Ford Fairlane to Get New Style But No Detroit Debut


Everyone thought it would be there. Ford’s answer to the minivan, the Fairlane, was assumed to be a big star at the 2007 Detroit auto show in either concept or production form. That will not be the case, as The Detroit Free Press reports Ford never planned to show the vehicle there, even though it’s supposed to reach dealers in calendar 2008. The Detroit appearance would be too soon, sources say.

The other big news is that the Fairlane will look different from the well-received concept at the 2005 Detroit auto show, shown here. According to one source, the Fairlane will not be as boxy as the previous concept. Well, now we’re really confused. The boxy concept was the one that got such positive press it forced Ford’s hand to replace the Freestar minivan and Freestyle crossover with an entirely different model.

The reason for delaying the Fairlane’s reveal is to not show the goods too soon and stop buyers from purchasing a new Freestyle  — a vehicle still on the company’s production schedule through at least 2008.

[Fairlane Appearance Scrapped, Detroit Free Press]


Wow, if Ford would only produce some of the concepts that they design, they might be able to get more people into there cars.
When they change the design of the concept, the finished product normally looks very little like the concept thus leaving a boring vehicle to buy from Ford.
Looks like Ford may be intentionally trying to put themselves out of business.
Looks like they could see that business as usual isn't working and try to desine more impressive vehicles.
If the Ford 500 didn't teach them something, they may be beyond help.
The Ford 500 hides in a crowd. One does not even notice it.
Maybe Ford designers are trying to hide Ford so you can't even see it, because if they don't get off there buts and design some cars that have appeal there may not be a Ford car to see.


I totally agree with the previous statement. Ford products lack imagination and style. Boring looks won't draw in customers to buy a Ford. In fact in today's market it tends to be "stand-out style" that lures customers. Ford doesn't get it, and if their CEO's don't move quick enough it will be "bye bye" to Ford. BTW, I considered buying a Focus recently but decided not to. My fear is that if Ford folds the depreciation of my Focus would go down the toilet. Ford leaders are you there.....are you listening????


Five bucks says the redesigned "Fairlane" looks more like the outgoing Freestar than the Fairlane Concept...

Why do they want to dumb it down? It already has wheels small enough for a production vehicle... I like the white roof, the squareness, and the character marks down the sides. I think the Fairlane Concept is as close as you can get to a sexy minivan--that's an accomplishment to be proud of, and they should be proud enough of it that they build it!


Agreed! What's the point of building up everyone's hopes with beautiful concepts then disappointing everyone when the boring production vehicle comes out? Ford is in a desperate position now. They NEED shocking, exciting production cars, not yet another dull, uninspired one. How many "concept" cars has Chrysler taken straight into production that looked like the show cars? It can, and should, be done!

How confusing! First Ford says they will build the Fairlane due to customer demand, then they say that it'll be significantly different the vehicle customers wanted. I don't get it.

Peter nadhazy

Ford shoud read all the comments in this page and everywhere. You can lern a lot from costumers, but you have to listen and do it.
I work for Ford and I know how disorganized all there busyness. Again FORD MOTOR WAKE UP NOW. You did put your self where you are today. Think about that.
We all hope it is not to late yet.
I am a dihard FORD man.


Ford is on a colliion course with its own destruction, and they did it all themselves. Their products are so unbelievably dull and unappealing. I sense almost a hostility in these vehicles toward its hoped for buying public.You want fine Ford style, distinction, swankness ? Well.... heres the 500 or whatever.This was Ford's Edsel and they know it. How these products were ever perpetrated is beyond me. Im a Ford admirer since 1961 and have never seen anything like what they get today. And the destuction has reached across all 3 Ford line. Lincoln - Mercury has almost ceased to exist. Who's to blame? Bill Ford who else. This man is so clueless I hope the Ford family holds him accountable.

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