2006 L.A. Auto Show: Hyundai Hellion Concept


It has a tough name and aggressive lines, but this three-door concept is yet another flight of fancy. In fact, we can’t remember a Hyundai concept that came to life as a real production car. The most interesting thing about the Hellion is that its architecture was inspired by those hard-shell backpacks that make pedestrians look like human-turtle hybrids. No, we don’t get it either, but supposedly it makes the Hellion look more organic. And yes, we’re getting tired of the PR speak ourselves. Now on to the photos…










Mike B.

"In fact, we can’t remember a Hyundai concept that came to life as a real production car."

Strong styling elements from various concepts were incorporated into production vehicles: 1992 HCD-2 (Tiburon) and 2006 HCD-9 (Veracruz) come to mind. A production version of the 2005 Accent SR is currently on sale; Europe will get a production Arnejs soon. I'm sure there are others....

Back to the Hellion HCD-10, I personally doubt we'll be seeing anything like this in the '09 Tucson (well, perhaps some of the mechanicals might show up -- which would be great!). This has some interesting styling elements, but I think it's just a little too weird for the public to take seriously. They nailed the "organic look"... then kinda went off the deep end. I personally think the front-end is very unattractive.

Mike Smith

I have no idea about concept cars. Why do makers spend so much money on these cars that don't see the light of day? Is it to try out new design ideas? Anyone answer, I would like to know.

Mike B.

I suppose there are a lot of different reasons, but it's generally done to gauge public reaction to features or design elements. A good number of concepts do get productionized; sometimes a "concept" is just a thinly-disguised pre-production model (such as the VW Tiguan "concept" at the LA show).

It's also done to increase brand-awareness and improve image. Even if a concept doesn't make it beyond the auto show circuit, it can still positively impact the public's perception of the automaker if it’s well-executed.


Hellion.....this gives me an idea. Is it a balloon because its name is almost 'Helium'??


Where are the "reverse" lights?

Jeff B

I love this car! I can see this having wide market appeal, and a lot of people would jump all over this. Being Diesel is even better, because it would run cleaner, and get considerably better gas mileage. Look at the Honda Element, which I don't find to be as appealing as a car like this. The only thing I don't like is no rear doors. You put back doors on this car, and I buy it in a heart beat!

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