The Future of BMW: 1 Series, Two New Crossovers for U.S.


BMW has a new CEO and he isn’t shy about discussing future products. In the ultra-secretive world that is the automotive industry, we don’t get candid Q&A’s from executives too often, but AutoWeek scored a good one with new BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer. Reithofer used to head up BMW’s U.S. production in South Carolina, so he has a pulse on the American market.

What exactly did he say? Well, for one thing the U.S. will see future 1 Series models. The 1 Series is currently on sale in Europe as a hatchback (shown here). Reithofer says the U.S. will not get a hatchback, though; look for a 1 Series sedan, coupe and wagon instead. The 1 Series could be a huge hit in the U.S. as a successor to the classic BMW 2002.


The other news is that the South Carolina plant will add a new crossover vehicle in 2008 that will be built alongside the X5 SUV. Reithofer calls it a “so-called SAV coupe.” We don’t know what that means either, but the term SAV — Sport Activity Vehicle — is what they use for the X3.

A second crossover is in the works, but the CEO was much more vague about that. All he would say is that it won’t be a luxury minivan like the Mercedes-Benz R-Class.

It’s always fun to speculate about what will be on the roads in the future, and now we know a lot more than we did yesterday.

[Interview With Norbert Reithofer, AutoWeek]

By David Thomas | November 21, 2006 | Comments (7)
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ugh... someone should probably redesign those tail lights, they look like they were lifted from the Honda Fit.


WHY??? WHY???? WHYYYYYYYY??? make an ugly sedan out of this beauty for the u.s? Honda fit, nissan versa and the new toyta yaris hatchback are everywhere nowadays, the hatchback is back!!! cmon Bmw a small sedan is not hot!!!


The rear 3/4 view does bear a passing resemblance to the Kia Rio Cinco wagon. I think a 2-door version of this Beemer would be cool, an alternative to the Mini, but they wouldn't want to compete against themselves.

Nils Thorell

There is only one problem with car: It does not look good.
Otherwise it would be a perfect car for me.


this car really sucks you should add more excitement to it sorry


I drove the 1 in Germany (rental) and thought it was great.
I love there I-6s but I'm sure a well sorted, rear wheel drive 4 door anything with 4 cylinders would do very well here. The 1 series 2.0 I drove in Germany was an absolute joy to drive.
Imagine the demographic they would attract with such a car.
-if they want to stay ahead of the curve, forget the silly cross overs, bring on the wagons.


"The 1 Series could be a huge hit in the U.S. as a successor to the classic BMW 2002." What planet are you living on? I would love to see a new 2002 having owned one once. This as far as i can tell comes no were near that car. Make it a two door coupe and then we'll take. Sorry 4 and 5 doors are never cool. Let's make a 4 door Vette. Man! That's cool!

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