Head to Head: 2007 BMW 335i vs. 2007 Infiniti G35


The Cars.com editorial staff got to check out dozens of upcoming models at a rally in suburban Chicago on Friday. There was a ton to cover, from semi-exotics like the Jaguar XKR to the least expensive compacts on the market, like the Hyundai Accent. There was little doubt, though, that two of the models we were most interested in were the new BMW 335i, with its twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, and the redesigned Infiniti G35. Now, for a true comparison these both should be sedans, but only the 335i coupe was on hand. David Thomas and Mike Hanley had to make do as they ran the two through their paces.


DT: There’s nothing you can find fault with in the BMW. The engine acts so much like a standard six — or even a V-8 — that it's hard to believe there’s one turbocharger in there, let alone two, and unlike a lot of high-powered vehicles the engine noise isn’t obnoxious. In fact, I could have stood a bit more. Shifting was effortless and the handling near perfect. Umm … I guess I’m saying I liked it.

MH: I was also impressed with BMW's new twin-turbo inline-six. The engine makes smooth, even power all the way up the tachometer and doesn't feel like a turbocharged engine in the least; I never even heard the turbos during my drive. The coupe's steering effort is a bit light for a 3 Series — I didn't mind this one bit, but I suspect diehard BMW fans might take issue. Despite the lower effort, it's no less responsive. A small annoyance: The 335i's stereo readout disappears if you're wearing polarized sunglasses.


DT: The G35, on the other hand, disappointed me. While the interior was much improved and the new center stack is terrific, I couldn’t stand the six-speed manual. While the BMW felt natural, the G35 reacted with snarls and the clutch reverberated with a crunch, like it was shifting through a sandbox. It pushed out a lot of power — it produces 306 hp, compared to 300 in the BMW, but the 335i also produces 300 pounds-feet of torque versus the 268 in the G35 — and got up to speed quickly. It also, though, was harder to control than the BMW and required too much of my attention to enjoy.

MH: Unlike Dave, I found the G35 Sport to be an immensely fun and engaging sedan. The G35's 3.5-liter V-6 isn't as smooth as the BMW's engine, but it's still a strong performer and was teamed with a precise, short-throw six-speed manual. While the 335i's six-speed manual is a smooth-shifting unit, I didn't appreciate its long-ish throws. The G35's more luxurious interior now stacks up better with the 3 Series, and Sport models include cool features like adjustable side bolsters for the driver's seat, which the 335i can also have.


DT: There’s no question my money is on the BMW. Even though the G35 is a better value— pricing hasn’t been announced yet but we’re guessing it will be similar to the 2006 model, which starts at $31,200 versus the BMW 335i coupe’s starting figure of $40,600 — I’d want the BMW to live with every day, and especially on the weekends.


MH: While driving the G35, I kept thinking to myself how similar it feels to the 335i. I appreciate the BMW's heritage, but even if pricing for the G35 jumps up to $33,000, which would be a large increase, the premium for the sedan version of the 335i would still be almost $6,000. I don't think heritage is worth that much.


By David Thomas | October 9, 2006 | Comments (72)



I think most people shop price and then find what vehicles fall into their price range. For those that are shopping on price, they will probably be comparing the 328i sedan vs the G35 sedan.

Of those, which is better?

For the approximate cost of a 335i you can get an Infiniti M35 ($41k), M35x ($44k). Which of those is better?


Why do we even bother to compare a N/A sedan to a Force Induction Coupe?
The price is not even in the same range at all...

Jay A.

Wow! I really enjoyed this article untile the last couple of sentences.

It is widely known that a BMW will cost more to produce than any other comparison car. And within the ranks of BMW, BMW's coupes cost more to produce than the sedans and are, therefore, more expensive. That being said, why are we comparing an Infiniti sedan to a BMW coupe?

Additionally, why are we using this test where we compare Infiniti's crank horsepower with BMW's wheel horsepower. Yes, there is a difference. The residual losses suggest that the Infiniti product loses 16% of stated power through the transmission and drivetrain, most as lost heat, the rest due to an inefficient transfer of power down through the chain.

Yes, the 335i sedan costs more than the Infiniti. Part of this rests with the fact that the BMW costs more to produce. That, combined with the Ultimate Service Platform for the Ultimate Driving Machine, in which no maintenance costs are incurred by the owner (or lessee) for 4 years or 50,000 miles (as well as Roadside Assistance and BMW Assist for the same term), make the BMW appear more attractive, both fisclly and emotionally. However, this fact is not revealed in your test.

I just wish that these tests compared apples to apples, not cherries (BMW) to prunes (Infiniti). Yes, I am a BMW fan. However, in the past, I have driven everything else from Infiniti to Mercedes and Lexus to Audi. I have eternally found a home in the ranks of the BMW faithful. And I'm proud to say that.


These are two wonderful cars . . . that occupy two different categories! This test is frivolous, of the "ton (of cars)to cover", there surely were two cars closer matched. How much does each of these beauties cost?

thanks for good responses but these two vehicles (in sedan form) are being compared daily by shoppers, magazines, other sites etc. We're not the first and I doubt the last. Some publications call the G35 a 3 series beater. Infiniti has even billed it an inexpensive way to get the same performance as the 3. That's why we did it. Also when people are shopping for performance sedans/coupes they may spend more for more power, where as someone looking for a family sedan like the Fusion would definitely be focused on price. I know lots of people that cross shop the 3, Audi A4 and G35 with varying powerplants and costs. The fact that one of us thought the less expensive G35 outdid the BMW says something and pretty much validates the whole post. Upcoming Head to Heads this week have us pitting the VW Eos vs Volvo C70 and the GTI 4 door vs the Mazdaspeed3. Hope you enjoy those as well.

Plus if you've ever gotten in the back seat of any of these sedans you know you may as well buy a coupe anyway ;)


I am always perplexed when reading comments from people like Jay A. Crank HP vs. wheel HP???? I think before posting something like that people should educate themself first. How about taking course like "motor vehicle design 101" or similar. I come from world of engineering and can tell you that SAE rules are same for every singe car tested these days and have HP measured the same way (especially from 2006).


