FJ Cruiser TRD Edition Adds Black Roof


One feature of the Toyota FJ Cruiser that many find cartoonish is its white roof. The just-announced TRD Special Edition — Toyota Racing Development — solves that problem; it features a solid black paint job, including the roof. Only 3,200 of the limited-edition all-black FJs will be sold, at a cost of $7,265 over the manual model and $7,200 over the automatic. The FJ's base price is $23,090. There better be something more involved than just a different paint job for that price, and there is.

The TRD FJ Cruiser gets upgraded Bilstein off-road shocks. Buyers will also be able to "navigate easier through boulders" due to a locking differential that synchronizes with the traction control. There's also limited-edition 16-inch wheels, tires, exhaust, rock rails and a customized interior with lots of TRD badges.

The TRD Special Edition FJ Cruiser will go on sale in November.

By David Thomas | October 2, 2006 | Comments (49)


i think i would rather have the white roof so the interior wouldn't be so hot, but then again i'd rather have a real offroader like a hummer h3...

Oh Please! The H3?! Yeah good luck with that buddy.


I think the anonymous poster has struck again. While there may be doubts about the FJ's off-road prowess, the H3 has not proven itself at all. Mr. Anonymous should consider a product from Jeep. (If you use the shift key on your keyboard you can make real sentences just like educated adults.)

actually if you are going to pick on me for grammar, you should seriously look into commas!


I found it quite funny that the CU reported the H2 and H3 were "cheap" and "underperformers." When I drove the vehicle for three weeks before returning it demanding my money back, I had various interior components come off, and off-roading was useless: various components literally sheered off! Thankfully GM can smell a lawsuit coming anyday, so they happly returned my lemon.

My 2006 Toyota RAV4 is top-notch and does better off-road than the H3!

My 2006 Toyota RAV4 is top-notch and does better off-road than the H3!

What planet are you from?

thats ok keep riding that rav4 offroad, you'll learn what a CAR BASED SUV (CROSSOVER) is really all about! HAHA don't confuse toyota's rat fur interior for quality...


I thought I have read it all, but then I came across 'rat fur interior'. Just another example of how illegal aliens can come into this country and out perform the locals.

Some one needs to dope slap the rat fur interior putz.


Hey guys take it easy on the rat guy, he's just embarrassed that he wasted his money on an H3. It's ok rat man, you can trade in your H3 for an FJ when you pay it down for about 4 years.

I thought this was an FJ forum not a Jerry Springer one?

Focus on what's important and that's Toyota's one shot at reviving a past true-tested offroad icon, the FJ....


i have an h3 and pulled out my fair share of you FJ faithful at the local hole.... and your all right to have your point of view but my H3 is in perfect working condtion and does damn well holding its own off road and btw i wheel with some fellas with some older cruisers and they put there money on my h3 of your pansy ass two door FJ its a chick car guys face it...


H3, grow up! Just about all the reviews say the H3 is a little better than an FJ off-road and a lot worse on road. Most importantly the H3 is grossly underpowered.

H3's Pull bitches (chicks and FJ's) and bitches drives Fj's. By the way you're in a AMERICA BITCHES!


The FJ has much better power to weight ratio and more torque. The H3 would be a better rock crawler because it has a lower ratio granny gear, but are most people ever going to take their very expensive[about $7K more] H3 rock crawling? When it comes to highway driving the H3 is downright pathetic. The FJ does 0-60 in about 7.8, the H3 11.8, on hills its an even worse dog.
If you really have to buy American get a Rubicon and dont talk crap about shit you don't understand. Where were your TV,stereo, camera , coffee maker, i pod, phone, lap top etc made?

Good god. You all REALLY need to grow up.


I can't believe someone is trying to base an arguement on an H3 v.s. an FJ. Read the reviews by real offroad magazines. Also, why don't you park your H3 next to an FJ and look at the difference in drive train. Hum, ever wonder why FJ strut mounts are outboard and H3 are inboard. Try crawling rocks with a broken lower control arm. Its funny to see someone base an arguement on unfounded knowledge. Take my advise. Park the two vehicle next to eachother, imagine driving over rough terrain and do a comparison of the underside. After you complete your comparison, try moving the the engine and transmission... :)


Oh and by the way, I had a real hummer, the H1 and it doesn't compare to my FJ. Neither does my 2003 landcruiser. Why you may ask. Landcruiser and Hummer wheel base is too long. Even with a significantly lower ground clearance, the fj will climb uneven terrain with more clearance, not to mention it has a solid axle. If we are talking about straight out desert racing... H1 would kill the fj, but where talking apples and oranges at this point....


I just purchased an FJ TRD. I looked at the specs for the H3 and FJ, I do not pretend to know anything about rock crawling or off roading, but would like to learn and take my family out for some fun. I picked the FJ because of the ease to clean, I have 3 young kids, and the money. If I damage it less money to waste. I also picked the Toyota because it seems to me that they hold their value longer than the H3. We have a lot of them in my town.

william t. smith many used fj cruisers do u see in the car lot..........? many hummers.........hmmmmmmm...yup thigs that make ya go hummmmmmmmmmmmmm!


