Volvo Recalls 360,000 Cars

2000volvoc70Last week, while we were all enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, Reuters learned that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is recalling roughly 360,000 Volvos over a defect in the electronic throttle control. The problem can cause the car to shift into a safety mode that forces the maximum speed to 15 mph even when there’s no need for the measure.

Vehicles impacted are:

  • 1999 - 2002 C70 and V70
  • 2001 - 2002 S60
  • 1999 - 2000 S70 and V70X

Volvo sent out a voluntary recall notice in March and says about 165,000 vehicles have already been fixed. Owners of any of the vehicles listed above should take their Volvo in to have new software installed.

[Volvo Recalls 360,000 Cars for Speed Control Bug, Reuters]

By David Thomas | November 27, 2006 | Comments (46)
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Where were these jerks at Volvo all this time? Our daughter had a 2001 V70 that suffered with this problem almost from day 1. After many complaints to the dealer in Oakville that resulted in absolutely no improvement, she approached the company itself and was promptly told to bugger off. Now there's good customer relations for you! Needless to say, she now drives a Lexus and will NEVER EVER have another Volvo. Nor will I, nor any of their friends.
So you see, Volvo top brass, you are getting just what you so richly deserve!

Kate C.

What a sad scenario. I've owned two 80s-era Volvos, and they inspired a temporary twinge of Volvo brand loyalty. They ran like tanks, were easy to fix and always came out on top in a fender bender. Great cars. Not a car you'd buy to be seen in, but a car you'd buy to get somewhere.

Now that they're cars to be seen in (and by that I mean luxury branding) their quality has gone downhill. I haven't owned any of the later models myself, but I can say that every person I know who's owned a post-1995 Volvo has been grossly disappointed.


Keep up the stream. You guys are great! :>

Kim D.

I don't know if anyone out there has had any transmission problems with Volvo. I own a 2003 XC90 with 85,000 miles. The transmission just went out. I have taken it in with a few times for transmission related problems. It has been in the shop since the first week I have had it for different things. I have been having a noise that never seems to be found at service that I always complain about. Well 2 days ago the noise got worse and I lost my transmission. Volvo wants 5400.00 to put a new one in. I complained to my Volvo service tech and he said try to contact Volvo customer relations to see if the would absorb some of the cost. I will be doing that tomorrow. I know Volvo is built for safety, but with all the things that I have been through it seems like the quality for other issues is poor. I bought this vehicle because my salesperson sold me on how Volvos last if they are seviced properly. That seems like that is all I have done and it has backfired. I will see tomorrow how they stand by their committment of a quality vehicle, because this just makes me where I will never buy another Volvo and nor will anyone else I know.


This is just sad. I have a Volvo tank (a 1991 940) and I just love it. Once a year she goes to the shop for oil and whatever small repairs she needs (averaging less than 350 a year). She just keeps going and going. My wife and I have decided to keep the car for as long as she lasts, so that we can save up for a house down payment. If we wait for the car to die, we'll probably be able to buy a replacement and the house for cash, but our newborn will be out of college by then.

Anyway, I got off on a tangent. I guess all I really meant to say was that her replacement will be a Toyota or a Lexus (same thing really).


I have a 1998 V70 that had some serious problems after delivery - including missing parts and a defective ABS brake computer. The dealer was totally deaf to my requests until I had the car inspected by Hubbard Woods Motors, provided the defects list to the dealer and threatened to invoke the Illinois Lemon Law. The dealer grudingly fixed almost everything and Hubbard Woods Motors has serviced it since. It has been great. I was thinking of trading up to a 2007 V70; but frankly, I don't think the new model would be an improvement fo me over my current car; so, I'm going to purchase a new set of NOKIAN tires and keep rolling.

We also purchased a 2002 V40 from the factory in Sweden. That car has been great, which is why Ford has discontinued it.

My cousin owned a 2004 S60 that suddenly had a total engine shutdown on an expressway. The dealer wanted $1,400 to replace a defective throttle body actuator claiming it was a service-related item. Eventually, Volvo honored their warranty; but, it didn't solve Volvo's bad customer relations problem. She swore she would never buy another VOLVO and just purchased a LEXUS SUV.