I looked into the 335i and configured the cars to how I would buy them and if the pricing on the new G35 is similar, I see a whopping $11,735 price difference. I'm not sure I would pay 23% more for the badge and heritage of the BMWs for similar performance. I would agree though that BMW is probably a better put together car, but in my experience they have been much less reliable.

335i Sedan:
Base - 39,395
Metallic paint - 475
Steptronic Auto transmission - 1275
Sport Package - 1600
Paddle Shift - 100
Park Distance Control (G35 has standard rear view camera) - $350
Premium package - $2,450
Cold weather package - $1000
Comfort access - $500
Nav - $2,100
Sat Radio - $595
Floor mats - $125
Aluminum pedals - $85
6 Disc CD Changer - $635

G35 Sedan:
Base - $31,450
Sport - $750
Premium Package C - $3,500
Nav Package - $1,800
Wood Package - $250
Four wheel active steer - $1200

These are the options on the BMW that are standard or come with an Infiniti Package.
Metallic paint (Standard on G35) - 475
Steptronic Auto transmission - 1275
Paddle Shift (comes with G35 Sport Package) - 100
Park Distance Control (G35 has standard rear view camera) - $350
Comfort access (comes with G35 Premium Package) - $500
Sat Radio (comes with G35 Premium Package) - $595
Aluminum pedals (comes with G35 Sport package) - $85
6 Disc CD Changer (standard on G35) - $635

I would also probably get the active cruise control / intelligent cruise, but the 2006 G35 doesn't have that as an option to compare cost. In my previous car it was part of the tech package where BMW charges $2,100 for that single option.

To get similar pricing you would have to step down to the 328i Sedan, but the BMW would still be several thousand more expensive, and much less powerful.

* Disclaimer: I have a 2000 323i and a 2004 Infiniti FX45 so have experienced both manufactures. I've also driven the E90 2006 330i several times on autocross courses, BMW events, and have rented 2003-2006 G35 sedans from Hertz for several months in addition to the ones I get from Infiniti as loaners. *

I also find that my BMW eats tires and brakes like crazy. The tires are not covered under the maintenance warranty. The brake service (pads, rotors) are about twice as expensive as Infiniti dealer service, and have lasted us about 1/2 the miles as our FX, so the net cost is about 4x. Something to keep in mind if you plan to keep your car for longer than 4 years, though I guess most BMW cars are leased.

One other minor annoyance, at least around NYC, is that BMW dealers refuse to give you a loaner car unless you bought your car from their dealership.

You're also working on the assumption that the new 2007 G35 we tested will be priced identically to the 2006. While I'd guess they'll be close, like Mike said in the post itself I doubt it will be the same. Still we clearly stated there was a price difference between the two vehicles. This is Infiniti's main advantage.


Yes, I understand that the price will be more for the new model. In the review it mention something around $6,000, where I think the typical configuration will be much more above that figure, similarly equipped. I guess we'll just have to wait and see for the official pricing.


"Plus if you've ever gotten in the back seat of any of these sedans you know you may as well buy a coupe anyway ;)

Posted by: Dave T. | Oct 10, 2006 6:16:57 AM"

Dear Dave,
BMW 3 Series coupe comes with 2 backseat belts, while Infiniti G35 Sedan comes with 3. So sitting 3 at the BMW's backseat is illegal, not in the Infiniti, even if it may be so cramped back there, but who cares? This is a sport sedan, not a family sedan like Camry or Accord.


My shopping/buying experience from December 2005 that may be relevant to the 335i vs G35 comparison.

I own a 2006 G35 6MT and my previous car was a 1998 BMW 540i 6 speed.

When it was time to (sadly) say good bye to the 540i, I decided I wanted a smaller, more tossable car. Price range = $35 - $40K. Test drove a 330i (e90), 325i (e90), A4 3.2 6 speed and the G35.

Two notes - price is important to me, performance is most important, styling least.

330i - Loved it. The best of the group in design and overall performance. Couldn't find one for less than $42K though.

325i - Same as above but severely lacking power for my tastes. Pricy. Throw some options on this car and you are at $40K easily.

A4 - Very nice face-lift. Was not as sharp a performer as the BMWs for the same $. Again, pricy. $42K. Quattro is a very nice feature, particularly if you live north.

G35 - Never thought I would own a Japanese sedan. Never considered this car until I began researching sedans in the segment and kept hearing the glowing reviews of its performance. Great power, handling and brakes. More coarse than the others but an extremely entertaining drive, almost brutish in manner with respect to the engine feel and sound – satisfying if you are motorhead. Acceptable level of luxury but, overall, inferior interior design and materials. $32K.

Bottom line - got a 300 hp sedan that flies and also has good comfort and luxury for +/- $10K less than the BMW and Audi. Price independent, I would be driving the 330i, and now, the 335i. Hmm…on second thought, price independent, I would be driving an M5. Forget the part about smaller and more tossable.

So, 2007 335i or 2007 G35? If money is not an object go with the 335i. You will be driving the best sedan in the class. If you have to keep an eye on the budget, buy a G35. You will have a thrilling, refined sport sedan that is a bargain at a presumed $33K.

John F

Hi all:

Enjoyed all the comments. It all comes down to your motivation...what you are truly looking for. BMW's are wonderful machines, which heritage etc etc. I always loved the BMW's for their looks but never cared for the interiors. They have always been bland, with small displays, and skimped on the "cockpit like" feel and gadgets of Inifiniti and others, even MB.

For me, I am a technology guy. I am sure BMW is full of it, but I like to see, in terms of display, cameras, Bluetooth, NAV systems etc. This new infiniti is loaded with it. From adaptive cruise control, to Rear View Cameras, to built in 10gig hard drives, to a sweet NAV display etc.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste and cash flow. I would still choose the G35 over the BMW based on the items I mentioned above even if the price were the same. A more compeling test would be the 2008 G35 Coupe to this 335i coupe.


"Plus if you've ever gotten in the back seat of any of these sedans you know you may as well buy a coupe anyway ;)"

Posted by: Dave T. | Oct 10, 2006 6:16:57 AM

I haven't had the pleasure to see the 07 g35 in person yet, however I drive a 03.5 and I have gotten in the back seat. They RECLINE. they have ample legroom for a 6 foot person, and have sweet headrests... i suppose they could use lazyboy foot extensions? what is your beef with the G sedan backseat?

