Mazda Recalls RX-8


Owners of all 2004, 2005 and some 2006 Mazda RX-8s need to pay attention. Actually, if you own one of these sports cars you’ve probably already made a trip to the shop following a recall, so you’re prepared. Now the company is voluntarily recalling the RX-8 over its award-winning rotary engine.

Some RX-8 engines can leak oil, causing severe damage. Owners can bring their RX-8s in for a vacuum test. If it doesn’t pass, the entire engine will be replaced. Yes, you heard us, the entire engine will be replaced.

Most engines that fail are in hot weather climates, but every owner should go in for the test. Mazda is also going to check the battery and starter on the RX-8 because they often fail in cold weather.

By David Thomas | August 24, 2006 | Comments (98)
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I have and RX-8, this is news. I can imagine Mazda would replace a oil-deficient engine if a user was not notified to check oil at every fill up. Rotary engines are different from Piston/Cam engines, and education is key. This is not you Mother's Ford LTD.

Every rotary owner knows that oil is the life-blood to this powerplant. Like turbine engines, run it out of oil and catastrophy results.

I have not seen any leaking and I drive high-speed almost exclusively (Not going to tip off our laser/radar aiming friends) and oil consumption is minimal. I have 18K+ on my 2005.

I did however have the starter and spark plug wires replaced after a "Flooding" incident where the car flooded after being started and stopped after 30 seconds running time.

P.S. They repainted my rotors after an rusting during a service at 15K.

Spoke with Mazda dealership.

I was informed that the RX-8 owners would be notified by first class mail if there is a problem with vehicles in the future. Dealer did not have any other information.


Wow Dennis - for having such vast knowledge about the rotary engine you actually managed to FLOOD yours? lol

joe ancona

They don't mean oil 'leaking' out of the engine onto the ground, they mean oil blow by where by it, or rich fuel mixtures (also another issue) get into the catalytic converter and mess it up. Because of a bunch of EPA regs that had to be met befire it's release in the USA, there were various modifications to make the mixture leaner, and less oil to be pumped in by the MOP at low idle speeds... both were unfounded, and bad ideas turns out... Hot climates with cars sitting at low RPMS see less oil, and of course heat is the enemy. Plus, with mileage concious 5W20 spec'd in, cooling is even worse. Additionally, a richened fuel mixture did not apparently cool cats down, so both of these items are being attended to by Mazda.... it's sounding like if your engine is still healthy after vacuum testing, you get the EEPROM fix to change the oil and fuel curve and you are done. If it fails vacuum, you get a new or remanufactured engine with the new EEPROM fix all ready to go. The car will be better than before - so chill out, don't loose hope, and keep enjoying your RX-8.

joe ancona

above post should say "modifications to make the mixture richer" not leaner - duh.


I have a 2006 RX-8 Shinka with little to few miles on it, should I get Mazda to check the Vaccum, and the oil system gone over?

Mazda has gotten back to us and said they're working on an official response for KickingTires and of course owners.
We'll post as soon as we hear. I've also heard of a few people flooding the engine.


Here's a unique spin on this - go to and look for the song "I got zoom-zoomed by my rx8".

The problem was not with my knowledget or lack thereof, seems to be teething problems.


well i personally think that it would be better value to get a lotus because 1)piston enigine = longer lasting (carbon fibre apex seals? whoop de doo) 2) its a mazda 3) its a rotary = huge fuel bill 4) running costs will be huge but other than that ive got no other problems with it


Took my 2004 in today, as it began to idle rough and surged on gear change; both this morning! Figured I'd kill two birds with one stone, the recall and the rough idle. Received news that the engine would be replaced and picked up my loaner. I have never had a problem with this car...and it only has 22K miles on it. Oh well, guess a new engine it is! Crossing my fingers and hope I won't start having problems!


Check this Bulletin regarding vibration / rough idle


I've had my RX-8 for about one month now and this is the first time I've heard of a recall. I will be checking with my dealer. Also, in this month I've replaced one quart of oil (it's not full but within range so it could use some more). Is this normal or should I be concerned? I've been told the gas mileage would improve if I keep the oil level high. Any comments on this? Thank you!

darrin mabis

This just happened to a female friend of mine and they were not going to tell her about it. The mechanic told her about it when she went to get in her car. If they replace your engine you will then get a Rebuilt title for your car which will lower the value and will also mess with your insurance. The told her that they fixed a recall and she was getting a free tank of gas and a free detail on the car. Why wouldn't they want people to know your engine could seize and kill you?


I get my car serviced every two months and have been through 5-7 recalls and heres the kicker i go for my oil change and find out I need a new engine so I believe that posting has some truth becuase I take very good care of my car. What is Mazda not telling us RX8 owners with the emissions recalls our cars will never pass smog.


To theresa you have a oil leak that happened to me too they will fix it under warranty dont let them tell you those cars consume a lot of oil.

Brian Berglund

I have a 2005 Rx 8 with 22k in a cool climate, this was an early model 2005. It has been in for 3 significant repairs due to flooding, 2 recalls, engine mounts replaced, front brakes replaced and high beams/running lights modules replaced. The engine running rough problems are yet to be fixed.
My business partner has a late model 2005, she has not had any problems.
We both like the car, she is planning on keeping hers when the lease expires.
Even with the problems, I can't honestly complain about Mazda service or support.


I have one of these 2004 RX8's and I have had nothing BUT cold starting/flooding problems. It's been towed to the dealer 5 times in 2 years. This aside, had I known about the poor low end performance, and lousy gas mileage, I probably never would have purchased it. Also, I have never been notified by mail of any recalls. I've only been told about them when the car has been towed, or brought in for service. I think that's pretty poor on the manufacturer. I guess if it's not broken, don't fix it. I'm currently seeking a "Buy Back" from Mazda


Hi , I have a mazda rx8 2004. I had two floodings on my car during the winter cold season, and that is all I had with problems so far. Now I am finding out that I have 5 more recalls on my car to do , after I just finished getting 3 recalls taken care of in 2004 when I first bought the car. And from reading everyone's posting on here. It sounds like a serious problem with rx rotary engines. They need to take these cars off the market, and replace us with cars that are guranteed to function for at least 10 yrs of car life, espceally if that cars are coming from japan. I had a camry before,another japaneese car. And that car could last me for 10 yrs. It totally sux hearing that these cars are not doing the greatest on engine performance.


