832,000 Jeep Liberty SUVs Recalled


832,000 2002-2006 Jeep Liberty SUVs have been recalled to address a possible loss of steering. That includes virtually every Liberty ever produced. The problem arises from a ball joint that could wear down faster than it should, ultimately failing completely and forcing the front end to drop onto the front tires. This would obviously cause a loss of steering control and has accounted for three injuries and 111 other customer complaints to Chrysler. This is the second major recall for the Jeep Liberty’s suspension.

A recall notice will be sent out in September, but if you own a Liberty you should contact your dealership to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. There will be no charge for service and parts due to the recall.

[Jeep Recalls 2002-2006 Liberty SUV, Washington Post]

By David Thomas | August 2, 2006 | Comments (172)
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My wife and I made the mistake of buying a Liberty. After two years of non-stop issues I was finally able to sell it and avoid a loss. Since was my wife's daily driver she picked out a CRV which suites us and our two kids just fine. What a world of difference this Honda is. Refined, refined, refined. Now I see why Americans are purchasing Jap cars in record numbers. They are just plain superior. No more Chrysler, GM, Ford for this family!


I bought a 2004 Jeep Liberty any haven't had a single problem. Nothing has fallen off the vehicle unlike foreign vehicles. I've bought over 15 cars in the last 20 years and will stick with North American cars. Honda's, Hyundai's, Suzuki's all fell apart. If you want to live in Amertica and keep the money here then at least buy from an American company.


You shouldn't be angry because you purchased what most people agree is an inferior product. My wife recently purchased a Toyota RAV4, but in the process of looking, she test drove all of the vehicles in that class. I can say from my own experience that the Liberty ranks at the bottom. As far as your comment regarding Honda, I guess you know better than Consumer Reports and anyone who purchases 15 cars in 20 years is just plain lying or stupid. I'm willing to bet you have both covered.



If you don't like American cars then here's the door!



I think you are failing to recognize that Honda is as much an American car company as Jeep.



What's still surprising is how people quickly define products as 'American' when in reality it's mainly from Canada and/or Mexico. I know all to well as I've wasted many a hard earned U.S dollars on GM cars made in Mexico. To think that today I live within a few miles of Toyota's Kentucky plant is nothing short of ironic. I've had Jeeps in the past and have found them to be of higher quality than most other U.S. makes, but definitely not up to the same standard as Toyota, Honda, Nissan.


Where talking about a Jeep Libery Recall Post Site. If you have something to say about this
vehicle then post it. If you want to talk about your Honda, your wife or where you live then go to the site entitled for it.


The first digit of your VIN indicate where it was manufactured: 1=U.S.A., 2=Canada, 3=Mexico, 4=also U.S.A., J=Japan

We appreciate your readership and your enthusiasm but this site is for anyone to talk about whatever they want as long as its related to the post and is held with some sort of decorum. KickingTires talks about all things car related, specifically on the consumer side.

Everyone might enjoy reading the recent American Made Index story we ran on how popular vehicles, American and Import, are made here versus overseas. Good read.


I agree with Dan in this blog! All you other responders must not have anything better to do.

You can all kiss my ass and move out of the United States. Move to Japan if you like their cars.

Tim G.

now now play nice.


Thank you for pointing out the American made index story as I found it very interesting. Ironically who would have thought that the Toyota Camry would be #3, yet the Jeep Liberty is not even in the top 10! As a woman and an American I say that if you want to support Americans, buy a Camry not a Liberty.


I had a 2002 Jeep Liberty and my ball joint failed while driving home from work about a year ago, July 2004 Fortunately, I was only going about 30 mph and trafffic was light. I lost control of the vehicle and skidded to the side of the road. My Jeep was up to date on the earlier recall. I've since sold the vehicle because I didn't feel safe. Don't ignore this recall warning.


Apparently most of you fit into the category of "all SUV's are the same". Even though most Liberty's are used to drive around town, that is not what they were designed for. The stiff ride is for a reason. Try following me through the Ouachita Forest, the Kiamichi Mountains, and down the dry creek beds in your Honda's, etc., then you'll be able to recognize the distinct differences in these automobiles.


"Try following me through the Ouachita Forest, the Kiamichi Mountains, and down the dry creek beds in your Honda's, etc., then you'll be able to recognize the distinct differences in these automobiles."

WHAT A CLASS A WHINER! If you can't admit that the Jeep Liberty is junk then that's ok as everyone else already knows it.

Sue Beegle

I also had the ball joint defect that caused the entire front end to drop on the tires. I was in a parking lot backing out and it happened. My question to anyone is the dealership told me they had fixed it in December of 05 although I never received a recall notice. They did fix it when this happened in April but then charged me for a new raditor and now my power steering is out due to leaks in three or four places. Do you thnk the power steering issue would be related to the recall problem they have fixed two times?
Any advice would be appreciated.


I've owned a Jeep Liberty Sport for a couple of years now. I love the size, look, price...I've had no problems whatsoever, EXCEPT the steering.Pretty important. Anyone who has driven the vehicle other than myself (my son, a friend) has also commented on the lack of control with regard to the steering. I do believe with regard to my personal vehicle, it is a definite safety issue. I am planning to sell the car soon and due to conscience expose my concerns to any prospective buyer. Otherwise I will need to trade it in and get next to nothing on it from the dealer. A real shame too, as the car is paid off and I'd rather keep it another few years if it could be trusted and I could relax with it behind the wheel.


I have bin looking in to getting a 4x4 suv now for the last few weeks, cuz i own a sonoma and it is the worst truck i have ever had off road.!! so wanted to find a nice 4x4 suv and have narrowed it down to a jeep liberty untill I came on this site.. every other site I have bin one rates the jeep very high (other than the gas millage is bad) but most every person on here say not to buy it!! and most of you are saying go with a jap made car,suv,etc some how i don't think a cr-v is made for any kind of off road driving! now I would like to no have you had any problems with it other than the ball joints? and can the dealer fix the problem or just put a bandaid on it? ps. no need to tell me how good a honda is!! (my wife has one, great in the city !)

I would recommend either the new Jeep Wrangler or the Toyota FJ Cruiser if you actually do serious off-roading. The Liberty can handle a lot off-road and with every fix it should get better. I'd never say go with the crowd feeling because you usually only hear from the folks with negative experiences. Although this sure is a lot.

Marcelo B

I presently own a Liberty ('05) with 44,000 miles onot that has been through snow, mud, off-roading and quite a bit of highway (75-90 mph usually) 110 to -25 degrees, and I have to tell you that it never, ever had a single problem.
It does not have the refinement of a Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4, but neither of those could even get to the access roads leading to the trails I have roaded with my Libby. It is the price you pay for that capabilty.
Even though they may look about the same size they are totally different vehicles. Yes, the ball joint may be a concern but it is being fixed, and as far as I can tell, even Honda and Toyota have had their share of those. If you are looking to buy a Liberty, by all means get one, you won't be dissapointed. If you are looking to buy a grocery getter with good gas milage, then get something else.