I almost fell asleep in the showroom...


Why r they comparing a 31,000 g35 SEDAN to a 40,000 BMW 335i COUPE. If you want to compare the g35 then wait for the 07 coupe to compare it with, which will be a much more competetive rival to the 335i. If you put 9,000 dollars which you save from buying hte g35 than the bmw and you put it into the g35. it will definately murder the 335i.

BMW = Overpriced

The new G sedan will sell like hot cakes, taking more market shares from BMW 3 series, Lexus IS350..etc.

you get a lot more for the $ with the G35, so far, it's the best bang for the buck in the <35k sedan segment.

I believe the sudden change of BMW's 330 to 335i and 325i to 328i is a response to the 2nd gen G35 and IS350...


I am in the market for a sport sedan and don't need anything bigger than a 3-series or G35.

The G35 makes a great argument being about $6K less well appointed however if performance is the non-negotiable deciding factor I don't see how the G35 comes out ahead. Not to mention the G35 will eat up a great deal of those cost savings in the first 4 or 5 years with maintinence charges and lower fuel economy.


i would agree that the comparison is a little off base right now, but it was an interesting comparison unitl they can get their hands on a 335i sedan to compare. My understanding from Car and Driver is the 335i sedan did 4.8 sec 0-60 (ummmm crushing the infiniti). People always look at horsepower. I say horsepower,smorsepower. Look at the 0-60 times and them compare fuel mileage and BMW again crushed Infiniti(i average about 5 mpg more than infiniti). There is a huge premium for BMW, but driving both 2006 models, it was a no brainer for me. Then you include no maintenance...forget about it. Plus I couldn't even get in the back seat of the G.

BMW is an asperational vehicle. Infiniti is and will always be an also ran, maybe very good, but still an also ran.


I agree with the last post...'Infiniti is an also ran...'

I also see Infiniti's running all day long past my 330i while I get to know more details about my Service Advisors family.

Consider yourself dope-slapped. It's ok to be angry, like you I too got stuck with a 3 Series.
Never again.


Bottom Line... Until Infinity opens more dealerships, they will suffer. I own both BMW and Infiniti and will never buy again due to the closest service is 3 hours away. This fact also affects RESALE of the cars.


OK - I hope i get lots of replies from both sides.

Lemme first say that i've considered BMW many times over when purchasing my last 3 cars. I just sold my Audi S4 [2004] with V8-quattro- LUVed IT!... had to let it go... and this time, I'm going with the G35 -just factory ordered it.

In the last 3 vehicle purchases, the deciding factor was not price or prestige... but avoiding BS* like: the fact that BMW does dummass things to their cars - like putting on brakes/rotors that have to be replaced within 2 years [automatic tranny - standard gets 3 years if lucky]... and when you replace brakes - it includes both pads and rotors *** I am in Canada --- and BMW Canada will not replace them under the warranty --- as i understand it, BMW usa does [wonder why ehh?].

That is absolute BS* ... OK - fine - if I want a economy vehicle, i should go for a Camry or Accord --- but - consider this - forking out $870 each and every 2 years of ownership - just for brakes alone*. LOL - forget it - unless it is ferrari, forget it!

My friend works for Brian Jessel BMW as a service advisor - she gets paid very well* - she tells me how much BMW charges for service - and now i know how and why she gets paid so well... good for her*- but i dont feel like paying for her wage as we work our asses off... --- my Audi S4 - had over 40,000 KMS on it, and still has plenty of brakes when i sold it!!! --- furthermore, my 96 integra gsr [which my frend owns now] is on its second set of brakes only, and original rotors!!!

Wanna know what excuse BMW gives their customers - on why they have to replace their brakes so soon [often times just 1.5 years]? --- "because BMW brakes provide best in class braking performance - and brakes are important to safety... etc." ... UMMMMM- NO - try - because BMW has to make money after the sale of your vehicle - so we designed the rotors to wear with the brakes - so you can pay LOTs now, and even MORE later --- this is part of our heritage - and part of our commitment to KEEPING UR CAR IN OUR $$ERVICE BAY, gouge / rake in the money from our prestige seeking - stupid [excuse my french] customers. Anyways, my S4 gets similar or better braking performance compared with the M3- and i don't see me having to replace the brakes within 2 even 3 years.

Anyways - ... hope someone has a good argument to nullify my harsh judgement on BMW... ... I actually didn't even really consider any of BMW cars - ... my other choice was the IS250 [the IS350 was +$6500].

Can't wait - I ordered a M6-G35 - and it will be here mid dec.


John LeGresley

I have a few comments regarding the G35 sedan/335 coupe. First, we Canadians really get ripped either way. The G35 starts at $40K and the 335 over 50K. Then we pay 15% tax on top of that! So to most up here anyway, price is a major concern. To get in to the 3 series, one would have to drop down to a 323 with 170hp (Not even available in the US markets). So the G has that beat by over 100 ponies. I drove both, enjoyed both, but in the end, bought a VW Passat for $30K. It has much more leg room in the rear, and the trunk is huge. Enough about the VW because I woulda prolly bought the G35 if I could get US prices.
Can anyone tell me why we Canadians have to pay so much more for the same car?
Thanks in advance

Mr Maxima

Well done RR!

Enjoy the G!

I love it when people bring up BMW's history. With the exception of a few vehicles from their past, they didn't start making any decent luxury vehicles until the mid 80's - early 90's

The new G coupe coming out next year will rip the Bimmer up. If you look at the hood on the concept vehicle, the hood looks rather long, like it might be hiding a VK underneath it.

Infiniti is just as determined as Lexus to take on the germans.

And trust me when I say that Infiniti is an aspirational brand. I know this, because I want one.

Give Infinti some time, their stock will rise.


Love the G35... hate the corporate minds behind it. It's a great value for the money but it should be cheaper as it's just a re-badged Nissan Skyline. http://www.nihoncarandbike.com/news-375-The+new+Skyline+in+Japan..html

Nissan (G35=Skyline), Toyota (IS=Altezza), and Honda (TSX=Euro Accord) are all guilty of it. I appreciate that they want to make luxury cars, but please, at least build them on different platforms than your more 'common' stuff. The Europeans and even the Japanese don't fall for it (Lexus exists in other parts of the world but sales are very poor) so why do we get suckered into it in North America?


