Lexus, Mercury and Buick Top Latest J.D. Power Rankings


While we don’t advocate using J.D. Power’s dependability rankings as the sole source for car research, they do offer an interesting snapshot into consumer perception. The company surveyed almost 50,000 people who bought new 2003 models and quizzed them on their ownership experiences over the past three years. It doesn't survey service records or any other concrete evidence, so we’re taking the subjects' word for it on whether the car is dependable.

The top five nameplates in the rankings were Lexus, Mercury, Buick, Cadillac and Toyota. Mini and Kia were the most-improved brands on the list. Click below for the full list of winners and losers.

2006 Nameplate Problems per 100 Vehicles

  • Lexus 136
  • Mercury 151
  • Buick 153
  • Cadillac 163
  • Toyota 179
  • Acura 184
  • Honda 194
  • Jaguar 210
  • BMW 212
  • Infiniti 215
  • Lincoln 220
  • Ford 224
  • Oldsmobile 224
  • Industry Average 227
  • Chrysler 232
  • Pontiac 232
  • Subaru 232
  • GMC 239
  • Mercedes-Benz 240
  • Chevrolet 241
  • Nissan 242
  • Mazda 243
  • Porsche 248
  • Hyundai 253
  • Dodge 258
  • Mitsubishi 260
  • Jeep 264
  • Volvo 272
  • Audi 279
  • MINI 280
  • Isuzu 283
  • Saturn 289
  • Volkswagen 299
  • HUMMER 307
  • Kia 310
  • Suzuki 318
  • Saab 326
  • Land Rover 438
By David Thomas | August 9, 2006 | Comments (2)



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The DJ Power even mean anything any more? Does it include euro vehicles?

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