Clint Richards

I have a 2006 Liberty Renegade w/4000 miles on it. I haven't received any notice of recall as of yet. I love driving my Liberty every day. It's the right size, plenty of power and all in all, a very enjoyable ride. That said; there's no storage whatsoever (pockets, containers, etc...) and the shocks seem bad already...But, so far, I'd buy it again!


I have a 06 Liberty Renegade. My family has owned many Chrysler vehicles and have had very good luck with them. With that said, I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle. I have taken it in 5 times for the same thing. All relating to the 3rd cylinder. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. And I am a huge Jeep fan.


I own a 2004 Jeep Liberty and have had a few alarming problems and was wondering if anyone else has had these. I live in a fairly windy part of Canada and we suffer from extreme winter conditions for about 8 months of the year. During this time of immence winds and snow I have found the vehicle to be very hard to control on the highways, it is almost like driving a funny car b/c you are constantly having the jerk the steering wheel in variuos directions in order to try and maintain to stay going straight. Any one else with this problem??? Also right after purchasing this vehicle I had a few problems with the back end dropping out when going around the gradual cloverleafs in the city. Any takers on this one??? I purchased this vehicle back in Dec of 03 and only have 44 000 kms on it, mostly b/c of fear of lossing control of this vehicle while on the highway when the conditions are not wind free, sunny and completly clear roads. This is a problem b/c I live a 2 day drive away from any family.... I am writing this into this post b/c I would like to know if anyone suffers from this same feeling of uncrontrol with their Libertys or could this be something specific to my lemon of a vehicle


I purchased a 2004 Liberty in Oct 2005. It now has 40,000 miles on it. This has been a great car, other then the recall that I recently received in the mail. I have had no problems with this vehicle. The gas mileage is not the best, but otherwise I am very pleased with my Liberty.


I have on 02 Liberty Renegade, and I am extremly disapointed with it.I have only had it 3 monthes and have already had several problems. The first problem I have with it is with the brakes. I have a loud double popping noise when I step on the brakes(although every time I bring it to the dealer, they cant seem to find or hear it). Next it started making a vibration at about 50 mph, leading me to beleive a u-joint is going out. It shifts extremly rough, has poor traction when cornering in wet weather. I am always spinning the tires around corners, and Im not even getting on the gas at all. Id say im only doing 5-8 mph when this happens. All in all, I think the Jeep liberty is a very poor product.


I have a 2004 Liberty 4x4 Trail Rated and have had no problems with it other than brake noise when first starting out with it when it's cold. I have not seen any differentiation between 2WD and 4WD and thus I am wondering if the problem occurs with only one or the other or both. Anyone know which is the case?


I've got a '03 liberty with 57K. Those of you doing the Hatfields and Mcoy thing aren't helping anoyone. The factory Tires (wranglers) are junk replace them with Nokian's or whatever your tire guy recomends, and you'll feel more secure. Gas mileage is poor, no question. Ride is stiff, but that's the trade off for trail performance. It isn't for everyone, but neither is a SmartCar. We've had the ball joint recall, and a fuel line issue, both of which were handled excellently by the dealer, as of course they should be.

We have the optional 4 wheel disc brakes with ABS, and I can tell you for a fact that they outperform those on a '05 Toyota highlander, as he rear ended my wife when they both had to perform an emergency panic stop due to a car that stopped suddenly in front of them. In adition, the Totota was a write off (it was running under dealer plates and being delivered to the new car lot) The Jeep was completely drivable afterward with relatively slight damage. Granted the Toyota has a crush zone in front to absorb the impact, but they were only starting to drive and were doing 25KPH at the time.

I'd say build quality is comparable to my sister-in-law's '03 CRV, but they are different animals.

In any case, there are always problem vehicles in any model.

The next question I would ask is are you servicing your vehicle often enough?

If you are servicing your vehicle every 5000Km, a good mechanic should catch ball joints before they become a major issue. Especially if he/she is aware that this vehicle has an issue.


I own an 02 Liberty Sport, only 18K miles and the front tire fell off, this recall is no joke, take care of it right away. I'm also having problems with the front end, tires are awful, have to change them and this is city driving, no off road. Debating wether to keep or sell.


I for one have had it up to here with these smug
Honda and Toyota owners, just make sure you sell
them before that rubber band of a timing belt goes. Why don't they just include the replacement belt, idler arm and water pump when
you buy these vehicles.

I will give them credit for forcing the domestics to make better vehicles, but the Liberty is not one of them.

Just thank your lucky stars you didn't buy a VW!


My employer has a number of Jeep Liberties for staff use. One of them has a very squirrelly behavior -- as soon as you remove your foot from the gas, the vehicle veers to the left. If you aren't expecting it, you could quickly end up in the other lane. It almost feels like the rear end kicks out causing the vehicle to slew to the left. Checked all the obvious culprits - tire pressure, alignment, balance, etc. All of these are good. As long as you keep steady pressure on the gas, the vehicle tracks nicely so alignment is not the issue.

Anybody have any similar problem, and if so what is the cause?

Gary hutchison

I own a 2003 Cherokee (South Africa's Liberty ). The car was a death trap on the freeway. It felt as if the vehicle had no traction. The standard tyres were Wranglers. A good friend of mine who works for Dunlop insisted that my problem was tyre related. We replaced all 4 tyres and it was a different vehicle. Recently the steering became sticky and jerky, You guys are lucky, our dealers in S.A have kept their mouths shut regarding the ball joint recall. I was informed that the problem was my Power steering Pump. When I jacked the car up I discovered myself that the right hand lower ball joint was seizing. So if your Liberty does not handle well, firstly replace all 4 tyres and then get your ball joints replaced. Other than our crap dealership, the Cherokee ( Liberty ) is a very strong off-roader.

Shawn Locke

I own a 02' Liberty Renegade, purchased used with 44,000k for a reasonable price. I have had no issues with it whatsoever. I received the ball joint recall notification in the mail which I had fixed that week free of charge from the dealer, as Chrysler stated. However, I do find that in wet conditions cornering is quite difficult. As long as I drive as a respectable speed it is not an issue. It is a BEAST off road, and eats other SUVs in its class for lunch. When you buy a jeep you must acknowledge that it is what it is, an off road vehicle. If you’re looking for refinement, buy something else.