I honestly cant believe there are people comparing an H3 to a FJ... First of all I would like all of you H3 / H2 owners to take a good long look at your vehicles. As far as the H3 goes its a chevy colorado in a tux, thats it... same engine same frame differant dress... its an under powered over priced, pos. ty have a good day

prof. flyby

Can anyone help me understand why I may want to go with the FJ base model over the Limited Edition? TLC 4x4 has some upgrade packages... does anyone know about their packages compared to the Limited Ed. FJ upgrade package? Is this blog about FJ cruisers or is it about testosterone and "my pp and j is better than yours." Come on. Life is short. Live and let live. peace to you all.

H3's are for posers.


You would want the TRD over the base for a mere $500's not much, but if you chose all the options on a base model it would come to roughly $500 more than the TRD. So it's really a matter of wanting all black or a color with a white roof.

Gaylon holland

I have an 07 TRD and love it. ..If you get a chance to buy one do it!


FJC's don't have a SFA. IFS won't cut it when it comes to rockcrawling, everyone who crawls knows this. Do CV's mean anything to you? The only real rockcrawler being made today is a Rubicon or any other Wrangler for that matter. Take your wannabe FJ40 and H3 to the movies on your 22inch chrome wheels that you know you will put on, and stay comfortable in that nice riding suspension - that can never to a lvl 6-10 trail. Rubicons come with MTR's stock, FJC's come with p-rated tires. LOL


I just got my TRD a little over a week ago and LOVE IT! I decided to test it out in the storm we had up here last night and it plowed throught he ice and snow flawlessly! 4H FTW! BTW, I did happen to pass by an H3 that was stuck :) Anyways, if you want a fun vehicle for both winter and summer fun, this is definately the one to get!


i just bought a fj trd..i think its me with any comments.


I've pretty much decided on an FJ. Why? Well, it's a Toyota. I prefer to spend my hard earned cash with a company that cares about it's reputation and their customers. My reward will be a truck that will likely be problem free for many years.
The exterior styling is both hideous and cool. A classic is reborn.


It is hard to believe that everybody who writes here has a FJ or and H3.

For me it is easy. For a trendy woman, the FJ, for work, the H3. No problems at all.

Its a Jeep thing

It's funny watching all you girls argue about your hummers and fjs. Be a real man and buy a jeep you sissys.

Have any of you seen the H3 Alpha version yet? You FJ guys just need to shut up and start crying before it gets out there and eats you for lunch. The FJ may be nice for what you are looking at, but the H3 is better off-road according to everyone that knows anything about driving off-road. Plus, it has 4 real doors and you can actually carry stuff with you. Nevermind the people you try to squeeze in the back of an FJ....I can see them puking while you try to off-road with them in back seat.

You dumb people

You're all so dumb. Let's face it, kiddies - nobody in here could afford an FJ much less an H3. So get over yourselves and stop acting like you're badasses. The only thing that's bad around here is the bullshit that's flying around. Get real.

H3 ARE NOT FOR WHEELING!!!!!!!!!!!! They're fucking glorified grocery- getting, soccer mom driving, minivan, station wagons. Give me a break. If any of you H3 owners were serious about off roading you'd subscribe to Four Wheeler, Off Road, etc., and read the reviews that reiterate what I just said.

Quantum Flux

Is there anything more pathetic and unoriginal than throwing around "chick car" when you have no more substansive argument? Thatas basically like saying "no, I do not have a brain". Sometimes I wish computers were just a BIT harder so there would be fewer of these morons finding their way onto the internet.

First, there are some idiots in here whining about their H2/H3 better than an FJ, and then the guy that said Jeep...he can suck a fat one. I just bought my first 2007 FJ, upgraded to some American Racing Mojave rims with Nitto Grapplers. Custom ordered from Japan with a few extra (non facotry upgrades). Took it down to N.C. where my sister just bought an H3 and she loves her car, but she's driving back and forth in the urban jungle, towing grocery bags and her little chihuahua. Personnaly as far as a chick magnet...the FJ hands down gets more looks from peeps than some off the shelf H2/H3 (every guido out there is sporting one of this shoe boxes). Secondly in many proven offroad test (read CD/Off Road/R&T/etc) the FJ beat the crap out of H2, Jeep, and Nissan...need I say more. So to all you whinny tools out there, grow a pair, stop trying to compensate for a small pecker with your big hummers and upgrade to a real mans vehicle. GOT FJ???


A Hummer against a Toyota ? agree with the last poster... Hummer= small pee pee + sad ass GM drivetrain. Working in the automotive industry for over 20 years .... there must be a reason i work or chrysler & drive a Tacoma , It's an 05 with a 4.0, never been to the dealer once, I changed the spark plugs @ 30 k because my fuel mil. went from 20 to 17 . General Motors has not made a decent auto since i dunno 1970 ?
if this were an AM general hummer.. well maybe even though they broke too @ least it qualified for a true off road vehicle. again .. i dread the day & (probably never will see) an FJ with 22 in chrome wheels on it . cause i dunno. the average toyota owner might just have a bit sronger IQ than a GM owner ?