Ford/Volvo just don't get the message on how to treat customers - and the numbers show it. They missed their 2006 sales target by about 60,000 cars. Style is nice; but, safety and reliability are nicer. Here's hoping Ford/Volvo reads this message and takes positive action. Meanwhile, I consider myself lucky to have mechanics at Hubbard Woods Motors nearby to keep our VOLVO cars in top running condition.

P. Martin

It is a real shame the Volvo sold out to the Evil FORD MOTOR COMPANY. I am not supirsed that the quality and reliablity that Volvo set out to do when first incorporated has gone to hell in a hand basket. So blame the quality control of the engineers of FORD MOTOR COMPANY! They are to blame. Do you seriously think that Gustaf or Assar (founding fathers of Volvo) would ever let something like this happen? Even Volvo's Parent company SKF would allow such terrible events to happen while they still owned Volvo? I think not. Notice that anything past 1998 is complete junk? Right before Volvo's sell out Ford? Humm.. a possible connection? I think so!! SO BLAME FORD for the junk that is produced.


I have a 2000 S60 with 85,000K. Always serviced as recommended by the dealer. The transmission just suddenly failed and I had to replace it costing 5,400 dlls. They told me it is bad luck. Head office said I should have bought an extended warranty. Obviously Volvo does not stand behind their product. I may expect transmission problems in cheaper or inferior quality cars but after buying a car for more than 50,000 dlls and have this problem it is difficult to accept. I guess Volvo is cheaply made or it has many unsolvable technical problems. "Volvo for life"???? never again.

I have a 1999 S80 that I bought as a "Certified Pre-Owned" vehicle in 2002. I have had that car in the shop more times than I can count, been charged for things that were still under warranty, and to this day, still fighting with them to get my money back! The "piece" (as I refer to it) has been towed 8 times, probably 4 times were within the same month, you name it, it has broke! I have been trying to get them to buy it back from me, and only get "the look" like I'm crazy or on drugs! No one ever returns my calls, suddenly, the rep I sent all the faxes to is "no longer with the company", three times over! I was just recently told by the service manager at South Bay, that they would never consider buying it back from me. My response was that you should have never considered selling it to me when you knew that the 1999's were nothing but JUNK!!! I am not done with them yet, I will be their BIGGEST anti-Volvo campaigner they have ever seen! My 1995 Nissan has still, to this day, NEVER been towed once, and it was only a $16,000 car! Go figure!

Run, do not walk, this will be the biggest money pit you've ever seen!

John simpson

I own a volvo s80 2000 model since its purchase I must have changed every electric part on the motor to rectify the car stopping. I was recently proceeding down the autroute in the fast lane and the engine cut I cannot understand why I am still alive after trying to avoid a truck in the near lane. This is not the first time this has happened and each time it ends up in the work shop to change a part, never to rectify the situation. I have spent a fortune on repair bills. I recently stopped on the autoroute going to Geneva Switzerland and once again the motor cut, this time I had to get the touring club to tow me to the nearest volvo garage(another charge) they said it was a fuse. cost $275.00 plus tow in charge for labour cost to chage the fuse. A week later going away for our vacation(which was ruined) the car cut again, another tow in and another bill and it hasnt finished yet, got a bill from Volvo Geneva for work that was not carried out.
I am in litigation with the dealer.

Philip Lowrie

In Sept 2005 i bought a V70 SE D5 Euro4 model. Since almost day 1 ive had all kinds of problems with it mostly electrical,the car has also broken down on me 4 times and had to be towed to the dealer.Worst time was when i was on the motorway and the car lost all power and the engine shut down, leaving me with no power stering and no servo brakes there was lorry behind me at the time and with no warning it had to make an emergency stop as i had no brake lights. Ive had talks with VOLVO car G.B and told me there wernt problems with the D5 model, well mine is the proof! volvo and the dealer have not once been on touch with me about my problems, so much for volvo and their saftey image!!! No more volvos for me im afraid.