Can someone please clarify/verify the "rebuilt title" information posted earlier? YIKES! Although I've been affected by all the other recalls, I'm not sure about the oil leak just yet. One problem I am having and I've had for as long as I can remember is that there is a pinging/knocking sound coming from the engine. Has anyone else had this problem? One dealership acknowledged it but said they couldn't find it to save their lives and two other dealerships said they couldn't hear it on the test drive. I'm using quality high grade fuel, I check the oil every other fill up and have the oil changed every 3k-5k miles. I've also had problems with the engine wanting to stall when taking off from first (no, I'm not a lousy driver that can't drive a 6-speed..hahaha) as well as idle somewhat rough. I'll take it in, the dealership will do a "reflash" it will behave for a few weeks and go back to the same routine.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking....UH OH!!!!!!!! New engine time. Cool, maybe they'll give me a Gremlin/Pacer hybrid with a 72 Pinto gas tank as a loaner =) Any comments, suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated! I've been having it serviced in San Diego but will be taking it to Orange County (CA) for service....any dealership recommendations?

P.S. Even with all the recalls, I still love my RX8!


I also have a 2004 RX-8 and having idle problems. Now, I have an cold air intake on mine, will Mazda give me any trouble if I take the care for a recall with after market intake or Ill have to put the stock one back in the car?????


I'm looking at buying a 2005 Shinka edition RX-8. The posts have me a bit worried. I was aware of an "emissions" recall -- is the oil leakage the same, related or new recall? I live in CA and the car cannot be registered again until the recall is taken care of. Suggestions please: should I trust the owner to take it into the dealership for the recall and have the work done or put a down payment on it and take it in myself to hear their comments? The current owner has already mentioned that it uses some oil, but I'm unfamiliar with rotary engines and hear that they may use more oil than non-rotary engines. Advice?


My car consumes a quart of cheap 5w-20 (Castrol) every 1,500 miles.

I've so far bypassed the recall fiasco, with the latest exception. The car has been good for me, with mileage averaging around twenty miles to gallon, and being pedestrian about everything else. Glad I bought it.

It'll be fixed. I betcha I need an engine, though.


I can't believe I am reading all this! I was just told 15 minutes ago that I, too, need a new engine. I had an oil leak, and rough idle, and the engine stalled out twice immediately after filling my tank with gas during the summer. And I thought it was an awesome car! Back to Ford, baby!


Michelle, warranty work does not show up in your vehicle history in most cases. You will not receive a rebuilt title on your vehicle when the manufacturer replaces the engine. A rebuilt title is issued when the vehicle had a salvage title from a major accident and has been rebuilt to roadworthy conditions.


My RX 8 is at the Mazda dealer right now. My daughter was driving it and noticed a noise coming from the motor, she took it to the dealer to listen to the noise. She also told them it had started to idle rough. They said they needed to do a couple of recalls on the car including motor mounts and updates on the computer. Two days later I was told there were motor issues. Now they say as soon as they get the OK from Mazda, the motor will be replaced. The service people have been very very nice. In fact the service manager has been handling this himself. Also I was told the warrantee has been extended an extra 12,000 miles. The leather has faded on part of the steering wheel, they are going to redye it.


UPDATE !!! The dealer called today, Mazda approved the motor replacement, however they are now saying there is a tramsmission problem with the car. Mazda will replace it too...only set back ... RX 8 rebuilt trannies are back ordered til whenever in the US. Soooo they had to order it from Japan.Sounds like I'm not the only one with a transmission problem. It will take 2-3 weeks before I get my car back. I do get to drive Mazda's 2007 CX-7 for free & and the dealer is kissing butt trying to make me happy. Hope this does it. By the way I took my car to Hancock Mazda in Mesquite, Tx. So far they seem to be on my side of any repairs.

Karen Blue

Purchased a 2007 thirty days ago - have 1400 miles on the RX8 and now need a new engine. It failed all computer tests and CA has requested the engine replacement. Not sure if I want this done due to value drop on the car. I lost the ability to shift into 6th gear!!! Car was getting 11 miles to the gallon. Will this drain the value on resale. I believe RX 8's hold their value with original equipment. Not a happy Mazda person today. Guess I would feel better if the car had some miles on it and then would probably welcome a new engine. Ah - P.S. - Mazda gave me a Rent-A-Heap to use. Flat tire and not oil in it. I think Ford should have steared clear of a decent automaker like Mazda and sunk their money into Rent-A-Piece of Junk.


Mazda, reports that heat and synthetic oil is the cause of RX 8 motor seal failures. If synthetic oil is part of the problem then why does Mazda require 5W-20 oil to be used which is a synthetic and petrolium oil blend wherein, synthetic polymers cause motor seals to shrink, harden and fail, per Mazda.

In addition if motor heat in hot climates (where is it not hot in the summer) is also a cause of motor seal problems, then why again does Mazada require use of 5W oil with a blend of synthetic polymers to make it thicker when hot. It is still a thin 5W oil no mater how thick it gets when hot and who in theit right mind would ever run a car motor with 5W oil and not espect it to fail, in short order because of the higher friction / grinding presure of moving parts against one another.

There are also claims that 5W oil is slicker than 30 weight oil....Duh !!! Well, oil is oil and it is all slick, but nothing is as slick as synthetic. If rotory engines run very hot why add more heat to the rotor and other seals with increased friction from a sparse blend of thin 5W oil with a thicking polymer.

One could suspect that 5W-20 oil (usually considered only a break in oil weight) is required because it takes less gas / power to move around a sparse misture of 5W oil blended with a thicking polymer....which increases the EPA miles per gallon rating of not just the RX 8 but also the MPG rating of the entire Mazada and Ford fleet of cars, at the espense of the durability of owners cars.

