Volkswagen Recalls 2006 - 2007 Passats


VW is recalling approximately 62,000 2006 and 2007 model year Passat sedans and wagons because of two different faults.

2006 Passats may have a faulty wiper blade that can fail in excessive rain, exactly when it would be most needed.

2006 and 2007 Passats equipped with the 2.0-liter turbo engine may have faulty brake lines that can fracture and disconnect in cold temperatures. In affected vehicles, this would result in a driver having to push harder on the brakes, while the car would also need a larger braking area before it comes to a stop.

Letters will be sent to owners in January with instructions to contact a local dealer for inspection and repairs. 


By David Thomas | December 8, 2006 | Comments (5)


Have you ever won the lottery? I did. Two years ago a UPS truck backed-up into my 2000 Passat and totaled it. It was parked so thankfully no one was hurt. I was so happy I wanted to hug the UPS driver. Three years of problem after problem after problem all gone in a matter of seconds. I know there is a car God for he brought that UPS truck into my life. No more electrical problems. No more burning oil (car only had 27,000 miles). No more lies from the dealerships 'Service Managers'. VW did do one thing right. They forced me to walk into an Acura dealership. This German is proud to drive a TL.


Where are all the Toyota haters that commented on the Sienna's recent recall? Guess it's not the recalls you "really" hate, it's Toyota.

Hating aside, I hope this is resolved soon. There are lots of VW's in my area... I'll keep my distance for a while.

we like to see everyone pop toyota's public perception bubble...apparently its hitting a goal is complete

Good, can we stop with the repetitive comments on every recall post then?thanks.


I recently purchased a 2007 VW Jetta for my 16 year old daughter. While my 16 year old was driving it I would keep yelling at her to break and she would say she was trying. So I drove the car and had others around me drive it, the brakes are terrible and feel mushy. You can't do emergency stops in this car! I was driving in heavy traffic and a car cut me off so I had to slam on the brakes. The car would not STOP! I literally had to swerve into the carpool lane to avoid an accident. I took the car to VW and they said it drives normally and that's the new breaking system in all 2006 and up Jettas. I don't see how a car like this could ever pass a road safety inspection. VW needs to recall the Jetta and install proper breaks on it. As of right now VW is not going to help in this matter and I am stuck with a brand new car that I would not feel safe having anyone drive. Please, if any of you have had this problem put it on here so I know there are others with the same concerns about this car.

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