I have an 03 Renegade, and I have to say I have not had any problems whatsoever that evryone refers to. With that said I have experienced "annoyances". For instance tire traction and noise. The liberty's came with Goodyears. Horrible tire so I switched to Bridgestone AT Revo's, problem solved. Gas mileage wasn't horrible but I wanted to improve it, so K&N air filter and bosch platinum spark plugs. I now get an average of 24 highway. The brakes were horrible also. Sqeaking and fading. So I replaced them with cross drilled /slotted rotors and a EBC pads. Much better. I will soon replace the shock and struts because of stiffness.
My point is I think the complaints people refer to are few and far between. When a manufacture produces as many cars as they do with as many suppilers as they have you are bound to get a sampling a cars that have problems. I ownd a 02 Mercedes C230. I could swear that car was made on a Friday before October Fest. I has nothing but problems. However, that was just my car. Other people I knew never had any problems. So I don't really think any car could be judged "crappy" or "junk" by a few peopl who've had problems.


My very best friend just lost her beaurtiful daughter who was killed as a result of an automobile accident on October 31st. She was rear-ended on an interstate when traffic came to a stop. The vehicle she was driving, a Jeep Liberty, burst into flames upon impact. Since her death, we have learned that the fuel tank
and filler neck on the Jeep Liberty (and Jeep Grand Cherokee) was designed and installed in a location (behind the rear bumper) that is susceptible to rupture or puncture in a rear-end collision. When gasoline escapes from
a ruptured or punctured fuel tank, a high risk of fire and explosion exists. Because of this terrible tragedy and tremendous loss of such a
beautiful life, I feel an obligation to warn everyone out there who may own one of these vehicles or who may know someone who does of the potential danger if involved in a rear-end collision when driving these vehicles. There is an article on a web site that verified this and Chrysler has settled cases out of court already for the Jeep Grand Cherokee which is designed exactly the same. You can find it, google Jeep Liberty. further


I have a 04 Jeep Liberty Trail rated. Love it. I researched it before my purchase. I know it is seems top heavy on windy days. It can act 'squirrely' on windy days as well. The gas mileage is not the best out there. But I wanted to purchase the Liberty anyway. Why? It fit my budget. Not that I am saying it is a cheap brand of vehicle, rather, I feel I received my money's worth. There is a lot of quality in this Liberty and it has been a good vehicle so far. Sorry to those who have had a string of bad luck with your Liberty's. I hear you. Being stuck with a lemon is frustrating, but this doesn't mean they are all junkers.



I made the mistake of buying a Liberty just because of the rebates. The car was not worth it. The quality is terrible and had it in the shop 8 times...on a new car! I since traded it on a used 2003 Nissan Pathfinder with more miles but no problems. I did take a heavy loss at trade in though.

maria perez

Hi I own a 06 Jeep Liberty I got it last year and after seven months I started having problems I almost had a crash on the freeway. My advice is that if you can buy something else than a liberty do it. but don't ge a liberty really bad vehicle.


I experienced a serious problem last week while operating my 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4. When I shifted the car from PARK to DRIVE, the front tires grabbed the pavement, the car kicked forward and the steering wheel pulled to the right. I hit a concrete column in the parking lot of a bank, which shattered my front passenger's side window, pulled off the door handle, caused a huge dent and paint damage. I was only doing maybe 5 to 10mph.
The car had been in the shop (same place were I bought it) only a few weeks before, as I complained about a loud squeaking noise when turning and also the car pulling sometimes when I was driving. The mechanic spent less than 40 minutes on my car (including an oil change) and told me the only thing he found was a "common" noise with an air valve that needed to be sealed.

My Liberty has been back to the dealer at least eight other times since purchase. The car is less than 2 1/2 years old. I've had the two recalls, plus the gas sending unit (including the pump) was replaced twice, sensor wires "rubbed through" on the transmission four months after purchase, and the vehicle would randomly shake when I drove it (supossedly related to the gas problems)...and the front rotors have "gone bad" several times and had to be replaced, along with the brakes and brake pads on different occassions (and within two months of a "preventative maintenance" checkup)

I will agree with those of you who argue all cars will experience problems eventually. I just didn't expect so many issues with my Jeep. I loved it when I drove it off the lot. Since then, it has been one headache after another.
Daimler Chrysler is also being shady - asking me to not have my auto body shop "inspect" anything related to the steering. Hmmmm...

I thik the worst part is that this could happen to someone else - and customers get buried under paperwork trying to bring these problems to light with a satisfactory resolution.

Lynn Sanders

I have a 2003 Liberty Renegade 40,000mi. This is my second Liberty Renegade the first one I hade 2 months when a lady ran a stop sign and T-Boned me I was traveling about 55mph I spun a 180 in the highy never tiped over. It riped the rearend out but the vehicle gets a 8 out of ten for durability. I would be dead in a honda or a toy toy toyota. I replaced it with an 2003 Renegade 5spd this time. 5spd is a must have. I pull a 1976 16ft JayCo camper with my Jeep. Like to see a Rav4 pull that off. Put this vehicle on a rack beside a honda and you will see apples to oranges. I there were more Dans in America it would still be America! God save us...

Dennis H

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My wife and I purchased a 2002 Liberty Ltd Edi, 4x4 back in 2004. It had 14,000
+/- miles on it at the time and now it has around 65,000.
Around 6 months ago I took it into the shop for a brake job. Turns out the pads
had plenty of meat left on them; however both the axel and wheel cylinder seals
had gone south. Brake fluid had soaked the rear drum shoes and stopped them from
working properly.
I almost didn’t remember that I had a warranty on the Jeep and was around 5
minutes away from forking over $1,000.00 to get it fixed.

Remembering I had a warranty, I took it back to the dealership.
Two days latter, everything was as good as new, they even replaced the rear
brake shoes despite the fact they are not covered in the warranty.

I like the Jeep. There seems to be a lot of haters on this board geeing out and
throwing words like refinement out there*. Their idea of refinement seems to be
sticking a station wagon body on a Honda Civic frame. I prefer a truck.