There are synthetic base polymers made to day that will not harden, shrink and break engine seals, but the ones used in "oil blends" usually are not these. In addition certain synthetic oils, will burn without any more residue than ordinary oil, which they claim damages the motor seals and cat.

In addition Mazda dealers have said the synthetic oils ruin the catalic converter...ah, did they forget the oil they require to be used is a synthetic blend. Then to save the catalitic converter Mazada reduces the oil injected to protect the rotor seals when the seals require luberication or they will fail, but EPA and Mazada is happpy.

Mazda, enginere are not stupid and must know all the above, but cheap seals, and oil make for good profits and easy solutions, all at the RX 8 car owners expense. Do you want to have your motor replaced by mechanics that are basically trained to maintain cars and not to install motors...which will just have the same seals and oil that caused the motors and cat to fail in the first place ??? Mazda should buy the cars back at the price paid, because the RX 8's are already depreciating twice as fast as other sports cars and trades will be costly to the current owners. Don't bring out the RX'8 again for sale to the public untill they honestly have solved the problems, so the car will last 125,000+ miles (comensurate with the price), if treated right.


In second thought to my above post perhaps the best thing that Mazda can do to save money and customers is to simply estend the cars warrenty to 125,000 miles with no time limit. During this time Mazda will have additional time to find solutions and Mazda's customer base will have new found confidence, because when it comes down to it RX 8 owners really dont want to give up their cars and wantabe owners will then continue to buy. Othe manufactures have offered warrentys like this to restore customer and new buyer confidance.

I have a 6-port 2004 RX-8 with over 72,000 miles on it and have noticed the engine oil leak. Starting about 10,000 miles ago, it has become quite severe and has caused damage to surrounding equipment. I have not turned the vehicle in for service yet nor do I know if I am eligible for the service.

I will comment about previous posts- this and the many other service bulletins regarding the RX-8 do not affect my positive experience with the RX-8. As an owner of more than (6) domestic and foreign cars and trucks, I can only assume that owners unhappy with their RX-8 have not driven/owned many vehicles, as I find the RX-8 to be superior in craft, performance and value. With have driven the RX-8 for 48,000 miles more than the average RX-8 owner, I trust my experience with the vehicle is more noteworthy than most.

Betty Langford

I own a 2004 Rx8 and love the car. I have had some recall work done in the last year but no serious engine trouble. My engine light has recently came on and the service dept checked the car on the computer and said that the issue could be with the gas cap. Apparently the gas cap is sealed to where a vacuum is pulled while the car is running, which is not happening in my situation. Has anyone ran into this problem. The service dept said it would not hurt to drive it as long as the engine light is not flashing until it can be repaired.


A vacuume problem is what my dealer told me shows them the motor needs to be replaced. Mazda has Japanese trained techs available to check out your car. If your not happy with your dealer i'd say find another one in your area. I did not have to ask my dealership for anything . They worked for me dealing with Mazda Corp.

Chris Lavender

I own a 2005 RX8. It has been into the dealer 4 times because of rough idle at stops. They have preformed the recall work as well as changeing out my engine mounts. The car is doing no better and I am getting more frustated everyday. It feels like I am sitting in a bad massage chair whenever I am at a stop. The dealer has now told me that this is characteristic of all rotary engines when they begin to add up mileage. My car has 39,000 miles on it today. I asked the service manager what I could expect at 60,000 miles if it is this bad already...he had no comment. Has anyone else had this problem? It has become too embarassing to allow anyone to ride with me in the car. I called Mazda corporate and they have told me to take it to another dealership next week, as a secon opinion.

I think Mazda has a far greater problem on their hands than they want to realize.


I have a 2004 Rx-8 that keeps dying & the dealership can find NOTHING wrong - is this happening to any one else??

Kevin H.

You are not alone with stalling and flooding problems. I have a 2004 RX8 with 30,000 mi. It has been towed, yes, towed 4 times to the dealer after a non-start situation even after going thru the manuals engine flood starting procedures. Twice it was pulled from my garage. Top it off with at least half a dozen or more stalling episodes in busy traffic. Dealer corrections? Replace injectors, plugs, plug wires, starter, alternator, batteries, many hook-ups to diagnostic analyser, and sometimes just a "man, we don't know!" My next step is to convinced my wife that looks are deceiving. I want my Avalon back. Remedy. Lemon law. Our son has a 2004 Mazda 3, 2.3 with a normal engine. Awesome car.


Has anyone had success in getting Mazda to buy back their RX 8. Just had engine replaced and frankly, I don't think it is going to be a long term fix and I don't want the car.

Emmette Patterson

Well needless to say, I too have been having problems with the check engine light illuminating on the instrument panel of my 2004 RX-8. In fact, since purchasing the car, I have had to take my car in for service on four different occasions. On each occasion, the maintenance technicians would explain to me that the cause of the light illuminating was because of the gas cap not being secure and/or the seal not seating properly. Well personally I think the problem is far more deeper than the gas cap not being secure. Having recently taken my RX-8 in to the dealership on Thursday, 12 April for what else, the check engine light coming on, I will be taking it in for maintenance again as the light is back on, which in all essence is truly frustrating. Boy! I'll definitely do my homework/research before ever buying any automobile again.


After three more episodes within the last four weeks, Mazda is now going to replace the engine in my 04 RX8. Everytime the engine light came on and within driving no more than 25 miles, the spitting and sputtering of the engine with the eventual stall of the car occurred. Twice the car had to be towed in. A new engine has now been promised with no other remedy avaliable to them. The dealer is doing ,I believe, what they can with this obvious failure of Mazda's renesis rotary engine. To bad! It's a super looking car otherwise.


i am considering buying an rx8 2005 ,with all these recalls and problems these cars have been giving should i go ahead and take a risk at the prices they run for especially i being low income?are the chances worth taking?


Will be in the buy-back process in the near future. Suggest spending your hard earned money on something proven and dependable. I now have two Mazdas in the shop!


OK. I live in arizona. My 04 RX8 gets a new engine. my question is,"How will the new engine be modified from the first one?" Will I only get 20,000 miles out of it to?


