All-Wheel-Drive Ford Fusion Gets Price Tag


Ford just announced the starting price for the new all-wheel-drive Fusion sedan: $23,430, including destination. The new Fusion arrives at dealers this week in V-6 SE ($23,430) and SEL ($24,525) trims. Ford is touting the all-wheel-drive models as less expensive than both the V-6 equipped Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, both of which cost about $500 more than the Fusion and neither of which come with all-wheel drive. 

Consumer demand for all-wheel-drive vehicles is growing, especially in cold-weather states, and the competitive pricing should help attract more customers to the Fusion. The Subaru Legacy sedan also features all-wheel drive standard, and starts in the low-$20,000 range.

By David Thomas | October 26, 2006 | Comments (30)
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Another stupid Ford idea. Add AWD and make the car slower and get worse mpg. Anyone who wouldn't pay $500 more for an Accord or Camry is just plain financially dumb.

Here are free clues for Ford and their Fusion:
1. Restyle the front end
2. Price 2 grand lower than Honda and Toyota
3. Slap on a 10/100 warranty
4. Retrain your dealers to be customer-centric

Do that and you won't find yourself slapping incentives on them any longer.

Toyota Troll

Toyota does not offer AWD on the Camry because it would waste gas and provide little benefit. They do, however, offer stability control, which is more beneficial to most drivers than AWD. Ford does not offer stability control on any of its sedans because it doesn't care about its customers' safety.

Ford is adding stability control standard across its lineup by 2009.

Scott M.

"Financially dumb." How eloquent.


I agree with Adam's comments above. I think most people buy Ford cars because their main criteria is based on price. People who buy Toyota/Honda tend to buy on value. Since Ford dangles incentive after incentive often people end up getting what they pay for. To me that does translate into being 'financially dumb' so to that extent I agree with 'Adam'.


Hey guys, stability control isn't going to get you up hills in bad snow conditions. I wished I had AWD on my Focus today. I couldn't get to my drive, nevermind up my driveway (more uphill). My neigbor just cruised up his drive in his AWD van - and yeah I have studs and oh yeah, it's been snowing LOL

Thank you Ford for listening to consumer comments. The AWD was most desired out of new features when the original Fusion was released, for not only those in colder climates, but those who are car enthuasists.

An AWD car does not receive lower MPG for the most part. I've driven many AWD vehicles that grabbed 35 MPG or around there. Subaru vehicles are a great example of how efficency gains can be achieved.

This is a good step for Ford. Is the new Edge AWD?


Actually Sherman, Subaru is not a very good example as they are full-time AWDs. A better example might be the CRV with AWD that kicks in as conditions/situations dictate. The full-time will definitly get less miles per gallon than a comparably equipped part-time AWD vehicle.


This is why pickups lost full time 4WD transfer cases in the late 70s/early 80s....gas mileage.Pickups with V8s dont get any gas mileage,powering 4 wheels needlessly (summer weather) wastes gas.Dont forget the extra weight you are toting around with a 4WD system....a front drive axle...a transfer extra driveshaft (on front engine/rear drive models) all adds up.They were just talking about how obese and overweight Americans have needlessly lost gas mileage because of their "ponches"...what about hauling around hundreds of pounds more hardware that you dont need.
Subaru found its niche only because nobody else offered a full line of 4WD cars.This was the only "in" Subaru had.The flat-4 engines they have are generally inferior to a good upright design..notice how VW dumped that design back in 1974 in favor of an inline 4 cylinder Rabbit.....


Paul I understand where you're going with this, but you need to slow down and get your thoughts in order. AWD in these vehicles is quite different than the 4WD systems you are referring to. True, Subaru did find a niche and has filled it well, but Subarus also have a reputation as reliable vehicles with an almost cult-like following in many parts of this country. I'm sure you're aware that Porsche has been using boxer engines for quite some time.

Peaceful comment

"The flat-4 engines they have are generally inferior to a good upright design"

The Subie boxer engine is a great design (very balanced), in fact those rust bucket loyales from the 80's and 90's are still on the road today. Don't be talking back about Subaru!!!!!