Deborah Yost

I have a 204.5 Volvo S40 T-5 (turbo) with 49,200 miles on it. The car went in for service for a noise it is making. We thought it might be coming from the air conditioner but weren't really sure. The Volvo people said it was a belt tensioner. That didn't fix the problem and the car has been in for service for an entire month now. They don't know what is causing the problem. They changed the tensioner, oil pump, water pump and now the turbo. Still no solution. The noise sounds kind of like scraping your nails against a chalk board and it only happens when the car is cold like in the mornings or else when it is allowed to sit for more than 3 hours. Anyone out there have any clue as to what this problem might be caused by, I would appreciate an e-mail. Thank you.


I have a Volvo 2003 XC90 with 34,000 miles. The brakes, both front and rear as well as the brake diaphram, and other parts have been replaced numerous times since I have had the vehicle. Have any other Volve XC90 owners had problems with the braking system on their vehicles? I asked the dealer if I qualify for a new vehicle under the "lemon laws." They laughed and told me to contact Volvo Customer Services. I am not laughing at the rate the car is burning through the brakes.

Thom VanHorn

I'm not sure what to do - I have a 2005 V50 AWD wagon - bought in May 2006 - 23000 miles. about two months ago - the information light came on with a reduced engine performance message. shortly thereafter the check engine light came on with the have engine checked (or something like that) message. next thing I new it was pulsing - rpms going from 750 to 1800 and surging if my foot wasn;t on the brake it would have surged forward. I took it in, they could find nothing wrong - had it for a couple days - did some downloads, but acknowledged that they probably didn't fix it. It drives fine for 2 days than the same thing. basically the same scenario, they have it for three days, acknowledgethat this happened to one other car, but they did an upload and the customer has had no problems since. take it home, no problems for two weeks then the same thing. this time they have it for two days and say that volvo says this sounds like a problem they are aware of but have no fix for and they will keep me posted. they do a couple other fixes and send me on the way. I drive the car about 1000 miles with no problem and then last week it resurfaces. They say they have diagnosed it, replace a throttle module, and I am on my way. 30.2 miles later - it;'s the lights again. I'm at the tolls and as I pull away it gains in speed about 1 mph every 3 seconds despite the fact that I have it floored and it shows 4000 rpms. I'm taking it back in tomorrow. so what do I do. I can't drive it this way. my dealership is an hour away (2 hours to get it there and get to work), don't want to take it any distance, etc. it's over a year old and has more than 15K miles so lemon law doesn't apply. it's a lease if that matters? anybody have any suggestions.


Jason Kibby

I just purchased a 1992 Volvo 960 wagon with the body and interior in above-average condition for a 15 year old car. It has 260,000 miles. The Inline 6 is very strong, and I've been messing around sealing some of the valve cover bolts that are mildly leaking (hey, it has over a quarter million miles.) I'll likely do a serious valve cover job and A/C work, but after all that I'll have less than $4,000.00 US total in the car. It's an awesome vehicle, and I'm not confident that Ford is doing any justice to the Volvo name. It's very sad.

jon samuelton

I'd owned Volvos since the 1970's- 3 240's and one 1995 GLT. The 240's were great, the GLT soured me forever. What a piece of &%*&^! The dealer knew car had problems under warranty, didn't fix them, then told me it was my problem, since it was now out of warranty. This was about time the company went to H3LL, I mean Ford. The dealer, off the record, said that they had ordered tighter policies and wanted to cut corners. They certainly cut more than that- we have never bought another Volvo again- 4 other cars, (Acuras, 2 Hondas, a Nissan) and their overall performance has been nothing short of incredible. Wah, Ford, Wah GM, you're going broke. Wondering why? Buh by, Volvo.

