2006 L.A. Auto Show: VW Tiguan Concept


We hate the name but everything else about this concept sure looks good. What is a Tiguan you ask? It’s Volkswagen’s attempt at a compact SUV to be slated above a Honda CR-V but below a BMW X3. The company calls it a “small Touareg” but that’s not really accurate. The Touareg is based on the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne while the Tiguan is based on the VW Golf, a small economy car. The concept is powered by a clean diesel engine.

If the Tiguan makes it to production — and all indicators say it will — it should sell well. We’re a bit surprised VW didn’t come out with something like this sooner. More on the Tiguan later today.

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This VW Tiguan looks like a mean midget on steroids.


Kind of an over-inflated Golf 4-door. I hope the colored tread tires make it to production, adds a neat touch.

Will the diesel version come to the states? My local dealer says diesel V dubs are very limited to the Jetta.
If they bring this puppy in, reserve one for me.

vw is bringing the tdi back for the 2008 model year in three models including the jetta and golf. Since the Tiguan debuted as a diesel concept we'd guess it would get that powerplant as well. Things change though, especially with diesel offerings.


although I constantly bash VW for their reliability issues, I really like the Tiguan, especially its diesel engine.


M3 - you can buy tire crayons to color your tire so it looks just like the tires on this concept, some poser sportbikers do it.

Bring on the clean diesels


i hope they keep the diesel engine with gas prices what they are we all need options


This a very nice design. Clean and aggressive with good lines. Thankfully, the colored tires won't make it to production, nor will the giant wheels. The diesel option would be welcome.

VW could use some excitement in its lineup. They need to be careful with pricing. They like to pretend to be upscale but sales say otherwise. They do have nice interiors, though. The biggest change they need is to fire the person who names their vehicles. Corrado, Golf, Passat, Touareg, and now Tiguan?! Are you kidding me?


The naming of the Tiguan was the result of a public poll conducted in Europe. The other options were Marrakesh (my personal favorite) and Bedouin. For some strange reason Tiguan (combination Tiger and Iguana) was chosen.

The Tiguan sits on what is basically a Golf-Plus platform - the wheelbase is the same length as the A5 Jetta. This will be the safest, best-performing (onroad and off)and most efficient vehicle in its class, by far.

The Tiguan will be priced from mid-$20's to very low $30's. Not bad at all considering the BlueTec V6 TDI will produce 30 to 40 mpg.


Marrakesh would have been a great name for this vehicle. Too bad.

If pricing with a V6 is set there it will indeed be a hot little suv.


the Tigua are a Native American tribe in the Southwestern US. VW sees to have a thing for tribal names (Touareg, Tiguan...)

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