My name is Fe Minerva Rivera and I live in Salinas, Puerto Rico. I own a Jeep Liberty 2002, (which I had since new) Special Edition sun roof,leather seats etc. and I am very happy with it. I had no problems. I kept all the preventive maintenance required for the unit during all this time. Perhaps I am one of the lucky one. The ball join were replace recently in feb.,07 and the mechanic told me that they were in good contion, but need to be change because was requested the the Chrysler. My unit have 53,000 miles. Hope that with the new ball join I will never have problems in the near future. My jeep is paid in full.Like I said not all jeep Liberty's are lemon!!!!!!
Fe Minerva - Salinas Puerto Rico




i have a 2004 liberty rengade 4x4 with 74,000 miles on it, k&n fpik 2 intake system, flowmaster exhaust, jet performance stage 2 chip, i had the mentioned traction problems till i put 255/70 16 general grabber at2's (problems solved!) the only problems that i have had came from pulling 8000 lbs,, loaded 16 ft trailer, from el paso tx to richmond va, a year and a half later i replaced the front brakes from all the hills i expect, and now i had to replace the water pump, i suspect from the same reason. i am a 14 year certified diesel mechanic and i see this as a reliable hard working vehicle, ps. iv owned nissans and toyotas (dont get me wrong excelently built vehicles) my last nissan was i titan and i had nothing but problems and the nissan i had before that was a 85 pickup it had 400k on it and didnt smoke ran perfect and still is at over 500k now for a friend of mine who bought it. but i wouldnt try to overload and travel like that with them. i think that all vehicles have their problems , in mass production some weak components may make it into the final product. but for the price this is a vehicle that is worth a look.
and saying things like my car is better than yours is imature, cars usually break because we jump in and drive, my experince shows me that most breaks can be avoided with routine maintaince. rule of thumb is to get out and look if it looks wrong than more than likely it is. if you feel unable to determine if something is wrong then everyone knows a mechanic, have them look. i cant say that my libby has been perfect but it has never left me walking. thank you for taking time to reading this long post..



I just purchaed an o5 4x4 Jeep Liberty and the dealership did not mentionto me a recall problem with the ball baring joint. Should I have this looked at. Car Fax also did not say anything about a recall. I am very afraid after what I have been reading. What should I do?

The mileage at purchase was 21,000.


The solution to all your problems: beth and your comrades alike, buy foreign cars and your problem will melt away. ITS THAT SIMPLE. BURN GM, Ford, and Chrysler!!!!!!!!!!


not all liberty models are recalled go to jeep.com check the owner services it will ask you for the last 8 of the vin # in the recall section on the left. this will tell you if their is a recall on your vehicle.. oh and for the foreign car guy, most are manufactured in the us..


My wife owns a '05 Limited and is as happy with it as most other vehicles of the same type she has owned. We needed an automatic tranny that could be "flat" towed and the Liberty meets that specific criteria.
Have the Best Day You Can


We finally got in to our Jeep dealer to have the recall performed, just last week, March 12 2007. . It took this long to get an appointment. Regardless the work was satisfactory except, after they finished our ABS warning light went on. After discussing the issue with the dealer they offered to replace, what they said; after performing two separate tests showed to be the problem, (left front speed sensor), for a few dollars less than the actual cost of the sensor and no labor charge. We thought this was fair, however after they changed I,t the light did not go out. And now they say they were wrong about the left front speed sensor and want an additional $60+ for a computer analyses. They decided not to charge us for the sensor change, which seemed fair to.

However, now they want money to perform another analysis.
It was not broke until they fixed the ball joint. I have no idea why the ABS system is failing although I do know a great deal about modern cars.

Who should we complain to about this? And can anybody else identify, relate, or answer why the ABS system is failing due to the ball joint change?


the ball joints and ABS system have nothing to do with one another, you might want to have another dealer check this out,


Thanks to all of you for your helpful posts. I have an 05 Liberty Sport with 17,000 miles on it. So far, the thing has difficulty making turns and stopping on damp roads--and I mean damp, not wet (I live in Texas)and three cylinders have blown and needed to be replaced. The dealer/repair shop has kept the car for six days and refuses to give me a loaner vehicle because I'm not "entitled" to it. For a practically brand new defective car from their company. The car stinks, but the dealer service is infinitely worse! I hope to god I can get rid of the thing and get something better.

I have 40k miles on my '04 sport and so far have had only one (1) problem with it, not counting the ball joint replacement. My ratchet assembly on my handbrake failed. Strange, but true. I have noticed that on rare occasion when making a tight turn, I get a 'groan' from something under the vehicle. While this concerns me it, happened before and after the ball joint repair. Any ideas on this? Other than that the vehicle is a fantastic off-road performer. I do agree that the factory tires are not very good. Mine are almost worn out and are beginning to slip on wet roads and hills.

My understanding is that other than the recall issues, the Jeep Liberty has had very few specific failure points and is overall a pretty good and reliable car for Chrysler. I tend to not trust American cars and bought this somewhat reluctantly. So far I'm very pleased.

As for the recall, it is a serious issue and could be very dangerous in the unlikely event that the ball joints fail-- so go to the Jeep website and put in your VIN number to see if your Liberty hast he recall. My understanding is that just because you have a Liberty doesn't mean that you'll be on the recall list. This is due to different suppliers making parts- which probably explains why some people report lemons and others report no problems at all.

"So far, the thing has difficulty making turns and stopping on damp roads--and I mean damp, not wet (I live in Texas)and three cylinders have blown and needed to be replaced. "

I can't speak for the three cylinders blown, but I think I can comment on everyone slipping and sliding when stopping the vehicle. This may come off sounding a little harsh, but I have to say it because few people do.

Yes, the street tires on the Liberty leave something to be desired. But...

Driving an SUV-- any SUV-- on the street in slippery or wet conditions is not safer than driving a honda civic, it's MORE dangerous. People get behind the wheel of a 4wd vehicle and they think "phew, safe". Wrong. Not safe. The Liberty is well over 4000lbs-- empty. SUV's do NOT stop well in slippery conditions. You need to begin your braking long before your stop because you're barrelling down the road in 4000+ pounds of glass and steel and bottom line: that don't stop too well. When I bought my liberty the first thing I did is learn to slow down, leave room between me and the car in front of me, and drive it like a truck because seeprise! That's what it is.

Too many people buy upgrade to an suv and drive them like the Corolla they traded in for it. The Liberty is a small SUV, but it has the weight of a mid-size. It's not a car based vehicle like the RAV4 or CR-V. 4wd has NOTHING to do with street driving. NOTHING. 4wd is only effective first when on (surprise) and when accelerating in mixed or off-road conditions. Not in braking, stopping or cornering on the street- especially in the rain. One poster above indicated that when she put the vehicle in drive the tires grabbed the pavement, lurched to right and she slammed into the pylon. Safety tip: Keep your foot firmly on the brake when you put the thing in drive. Also, when people pull into parking spaces, their tires are often left in a 'turned' aspect because they had to make a tight turn to get into the spot. So if you suddenly take off, voluntarily or not, your vehicle will lurch in whatever direction your tires were left.

Point: The liberty is a very, very heavy vehicle-- one of the heaviest in its class. Treat it as such and your experience will improve dramatically.


Yes, James thank you for that insightful bit of information. I am fully aware of the differences between the ball joint and ABS system. Additionally, I always buy a factory shop manual for every car I've owned. It is not a problem that you would consider correlated, except the fact that it failed when the ball joint was replaced.

Point being 'something' happened during the change. The question I poised is What? And for others who may have experienced something similar.