Well I got the news yesterday. My RX8, will be getting its 2nd motor replacement.
Motor failed with less than 5000 mi. on it.
Might be time to find it a new home.
Mazda should buy it back, I know that's not going to happen!


Update: my 04 RX-8 has been in the shop for over a week, waiting on a "tester" from Mazdz, changed the spark plugs AGAIN, this makes the oh-um...4th time! What else are they going to TRY and make up next. Took the car to two different states and get the same answer - "We Don't Know What's wrong w/it".


guess what??!! I get a new motor.....hope it's not from another 04 rx-8!



My car did EXACTLY the same as yours. I have a 2004 as well. Just found out Im getting the new engine too. Car would stop at lights and not want to start right back up. No awnsers from mazda for 6 monthes. Was even told once I dont drive it right and thats why it stopping. BS. Spark plugs changed 4 or 5 times. Wish I could still claim lemon law. Good luck with yours. Hope mine will last.


If you are taking action in the form of a "Class Action Suit" against Mazda regarding the Mazda RX-8 engine problems in particular Mazda's insistant use of 5W-20 Motor Oil in the Rotary engine. All research I have come across point to the same conclusion, that the use of the overly thin 5W-20 motor Oil that Mazda uses on all rotary engine oil changes can and has paved the way to premature engine rebuilds. My car is a 2006 RX-8 Shinka 6-SP with 2550K miles, yes the milage is correct, it equates to about 50 miles a week. I have had (4) Oil changes in the year in have owned the car, Every (3) Months. The last one I had done the dealership didn't even change the oil filter, I marked it with a marker and sure enough when I picked the car up from the dealership the old filter was still being used, I was a little hot to say the least. Anyway I will continue to use 5W-20 engine oil untill it is decided that a thicker or synthetic blend can be used with out voiding the warranty. I paid cash when I bought it new off the showroom floor, but I certainly would not want my warranty voided. If you are starting a Class Action Law Suit or now off people starting one I would like to be included. Ever wonder why the Warranty is 3 years or 36K miles originally? Now they are 5 years or 50K or 60K. I hope we can make a difference in this endevor.
2006 Mazda RX-8 owner


I would also join a Class Action Suit. Have a 2007 RX-8 1620 miles with a new engine replacement already. Wanted them to buy back car - no luck. Dealership scratched the hood and stole my CD's and denied all. I have a lemon sticker on the car and always threaten the dealer with the same during my multiple visits to the service dept. for recall items. So nice to buy a new car and have it devalued within 60 days of ownership.


I happeed to stumble on this. I do not have an RX-8 but do have a 1990 RX-7. From what I have seen the engines are the same in the 2 cars with the exception of where the intake and exhaust ports are. If that is the case Mazda has been using it since the mid 80s. I use 20w50 oil in mine and have disconnected the MOP and use premix in it. I also autocross this car so it sees anywhere between 4000 to 6000 RPM for sustained times. I have had no problems since starting this. The oil can be bought at under the oil and lube section. It is a bit salty at almost $46 a case but well worth the money. Also a case should last awhile as you only need to use 1/2 oz per gallon.

Also as far as flooding problems with your cars, the best thing I can tell you about that is let the car warm up completely before you shut it off. Rotary engines are extremely sensitive to flooding. If you do floos it hold the throttle to the floor and start it that way. If will smoke like a freight train but will clear up.

I have had my 7 for the last 12 years and love the thing. I am not an expert by any streach of the imagination but this is what I have found out by talking to others and through my own experiences. Hope this helped some. Any questions or if someone knows something better please emsil me and let me know.


I happeed to stumble on this. I do not have an RX-8 but do have a 1990 RX-7. From what I have seen the engines are the same in the 2 cars with the exception of where the intake and exhaust ports are. If that is the case Mazda has been using it since the mid 80s. I use 20w50 oil in mine and have disconnected the MOP and use premix in it. I also autocross this car so it sees anywhere between 4000 to 6000 RPM for sustained times. I have had no problems since starting this. The oil can be bought at under the oil and lube section. It is a bit salty at almost $46 a case but well worth the money. Also a case should last awhile as you only need to use 1/2 oz per gallon.

Also as far as flooding problems with your cars, the best thing I can tell you about that is let the car warm up completely before you shut it off. Rotary engines are extremely sensitive to flooding. If you do floos it hold the throttle to the floor and start it that way. If will smoke like a freight train but will clear up.

I have had my 7 for the last 12 years and love the thing. I am not an expert by any streach of the imagination but this is what I have found out by talking to others and through my own experiences. Hope this helped some. Any questions or if someone knows something better please emsil me and let me know.


got my car back w/new engine. Seems ok so far, still has bad vibration in engine area and seems like it was going to stall a few times.


Got a settlement offer from Mazda of $2000.00 and a discount if I buy another Mazda - any one else?? Any one know what the discount would be?



I am getting F@@#$d on my 04 rx8 6 weeks in shop need to find an attorney can anyone help!



I have a leased 2004 RX-8 with automatic. I have 36k miles on it. I love driving this car. I have thought about getting a 2008 and was hoping it would not have the problems some other people are having with their cars. I have had all the recalls. Engine does idle rough some times. Only flooded once in 4 years. Car is somewhat slow off the line but on the road it handles like a dream. I love it.


I am going to look at an '06 RX-8 Shinka today. So, I am doing my research, and stumble upon this site. Should I be concerned about tis car's engine? How do I know if it has the faulty engine? What has Mazda done as of late to correct this problem? What did they change in the engine to prevent the problems from reoccuring? This car has 6,000 mi on it. I am worried now, and I was soo excited. Do I dare stray away from my beloved Mustang? Advice, please!


I have 52k on my 2005 RX8 and have been very happy with it. I did get a few of the early recall letters, but mine passed the vacume test on the engine. Other then going through tires, which is probably more my fault then the cars, I really haven't noticed any problems. I don't burn oil, rough idle, or stall. I hate that you guys are having problems, because I really have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of mine with very little problems.

I have a 2005 RX-8 with about 19,700 miles on it. I'm out of town for about 2 months and I'm having a friend go by and check on my house once and a while. How ofthen should he go by to crank up my car and let in run?