I ordered a 2007 335 coupe back in the summer, and it recently arrived in early November. Short of the next M3, there is nothing that I would trade this car in for. I wasn't even necessarily shopping in this price range, and out of all the cars out there I picked the 335. They could sell it for an extra $10k and it would still be an attractive purchase. Don't cheap out and buy an imitation, nothing can beat the heritage and overall experience of a BMW.


As a former Service Advisor at a BMW-MB dealership in the NE I can tell you first hand that although I drive a 330i (leased) I would never buy one. BMW got caught up in trying to keep the driver's heritage of the 3 Series while at the same time attempting to make it a daily driver because the Lexus ES was starting to make some noticable in roads into our customer base. The only problem is that BMW took their eye off of Infiniti. The G is quite an accomplishment in such a short period of time however I don't believe in most cases it competes with the 3 Series. Most people in this segment weigh cost as a major factor. When that's figured into the buying criteria the G will sell much better due to bottom line pricing. If an individual really wants the name plate then leasing will get you into a BMW for around the same out of pocket cost for purchasing a G. In the end for the dualing companies bottom lines Infiniti sells cars while BMW is in an unfortunate position of leasing more. I agree with one of the posters that BMW could charge 10k more and in a lot of cases get away with it. However, with that being said BMW needs to lower the base price to really compete because more BMW owners (close to 23% back in 2003) own a Toyota as a second vehicle and have come to know Japanese quality and reliability and more importantly expect it. You will not get Japanese reliability from the 3 Series as the Germans are more interested in engineering the best possible car even if it comes at the expense of reliability. I know this first hand because I heard directly from the mouths of several Engineers from Germany. I don't think there is anything wrong with that as most people will agree the 3 Series is the best driving car in it's catagory and has been for many years.
And 'Yes' the 3 Series brakes are a major issue. My past experience says that about 80% of the customers have an issue with them wearing early. I will tell you first hand that the official internal position is, 'So What'. Sad, but true. Then again the engineers are not the ones dealing with the customers. Just another reason why I got my MBA and changed careers.

I love Kicking Tires! Keep up the great work.


Yes... Thanks for your post Ben. It is a very un-biased -educated view... and is very informative.

I gotta admit/ agree - that yes, all German car companies are geared more towards performance - sacrificing reliability.
***but - the brakes issue with all BMWs is in my books, unacceptable - german or not... There is no other company that makes brakes as disposable as BMW does.

and ... so OK - - - perhaps heritage, love, passion for a car is intangible and doesn't always make sense, and in the case of BMW owners, it makes no sense at all [yes, "Lease" concept does absorb some of the "bad" decision affects of getting one of these time bombs].

...other than the Brakes issue,[CASE IN POINT: BMW M3 debut [333bhp] motor - with top of its class [litre/hp] output but top end gaskets fail and leaks. And the new 335i turbo engine also has reliability issues...
I guess my point though - is - that the reliability factor has to eventually play a part in "smart" decision making. - like what good is a Race Car [high performance] in your garage - if it is not running - or what good is High Performance characteristics that do not last more than a few miles? - or what good is a High Performance LUxury car that needs to be brought in the SHOP every other week - because malfunction lights are on like Christmas lights? ---Remember, we drive on common roads - no matter what car you are in--- WE are not on a racetrack - and we do not have a PIT crew that can fix anything within 2minutes. [hey, BMW can probably learn alot in the 24hrs of LeMans - OR - better yet,... i guess there is a reason why BMW doesn't race TRUE endurance type races?!?!??! ouch*the truth comes out?]... and then, finally - If I ever bought a BMW, I'd be scared to go full throttle - in case something blows up... so what good is a high performance if you cannot use it?



I own an A4 and can't complain about the reliability or service departments of a German dealer. Then again, its all relative - my last car was a Ford.

I am leaning towards leasing the 335i despite the stories of reliability and service - simply because nothing compares to the way it drives!
Brakes are wear items and since its a covered cost - not a big deal. I'm used to getting oil changes every 5,000 miles - so instead of an oil change - i'll be getting regularly scheduled brake changes.

I am willing to pay the premium after considering the following:

G35 - it is a value play - but the (still inferior) performance does not make up for the lack of service. Infiniti doesn't warrant the luxury mark up -

Lexus - nice cars.. and they can charge the premium because in the U.S. , people pay for spa treatments and resort getaways. Their combination of service and luxury is unmatched.

Audi - been there done that - can't complain - But the 3 just drives/feels so much better.

I'll keep my fingers crossed and hopefully reliability will be good and I won't need to worry about the service department.


Yup, My last car was an Audi S4- as meantioned in an earlier msg. Great car really... but getting nervous about the gas / reliability afterwards.

I guess for the Ppl in the US wont have to worry about the first 4 years of brake service / changes --- but as meantioned before also, us Canadians get ripped off - and our 4 year warrantee does NOT cover brakes at all. - Instead they give us some lame excuse about excellent brake performance... but then i just say to them - how about all the other car companies including AUDI that does not have this issue - but still provides similar or better performance.

Anways... I agree, the BMW drives / performs great --- I guess i believe that performance should last *** and that high performance in place of reliability is such a "YESTERDAY" excuse of the cars that our parents had. I mean with the technology of today's standards, one would expect more - even from BMW.



or am i expecting too much?

BMW is hardly the only marque to have particular items with reliability problems. Shoot, if replacing a set of brake pads and rotors is your biggest regret in the life of owning a high-end sport sedan, you're lucky. Throw on a set of aftermarket rotors and pads and you're good to go for several years.

Looking foward to test driving both.