The only reason Subaru pushes AWD so much is because it's one of the few ways it can offer a differentiation from Honda and Toyota. A Subaru is such a niche brand that it focused on markets that others didn't chase, ie lesbian market (nothing wrong with that - to each his own). Subaru's can't compete with the big boys directly and it shows with their lack of R&D in regards to engines. A Honda/Toyota V6 is far superior to anything Subaru has to offer.


Al isn't from the Pac NW. While I don't think we have any more lesbians than would be considered average, we do have a ton of Subarus on the road. I've heard the SW and NE are similar, but they could have a higher than average percentage of lesbos. Nobody said the Subie engine is the greatest automotive advancment of the last thousand years, just that it is a good design. And anyways, lesbians are cool, you homophobe.

Sherman Cahal

I see Subarus selling quite briskly in my market regions. I have a few friends working for the dealerships, and the recent advertising campaigns have been more than helpful.

Subaru is a great example of what AWD can be: versatile and efficent. They can climb off-road (not to the extreme as with a Wrangler, but who needs one all the time?), and can get great MPG - for AWD systems.

I came close to buying a Suby since they are great off-road and great for around-the-town, but I chose a Toyota RAV4 instead. Same function, a little more room, but with part-time 4WD that actually does quite well.


Wade it's ok if you are gay. My God, you are already driving a Subaru.

hehehe way to go jack!

Fahmid AL-Mamun

good bye Nuha apu buy a car.

Russ Miceli

Whoever thinks AWD is stupid is not from Minnesota!! Where I live, the roads don't get plowed right away. If I would have known ford was going to offer AWD in the fusion, I would have bought the 07 instead of the 06. Also, I'm a toyota tech and I replace a lot of short blocks on camrys, avalons, and corollas for sludge and/or oil consumption. My perfectly maintained 01 camry 4cyl used 1qt oil per 700 miles at 40K and toyota wouldn't warranty it. Thanks ford for building a better car.

Fusion Driver

I rented a new Ford Fusion in MI. The car fishtailed on ice and snow. The smallest area of ice caused fishtailing almost beyond control. I was traveling with 4 people in the car, and we had to pull over. We thought a tire was low or the alignment was off, but neither was the case. I tried everything: no gas/gas, cruise control on/off, slow/fast speeds, etc. Nothing would make the car stop fishtailing on even a small area of ice. It was worse when the car went from dry, to ice, then back to dry road within 50 – 60 feet of highway. The way the car lunged back and forth, it seemed like the problem was mechanically induced, or possibly a faulty AWD system. I had to drive 25 mph with the hazards on while every other car on the road passed by at 50+ mph with no problem. If the Fusion has AWD, I can't tell. My best guess is that the tires were stock which probably didn't help. I was pressed for time, so I didn't get to check the tire pressure or type, details of car model, or type of AWD. I have owned a CRV with 'real time' AWD for 6 years, driven in CO ski country 4 of those years, and now live in MI. I have never had the same problem; not even in mountain conditions with stock tires. The AWD for the CRV is much different than the Fusion. The three other people in the car with me have spent years in MI and all agreed they had never experienced anything like it in any car. I reported the car to the rental company who said they would put it on hold and monitor other Fusion driver’s experiences. I doubt they will, but they can't say I didn't warn them.

Namey McNameson

Fusion Driver - That Fusion may not have even had AWD.


Portland has TONS of Subarus. It's funny though, despite the fact that they have AWD you tend to find them constantly crashing into other vehicles with just a skiff of snow, kind of like Volvos. Too bad people don't realize AWD does nothing to improve braking on ice.I admit that AWD would be a nice option, but it is by no means a replacement for driving ablility which seems to be lacking for most of the people who drive these cars.


I have a subaru I bought used. I love the AWD and won't buy a car without it. I don't love the car. It rattles loudly and the check engine light is always on. Yes, I checked it with my machinac and it's a emmissions system problem. The car is so loud I can't hear the radio when driving over 50mph. The car will go anywhere, in anything, but I can't stand the noise. I'm checking out AWD fords.....


Sometimes a mpg less is worth it if it means you can stay on the road. I live at the bottom of a hill, 45 miles from work, and oh by the way on the southern shore of lake Ontario. Well I am a firm believer in driving ability vs technology having AWD sure make a diffrence! That 500 extra for the honda or toyota may not seam like much from the ditch! Oh yeah, last night after the UFC we took my buddies 93 legacy in the field behind his house "drifting" car has 281000 miles and runs like a top. After that beating it sounded no different than when he started it.