I have an 04 Jeep Liberty and so far i have had no problems. I was wondering if it is worth while to add the performance parts that James talked about. If so what is the benfit of adding them


I just bought a Jeep Liberty and it is displaying a "type 43" OBD message. My dealer says that it is no problem and all of the liberties do this. Is this true and does anyone know what the problem is?


this is to Jeff the abs light that is on does your speedometer jump or just not read? if so I have a 2002 Jeep liberty and there are two wires that come out of the rear axel one or both of those wires may have worn through. to fix the problem the dealership is going to try to make you buy the whole jeep liberty body wiring harness which is almost 400 just for the wires for this one clip i am not sure what i should do right now pay for it or do something else any advice out there would help best of luck to you


My '04 Jeep Liberty was stolen three months ago and it was the best thing that has happened to me in recent years. Unlike my previous Cherokee that was bullet proof, the Liberty was amazingly unreliable. All told I spend over 80 days at the dealership for unexpected service visits. I since have purchased a Highlander and have not been back to the Toyota dealer once except for the first free oil change. What a world of difference. Now I get the Toyota thing.


I am having an issue with my 06 Diesel Liberty. Sometimes after a left hand turn the gas peddle disengages and then the vehicle shuts off. This problem has only happened when turning left. Anyone had this happen to them. Dealership says they cannot find anything wrong.

I have a '06 Sport and am the former owner of a 03 Sport...(it was wrecked & totaled-out), Never had any issues w/my '03 so I naturally went to back to the same dealer & bought the '06. I now have 8,000 miles on it & have had it in for service 4 times (not including oil changes) Twice for steering noise in the steering column & twice for power windows (were they had to replace all 4 of them) Has anyone else experianced a "clicking" nosie when you turn your steering wheel...the reason I asked is that the dealership replaced the steering column the first time & now (after a few 1,000 miles) the noise came back & they claim it is "normal"...what gives...any help would be great...THANKS!


I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty Trail Rated edition. Owned it for about a year and it has about 35,000 miles. Haven't really had any major problems until recently with it. It is making a squeaking noise at low speeds after being stopped. It does this when accelerating and decelerating. From what I have been able to find online, this sounds like a drive shaft problem. The U-joint possibly doesn't have enough lubrication. Anyone else experience problems similiar to this?

Overall, I am pleased with my Liberty and find that it has pretty decent gas mileage and that it makes me feel comfortable when driving it.


Hi,i recently had an accident with my 2005 Jeep Liberty.All of a sudden the vehice began veering to the right. I lost control of the vehicle and struck a concrete and metal rail 3 times. I ended up facing oncoming traffic.. luckily i wasnt killed. I am boggled as to what happened.This accident was not my fault.I just had my ball joints replaced and the ground was not wet..can someone please shed some light on this ....

Bill Bradley

I have a 2002 jeep liberty sport and have had nothing but problems,besides recalls.The compressor rattles,The body control computer went bad, brake problems,speedodometer does'nt work, and check engine light comes on. It seem that every Chrysler product I've owned has had electrical problems and their warranties are worthless. Atleast the Jap vehicles have excellent warranties so I'm looking to switch to non american


I have a 04 Liberty and had the recall taken care off. I love my jeep it has 25,000 miles on it and never had an issue. Unfortunately 2 days ago someone made a left into me and ran me into a pole so the car will be in the shop for 3 weeks :-( I miss it already.


Reading these posts just makes me laugh. First off, I own a Liberty have not had a single problem with it. Yes, I took it in to fix the joint issue. Second, do you people live in a cave? The Liberty model is one of the most popular SUV models out there. It has sold more than honda crv or any toyota or any chevrolet etc. Next time you are driving look to see how many Liberty's you see out in the road. Simply put, it's a man's SUV.


I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition, and about 3 months ago my oil sensor unit had come on. I immediately checked my oil when it happened, and got my oil changed thinking it was actually low. Come to find out, the oil pressure sensor unit is bad, and I can't figure out for the life of me how to change it. Does anyone know where it is located so I can get the son of a gun to stop dinging at me every 3 minutes? I would greatly appreciate it.

And to all you other people stating your problems with your Jeeps, I have had my car for 2 years now, and am the 2nd owner of it. I have had absolutely no problems with it (knock on wood), other than getting the recall taken care of, and my oil sensor unit. Other than that, my Jeep runs great and is very reliable. Maybe the Jeeps that you other people with unfortunate love received no love from their owners, so thats why they crapped out on you. ;-)

Anyway, just thought I would share that piece of information. Anyone with information on the oil pressure sensor unit, please email me the location! I would greatly appreciate it!



I'm a japanese-american and getting sick of people calling things from japan "jap" this and that can't ya just say freakin' foreign cars. I'm sure you can figure out what they are talking about. Oh and I drive a nissan xterra and rock it everywhere.

Jason Price

Hi i have a 2003 jeep liberty couldnt be happier with it except every 3 months i use the 4x4 so i dont loose use of the transfer case. the problem i am having is when i put it in 4 high the part time light goes off and when i put it in 2 wheel drive it goes on does any one know what is wrong or having the same problem i would love some help with this problem.And if they are what did you do to fix it any help appreciated. dont have the cash to pay the dealership to have them fix it hopefully iti s something i can repair. Thank you and HELP HELP HELP ....

Own a 2002 Liberty and have had virtually no issues...except I took the vehicle in for the recalls. No big deal. To those who read consumer reports and whine about the Liberty probably aren't real SUV or off road buyers to begin with. Buy a car instead. By the way, Foreign auto manufacturers also make a few good off road vehicles.


Hi, I own a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport I traded in a nearly brand new Dodge Neon to get a 4x4 since I went to college away from home. All I can say is that I have had one issue after another. I have had two recalls since purchased and had it in the shop twice additionally for hoses coming off to the radiator and transmission because the clips had worn out. I have 65,000 miles on my Liberty and today while driving my grandma around to run some errands started hearing a loud grinding noise anytime I applied my brakes. This is amazing to me since I just had an inspection a month ago and the brakes were "above par." Also, my Liberty and I have been in two 180 experiences. Once on wet pavement, I started from stopped and while turning left through an intersection did a complete 180 and then back 90 staring into the passenger side of another vehicle head on. Also this past winter my husband and I had been driving our liberty and a light snow began to fall, there was NO snow stuck to the ground, but a small amount was drifting across the road, my husband lost control of the vehicle going 20 miles an hour spun the car across four lanes of traffic with others coming towards us, and back across to the other side slamming us into the ditch and missing a street light by a foot. Needless to say I am not a happy Liberty owner, but I now can't afford to trade it off.


