VW Unleashes V-10 Diesel Touareg on U.S. Today


You would think an engine that produces 553 pounds-feet of torque — more than a Dodge Viper — would really suck fuel. Not true when that fuel is of the diesel variety, and certainly not true in the 2006 Volkswagen Touareg V-10 TDI released today in all 50 states.

On Monday, new clean diesel fuel made its way to pumps in the U.S. that, when teamed with advanced engines, meets stringent environmental guidelines in all states, including California and other states with restrictions beyond federal limits.

The VW V-10 kicks out 310 hp, but the performance comes from the massive torque that we can only imagine launches the SUV from mall exits with extreme prejudice. Also extreme is the price tag for this sucker: $67,750. That’s more than $20,000 over the V-8 Touareg already on the market. Mileage is better in the larger V-10, at 17 mpg city and 23 mpg highway, versus 14/18 mpg with the V-8.

We’re excited that a company is bringing such an impressive diesel to the U.S., we’re just not sure anyone is going to pony up that extra twenty large for the experience.

By David Thomas | October 19, 2006 | Comments (13)
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$68 grand for a year-old (2006) model with VW's reputation for quality and dependability... Gee, where do I sign up? I want to be sure to get one before they're all gone!


68,000 Dollars for a VW....I'd get me a Mercedes or Bmw for that money....price is too HIGH

J Baustian

RE: "I'd get me a Mercedes or Bmw for that money"

Better to compare this one to the Porsche Cayenne. They may even be assembled in the same factory.


Holy cow, $20 grand for a diesel engine upgrade??? And I thought the $4000 dollar premium in pickups was stiff. You'll certainly never pay for it with the improved fuel economy. I think Audi/VW should put this engine in a premium diesel sports car so they'd have something totally unique.


This story couldn't be any funnier. Silly Germans thinking that some fool will pay $68k for the right to own a diesel.

gary e

Before You Judge This Touareg You Should Test Drive One,Gary Erickson Of Fort Myers Volkswagen Will Be More Then Happy To Help You


I bought a VW from Gary Erickson of Fort Myers and it was the worst experience ever. I must have made several of the Service Managers boat payments the way they raped me.


Iam Sorry It Was Not From Gary Erickson It Was From The Internet Salesman

Rose Bowlds

Where can I find a site for a schematics of a disel fuel pump system for a 1985, volkswagon.
Thank you so much in advance!!!

A V-10 diesel in a car? I could understand if VW made a full size van or pickup, i suppose that VW thinks that ppl want a status symbol, so why not supercharge the V-8? A big chrome blower sticking up thru the hood, would have more WOW power than a diesel!




BMW or Mercedes? They're junk compared to the new classes of Volkswagens.


I drove one. very impress.Very quite with slight beat to know the motor is running.I wished I should paid for it. I have own VW before and diesels last a very long time.Last, 1985 VW was 18year and still strong motor. 335,ooo miles. My mistake to sell it. Vw Jetta. I would love to buy one and see what care the ex owner has. I drove a Bmw- x5 rattle and tailgate leaked when rain. MB is good ,but I drove VW it is better than. I wished VW will still make them?

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