Molly McMillin

I purchased a 2002 Volvo S-60 in June 2006 from a dealership in Wichita, KS. The car now has about 55,000 miles on it. Last week, I was driving when the car suddenly acted like it was in neutral. It wouldn't go forward or backward, even though it was in gear. I had it towed to the dealership. They checked it out and said there was a leak in the radiator and coolant had leaked into the transmission. They said I needed a new transmission. There was no indication of a radiator leak -- nothing had been on the driveway and there was no light inside the car indicating anything was wrong. Anyway, it is going to cost thousands to repair. I think this is a design flaw -- why would someone design a car that ruins your transmission when there is a radiator leak and doesn't let you know when there is one?
The folks at the dealership said they would contact Volvo to see whether there could provide any help. I was just told they couldn't. I told them I will never buy another Volvo (and I won't)... He told me to give him until tomorrow. So I will see... It's too bad. I liked the Volvo and the folks at the dealership are nice -- but I definitely won't have much good to say about Volvo if they don't provide any kind of help on this...

Cynthia Wells

I purchsed a 2001 xc70 wagon in 2004 after moving up north recommended by my local mechanic. Since the purchase it has been in and out with the Electronic Throttle ( first just cleaned and not replaced) So two trips to the dealership there then the soft wear upgrade which was supposedly going to fix the learching and jumping. On the way back from the dealership the check engine and after the sortwear upgrade the transmission light comes back on. I go back up to the Dealership and they tell me I need a new transmission for 5000 dollars. Why wasn';t that diagnosed a week earlier? This is just the tip of the iceburg. My gut says this is related to the throttle problem and there will be another recall but what a hastle and a dangerous nightmare especially when the car would break down.What a fleecing. I should have stuck with another BMW wagon the largest expense with that was replacing the water pump 165,000 for $1400 bucks.

yeah i have a 2000 s80 volvo. since i have owned it; three years now. I have had the throttle body replaced, fan replaced because my car was overheating, the srpring seats in the front suspension ripped at 50k which is ridiculous. the check engine light has been on for the past two years because of 02 sensors. i had them replaced still on. my abs computer broke which cost a thousand dollars to replace. now my brake failure light is on. i dont know why. after that comes off power steering services light turns on along with the abs and traction light indicating that they need to be serviced. i have had a coolant leak inside the car because my heater leaked. my sunroof metal piece came off and now the sunroof has a two inch play if you push it up. and to top it off today my transmission just gave out at 89,000 miles. pretty nice for a 47,000 thousand dollar car car. i will never buy another volvo again. never again.and if i were you i wouldnt do it. no wonder these s80's are only 8k on ebay. people are trying to get rid of these money sucking cars. its not a car its a money guzzler.

John Nelson

I have a 2001 v70 T5 5-Speed that I purchased about 2 years ago with 47,000 miles. It had been modified by IPD at IPD in Portland, Oregon, with ECU mod, exhaust system and K&N among other mods. About 13 months ago, the throttle body had to be replaced under factory recall. The car, all of a sudden, wouldn't let me go past about 10 or 12 miles an hour. With the mods the car was at about 300 hp and about 335 lbs of torque. With the new throttle body, I lost tons of power and torque. I had the ECU mod checked by IPD and the upgraded mapping was intact. It is frustrating me to no end. I love the car and I get great comments about all the time. I'm going to dyno it in a few weeks to see exactly where I sit with power and torque. I need help and the guys at IPD are stumped. Anybody got any suggestions?


Purchased my 2001 Volvo S60 2.4T in April of 2005. Car had 32k miles on it at the time of purchase. I had Stillman Volvo in West Chester, PA give the car a complete look over before I bought it.

Still under the original warranty, less than two months later, I brought it to Stillman Volvo again to have service on vibrating when braking and transmission problems (clunking/jerking when switching gears). The fixed the vibrating problem, and said they checked the transmission problem and there was nothing wrong with it.

Invoice # VOCS131212 states: (.30) hrs - When going from reverse to drive there is a clunk, also when going from brake to gas. Technician identified neutral control activating and banging and heard axle ping. Technician checked vehicle for diagnostic codes. None stored. Performed TCM upgrade to remove neutral control. Applied adhesive to hug/axle interface (1hr)

In driving the car over the next few months, nothing changed. I still had a jerk when shifting from gear to gear. I mentioned it on my next oil change at Volvo and the service manager said it was just checked and there was nothing wrong with it. He said "It may be the way you drive, I should hold try leaving your foot on the break a little longer when switching gears."