I've owned jeeps since the 60's and have been happy with all of them with the exception of the 2003 Liberty I bought for my wife. My initial impression of the Liberty was that it was well built and was highly rated for quality. Our Liberty has suffered brake failure, transmission failure, rear differential failure, ball joint failure, power steering failure and on the list goes. I cannot bring myself to reccommend purchasing a Jeep Liberty to anyone. I suppose one out of the many Jeeps I've owned would turn up a lemon...we will most likely buy a jeep product again - but not the liberty considering the maintenance problems thusfar.

Dan Marcom

2004 Jeep Liberty - Problems abound.

I was a hard core Jeep Cherokee and Datsun Nissan Nut but no more.

I will----
Never ever buy a new Jeep or Chrysler product again
I will never buy a goodyear tire.
I will never buy a vehicle from jeep/nissan dealer in Kona Hawaii
I will never have my vehicle serviced by either nissan/jeep dealershi on the big island of Hawaii.

Dealership sucks - in every aspect, but I feel kinda sorry for them since they have to fix Chryslers afterall and cannot afford to keep good mechanics. Plus Chrysler screws them on reimbursements Id guess.

I would have sold the POS for somewhat of a loss but no one wants it and the gas milage for what it is is killing me. My 92 Camry is so much nicer and better built it floors me. I should have just kept my Cherokee, it only needed a paint job and AC fixed. But we had a second child and wanted something new, efficent and reliable. Boy was that a mistake.

Only get 15 to 17 mpg
Rear gate has always rattled
Runs good cold but gets worse as warms up
Bad power loss at 2500rpm otherwise ok
Poor throttle response accleration - takes a moment before it starts to rev
Poor throttle responce when letting off the gas - rpms just hang there for a moment

Tranfer case rattles

Bad Ball Joints in 05. Dealer checked them and said they were ok. Went to midas and had them put into writing they were shot. Went back to dealership and they changed them.

From the first day always pulled to the right.
Dealer excuses, 5 time in they never did nothing. Finally repalced tires at 30k with BFG AT's and pulling went away.

All doors lock all the time - I live in the country and never lock my doors or take out the keys. Dealer cannot adjust due to safty concerns.

Rear auto unlock barly works any more and replacement is $250 and I dont even want it to autolock 10 time s a day anyways.

Ac blows too cold when cold and not cold enough when its hot out.


Now at almost 50k

Idles irratically
Occationaly surges while driving and will not idle down - have to shut off the car.
Griding noises from the front drivtrain only when hot - Trasmission

As far as the 4wd goes its OK I have the track-loc but having the whole 4wd cv and differntial runing all the time for no reason is a bad thing. The Liberty says it has good ground clearence but is very low. Steering rack bushings need replacing.

Anyways my advise to Run, or maybe get a used one cheap. Or save your money and get a real vehicle.


I have owned a 2002 Liberty Sport for it's entire life. It currently has 85,000 miles on it and I can honestly say that it has not had one single problem. I have changed oil and put tires on it and that is it. I take it off-road occasionally and tow a travel trailer so I don't baby it. I have driven it in all kinds of weather, the worst of which has ranged from freezing rain to 3' of snow. The stock tires are pretty bad in the snow, but once I put a decent set of tires on it has been one of the most sure footed vehicles I have ever driven. If you've lost control of your Liberty at the speeds and conditions some of these people mention you should take a close look at your driving habits and ability and not blame the car. I have no particular love of American designed vehicles, prior to owning the Liberty I owned Hondas, Toyotas and Subarus. I feel like the Liberty has lived up to all of them from a quality standpoint.

I've owned a 2002 Jeep Liberty since Sept 2002 and now have 131,000 kms. All my driving is done in Quebec Canada in all types of weather. The rear brake Drums have cracks from all of the nut holes going to the hub on both back wheels. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. This material should not have these failures in the metal and this should be a recall. These cracks were noticed at 95,000 kms (60,000 miles)

Andrew Williams

I have a '06 Liberty Limited.It has 18,700 miles on it.It had the ball joint recall work done on it back in May and it just had the recent recall work for the faulty heater fan today.I just got home from 4 wheeling out in the Nevada desert.It was in 4 wheel drive,both high and low,for most of the trip.It was a fenceline repair road and not much more than a goat path.Very steep and narrow,hemmed in by rocks and juniper trees on both sides.It went up and down those hills and gullys without nary a problem.I was very happy with it.The only thing I really have to complain about is our local Lithia Chrysler-Jeep dealership.I called last week and made an appointment for today(Aug.06,2007)to get the heater fan replaced on the most recent recall.I asked if there would be a problem with getting the required part.I was assured that there would be no problem,that the part was on-hand.I arrived at the dealership at 9:00AM sharp,and was informed that they were out of the heater fans.Well,after raising holy hell with the service people,and pretty much the same thing with the general manager,I was informed that there was indeed one heater fan in stock,but it was being held for a customer who would be in tomorrow(August07,2007).Coincidentily,they would be receiving a shipment of some 52 heater fans that same morning,so the general manager agreed to go ahead and fix my Liberty as originally promised when I made my appointment last week.I was already unhappy with their level of service for other issues that I have with them,so this was the icing on the cake.I think I'll take it to another dealership in Carson City the next time it needs to go there for any warranty or recall work.These guys in Reno suck!

r.m. blan

leased a 2006 liberty deisel as soon as they were available. was real pleased with it until this year. other than all the recalls, including the torque converter change,for what reason i dont know?, we have started having intermittent problems with it. my wife was driving it one day when it made a loud noise under the hood and died. after she looked things over to find nothing wrong it restarted and hasnt happened since. dealership found nothing either. the other day she was out and parked it for a few minutes, got back in to leave and it would start, then die, or it would just turn over and not start at all. when i went to get the vehicle it started right up and has ran ever since. dealership told me on phone that it was her key. been using her key since with no problems. im not as pleased as i once was with this jeep as its not dependable and it has always used oil at a quart to a 1000 miles. dealership told me that would stop after i put some miles on it. it has around 19000 now and has not reduced oil consumption yet. at 8.00 a quart for 5w40 synthetic thats rediculous. i believe strongly in buying union made vehicles because i am a union worker myself but this issue with this jeep has got me wandering about american quality. i know america can make good dependable union made vehicles because i have them and have owned them. maybe i was just unfortunate this time and got a lemon. but i would rather walk or ride a horse before i would buy an asian trap!!!!!!

Ann Marie

I own a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport - while I love my jeep and have 162,000+ miles on it, I do share the concerns of many of the other owners as far as handling/safety issues.

I drive approx 150 miles a day (mostly highway, some local). I have had the ball joints replaced 5 times already. I have changed tires several times and hate the limited choices. As far as the handling, its an absolutely great ride AS LONG AS THE ROAD IS DRY. Once there is even the slightest wet weather, the handling is terrible and it slides all over the place. Yes, I realize this is a heavy suv, you can't drive @ excessive speeds and there is a high rollover risk but at the same time, I do not expect at 20 mph on slightly wet ground that you should feel like you have no control over the car.