A lot of people keep talking about horsepower and 0-60 acceleration. I don't know where other people live but where I live the roads have turns in them. Which of these cars handles better in a slalom? I'm guessing the BMW stomps the Infinity. I also think BMW is conservative when they post HP numbers. If you want a car that goes fast in a straight line but probably doesn't handle well in curves then buy a Mustang GT500


... I've just had my G35 delivered a few days ago... and I've gotta admit - it is an amazing car - for the price. I have say that the overall feeling i get from driving this car is nothing short of amazing. Very responsive, taut suspension [quite stiff - sporty] with a rigid chassis, strong engine and excellent fit an finish.
... Like I've meantioned b4, my prev. car was a 2004 Audi S4 - so it is alot coming from an ex- S driver. But for all you that have not had a German car before... you should at least experience it for a few years - they are excellent cars. But for the price, I'll stick with this Japanese sedan.
The G35 is not as glove tight as the german cars, but I guess it is just more roomy - lol. This car looks alot bigger from the inside - compared with the 3-series / A4 cars.
Now that I have it, ... I'm not sure what BMW stands for anymore.
Sports? - I have my LiterBike for that.

angry lopez

rather have a cadillac V series!


I attempted to lease an '07 G35 6MT last week. They quoted me a payment of $650 on a 39 month/12k per year lease with absolutely no upfront cost. Has anyone had a similar experience?


Yup... that sounds about right...
I think you are saying that the price is low?? Too low to be true? - Well... I just got a white 6M - and yup, it sounds correct.

I checked out the 335i sedan, and with the same stuff [even without navi], MSRP straight from the BMW site = $11,000 more than my G35-M6. --- Holy cr** --- talk about premiums.

Forget it... I already have the car anyways... Very happy with it! Thanks INFINITI!


Stacy Young

Just bought a g35 Coupe. Lakeshore slate with stone leather. Only been driving it a week but I'm loving this machine. I considered the 335 coupe but couldn't justify the cash. I'm in Canada so 15% tax also adds more weight to the pricing issue.

Lastly, everyone I know that has or has owned a bmw had nothing but problems with electrical systems. Possibly relating to cold weather? On the other hand Infiniti has a solid track record from what I've gathered reading every forum I could find on the net during my initial researching.

I've loved BMWs since I was a kid but I think they're overrated. The low end 3 series are pure garbage. I will still take a M5 of course. :)

Bob Hobart

A 4 door vs. a coupe? And they tie? I'd say the G35 is pretty impressive.
Now, wait till they add the twin turbos to the Infiniti in '08. YIKES.

Chris Portelli

Somone mentioned a lease on a G35. I owned a 375rwhp GTO. I have been checked into almost every car to replace my GTO. So I put a deposit on a BMW 335i sedan. Wife wanted me to get a 4 door. This was my compromise. I test drove the G35 and thought it was not fast and didn't handle as well as the BMW sedan. Also the lease on the BMW was only 460 a month for 36 months on a 48k car. G35 cheeper, was alot more expensive lease. Plus, I like the fact BMW will drop a car off at my house and take mine in for an oil change or breaks. Free of charge.

Steven Repka

Perhaps you guys should have just compared the BMW sedan to the Infinity sedan.


I set out to buy a G35, but after driving the 335 I was blown away.

On paper, the cars appear similar, but BMW is conservative with their claims whereas Infiniti/Nissan is not. For example, BMW claims 5.2 sec in the 0-60 test, whereas C&D and other tests come in at sub 5.0. The horsepower issue is widely noted. Don't know if the other poster's point about SAE specs is entirely correct, but the power curve for the 335 hits peak at 1400 RPM and flattens out, possibly electronically limited. The result is much better horsepower and torque than other engines that don't peak until 3000-5000 RPMs.

The interior of the BMW, IMO is much nicer. It feels like it has been designed for that car rather than modualized for a line of cars. The G35 is roomier, but I am 6'1", 200 lbs, and the BMW is perfect.

Back up cameras are not the equivlent of the park distance control on the BMW. PDC is better. I know the pic looks cool, but you can't really tell how far you are from anything. PDC tells you. It's a subtle difference, but it's stuff like this that adds up.

I'm not sure about reliability claims made on this site. Everyone gripes about their cars. I know several BMW owners who have had no problems. Plus the 4 year warranty covers just about everything. I priced the G35 and the cost was right on the estimate of about $6K (comapring the G35 sport against the 335i sport). Take out $1500-$2000 in maintenance and $500-$1000 in fuel savings and the 335 looks better and better. BMW has better resale than Infiniti as well.

Bottom line: You get what you pay for. G35 is a nice car, no doubt, but the BMW is worth the extra money.


I should also mention you can knock abother $3500 off the car if you pick it up in Munich. They will ship it back for you, so you get a free Eurpoean vacation!


the bmw is much more expensive than you think ... we are talking about 7thous\and USD

way more... without talking about whether it is worth it or not!



yes, bmw has reliability issues, with a series of bull.s you'd only expect from an exotic car - like Ferrari or Lamborghini.

From a passenger car brand - like bmw - a car company that has a main focus of road cars - for a wide demographic if not average public [eg. 3-series], it has way to many issues to make it a worthy brand of car.

This is why they stress the "sporty-ness" instead of everything else that makes and sells the more worthy, more reliable, more etc. brands [eg.Nissan-infiniti/ Lexus/ even Audi].

Think about it, Toyota didn't become #2 most sold in the USA on nothing. They base themselves - their brand on the more important things... which also includes sportiness. A GOOD BALANCE! is key.

I think BMW just doesn't have the support*- they brag about being independant. lol - that's a good thing? OK- to elaborate: their Idrive system is a joke - great options - but what good is the options when it is too hard to use?--- so compare it to AUDI brand's MMI - much more user friendly and functionable. THIS IS MADE POSSIBLE BECAUSE THEY ARE OWNED AND BACKED BY THE VW GROUP. Without VW, audi would be left alone building and making their own Navi system like BMW --- and the end result is a peice of sh*t system - that sells for thousands of dollars - but noone uses it cuz it is a road hazard - lol... stupid really - makes you think why would anyone buy a car like that [unless their high on the sporty-ness factor].