OK, I have been having the same problems with my 04 rx8 as described by everyone above. It has gotten progressively worse. I finally did an internet search for known problems with the 04 rx8 and found this sight. After reading this blog I went to and got the customer service number (1-800-222-5500) After calling I was told that my vehicle WAS listed under this recall and told to take it to the nearest Mazda dealership as soon as possible. They gave me a rental car and kept mine. Who knows how long they will keep it but hopefully this will be the final solution to my problems. I have owned 3 RX7s in the past and I love the rotary engine. I recomend any 04-06 rx8 ownwers with stalling problems, loss of power or sputtering to call the number imediatly! Be sure to have your VIN (numbers and letters found at the bottom of your driver's side windshield) to the car handy as they WILL need the number to see if your car has been recalled!!! As soon as the fix is complete I will post a new Comment here to tell if the problem is fixed or not.


I own a 2004 RX-8 approx. 52K miles, had a recall for the flooding problem at 20K miles, taken care of pretty painlessly. After car was stored for 30 days, I needed a tow to the dealer. It felt like no compression, but turned out there was another recall for the battery and starter. Fixed, no charge.
After reading the rest of this blog, I plan to research the other recalls.


I'm a 52 y/o female who purchased a new 2004 Mazda RX-8 on October 13, 2005. This car came with a 48 month / 50,000 mile factory warranty plus I purchased a 84 month / 72,000 mile extended warranty (cost: $2,470.00) which I understood covered the powertrain, fueling system and miscellaneous components, steering, suspension, brakes, factory air conditioning / heating / cooling and electrical components not covered by the factory warranty. The day after I took delivery of the vehicle I returned to the dealer because the owner's manual was missing from the car. Three times over the next month I either stopped at the dealership or called the salesman inquiring about the manual which "was ordered and should be arriving any day now". As a new car owner, I wanted the "complete package" which included the owners manual and a copy of the factory warranty. I like to know what I have before I need it. To date, the manual or a copy of the warranty has never been received. Between October 13, 2005 and September 10, 2007 I put 21,420 miles on the car (including the 723 on it at time of delivery). With the exception of a couple of oil changes (religiously completed every 3000 miles), the car has wholly been maintained by the dealer at the suggested mileage intervals. On June 26, 2007 the car died in the middle of a very busy intersection and wouldn't restart. Since it was after 6pm, the dealer's Service Dept was closed so they were of no use. After flagging down assistance to push the car off the road, I decided to have the battery checked; there was a dead / dry cell so my only option was to purchase a new battery ($96.00). The next day, I delivered the car to the dealer for the 17,500 mileage check and to have one recall completed and a couple of cosmetic things taken care of that all supposedly fell under the warranty (sun visor fell off; tail light lens cover held condensation after a rain). I was given a rental car to drive, per my warranty agreement, while my vehicle was in the shop. Two days later, the Service Dept called to say I could pick up the car. I was shocked to also pick up a $300 bill for "parts and labor" although no one could explain what the parts were. Further I was told they would submit my battery purchase receipt to Mazda for reimbursement. They also explained they did a "27-point check" and my car looked great. When driving to work on September 10, 2007 I noticed the engine would rev and the RPMs would rise dramatically every time I tried to pick up speed ... but the car wasn't going any where. I called the dealer upon arriving at work, told the service writer I thought my clutch was slipping or going out, and was told they couldn't take a look at the car for a full week. Since I didn't feel either comfortable or safe driving the car in its present condition, I decided to drop it off at their service department anyway and did so later that day. This time, when I asked for a rental car I was told they would not authorize reimbursement until the cause of the problem was determined; however, if the problem was covered under either warranty, they would pick up the rental cost up to $30.00 per day. Two days later I received a call from Courtesy's Service Department informing me that, indeed, my clutch was going out and the replacement cost would be $1480.00! I was livid! And, I was shocked that (1) the hydraulic clutch assembly was not covered under EITHER of my warranties; that (2) the clutch failed in the first place with the low miles on the car; and that (3) Courtesy Imports were not interested at all in addressing my concerns. I was told I could pick the car up any time the next day and would be required to pay for one hour service required to disassemble and reassemble my car plus the cost of the rental. Additionally, when I inquired about never receiving reimbursement for the battery I purchased 45 days earlier, I was informed that no check would be forthcoming and I "should have just waited until the next morning and had the car towed into the dealership instead of purchasing a new battery". I have a job I need to be at each and every weekday and simply didn't have the luxury of breaking down during their Service Department's hours! After several hours of research, I have learned I am not alone. Mazda USA is fully aware that both the 2004 and 2005 model years of the RX-8 have both hydraulic clutch issues and faulty engine issues. I also learned that the hydraulic clutch is only covered for the first 12,000 miles of the factory warranty. I've driven manual transmissions for 40 years and I've NEVER had a clutch failure within 12,000 miles of purchase and/or installation. In my mind, Mazda covered the clutch for only 12,000 miles of a 50,000 mile warranty because they KNEW they had a problematic component but either wasn't interested in addressing the problem or simply didn't care about their customers or the service provided by their dealerships. Further, I learned that beginning with the 2006 model, the clutch assembly IS covered for the full length of the factory warranty. Mazda USA is fully aware of the extreme number of complaints against the 2004 RX-8 ... so much so that when their dealerships complained that the problems with RX-8 was lowering their customer satisfacting rating, Mazda executives decided not to include the RX-8 owner's opinions in their internal customer satisfaction score. (


I have a 04 rx8 w/ 37k miles on it.. I love this car i have had NO problems what so ever w/ it idk what you guys are all talkin about this car is great.. Its fast mine gets about 18mpg 26 hw i have had no engine leaks or anything.. I am a very happy rx8 owner

Cheryl LaPrade

Now we have a new problem.Steering wheel jerking!
However this is not new on the RX8. I googled steering problem & got a picture from Youtube of the steering wheel jerking uncontrollably. There are also many references to it on the net on RX8 forums. Come on Mazda, don't you think you should recall the entire car!!!
My 18 yr old daughter drives this car. I'm not a happy camper.