So I beleived it may be me. And let it go even though it was still a problem.

On April 3, 2006 I brought my car into Stillman Volvo again for Inspection. The other day I noticed a Recall 155 (.30 hrs) on invoice #VOCS147881 which states "This vehicle is subject to recall 155. Technician performed an ETM software upgrade to improve driveability. Recall 155 completed"

I wasn't told anything about this when I went and I wasn't charged since it was still under warranty. Being a woman, since it said it was something to improve the driveability of my car I figured it was fine. Until now, I've read the problems people have had with this upgrade and Volvo may just do it so that your car lasts long enough to outlive the warranty before it breaks and you are responsible for payment. I'm concerned now that even if I can fix this transmission that this will cause a problem and cost me more money.

On October 30, 2006 I brought my car to Stillman Volvo once again because not only was I having the transmission problem, but my engine light was on. I took it in and on invoice #VOCS159332 it states - "Check engine light is on, check codes ECM 4801/checked 02 sensor. First time fault / cleared codes and RESET CATALYTIC CONVERTOR" (.50hrs) @$49.98.

On Friday, June 1, 2007 while driving down highway 291W my car failed to accelorate. I glided to pull over and tried to hit the gas. It felt like I was in neutral, so I tried reverse and nothing. My car now was not able to move at all.

Aftering having it towed ($150) to Stillman Volvo they told me they couldn't look at it until Monday. Opening at 7am, I waited until 10am to call. No one had looked at it yet. I sent an email to the service department at 2:00pm, and at 2:25pm I received a response saying they didn't want to call me until they got proper diagnosis.

After not having a car now for 5 days Paul (service manager) called me this afternoon at 4pm to tell me it was an internal problem with the transmission and it needed to be replaced for $3,400 with a refurbished transmission.

After expressing my dissatisfaction with the outcome and how they never fixed the problem while under warranty. He dissagreed and said my only option was to pay the $3,400 and have them replace it. I did tell him that under no circumstances should I have to pay #1 for a refurbished transmission at a rate of $3,400 #2 due to the fact they never fixed the problem when originally brought to their attention.

I have read up on Volvo transmission problems all night now and I wish I would have done so before purchase. How is Volvo not being held responsible for endangering people on the road by installing faulty transmissions and trying to cover it up with petty upgrades to prolong the use until warranty's expire? The majority of these vehicles with the same problem as mine are only several years old with between 35k-60k miles on them? For a $30-$50k car that projects itself as such a high end, reliable, safe car don't you think that is stretching it?

consumers with the same problems just to name a few:

If you are having recurring transmission problems, you should think about seeking legal help. The site I used for my volvo's problem is They helped a lot and you get a free review just by calling.

Jen Cosman

I have a 2002 s60, 120,000kilometers.Took it in for theroutine service, told all was well, and the following day the right front ball joint broke. Got this repaired and one week later heard a horrid sound underneath, drove home, parked, and the car would not move. Towed in to dealer, I am told the emergency break cable broke and severed the two rear brake lines.Oh yes, had a soft tire on the way home, mechanic extracted a piece of metal, off handedly said gosh, that looks like a piece of brake metal. Anyone out there with the same potential catastrophe?


2004 XC90

Cruise control broken for years, then big warning light regarding airbags. One week later console out no gages, no turn signals...dashlights.

Next day consoles working and electrical screwups in the door. Windows and lights on and off.

The car is dangerous, don't know what will happen next.

Dealer says over 100 "faults" in system and charges $500 for software downloads but says he has no idea if he's fixed the problem. Dealer thinks all problems relate to cruise control??

Selling as soon as possible, never another Volvo.

Also worst car I've ever driven in snow.


Wow...after reading these comments I reflect back on the Jap vs. Big 3 Recall Flame war and realize just how good those cars are. Why don't we read horror stories like this on this blog from Honda/Toyota/GM/Dodge owners on their respective recall Blogs? Are their owners just too proud to complain? Or are they really not that bad, considering the problems Volvo owners have?

