2007 Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Cadillac CTS


The most anticipated unveiling today is yet another GM product. Cadillac’s CTS sedan has been the brand’s biggest seller, and the all-new 2008 CTS is sure to maintain that trend. While we anticipated a radically different design, the new CTS is actually a smooth evolution in Cadillac’s edgy look.

The base engine will be the outgoing model’s 210-hp V-6, with the option of the company’s new 3.6-liter V-6, which makes 258 hp. Best of all is a new V-6 power plant producing 300 hp at the top of the lineup — that is, until the company introduces a high-performance CTS-V variant. A six-speed automatic and, for the first time, a six-speed manual transmission will be offered.

All-wheel drive will also be available for the first time when the car goes on sale later this year. Rear-wheel drive is still the standard drivetrain setup.

The orange color of the show car is a slick move and is in stark contrast to the brand’s usual silver schemes at these events. We’re pretty excited to see the interior, as well. It follows the overall improvement in the brand’s other cockpits.

There is no question GM has taken firm control of this year’s show on each of the first two media days, today with the CTS and yesterday with the Volt concept. Tomorrow’s Malibu press conference could be underwhelming. 










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Big, ugly grille. Also, the glass on the rear door is way too narrow at the top, and I'm not fond of the sharp drop-off at the rear of the same glass area. Actually, it makes the rear door look like an afterthought.


Homerun Cadillac! This car is very refined. I like the new rear fascia as well as the front. The interior is very plush with a sporty appeal.


I agree with you Segfault, most of the exterior "Upgrades" aren't working for me. It isn't as handsome as it used to be, in fact, to me it resembles a creased Lexus IS with a big, almost cartoonish Cadilac grill. Hopefully it is better to look at in person.

The interior though, is Gorgeous! Kudos to Cadillac for stepping it up big time from the current CTS design.


yea... exterior is cartoonish and ugly, with excess chrome. The interior actually looks good.


get rid of those boxy headlights, foglights and taillights, this is the 21st century. y is everybody going with big grilles these days, al la Audi, Chrysler, and now Caddy!

Pedestrian safety rules mandate a very vertical grille, theoretically so the front of the car doesn't catch a persons' legs and drag them under the car. Instead these flat fronts are supposed to encourage a pedestrian to flip up towards the hood. Neither sounds fun to me.
But if you wondered why all vehicles (even the new Malibu) are starting to look like this that's why.
Some sports cars develop new types of hoods (Jaguar, corvette) that allow them to stay very angular around the front.

Rodney Boyd

I am really impressed. I love my 2005 CTS, but I
am ready to trade for the 2008. I love the big grill and chrome accents of the car. The interior looks terrifc. I wonder if there will be choices of wood trim. I can't wait to see the color choices. I am leaning toward silver. I will drive the 300 hp version, but I am fine with 255hp.

This is amazing. I own a 2006 CTS and have been waiting all year for this car. The interior is world class compared to competition. The car over all design is sporty but classy which is what I like. I think Cadillac is heading in the right direction with this car and its current design. I love the Escalade grille they are putting on the cars. It seems they are having great success with the chrome grills and chrome points on there vehicles. Which they seem to do quit well. It’s not over done.

I give this car 2 thumbs up and will own one as well.


Exterior= vomitial
Interior= nice but I'd say about I'm about 80% sold on it.

Overall= not worth it. exterior gives me nightmares. bad, bad, bad nightmares.

It's a step in a direction but im not quite sure which.

happy lopez

for the people that aren't used to youth inspired design-realise that most of the pictures are computerized pictures, not in person pictures, so you might change your mind down the road...very nice and impressive! kudos GM! another great hit!


Pretty nice, but I hate the grille -- goofy like Audi's/VW's, which I don't like either. I will take a look, especially with the availability of a stickshift. Also would like a red interior, a la BMW coupe. Interior looks nice -- an added bonus: no iDrive. Would truly like to buy American -- and I haven't had a GM product since my first car, a Vega. Am willing to forgive them after all this time.


Happy Lopez... thats not youth inspired.

I'm the youth, my friends are the youth. It's nasty on the outside and that's what the majority of people I know care about. I'm more about the inside. But I still find that exterior too horrendous to ever see me in one. I'd rather buy something sporty and good looking for that kinda money.

An Evo X perhaps?

You can never please people. Oh well. Imo,GM did a good job on this car and I this car is on my must have list.. They finally stop being cheap sneaking the plastic stuff trying to blend it in with the leather and wood.

GM should've known better than this from the get go. If you are going to try to compete against Mercedes, BMW and Lexus, you can't half ass make a car. You either do it right or don't do it at all.

I would like to see GM be consistent like this with all of their cars. no cheap crap, but quality. Health insurance isn't the only reason nor have anything to do with poor car sells. Not giving the consumer what they want is what leads to poor car sell.


shut up Tom.

I win.


I'm still enamored with my '05 and like the edgy look.
Don't much like the exterior of this new version especially the front, but think the interior looks great.
Like the idea of all wheel drive, wish I had it in mine.


Good looks, 300 horsepower, AWD, IPOD ready, 6 speed slush box or clutch. With a bigger tire option it will be in my driveway after a satisfactory road test. I learned to drive on a 1957 Cadillac Sedan DeVille!!!! What goes around comes around!


Nice interior, but the big grille looks ugly and too old for the car. CTS should be fun and beautiful outside. Lets change the grille before you market this car. I agree with everyone's comments here that the grille looks too ugly. Please change the damn grille

This is a nice update for the CTS, and the first GM in years that I would consider buying. The interior looks top rate, and the exterior styling sets it apart from the mind numbing sameness of the Asian luxury models. 300HP should be enough to smoke all four tires with AWD and a 6 speed manual. If it drives as good as it looks, I'll have one in my garage.


GO CTS, "Motor Trends' 2008 Car of the Year!"


This already looks dated it's a huge grandpa car. I liked the old model way better, it had it's flaws but it was more aggressive looking.


Please please explain to me how the old model was more agressive looking. And grandpa car? park this thing next to a DTS and tell me that this looks like a grandpa car.

Reading over these 2 year old comments about the new (at the time) and big Cadillac grille and the boxy headlights when it first came out are pretty interesting. Seems as now everyone has gotten used to Caddy's edgy look now. Cars can turn on you pretty easy.

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