I have a 2006 Ford Fusion. I am fairly satisfied with it except for driving in the snow or icy roads. I have the original stock wheels and my car fishtales really, really, really bad. I wish I could fix the problem. I live in MI so I need a vehicle for this type of conditions. I have driven my car with different wheels which mado no difference, my car stlii fishtails!! HELP!


I have an 06 I4 FWD Ford Fustion SEL. It also fishtails terribly when the roads are icy. I replaced the stock Michelin tires with GoodYear Eagle F1 AS. It is still a big problem. It does seem to be something mechanical. As a previous person wrote, it seems to be worse when going from dry to ice and back again. Lurching back and forth. It's very hard to explain, because most mechanics think it is related to driving experience or tires and not something mechanical. I have been driving in Michigan for over 20 years in many different vehicles and have never felt anything like this. The car feels like it is lurching left and right when traversing slippery road conditions. It is very unnerving. My next thought is to have the alignment checked but I'm not confident that will solve it.


i Agree with Travis,

I work as an Electro-Mechanical engineer and before this i was an auto mechanic. I have driven several different brands of vehicles ,from Audi's (90 Q AWD) to Fords (tempo, ranger, etc.) and now a Subaru Legacy.
its true that no all wheel drive system will help you stop in any condition, drive safe and at speeds appropriate for the weather. bottom line -- know your limits and the limits of your car.
people think AWD means its okay to blister down a snowy road, these people are usually the ones you see off the road a mile later.
lets face it, ford has built some terrible cars, and the new fusion is no exception. sure, it looks pretty, and goes okay in the summer, but lets face it (for us nor-eastern folk) winter driving is its own beast. this car as well as most of the other car's ford has made are not designed or engineered very well.

the perfect vehicle would be

1. the balance of audi, the cars are nearly perfectly balanced all around, this gives better control in slides, spins, etc.

2. engines of late 90's Toyota, Honda's. great design, long lasting.

3. AWD - Its not very well known, but honda put AWD systems in 1988-1991 honda civic wagons. These RT4wd systems were amazing. Had features like,
a locked center diff and a manual shut-off lever (disengage rear driveshaft), save fuel in the summer.
and an 'SL' gear which was exactly 1/2 the gear of first gear. (increase torque to wheels x2), (pull others out of the ditch with it, no problem)

4. Body quality of Audi/VW and here's why Last i knew Audi vehicles underwent a seven step anti-rust procedure. up here in the NE, we use Calcium Chloride on the roads, or a mix of sand and calcium chloride. This is entirely destructive to cars, bridges, roads, anything. this stuff is so abrasive that most cars up here 10 years or older are un-inspectable.

if ford would put those features in one of their cars, i would be out there buying it.


I drove a 2007 Fusion V6 FWD for a little over two years, and experienced no fishtailing what-so-ever. I live in rural Michigan, and managed to make it to work in over a foot of snow, where it was only a two track lane. The only thing I had an occasional problem with was getting traction, but I'm sure that could've been solved with snow/better/different tires. Maybe the 2006 Fusions had stability problems, but my 2007 wasn't too bad at all.

Ron Cray

I have a Porsche Boxter W/P-0 tires.
Tires make a diff. Stick like glue on the dry and rain. Sucks on snow and ice. Treads don't clear.
Sabbie awd at a local Porsche short turn track.
Placed well amoung the P cars. Leans more, stoping was worse than the P cars. To be expected.
Lots of HP though.


I own a 2007 Ford Fusion SEL AWD and it has 95,000 miles with no problems runs great and is AWD never had any problems in the snow, although the AWD is not symetrical AWD it still does awesome Subaru is the only make to have Symetrical AWD and so I would rate them better than ford but I love my car none the less!


I have a 2007 Fusion AWD since new. Now have 123,000 miles on it. I live on a hill in Michigan. The car delivers. 23.8 MPG in everyday driving. NO fishtailing or funnys on even the slipperiest roads. Have no idea what those other guys experienced. Would buy, rather WILL buy one again.

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