WAKE UP BMW --- if u guys cant build proper road cars --- join the americans or do something!... better yet, join the koreans - Hyundai cars are getting pretty good!---- and start making well balanced reliable cars - then maybe you'll start selling enuff units to put back into the cars r/d instead of marketing and that arguably BS racing technology that just breaks down in road cars [after all, road cars are suppose to last longer than one day of racing]...... and then maybe, just maybe, your cars may be quantifiably a good purchase for us ppl who do not have a silver spoon in our mouths!


bmw heritage is what you brag about when you don't have anything else to say. they used to make great cars mean nothing.

and come on, you think infiniti maintenance will make the 11,000 gap much smaller? not much maintenance is required in the first 4-5 years of a car. if something breaks, you're good for warranty. oil change is like... 25 bucks. get a bmw if you think its a better car. infiniti will continue making better cars, for a lot less money, with a hell of a lot more technology involved. it turns a little better... feels faster.... for 11,000 it better blow it out of the water.


I am a client advisor at a dealership in california and there are a few things that have suprised me. The first is that we cant seem to keep any 335's in stock at all but infinity has rows of G35's. Maybe they produce more I dont know. The second thing I would like to bring up is that the infinity car club of america's president who by the way drives a G35 is getting rid of it because he just bought a 335i sedan from me this morning.
He told me he will be stepping down soon from his position. Not that he didnt like his G35 he just said the bimmer was better.


you work for bmw... ummmm YEAH.

NUFF said


Almost every site compares the G35 sport to the BMW 335i/328i with sport package. Has anyone compared the G35 Journey to the 328i without the sport package? I am not convinced I should need a sport package on either of these automobiles in order to enjoy the driving experience. I have not test driven either vehicle. I am just looking for a practical comparison.


This is what I love about the internet. It allows people like Joseph to type the fiction that no other outlet would waste their time on. I guess your next 'sale' since you are a 'customer advisor' will be to the CEO of Toyota.

I don't know what's more sad the fact that you lie on the internet or the fact that you lie about being a car salesman of all things.


Kevin, why do you think Joseph is lying? Even if he is, the fact remains that both are exception cars, however, if you are looking for the best of the best (proven over and over) the BMW is the one to beat. All car ads, etc always compare themselves to the BMW. You don't hear BMW adverts citing... "BMW beats the G35 in blah blah blah". Yea...ummm, right.


ummm... u gotta be kidding too! BMW is proven one? and the one to beat???
Common - we all know that the Japanese automakers - Especially Toyota - is the one to beat. Sales numbers speak loudly.

Proven = PERFORMANCE + RELIABILITY !!! + reasonable cost [without us feeling ripped off].

Don't tell me that you think BMW is reliable --- and again, WHAT GOOD IS PERFORMANCE WITHOUT IT WORKING. 0-60 in about 5secs. is good only when it runs! --- see some prev. posts on BMW cr** issues.

oH, i forgot - it is possible that you just got your BMW - in which case, drive it for another 6months - 1yr - or even 2yrs, and we'll see what you think...


ummm... u gotta be kidding too! BMW is proven one? and the one to beat???
Common - we all know that the Japanese automakers - Especially Toyota - is the one to beat. Sales numbers speak loudly.

Proven = PERFORMANCE + RELIABILITY !!! + reasonable cost [without us feeling ripped off].

Don't tell me that you think BMW is reliable --- and again, WHAT GOOD IS PERFORMANCE WITHOUT IT WORKING. 0-60 in about 5secs. is good only when it runs! --- see some prev. posts on BMW cr** issues.

oH, i forgot - it is possible that you just got your BMW - in which case, drive it for another 6months - 1yr - or even 2yrs, and we'll see what you think...

I've had my 96 BMW 328is for quite some time now. Let me tell you, I LOVE it for its pure driving pleasure but just HATE maintaining it. I think over the past few years of all the money I spent on things (brakes + rotors, 02 sensors, brake switches, radiator cracking TWICE, cat converter being burned by faulty 02 switches, gears in seat motors braking, weather stripping coming loose, auto windows not working etc etc) and it just doesn't make sense to keep it any longer. It's like I'm just waiting for the next thing to go wrong and have to keep writing checks for someone to fix it. All along I see my father in-law's old Nissan Truck keep running and running and running and running...you get the point. He does have a BMW 5 series but it lives in the garage and he drives it only about once a month to vegas. Even then, there's STILL problems with it. After reading this article and all the comments, I'm going with the 07 Infiniti.



I have 2006 Infiniti G35 6-sp manual. Will hit 1-year mark in 7 days. Only problem, I left moonroof open during short rain and airbag circuit failed (driver door). Infiniti fixed it under warranty in one day, no question asked. Very good service, and very dependable car. I was looking into new BMW M3 (2008) but if Infiniti offers G-37 T or TT coupe that can match M3 performance I will go for it even if the price is same. After hearing of all problems that 3-series has and seeing how dependable my G-35 is I am a bit discouraged with BMW. I use to drive Fiat and Peugeot in Europe, uh that was tough, problems problems, so annoying. I do not want to experience that ever again even if the dealer service is perfect.


I second that opinion on service.

EVEn if the service is perfect... a new car should not be in the shop more than 2 times in the first year of ownership - unless it is for routine maintenance.

I'm sick and tired of the service reps giving lamO excuses for reliability problems for me bmw --- pay so much for a vehicle to just take it into the shop all the time --- waste my time --- and often times, they refuse to fix minor things under the service contract. F*** I WILL NOT PAY.
ahhahah... make a stink about it in the big BMW dealership, and they will fix it.

And IM tired of the long ass service rental waits. . . and no, i dont want a shuttle to work - embarassing - "YUP, MY CAR IS IN THE SHOP AGAIN" ... overpay for nothing.

... but, yes, some ownership pride is still left --- I have a pedigree German car - designed for the track --- AND PROBABLY SHOULD STAY ON THE TRACK.



Interesting! I have read your comments and I must say that they were all meaningful. I haven't driven a BMW 3.35i before but I have to agreee that it is slightly better car in performance than a G-35. On the other hand, if pricing and reliability is important to you, then I would have to go for a G-35 Infinity.

I have an 07 6MT G-35 coupe, with Nav, rear active steer, premium and sport suspension (no rear spolier), 6-CD, bluetooth, voice recognition, 295Hp, which I got, with state taxes and all other charges for about 39K. I don't even know what else my car has inside. I seem to find something new that it can do everyday. With all these options, I can't imagine going wrong with a G-35. It has a very stiff ride and the performace in curves is mind blowing especially with the rear-active steer. The rear-active steer technology is the best thing G-35 has, that I believe matches the BMW on performance in curves. The guy above, called "i" was mostly right about his price comparisons.