I've had a couple of things replaced already, some normal wear and tear, other stuff it seems everytime I take it into the dealer for one thing, something else goes. I have kept up with all the required maintenance, etc. I've read different Jeep Liberty blogs and it seems a lot of the parts/service items that I've had problems with, are the same ones as with other owners. The dealer service STINKS - unfortunately, Jeep/Daimler Chrysler doesn't really care once they've sold their product. (That I believe is how it is with most big corporations, though!) It's extremely frustrating - customer service has become a thing of the past.

I would think twice before purchasing - unless you live someplace where it doesn't rain or snow. I would check out some of the others choices out there. That's what I plan to do unless I move to a drier climate!

bill bradley

I have a 2002jeep liberty sport that has been nothing but problems. Computer module,speed sensor, tailgate lock, brakes, passenger seat defective,ball joints,rear passinger door lock. It was nice when first purchased,but within 8 months the problems started, and continue to this day. I would never purchase another one, and as a matter of fact,no Chrysler product at all! Their warranties are worthless. Bill Bradley


Anybody but wise crackers. I have a 2005 Jeep liberty 4x4. Whenever I back up the car it kind of jumps. kind of like shifting. I need to know if anyone has had this problem and if so what is it? The Jeep Repair said they don't see what I feel. (I told them it does not happen everytime I back up but it is getting worse. Some one please give me advice - no jokers please.

Thank you, Beth

I recently bought a used 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD with 52K miles on it and am beginning to wonder if I made a big mistake. The fuel filter had been replaced 7/27/07 and had to be replaced again (at service charge of $160) 8/27/07. Today the OB II light came on with a Type 43 error. Anyone with similar problems?


I purchased a 2003 Jeep Liberty used, back in June 2007 with only 33K+ miles on it. In mid-August I had to have a new transmission put on the car, apparently it was slipping. How common is that on a 2003 with only a little over 33k miles on it? Also, when I accelerate, the pickup is slow and then there is a "jerk" and it will take off. I don't know if this has to do with the fact that it's used or what. I have a friend who purchased one brand new and I hardly experienced the "jerking" issue when I drove hers. Any suggestions or comments. Overall, I love my Jeep and would continue to buy the Jeep brand.


I own a 2006 4x4 Liberty and had the cruise control set when the check engine light came on and it started lungeing. I took the cruise off and it started loosing speed and the motor seemed to be rocking. Had to have it towed home and was told it was a timing issue and the motor would have to be replaced and then was told it was a 3rd cylinder problem. What is going on?


my friend bought a honda crv and the a/c went on it 3 times and it make clunky noises too, its crap, I bought a 2005 liberty and we love it, not a problem at all, you can get a lemon in any car brand, people have things in their head and thats it, we live in america and work in america, get paid by americans so why support japans economy? don't call yourself a true american if you choose to buy otherwise it doesn't make sense.


another point about the liberty, some people have said this too but it is a jeep not a car, jeeps are not the best handling vehicles and you need the right tires on them and its a jeep its not a luxury vehicle it'll be a bit bumpy and such but it will go off road and run over crv's and rav4's, and yes its the biggest selling small suv ever and after making a million a day you got to expect some things to go wrong, thats why toyota has been having so many recalls lately because they are making more cars and the more you make the more problems you will have, its natures way and it pertains to everything.


by the way just to clarify, toyota has had recalls on every car they have made since 1980,the newer cars are much worse than the older ones, it seems toyota owners see their problems as not really problems i guess.


We have a 2006 jeep liberty, we had nothing but problems with, 3 recalls ,the gages flashed on and off i went back to the dealer 4 times to fix this problem they had no ideal what the problem was, now the fan on the heater only works on high. check engine light is on, i went back to the dealer they want to pay 100.00 to look at it, i hate this jeep its a peace of junk, trading it in for a honda,,


I own a 2004 Jeep Liberty with the 3.7 v-6 and it has approx 38K miles. It occassionally surges and the throttle seems to get stuck for no reason. Anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix for it?


I own a 2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade 5 speed with over 130,000 km (81,000 mi). I researched SUVs out and decided on the Liberty as I wanted something mid-sized with durability as I had full intention of off-roading driving. I installed a 2.5 inch lift. Considering I drive the hell out of it from going thru mud boggs, climbing hills and rocks, pull 24 ft boats - it has performed exceptionally! Other vehicles in the same class would of died. I have had no major problems, other than the frontend collapse from the defective ball-joint and the dealer replaced it free of charge. I do agree that the Good Year tires that it came with were crap, but I have since replaced them with Bridgstone All-terrain.

The Jeep Liberty is not for everyone and I would not hesitate to buy another Jeep product!
Curt from Canada


I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty ... I love my Jeep ... but yesterday I got into an accident. My foot was on the brake and the car lurched forward and hit the car in front of me. Back in August i had my foot on the brake and the truck lurched into an intersection. It happened so quickly that I thought maybe I did something ... so I didnt sweat it then. I dont know yet WHY that would have happened, but after reading the comments on this site that other Jeep Liberty vehicles have LUNGED now I'm concerned about the saftey of this vehicle.


I own a 2003 Liberty that just clicked over 128,000 miles. It runs flawlessly. Smooth and silent. The transmission works just as flawlessly. As does the 4 wheel drive system. It is comfortable, reliable and safe. I can't imagine even thinking of buying a jap car. A friend's Jeep with 196,000 miles was hit and totalled. She had always wanted a jap vehicle because she heard the Toyotas would go forever with zero problems, much like her totalled jeep had done. Possible never even have to buy gas they are so fantastic. She bought her dream jap car finally, a 2005 4 runner. She now uses my Liberty as much as I do because I loan it to her when her jap rig is down, which is a common occurance. Last night she asked if she can use my Jeep again. The jap rig is being towed in to the shop again. Her piece of jap had 4000 miles on it when she bought it and now has about 37,000. She can't take it out of town, let alone off road, because of the very likely probably it will break down again. As far as factory warranties go her jap car warranty has been just as lousy as the vehicle. I enjoy seeing folks driving an imported vehicle of any type getting the pink slip. If people would simply buy American as has been stated prior, our unemployment would be right at zero. The fact is no vehicle is perfect and no product is perfect no matter where it is made. But I know that I earn my money here and my neighborhood, city, state and country are better off when I spend my money on products that my neighbors, family and friends manufacture in this country. My earnings help keep them employed and it comes right back to help keep me employed. As soon as someone in the mix buys a vehicle, our 2nd largest purchase after a home, from another country then we lose one full time job for a year. And then it trickles down. That person is now unemployed and a burden to our society, on welfare. The bottom line is my Jeep is great. It was made here and takes my jap car friend and I to work to earn our money. Hers, she sends to japan for parts, mine, I spend here to help keep my friends and family employed.