Sorry Volvo owners for your mishaps. I don't know if I'd necessarily blame Ford, but I wouldn't put it past their corporate structure. Same with Mazda. Seems the European companies just like to have quality problems.

I purchased a 2000 V70 with only 57,000 miles on it in April from a person I know who always went to the dealer for recommended maintenance.

Last night at 60,200 miles, the transmission broke while I was trying to accelerate. I had it towed to my house.
I had read lot's of horror stories about this car beforehand but still purchased it because Volvos are so comfortable. Well now I have to decide what to do with this expensive mistake.

Thankfully I also have a 2005 reliable (not so comfortable), Subaru Outback.


Help- My Transmission went in my 2003 XC90. They say it will cost $4100- to fix. Its 17K over Warranty and it was brought in 3 x before the Warranty went out for hesiatation. Need some suggestions!


2004 xc90 77000 miles: transmission going out; what a peice of garbage


Two weeks after I bought V70 w/ 22,000 miles car stalled out and was towed. Have had an ongoing hesitation problem which Volvo can't seem to resolve. And that's just the beginning you name it and i've had it replaced from throttle to seat buckles -- Nothing but problems, most recently no warning at all, car dies and almost got killed on highway driving 55 mph. Replaced alternator, last week it was struts, shock absorbers, power steering hose. Even with warranty cost me Almost $1,000 in last 60 days. Yesterday heard rapping noise dread getting into car. Would never buy another Volvo -- can't believe there's been no class action against this company. Look elsewhere if you want a safe reliable car.


I am thinking of buying a Volvo 2005 S60 2.4 5cy with 40,000 miles. Does anyone own one of these and any trouble with them?


I bought a 1999 S70 back in 2001 [used] thinking that it would be a reliable, long lasting car......however it has been in the shop for the 3rd time for the ETM [electronic throttle module] and now the dealer says the part [recall item that volvo will cover] is back ordered...I've already been without a car for 2 weeks, and still no replacement part.
Volvo should have planned to have plenty of these on hand, or pay for rentals while they take their time sending out parts.

The dealer here in Canton, doesn't even care.
too bad, I used to have alot of love and respect for these cars, but like everything else, it's gone downhill.


I have read all of the complaints and recalls on the volvo cars and am very dissapointed with the quality of cars volvo has out there. I started looking for information on recalls, every since I started having problems with my car a couple weeks back. It started as a Water Pump Failure. I had no indicator lights on in the car to tell me there was an issue with the Water Pump and no leakage on the ground below my car. Then I was told that my radiator was also leaking. With the Water Pump and Radiator leaking it caused my Engine to over heat. Volvo Cars was attempting to charge me $12,500 to fix the damages, which was totally unacceptable. This is the price for a new car. I then had it towed to a local dealer which told me that it would still cost me $3,500 for them to fix it. My car is not that old. It is a 2002 S60. I had another car for 9-10 years with no major problems. I guess its all based on the quality and how well the car was built. I am now attempting to get reimbursed for the $3500 I had to pay to get my car back on the road. I hope that Volvo Cars stand behind the quality of their cars, or lack there of, and offer assistance to customers like us who had every choice to buy any car and we choose to buy a Volvo.


My 96 volvo 850 GLT is the worst of the worst car I have ever owned. My 80's 240D was a great car and then this thing. The radio,the windows, the, gas millage, check engine lights for everything. Light sockets all over the car. The transmission started making a knocking noise and then dumped fluid everywhere. Volvo has lost in the car world for dependable. 'What a shame I had so much respect and it's all gone.

Hopelessly sad over volvo

I had the greatest 1993 volvo; ran like a dream, great service, died on a bridge in rush hour traffic (I literally drove it to its death!). Replaced w/ a 2001 XC70. MONEY PIT; worse car I've ever owned. Had ignition switch replaced three times; still does not work all the time. Gear shift sticks. Gas/fuel emission issues. A/C keeps stopping (yes, on beltway in summertime); bulbs burn out every 3 weeks or so. Dealer keeps charging me to replace items that were recalled; wanted $5000 for a repair that another garage did for $1000! Can we file a lemon law complaint with attorney generals?


hey i just got a 2001 volvo v70 xc an a month later the transmission goes out. what should i do?