I have got a RX8 from 2004. Me and a friend both have one bought from new and we have had similar exsperiences.

I live in southern spain and the problem is that is gets hot here in summer, this has a noticable affect on the Mazda.

I am writing mainly for anyone considering buying a mazda rx8, we have both had many recalls. In the last 3 months my car has been in the garage so many times that if my RX8 didnt look so bloody cute I would have taken a sledge hammer to it.

My friends car is better of as recently my catalytic converter broke and his is still going, this was not covered under warrenty as is considered wear and tear and was 1200 euros to replace. I have not bothered I simply put a long tube in its place and it works well.

The car is definately for enthusiasts and I would never own one without having another car.

You have to really be one of the lucky ones to not have any problems. Many people are having problems. I know how many RX8 owners are around in my area because we are always in Mazda together and this is no joke.

I accept a huge amount of cr.ap from my Mazda that I would never tolerate from a BMW or AUDI.

It looks great and is great fun but it just lacks good engineering.

The most important thing is that you have a good mechanic, this car needs ALOT of love. I mean you REALLY have to love this car alot. The biggest problem in spain is that I cant sell the bloody thing and no one really has much clue about a rotary engine not even Mazda. The advice is poor and often they chase there tails trying to fix the problem.

If you are going to buy one watch out for, Rough Idling and Spitting sounds.


I own a 2004 RX8. Love the car, but did have flooding issues. The dealer had to reset the computer to adjust to cold weather in seattle.
It does idle rough. My daughter was just rear ended the other day by a 1964 pick up truck.

Now in the process to see how much damage. She was first car at red light, the truck came from behind skided into her & pushed her out into the intersection across the cross walk.
The air bags did not come out! I am questioning if the dealer had it taken care of before purchase of 7/04. I see several recalls, I was wondering if there is a way to find out by my vin # if this was done already. I will call Mazda to see.


I own a 2004 rx8, ever since I have bought the car I have never been notified of a recall. The only way my car gets treated is if I personally tell the dealer what service code id is due, I think Mazda should pre-qualify almost all their employees before assigning them to an important position such as customer service and hiring unexperienced technicians who all say the same thing "dont know exactly", I live in Puerto Rico and must admit that the weather here is always above 78• I'm also experiecing power steering problems with only 41,565 miles,and found out that the warranty doesnt cover this issue, it, sometimes it goes away after warming the car for about 10 or 15 minutes and later while driving after a good 20 minutes the steering gets a bit rough especially when it rains it gets even worse, As many other rx8 owner's I believe Mazda should reconsider us faithfull buyers for trusting them after paying over 20'thousand dollars and not having a decent warranty service or good quality such as the rotary engine which has been in the market for quiet a while. Now they are bringing back the rx7 after falling behind with so much critism of the rx8, must admit that they have lost over 30% of rotary confident buyers with all these unresolved-unpleasant issues with the rx8. Compared to the Nissan 350Z,Mitsubishi Evo, Subaro STI,Infiniti G35, BMW M3, I would of gotten my time & moneys worth. Mazda better get their pants and tighten that belt if they want to compete against these new models for 2009 and gain back their customers. Toyota FT HS- Hybrid -Supra Replacement Spring of 2009 $38,900 V6 - 355hp $47,500 V8 - 475hp Nissan Skyline-455hp Street Legal $36,500 Nissan 350Z- 310hp -Porsche Simulation $35,000 BMW M5 - 475hp $40-46,000 Mitsubishi Evo- 425hp $32-36,000 And so much more other models to mention... Where is Mazda?


I have a 2006 RX8 , so far no big problems. I do a have a burnt oil smell that comes from the rear after I have driven the car.I smell it a lot if I open the trunk. Also I have heard about the steering going out on 05's. I have not heard of it in any other year. It happened twice and around 27k miles. I am at 26k. Anyone else loose the steering?


I have a 2006 RX-8 that I drive very little. I bought in new off the floor.Only 3200 miles so far but I have to admit that it wants to stall from from stop to 1st and then rev up throught the gears fine. Only time my ride see's the shop is for oil changes. Are there upgardes to the ECU and changes I'm missing? I take it that my vacuum check was fine, but what else will go wrong? Should I demand to have what ever computer upgrade upgraded? Or just take it easy and take for granite that my Mazda dealership can do no wrong?


I just recently purchased a "USED" RX8 Mazda 2005, well I was wondering if anyone has problems with water gettin INSIDE the tail lights???? What should I do or whatever??? All suggestions are welcome!!!!
SORRY I Know this has nothing to do with motor leakin, but I was needing to find a forum for MAZDA PEOPLE!!!



If you are looking for a forum for "Mazda people" then check out this site:

It's a great site with a lot of active members - I am sure you'll get some good advice there!


I am on 3rd engine. 2004 RX8 purchased new. Today started with steering wheel sticking or difficult to turn.Have also had all the other issues-condensation in tail light, replaced visor twice, engine mounts replaced, flooding, engine still runs rough. Dealership has been great. Need more info on steering poblems...


I was told you need to raise the rpm to 4000 before turning off my 2005 rx 8 ,has anyone heard of this


If you drive the car a short distance or let it run a short period of time in which the car DOES NOT heat up to normal operating tempatures you have to do the following: Run the RPM's up to 6000 for 5 seconds before shutting down the engine or it will flood out. DO NOT let off the gas once it has been 5 seconds and let the cars RPM's decrease. You have to shut off the engine at the 6000 RPM point after 5 seconds.

Sounds to me alot of the problems people are having with their RX8 is due to the lack of research and knowledge of the product you bought. If you were to buy a new 4-wheeler or diesel, do you think that it will run the same as your old 4 cyld Ford or Chevy?? NO> This is a different type of engine which requires a total different approach on care. If you want a car that you do not want to check the oil or pay high gas prices, buy a Ford or Chevy. The RX8 is too much for you to handle.