Stay clear of this moronic thread! Any minute now I think they might break into a debate over whether spiderman can woop batman's ass. Testosterone and low IQ just don't mix well! I am going to rethink buying this vehicle given it's apparent following.

V to the Lo

what the hell? the last post was in august...dork!

go play in traffic


I thinks it's funny when people will spend $30,000 plus for a jeep or an H3 or any other American made piece of shitt and in two years it's lost half it's value. Wake up, Toyota's don't break, they keep there value and don't spend half there life in the shop.

Let's face it American cars suck, if you don't think so trying buying one, you won't go back, unless your some stupid redneck!


Semi offroad

Thanks to some GM bigwigs that don't drive SUV's off road, Hummers cred has been totally ruined. The FJ drives better on and off road, I've driven both. The H3 is a slug. Theres this thing called Google. Theres a few people that posted that should type in "FJ. Vs H3" and see what happens. Theres been a lot of independent tests done on both and more SUV's and its weird how the FJ wins most if not all the competitions in the new vehicle category not to mention two FJ's from America competed in the Taupo 1000 and both finished the race, one took first in class. I saw 0 H3's there. Its built wrong for serious off road, common knowledge apparently. Which brings to my two cents: on a recent romp, a buddy's Hyundai 07 Santa Fa (I know, right?) kept up with everyone on 2 and some strained 3 rated trails! No one had a Hummer so I can't comment, but when I see companies like Hyundai trying to appease its customers to the best of its ability it makes me wonder why some of our good ol American companies are letting us down with vehicles that don't live up to their personality. Its what you like that determines what you buy and no one can change your mind if you're set. I'm buying a Santa Fa :)

My solution was to buy a 1998 Land Cruiser with 60k miles for $16,000. It's showroom condition, has locking front and rear diffs, and even though it has IFS, the thing will take just about anything out there. Toyota all day long people. Can you imagine buying a 1998 American made anything???

your mamma

H3's suck ass! They're too heavy! Power to weight ratio stinks! Engine is too weak for it's obese stature. They're slow. Off-road capabilities are a freeking joke, ha!

FJ's hands down are better value, off-road, power to weight ratio, look better!

~eat me

I LOVE MY NEW FJ '08!!!!


The H3 is Junk. There is really nothing to argue that is not. The FJ is not perfect but I think it is the best in it's class and I am going to buy one when I can get it 8k off sticker right now they are about 5k off on the 08s. I really want a TRD black on black with a black top. I do not like the white tops. I owned a TRD Tacoma It was the best truck out of 6 others.

Just looking

Just came in looking for info and read about 10+ of the most pathetic posts I've ever read. Don't care what you drive, you all argue like a bunch of girls. No one is impressed by keyboard muscle, and what you're driving really doesn't make your d1ck bigger.

Maybe I'll just stick with my Defender and my dog.

Tired of hearing you kids agrue about Rock crawling and serious 4wheelin. I am not buying this to rock crawl. If you rock crawl with yours, your an idiot.


The H3 is a piece of garbage. I saw one at last year's Chicago auto show, and the steering wheel adjustments were broken, the seat wouldnt move, several radio controls were cracked, and there were a few frayed edges on the seats. Sure, it was an auto show example, but a brand such as HUMMER should be able to stand up to reporters, car enthusiasts, and prospective buyers.

Also, if you think that an H3 can beat an FJ going offroad, you've got another thing coming. The FJ is also significantly quicker, especially given that the H3 can barely make it to 60 in 10 seconds, and the FJ has a somewhat nicer interior but really isnt up to the level of its other off roaders such as the 4Runner.

In fact, a Touareg 2 will out off-road an H3, with its air suspension and awesome grip. An LR2 will out off-road an H3 too. BOTH are car based SUV's. BOTH will outrun an H3. BOTH, especially the Touareg 2, have nicer interiors. BOTH are easier to see out of. BOTH get better gas milage than the H3's paltry 13mpg overall. BOTH offer more space on the inside.


Last time I checked the Jeep Wrangler had one of the highest (if not the highest) resale value of any SUV. The Wrangler Rubicon is the most capable off road vehicle straight from the factory.

The people in Hamura, Japan appreciate your patronage I'm sure.


OMG all the arguing over FJ's and H3's? Two days ago I traded my H3 in on a new FJ and I LOVE IT. The hummer LOOKS hot, but that;s about it. I had to pull over to the side of the road driving thru the Colorado mountains because the H3 would hardly make it up the freaking hill! You can't pass anyone and the resale value SUCKED to say the least!So LADIES, take it from a Texas soccer-mom and invest in the FJ -- unless there are no hills between your house and the mall!

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