Pat Wheeler

I have a 2000 S70A Volvo and since December 2009 I
have had problems with the
Electronic Throttle Module.
The car surges and the
will loose power and I have
found my self in unsafe
situations with the car. I
had the car diagnosed at the dealers and they said
I needed a new electronic module kit costing $1200. I had been taking it to an
Independent Volvo Repair Shop since the beginning of
the year because of the problem. The dealer said
because I did not fill out
complaint form before the
ten year period I would not
be covered for anything. (In fact I was not informed
of this by Volvo) but had
the problem before the ten
year period which was June 2010.

I have documentation from the Independent Volvo Shop that confirms this. I do not know what to do as I have approached the dealer and Volvo Headquarters direct with no support.
Any suggestions? Thanks, Pat

Chris Newman

Bought a 2005 S40 Turbo with 5k miles on it. Ran great until recently I now have about 75k miles. Got messages of Reduced Engine Performance and went into limp mode. Then Immobilizer which left me stuck on side of road. Replaced throttle body and ran good for about 1 month then Reduced Engine Performance again. Took it into dealer and they replaced turbo control valve. Ran good for another month then Reduced Engine Performance again. This time dealer did software download ofr ECM. Ran good for another month and then Reduced Engine Performance again. This time dealer replaced wire ends for connectors at the throttle body and engine modules. Ran good for a month and Reduced Engine Performance again. So it is back at the dealer and waiting to hear the "fix" this time. Bought this car because I thought it would be a safe vehicle to hand down to my newly driving Son but this thing is extremely dangerous when it loses all power and goes into Reduced Engine Performance mode. Surprised that these cars haven't killed a bunch of people. Nice job Volvo you have destroyed your brand.


The root cause, as I understand it, is a failing resistance film in the potentiometer attached to the throttle plate which sends position data to the software. As this film wears out, it sends radically varying (and/or no) position data to the software. The software then sends bogus data to the fuel control module, causing the performance problems.
This design went on way after 2002 (I have a 2004 V70).
Volvo owes many more customers a real fix.


Volvo suck


There is a class action lawsuit for the tranmission. I paid for a tranmission less than 2 years ago. Then got the class action lawsuit settlement paper work about 2 months ago. I had only driven the car about 12,000 miles when transmission went out. Less than 24 months and 10,000 miles later the transmission leaked all the transmission out last night and I drive an average of less than 10 miles a day.


please forward info re class action lawsuit. thanks!!!

Eugene. Freeman

I have a volvo V70 2001 model. I heard that the vehivle was recalled to install transmissipn patch due to factory fefects that causes shifting problems. Where can I take my vehile for repair. Also, I want to join pending class action. Please help.


Please email me the information for the class law suit.


Will having the software updated on my 2003 Volvo s40 correct the immobilzer issue I'm having. I've had the car for three months now and it has started strong every day. But yesterday. All the windows radio work bur it just won't turn over and I've tried the five" times thing with locking and unlocking the doors. Any advice?


Wow! I am afraid after reading the many problems consumers are having with the transmission's on Volvo's. I just purchased a 2002 C70, to use for small errands around town! And wouldn't you know it after driving it about 6 times. The car has a jerking motion when you start to accelerate, and the engine sounds like it's moving but the car hasn't moved yet. Now the check engine light came on and a flashing arrow indicating (transmission) problem. As well as engine overheating needing Anti-freeze! I have the dealerships service records shows the transmission was rebuilt in 2009 by previous owner! I wonder if the "Class Action Lawsuit" is still available! @Carla please email me the information. Thank you!

Bruce Leivenberg

I have owned a Volvo xc90 2003 T5 and no problems! 102,000 miles and same back brakes. This car is better then my 79 and 82 Mazda! The 2003 were made with some Japanese parts, from Nissan and Suzuki and maybe thats way it has lasted… On to 200,000!

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