really sorry for everyone having to accept this type of design. The dash-boards in Britain are far more advanced and expensive than US cars. This has been proven by the introduction of Chrysler, Dodge and Cadilac into England. The quality and design on these interior is like japanese cars we got in the mid 90's!. Test drove a Sebring and a Avenger only 2 weeks ago. The Sebring sounding like a tractor and the interior was Airfix. The Dodge Avenger bounced like an inflatable castle, the interior was even worse. The handling was scary and leant so much I thought the door handles were touching the floor and was just as noisy as the Sebring. Fords designs over here have been solid and has actual quality materials if being slightly dull. However the new 2008 Focus is really shaping up nicely, with aluminium inserts, red backlighting and soft-touch plastics. It appears that whilst we do pay more for a Focus over here, (£12'000 base = $24'000) we do get a far better machine. I Run a 2007 Focus ST - 2.5 straight 5cyl turbo, 223 bhp. 0-60 in 6.3 and 150mph topend. ST1 version with AC etc only goes for £17'000. New model Focus out next year will have a dual clutch semi auto, 6 speed just like Audi on the DIESEL model!. The 2.0 diesel develops 136 bhp! - 0-60 in 9.3secs - 54 mpg. Metalic effect interior, i-pod connection, stability control etc. I think Ford maybe selling basic cheap cars in the states to try and get some money back after losing so much. Hope it improves over there for you all.

The interiour is neatly done I think :D, but I don't think it really matches with the exteriour.

michael mulcahy


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