A question for everyone. Should I buy an extended warranty for my 2004 JEEP LIBERTY Limited 4x4?

I am second owner and have had a year. Just 25K miles total in it's first 3 1/2 years now.

No problems so far. Did have the ball joint fix on recall.

I can get a genuine Chrysler/Jeep extended warranty from a Jeep dealer (found on Google at discounted price). $815 for 7yr/60,000mi coverage of practically everything (Maximum Care/5000+ items covered/$100 deductible).

I'm already covered on powertrain for 7 yrs.

I normally wouldn't buy. But there have been problems reported by others.

I have had the unexpected acceleration while braking a couple of times. But I have a big foot (size 15), and it seems that's because gas pedal and brake pedal are close together. It doesn't happen when I keep my foot centered or on left of brake pedal.

Should I pay $815 to cover my remaining 35K miles to about 2011?

Since there are alot of accessories on the Limited, it's possible some big electrical or mechanical repair might come up.


I have a 2002 Liberty Sport and I have not had a single problem with it. My wife and I placed new tires upon purchase (we bought it used in 2004), a K&N filter system, and a better muffler. With these fixes, we get 22 mpg on the highway. I have noticed that with the "Sport", we keep scraping the pumpkin when off-road. I don't think the clearence is as good as it could be with this model. As far as steering, we have not had any problems, and the vehicle is my daily driver. I think perhpas we purchased a good one. I will drive this thing until it dies, because trade-in values would just get me hot under the collar.


For all the non believers regarding the dangers of the fuel tanks on the Jeep Liberty. Here's the outcome of just one case.



I have a 2003 Liberty with 106,000 miles on it. The only problem we have had was a water pump that I had to replace. We did buy this jeep used but it was Chrysler certified and came with the 80,000 mile warranty, it had 11,000 on it when I bought it.


the only problems i have had out of my 2006 with 34xxx miles on it is the front windows and the bad choice of seat material. hey, it dont get good gas milage, but i do have a 4 dr., V6, 4x4. I love it.

Rikki Hall

I just got my Jeep Liberty Sport and its a 2002. Since I've had it there is a banging noise in the front end that no mechanic can find where it is coming from. But my bigger issue with this Jeep is...The fact that my speedomoter will not work...I've replaced 3 speedsensors and rerouted my breaklines to make this problem go away. The jeep will stall out sometimes and the MAFUNCTION INDCATOR light comes on. The speedomoter reads 100 when im not even moving. If anyone can help or give me information about this problem..It would be a help....Other than the 2 problmes I have had with this Jeep...I do love it.. It is the best car i've had my whole life.

Hi All, I bought my 2003 Liberty Sport used some 4 years ago and when people ask me about it my answer is always the same "love it but it aint perfect". I've come to accept its imperfections because the good stuff outwieghs the bad substantially. It has been very reliable save for a few problems that I am o.k. with. Noone has mentioned a rear wiper failure yet so I guess I am the only one. I have had two occasions where the car wouldn't hold idle (would stall) but I always got home by feathering the gas at stops and the problem went away on the next drive. Two recalls on the ball joints but easy painless experiences with the dealership. I love the way it drives and I love the accelleration. I live up north near Winnipeg, Mb. Canada and have yet to plug it in to start and have NEVER been unable to get her going. Towing capacity is far better than the competition (5,000lbs vs 1,200) and I can drive aggressively without fear of control issues. Definitely a recommend! (and a recommend in Phil Edmundson's Lemonaide book). 130,000 km. I am convinced that half of these negative postings are by salespeople of competing vehicles. I drove them all prior to buying and the Jeep was easily my favourite.

just a guy

i own a 2006 liberty, another family member a 2007 crv. the crv is great for city driving. comfortable for short rides and handles like a car should. it's awd feature is wonderful and will get you through most puddles. the kj on the other hand is a 4x4. it's not meant to be a luxury ride. it's an off road vehicle that you can also drive in the city. you cannot take the rav4, crv and other "in class" vehicles to the same terrain as you can the kj. the kj also can handle towing 5,000 lbs. you cannot do that with the other suv's people have been listing. granted, you get better gas mileage with the crv, but you get better safety with the kj. it's a more solid vehicle that can go anywhere, in any weather, on any terrain. and having to drive in conditions where you get couple feet of snow, you'd be hard pressed to find an awd 4cylinder going up a 64degree incline, where as the kj makes it without a fuss.

btw, there have been several recalls for the liberty... and on the flip side, if people bother to check, there have been equal number of recalls for the imports.

Jason V

I previosly owned a Jeep Cherokee that I put 196,000 miles on it with no problems. Serious off-roading and towing. I now own a 2005 Liberty and have been very unhappy. The stock GoodYear Tires are dangerous, have no dry or wet traction and wear quickly. The rear brakes at 12,000 miles are gone, no more pads left and needs new rotors. I wanna get rid of it before it needs more help. Not the Jeep reputation I am used to.

david mark

My name is David Mark , From Sears Equipment Inc.

I am interested in your bulletproof,please give me your list and prices.

Please kindly let me know your selling price.

I would take care of shipping and other expenses involved. Please kindly email back if you still have this product for sale so that we can finalize this ASAP.

Hope to hear from you soon.


L7 0EH


I've been reading these comments and am sorry to hear that so many people have such hatred for the Jeep Liberty. I purchased a used 2002 Libby sport 2 1/2 years ago with the understanding that it was definitely no grocery getter. It may use alot of gas, but until the new FJ's came out no other SUV of this size could touch the Libby in towing or offroad capabilities. I've been perfectly happy with mine and have had no problems. I immediately changed out for off-road tires after buying it, and have been very impressed with it's capabilities on all terrain (2 1/2 years of regular off-roading and have been unable to get stuck). I've continued making mod's for the last 2 years now. To those who were disappointed with their Libby's on-road performance or feel that they are too "unrefined"; you should have done better research before buying - these are Jeeps, not Hondas, Toyotas, or any other company that is seeking to give you an oversized "truck-ish" looking car. I would recommend a station wagon to those people (possibly a luxury model with all the bells & whistles & low-profile tires for good cornering on dry pavement). To those concerned with ball-joint failures; the dealership recall repairs are effective. Mine was fixed immediately after the recall notices were sent out, and I've had no problems. If anybody out there is looking for an SUV that is built as tough as any truck out there & with offroad capabilities, the Liberty's the way to go. Just make sure if you're buying used that it's thoroughly checked out by a reliable mechanic first.

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