David Renberg

I also have a 2004 Mazda RX-8. Engine light has come on multiple times and I have had several flooding problems. Any more word on a class action suit or buy back?


i just stumbeled upon this after getting home from picking up my 2004 rx8 from dealership where i paid $500 for a new water pump and was also told that i need new motors mounts because all of the fluid has leaked out..ive had problems with flooding lately and rough idle and sometimes engine light comes on and i explained this to service dept at mazda and i was never informed of any recalls EvEr. But i kinda expect that from the same people who destroyed my 1987 rx7 gxl with 50,000 miles and said i blew a fireball into the intake or some bs..trip part about that ordeal is that the car was running,with white smoke coming out of exhaust when i dropped it off to them, and when i went to pickit up they said it wouldnt start cuz i blew the fireball into hate to have to get a new engine since i already have 90,000 miles and the car has treated me so well by smoking mustangs and camaroson a reg basis

Jose Feliciano

Anyone knows if the official letter was sent out to all Rx8 owners and when, I'm still waiting for mine, as I have been taking the car to the dealer for the vacuum test and they keep saying they dont have it, also they say it's only Automatic Rx8 that the engine replacement applies to.

chester arguello

tengo rx8 2006 yo vivo en nicaragua que tipo de aceite deberia usar ya que el clima es demaciado caliente.
aparten de eso tengo check engine encendido
codigo po661 po662 ya se limpio valvula del manifull de admision y sique igual donde debo chequear derepente al acelerar falla como que se haoga. en esto momento tengo puesto un aceite 10w-30 cual sera la causa de mi problema

chester arguello

I RX8 2006 I live in nicaragua what kind of oil should I use as the weather is hot Demaci.
Apart from that my check engine ignition
code was po661 po662 and clean the valve manifull admissions and even match where I check derepente that failure to accelerate is haoga. at this moment because I have an oil 10w-30 which will be the cause of my problem


I have owned 4 rx-7's in the past as well as own an rx-8 now. They are prone to flooding yes but of all of the rotary engine's I've owned only one of them did this often and it was in colder climates. The rx-8 oil recommendation does seem rather thin at 5w-20, I personally would use something thicker to protect it. The older ones required 20w-50 just as stated.

The 3rd generation twin turbo rx-7 had a lot of issues with blown motors and I would suspect it would be because of the turbos and the 10w-30 that seems thin, especially for a turbo rotary car. I have not disabled my MOP oil pump because I do not race. I do however premix most of the time to help out. I don't use the 20w-50 oil any longer but I don't use the 5w-20 either. Make sure you keep up with your maintenance, use good quality, non-synthetic motor oil and keep your oil at the full line by checking it every week.


I have owned 4 rx-7's in the past as well as own an rx-8 now. They are prone to flooding yes but of all of the rotary engine's I've owned only one of them did this often and it was in colder climates. The rx-8 oil recommendation does seem rather thin at 5w-20, I personally would use something thicker to protect it. The older ones required 20w-50 just as stated. The 3rd generation twin turbo rx-7 had a lot of issues with blown motors and I would suspect it would be because of the turbos and the 10w-30 that seems thin, especially for a turbo rotary car. I have not disabled my MOP oil pump because I do not race. I do however premix most of the time to help out. I don't use the 20w-50 oil any longer but I don't use the 5w-20 either. Make sure you keep up with your maintenance, use good quality, non-synthetic motor oil and keep your oil at the full line by checking it every week.

I have a 2004 RX-8, and my engine has flooded on me twice. One of the reasons was that they said the first time was that I wasn't warming up my car in the morning. They told me when I called Mazda that I have to warm it up at least til it passes the little C. So I didn't take it into the shop the first time. I took off my driver side rim and tire. Took out my trailing spark plugs, got a little tube and put some of the oil that I use. Royal Purple 5w-20. Good oil so far. Anyways, I put oil down the tube so that the oil can get into the walls where the spark plugs go. I read to do this online somewhere. I put a little not much just enough to get into the engine. I started it and started it like 20 to 25 cranks. And it finally cranked back up. All this black smoke wuz just shooting out my mufflers. I just let the engine burnout the oil on its own. Ever since then the car has been cranking up great. This was about a year ago. The summer of 2009. Now it's the summer of 2010. May 25th, and my car just shut down on me on the 22nd. I was just driving like at 30 miles an hr. Down a regular when all I see is all the lights come on and I hear this zooooooo noise! I was like what? I put it in park and tried to crank it. And it was just zoooo zooo zoo! I took off my battery it was fine. Alternator was fine! I was like I warmed it up. Ever since that time last year. I've been warming up, and making sure I have enough oil in there. So I tow it to Mazda. And you know what they said? That I flooded the engine! I was like what how? I've been warming up the engine? They said that knew by the way it sounded when they cranked it. I was like alright. They are gonna charge me $190. To get it back up and running. Then they are going to run diagnostics on it. It's a good car. Just has its problems sometimes. But don't all cars? If you have any tips for me. Please let me know! Thanks!


my 2004 mazda has been perfect for the last 3 yrs, the amount of time i have owned it. i am the 2nd owner and bought it with 14k on the clock, there is now 54k and i have just got my 1st problem which is an oil leak when engine is running.never been in for recall so going to dealership tomorrow ...


I had a problem with my engine coolant light coming on intermittently - then the car lost all power. I took it to a dealer in Nevada and they couldn't find what the problem was, so they replaced the engine - now I think I know why! This has happened again, but I was told that the sensor needed to be replaced. Then the daytime running lights went. Needed a sensor replaced. Now the remote on my keys don't work (mine & the spare) and I was told that I need to replace them, at $206 each. Seems like every time I take the car in, it comes back with another problem. Has anyone else had light or key issues?


I have a 2004 rx8 6 speed. The catalytic converter went and when my garage told me it would be a $2500 repair bill, I was in shock. He then told me to check the warranty. I did and it was covered For 8 years or 160,000 km. If anyone else has this problem bring it back to Mazda. I still love the car and drive it like I stole it!