The other thing is that looking from your rear view mirror, the G-35 is a more beautiful and intimidating car than the 3.35i. The styling of the 03 - 07 G-35 cars are heavenly. With less than 1,500 mile so htis car, I have revved it up to 6,000 RPM and at that point, it begins to take-off like a rocket. The experience at that high rev is truely an experience to witness.

The problem I had before purchasing my ride was wheter to wait for the 2008 G-37 Coupe, which has more horsepower, better performance, more technology, and better interior. Well, Infinity blew it with their new design. I just could not accept the looks of the 2008 model, so I opted for the 07 model. i beleive anyone who still has their 03 - 07 G-35 coupe models, should hold unto it, because their resale value will go up or stay steady for a while because of thier looks. I just don't understand what went wrong with Infinity when they were designing their 2008 coupe.

As for the 3.35i, the level of required maintenance is a little troubling. I have heard of the same maintenance problems all over the world. So, I really wonder if BMW is interested in making cars for daily use or cars for racetrack use. Consumers want stuff they can use everyday. But, If you have the money, don't even read my commnets. Just go ahead and buy yourself a 3.35i.


I own both the first G35, and an 07 335I. When I purchased the BMW I was impressed with the handling and styling. The increase in power was also nice. However, the only reason I didn't buy another G35 was because it wasn't as fun to drive as the first year version of the model or as attractive.
Now that I have had the 335I for a couple of months I appreciate how wonderful the service was at Infinity. When I take the G35 in for service it is always ready when promised and a loaner is provided (another G35).
My BMW has been in the shop for a month and a half, they are unable to correct the problems with cold start hesitation and misfire and the service has been the worst I have experienced with any dealership. The "loaner" cars I have been given (4) have been old abused rental vehicles of varied odors and levels of cleanliness.
I am still waiting for BMW to step up and correct the problems with this vehicle. Unfortunately it isn't going to happen without resorting to the state lemon laws that apply.
In retrospect I should have stepped into another Infinity, possibly the M series, or looked closer at Lexus.


The only problem i have with this comparison is that the G35 tested is a sedan while the 335i that is being tested is a coupe. Why not make it fair (in terms of handling and performance) to test the G35 coupe against the 335i?
And this is coming from a BMW purist, all i'm saying is that i'd like to see how the G coupe would do. At least give the 335i some competition :D


Why are people here arguing? It seems pretty obvious a decision. The BEST car here... is the one you want to buy. If you value affordability and reliability you should get the Infiniti. If you simply want the best performing car and don't mind paying a few extra dollars or the occasional time in (free) repair get the BMW.

I owned a Z4 previously and had no problems other than the silly runflat tires. I have owned Honda, VW, Ford, Jeep, Audis also. The honda was affordable, vw and ford sucked, audi was mediocre, the bmw made my heart race to look at and drive. My opinion is... that if you are paying 35k+ for a performance car it should be the kind of car that everytime you drive you forget how much money you wasted on the car. Personally if it's a price matter I wouldn't even consider any infinity or lexus save some real money and get a nissan 350Z or a toyota camry... that is what you are really buying. Only thing worse than paying for 'heritage' is paying for a logo. I hope that no one factors those things into their purchase decisions and picks the car that truely matches their individual needs - that is the best car.

I previously worked in marketing for general motors.


HELP. I have 2 weeks to decide between the 2007 G35 sedan and the 2007 335i.

I've driven ALL...including coupe versions of both cars.

By the way, the BMW 335 coupe and sedan are the exact same car.....drive the same, it's only the styling that is different.

The G35 coupe, however, is an entirely different car, different engine, different hp than the G35 sedan.

So the comparison here between the BMW 335ci and the G35 sedan IS an accurate comparison.


I have the g35s -07... It's very good - fun to drive etc. --- and had the 04-audi S4 - previously.
The prev. posts will explain alot about the 2 cars compared. --- but the main difference between the 2 that can sway your decision is that the bmw is about $10,000 $usd$ more money [comparing similar equiped].
The BMW is a faster, sportier, more exclusive, etc... but at 10 grand... ummm... 10 grand? --- that's usually a class difference. - anyways, for some ppl, $ is not an issue.
Also, bmw has major issues with the automatic 335i - no oil cooler in twin turbo - so if you do get the bmw, get standard tranny - sport model - which has the oil cooler.... and finally, we all know that bmw's reliability speaks for itself [negative if you don't know].



When I was looking for a new car a couple of months ago the top two candidates on my list were the G35 Sport 6MT sedan and the 335i sedan (6-speed MT as well). Equipped as I wanted, the prices were about the same and payments came out to within $20 of each other so price was not the issue.

For me the 335i was the winner for a number of reasons (nb: much of it is entirely subjective and no offense is intended to G35 owners):

*Advantages of the 335i:
-Interior: "cleaner", quieter, split+folding-rear seats, rear seat a/c vents (deleted in the Canadian G35 6MT)
-Engine: smoother power delivery, better fuel mileage
-Exterior: more attractive styling
-Ride Quality: better, quieter ride and more solid, substantial feel (sedan w/o sport package)
-Other: "free" scheduled maintenance, tire replacement package (unlimited replacement of tires for 5 years; we live in a newer development and get our fair share of punctures and flats)
-after my previous vehicle I'm kind of partial to forced induction

*Advantages of the G35 6MT sedan:
-Electronic tilt & telescoping steering wheel --> I haven't changed my steering wheel position since first setting it
-Navigation --> I have a portable GPS unit that I haven't used in almost a year
-Jukebox sound system (hard drive) --> I use an iPod with the auxiliary input
-Standard bluetooth --> I don't have a bluetooth capable phone and don't plan on getting one. I also don't have voicemail or text messaging. In my day-to-day, my cellular phone is a convenience and not a necessity.
-Intelligent key -- great feature; would have been nice, but wasn't worth the extra $750 CDN that BMW charges for it

I didn't feel that the G35 was the better car, but it did have more "stuff"...and most of it was stuff that I wouldn't use. The 335i had almost all of the features that I actually cared about (my "needs"; eg. split+folding rear seats) and suited my tastes and preferences (my "wants"; eg. clean interior and exterior styling) better than did the G35. The engines' powerbands and the exhaust notes are different. The leather is different. The steering feel is different. The sound and feel of the doors shutting is different. The philosophies are different.

