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We were all pretty surprised earlier this week when Jay Leno announced his collaboration with GM on the EcoJet concept. Leno — a well-known car freak — fulfilled every kid’s dream — or maybe just ours — of getting to design a crazy concept car from scratch with the backing of one of the world’s largest automakers. Keep reading for more photos of the concept, and see our original post here.






By David Thomas | November 3, 2006 | Comments (10)


I had an idea for a turbine style rim... and Jay beat me to it! Darn you.

Looks cool... and kind like a Cadillac, go figure.


So Jay's fantasy car is a batmobile?

G.M needs to replace the present Corvette design for this one. Looks great and bet Corvette sales would gain strength.

I think the corvette is fine overall.
This thing is a Batmobile though fiddlesticks, totally agree with you. That backend is wild yet the wheels could go on anything and look cool.


Remember when Homer Simpson got to design a car and he drove the car company out of business with his hideous and completely outdated and childlike afterthoughts...

Jay Leno might not be Homer Simpson, but he channeled him when designed this car. With rear fins? This has to be a joke, now where is the real car?

All jokes aside. This runs the gamut of big ideas gone bad. The PR on this thing is bette than the actual concept. I would love to see a GM car actually designed by designers. Yeah, that would be great. Maybe then we would love to drive their car instead of looking at another reason they are lagging in sales.

Very cutting edge. Bleedingly so.


Way to go Jay!

I've been having car problems lately, and have been sketching my own ideas for a vehicle, idealy to be built by General Motors. Granted, it isn't some kind of super car. Just basic transport for two people with mobility issues.

I wonder if GM would like a look at my sketch pat.

tommy chicago

what would be the price on one of these bad boys?


Nice if GM would retro the Caddie this could be it. But the finns are a little shy.
Don't even think of this as a next Corvette remember Cadzella ZZ tops Custom Caddie ? If I got the chance to get my design into GM's design team I would be happy too .
ok Jay, you go Lenno


Holy concept cars, Batman!


SLR had a turbine wheel. 2003 or so it came out

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