I am currently seeking to file a law suit against MAZDA CORPORATION, anyone interested please contact me at


i baught the rx8 in 2005 at a ford dealer in south africa, the car was performing fine untill the 3rd sercice. the technician set values on the computer and after that i had problems with oil spilling, battery, and performance. one bad feature of the car is the 18 inch rims, one small pothole and they are damaged behond repair. cost me 900 dollars to get it partially fixed, had to replace it after a while. my car has just reached 25k kilometer and the car is very lazy and the fuel consumption went from okey to very bad.


I have a 2005 rx8 the engine light is on.the error code is po661.does anyone know how to fix


Have a 2004 6 speed mazda rx8 with 84k miles with some recalls... never had an engine problem in my life... true in hot texas weather i feel the difference in the engine, but i do the oil changes at any random place and always get synthetic blend. i never drive the car below 3k rpm and when i feel it getting weak on those hot days i drive in above 4k. (i drive it at high rpms) if i ever need to turn the car on and off fast i always rev it to 8k+ and turn it off so the engine keeps spinning with the car off. Thats about all i can say, i do regular mayntenance and NEVER go to a mazda dealer and i drive the car hard and fast!


Oh also very importantly.. i see a lot of people talking about vibrating sounds in the engine. I have had those too, they really steal power from the car for some reason, wenever i start hearing the vibration i pop the hood with the car on and i tighten every posible thing i can tighten. i usully find something loose, i gues the vibration of the car intself makes it loose, afterwards the vibrating noises go away and the next day everything was great.


I am new to RX 8s and recently purchased a 2005 Shinka with 60k miles. The only thing wrong that I saw on the carfax when I bought it was the clutch pedal recall. I took it in and Mazda said it was fine, but the clutch its self may need to be replaced in the near future.. 1300.00. I use non synth oil warm it up every day. I keep hearing the phrase "drive it like you stole it." I drive like that most of the time. When the car is parked after driving I leave it in neutral and there is a vibration and a squeeking noise. Could this be the clutch or is this normal for 60K miles?

When I was last car shopping, early spring, I test drove an automatic model. (I know, but it was all they had on the lot.) It was fun to drive. The manual mode for the transmission is no VW, but it actually felt fairly natural, especially on those long s-curve on-ramps. Alas, the rear seat wasn’t as room as I would have liked, so I passed, but it seemed like it would have been a fun car to own.




The problem with the CEL and rough idling usually tends to be the gas cap. I had the problem when I first got my RX-8 and a gas cap replacement fixed my problem. Like most cars, with the CEL on, the engine will burn rich. This causes a lot of flooding problems and misfires because the amount of fuel going into the chambers. Start small and work your way up. Start with the gas cap, then move onto plugs, wires, packs, then to the sensors such as your MAF and O2 Sensors. If that doesn't work, check the CAT....and last but not least, likely an engine replacement.


I have a 2004 6 speed RX-8 and have NOTHING but issues out of this car. It is up for sale at this very moment... Anyway if I can fix it I'll think about keeping it. My car idles rough as hell and has no power what so ever almost 90% of the time. When it idles rough it also dies on me and it happens often when I come to a stop it will just shut down and is hard to get started. With me having kids I can not take the chance of my car dying at intersections anymore. My car sux! We have done everything but nothing seems to fix the issue. This is the second motor and my husband just messed with the CAT converter and still can not find the issue. Issues- rough idle, lose of power, car dying, and noise coming from the engine and when I hear this noise my car starts to run like crap. Also I can tell when my car is going to start running bad when my digital temp gauge sky rockets over 100*F (not the motor temp gauge but the one in the radio area). Ughhhh I am so frustrated!!! I hate my car!!!! If anyone knows a cure for a dying car please help. lol

Cory green

i have a 04 rx8 sixspeed and I've had the car for two year no winner driving for ot just sits when it starts snowing but i will start it up. i have replaced the coils twice the battery clutch plugs 2twice i get the old changed every four thousand miles and add when necessary but i have nothing but issues and now it was started to leak oil like a beast. i have to add a quart or 2 a week

Cory green

does this go with the recall at the top? it leaks oil and i have no clue why. i have called Mazda and they told me there is no recall on the rx8. but once i hit 50,000 miles everything started going but i bought the car with 44k. and again no winter driving. and the car has never felt like it has power... for acceleration

Ronald Bishop

I bought my 2004 RX-8 in May of last year. The other day I started my car and went to take off and it died. I had it towed to the dealership. They called me a few hours later and said it needed a new battery and that it was flooded.I told them to fix it and I would be there later to pick it up. Not even an hour later, they called and said it needed a new engine. I have not even put 5000 miles on it yet. the car is paid for and worthless. It has 94k miles!I will never buy another Mazda!!



It is unfortunate you had such a horrible experience. However, I think a problems with an almost 10-year-old car with almost 100k miles on it on a model that has been notorious does not give you an indication of the reliability of other piston-driven cars in the lineup. This is why there are so many used 2004-2006 RX-8s on the market for cheap. It's expensive to own such a unique engine. Don't get lured by the low price of entry.


I am sooo tired of Mazda and their excuses!!! My 2006 RX8 had the motor replaced at 38,000 miles and now at 60,000 my converter had an epic failure and meltdown! They claim that my particular car was not part of the converter recall on 2004-2006 models, that is why it was not replaced earlier! Well when an engine fails and shoots oil and gas out the exhaust, the converter is doomed! So now they will not fix my convertor until I pay to have my battery replaced ($185), my coils replaced (ALL OF THEM ($600) and pay the tow on my car ($85)! So $870 later they will honor my warranty? My car had no signs of coil or electrical failure UNTIL the night my converter locked up, shot black smoke out the back with a rotten egg smell, and turned molten lava orange! So the heat backed up into my motor and apparently magically made ALL my coils fail, since there is no spark at all in my engine with a new battery and new plugs! So, my dealership here in west TX only has one RX8 tech so I have been without a car now for 3 weeks and counting as they were backed up and could not get to it right away, so I payed $30,000 for a new Mazda and have been stranded without a car for months at a time MULTIPLE TIMES ( same thing when my engine was replaced). This dealership does not give rental cars for warranty work BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO! It is at there discretion and there closest competition is 2hrs away so the just do not care! DO NOT BUY THESE CARS!!!

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