If you buy the BMW you're not getting "ripped off" by buying a car that costs the same as the G35 but has fewer "features." I wouldn't buy a cordless phone with a built-in bottle opener over a similarly priced cordless phone that is just a cordless phone and nothing else. The bottle opener's just another feature that I don't need and wouldn't use. A feature only adds to the overall value if you, yourself, value it and would use it. I'm not going to feel bad about missing out on stuff that I won't use. Know what I mean? Packing more "features" in for the same price doesn't make it a better product.

Drive them both and decide which "features" you value and which, for your money, you can or can't do without.

Sorry for being so long-winded.


BTW, either way you'll get a great vehicle. You can't really go wrong if those are your choices.


I agree with most points* - especially with both cars being great choices.

But the cost point of view is off. In Canadian funds, EQUALLY equipped g35 sedan and a 335i sedan = $13,000 difference*. Meaning same everything = no substitution synthetic leather [which is really good btw] - no 16" = 18" mags - both with sport summer tires etc. EQUAL*

$13,000 Cad dollars difference.
Right off the website... unless I've made a mistake - or BMW has brought the price down in the last 3 months or Infiniti has brought the price up*.

... with a no biased view - I'd say the BMW is a better car design. But considering 13grand, and reliability items [Canadians do not have no cost replacement 4yr.brake waranty*] --- I'd say the Infiniti is a better compromise for the real world.

I really don't think these 2 cars are in the same class though. - agree - 2 different philosophies.




I wasn't arguing with you about the prices; I didn't say that the two vehicles are the same price when equally equipped. What I did say was that *with the option packages that I wanted* on each of them ("equipped as I wanted" were my exact words) the 6MT versions of each were essentially the same price. I went to both dealerships, drove both vehicles and had them priced out for me, payments and all. The salespeople knew that I was going to make the decision within the next couple of days and also knew that I was cross-shopping the two models.

There are only two ways for the cost comparison to be perfect -- (A) Infiniti would have to offer a less equipped base model or (B) BMW would have to offer a more equipped base model. For my purposes/preferences, the base model G35 had many features that I would not have purchased had they been options. The BMW base model allowed me to configure the car with exactly the features that I wanted and to exclude the features that I didn't want/need (all I added was 1 package containing the items mentioned earlier).

For example, the fact that I wanted the 6MT didn't mean that I wanted 18" wheels, lower ride height and stiffer springs. I just wanted a manual transmission. With the BMW I could have that. If I had wanted the full-on sport transformation then I would have opted for the sport package. With the Infiniti the assumption is that if you want the 6MT then you want the full sport transformation. Again, different philosophies. Infiniti saves you money buy packaging certain features together and putting them into every vehicle whether you want them or not. Those who want them will be thrilled, and those who don't want them probably won't mind, and just won't use them.

I liken it to a group health plan. Everybody in the company *must* buy into it in order for everybody to get a nice, low rate...even if you didn't really want all of the coverage that's included in it. If you were to go out and get your own private coverage you would pay more, but it would be custom fitted to what your health insurance needs are, with everything that you want and none of the stuff that you don't want...but is more expensive because you didn't go with the "group/wholesale package."


Unless you plan on purchasing these cars, comparing sticker prices can be very misleading.

When you're leasing, it's all about the residual value and the money factor. My monthly payment on my new 335i Sedan ($47,000 MSRP) is about $60 more than my old A4 ($34,000 MSRP).

Disclaimer: I can't find any up-to-date lease data on the G35, so I'll be using some older numbers. They shouldn't be that far off.

36 Month Lease, 10K miles/year, $0 down at MSRP:

335i Sedan $45,000 MSRP, 64% Residual, 0.00175 MF: $579/mo (without tax)
G35 Sedan $35,000 MSRP, 60% Residual, 0.00236 MF: $521/mo (without tax)

Forget $10,000, which car would you drive if the difference was $58/mo?

I've owned an Acura, Lexus and now a BMW 325xi. While the handling performance of the BMW is superb, the quality and reliability is junk compare to the other brands. My Bimmer has been to the dealer three times for major service in less than 18 months (gotta love the warranty). I actually had better luck with the 5.0 Ford Mustang I drove in high school. Give it six more months and we will all start reading articles about the turbo issues with the 335i...

My advice: buy the Infiniti, save some cash and lots of headaches.


I have a g35 sedan 07 sport and i agree with ur and prev. posts on reliability. I can say after 1 year, this car has been great. Nothing to complain about - other than a few small items. I had 2 german cars before... and the rest japanese - including Honda and Toyota family cars.

The Japanese makes are just better with regards to problems - this is no secret i hope.

But i do admit that there is a certain type of attachment to the car - esp. with the german ones. Probably cuz i know i spent huge $$ on it... so there's a owner's pride.

The G should be priced thousands higher - close to the Lexus IS350 and maybe it will sell more cars - with ownership pride increase too - LOL

But really, even if $$ was no object, I'm staying with Japanese from now on --- maybe the Nissan GTR? or new NSX? we'll see!


ps. don't mean to stereotype the german cars together --- but from my experience and info gathering from testimonials, audi and Bmw just have some major issues* [although, audi would take care of it - whereas Bmw would say nope, wear and tear - too bad -quotes the bmw advisor]


I just bought one of these cars;

The BMW has the best driving "feel" of any car in its segment! Nobody really dissagrees with this.

But there's more to it; the BMW is ugly inside, has fewer features, is very expensive, requires more matainence and has less warranty than the G35.

The G35 does not have a refined driving "feel".

But there's more to it; the G35 performs as well as the BMW, is more attractive inside (and I think outside as well), has loads of features, better reliablity history, much much less expensive, longer warranty...

These facts can only lead to one reasonable conclusion...G35! I'm really loving my G35x!

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