California Bans Smoking in Cars with Kids


Yesterday, California’s state Senate passed a new bill that makes smoking in a vehicle with children in it against the law. Lawbreakers will be fined $100 per incident. The bill places any child that is required to ride in a safety seat as the benchmark for an infraction. That age could rise from the 6 to 8 years depending on a separate bill waiting to be signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. California already has some of the nation's strictest rules and regulations of any state regarding motor vehicles and we don’t really have a problem with this one.

[Senate Votes to Ban Smoking in Cars Carrying Young Kids, Mercury News]

By David Thomas | August 29, 2006 | Comments (30)
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If only this law had been in place when I was kid. Being stuck in a car with smoking parents is one of my most unpleasant childhood memories. Nothing to do with help, just discomfort.

This is a no-brainer..but go a little further...stiffen the fine and include all passengers, kids that are older deserve fresh air also. This is a great example of kids being smarter than their parents, because the parents are the ones killing their kids.


Another useless law. How is this going to be reasonably enforced and do we need more distractions for our CHP (who are understaffed)?

All these new bans on smoking, guys get a life why not make pot, cocain, crystal meth and all the other illegal drugs LEGAL too, You are basically illegalizing tobacco and leaving it on the shelf? What's next free speach?? WHY NOT REWRITE THE whole CONSTITUTION ALL TOGETHER, Well do gooders, your Taxes will go up considerably cause they won't cut jobs in the government sector for your ban. You don't think the drugs in this country hurt our kids?? How about the kids whose parrents are on welfare, and can't afford to put food in their kids stomachs cause they need a drink, or a joint or another fix, what a joke, all you people are doing is increasing crime rate for all the illegal drugs already in use, Of course the government is probably part of the drug cartel how else is does it get into the states we sure can grow cocain in the states?? Smoking bans are a literal joke if you are so concerned about second hand smoke, make em illegal, this is an age old tradition that you have sustantial evidence as to the harm it causes the non-smoker...People should have the right if it's legal, but it's okay for people to sit at a buffet, and eat all they want for hours already being obese, make a law on that it only hurts them and teaches bad habits to our young.

Sara Johnson

I think the law is a good one, because this will help prevent cancer to this kids; this will help them live their life longer and look forward to good things. Also this will have parents thanking the senate for passing this because they won't be killing their children anymore.


WIsh we could get this law passed in all of the US! Kids everywhere deserve clean air! It is such a no-brainer! Why are other states not following suit?


I think the law will help shed some light on the issue, it just makes me crazy that we have decided to keep tobacco on the shelves and to make a huge profit on it, through taxes. When the world's leading cancer researchers met in 1937 - they knew tars caused cancer.


I wish people would be honest for once. You're concerned with kids right to "clean air"? Get rid of the smoke and emissions pumped out by cars and factories. You're concerned with kid's health? Ban fast food. Nobody cares about the health aspect of any cigarette ban. The only thing that people care about is that cigarettes smell bad. Period.

Dear Editor, Oct. 15/07

While I appreciate the desire to protect children from second-hand smoke
exposure in cars, I'm afraid that the suggestion to ban smoking in cars occupied
by children represents an unwarranted intrusion into the privacy and autonomy
of parenthood.
The autonomy to make one's own decision about what risks to subject a child
to is not to be interfered with lightly. It should only be done in cases where there
is a substantial threat of severe harm to the child.
Interfering with parental autonomy in a case where there is only minor risk involved is unwarranted.

Thomas Laprade
480 Rupert St.
Thunder Bay, Ont.


Rewrite the constitution as you know not many agread to it in the first place.just put it thru I want to go home.they felt it was unfair
in many way's it is unfair.what next it feels
the freedom we were given is now taken away one
step at a smoking in cars with a minor
how about inside a home who have more then 4 or 5 somkers in the same room with a minor in the same room. or in the backyard 2nd hand smoke is
bad for everyone. it also makes your clothes stink of smoke and can make someone sick just
by standing next to some one who just had to have one smoke just to calm down.
why did it take so many years to realize this was a problem? is it because of the illness
that have been reported from 2nd hand smoke or is it because someone who has money became ill
from 2nd hand smoke the only time something gets notice is when someone important make a stink about it.
in many ways more need's to be done rather then
take it to this leavel. make it unafordable
to smoke.If it cost to much to smoke then maybe
the sells would go more discounts at all
close the smoke only stores and so on.
make it a law that anyone who is cought buying
cigs for a minor this includes parents they will have to pay a 200.00 fine the first time and 300.00 for the 2nd time and so on.

grape nuts

now that the no smoking in the car with
a minor has past.what next?
going to bed hungry
parents beating their children because they
were upset with theam.parents doing drugs
in front of their children and pimping
theam out to make some extra cash
we need to do more for our children in
calif and not over seas.
free hot lunchs should be hot and healthy
not frut rolls hot dogs chips and so on
if you want to do something about 2nd
hand smoke it should have been done many
years ago when it was found out 2nd hand
dose kill.but then you were still in your
gready mode lets make money who cares about
who dies from this
besides every one will only smoke in
their homes with children in the same room
like baby sitters and so on.
what should be done when the children go
school who stink of smoke and some one
becomes ill? send the child home
or put theam in a class who also stink of
smoke this problem is a no winner
you need to think of something that will
work. you want to blog me why?
I told the truth I wish in many ways I
could do something more then just write
the truth


Pepole who smokes are simply people who have made a mistake as a teenager and are too weakminded to corect it. Anyone who has any "balls", has stopped smoking once graduated high-school. Just like alcoholics and crackheads the weakminded smokers will continue to find reasons why they should be allowed to smoke and cause discomforts even to people they care about. Ban or no ban, they will continue to smoke. Making sigs illegal will open doors to extra criminal activities just like prohibition did. All we have to do is wait untill they die-out... hopefully smoke is as harmful as it is portrayed to be, and the additives that tobacco companies put in, will perhaps make it even quicker. For those of us who made a right choice - stay away from smokers and make sure your kids stay away from tobacco so this can end sooner... on the other thought, rising taxes on tabacco and charging $12 a pack will be a great way for goverment to score some extra cash... smokers will pay just like any ordinary tweakers. It would be even better if government jacked the taxes on tabacco and lowered sales tax.

doris B

I think that this is the most stupidest thing the law has ever done so far.
All They're doing is taking our freedom away that we supposably have.
I Do not smoke, and i am under age.
But people are losing there jobs, and businesses, from this smoking ban...

Doris B.

oh and one more thing.
How would they like it if we took something they do or like away.
They would'nt like that, so why would they take one something away from us that we do or like.
Probally cause they dont care on what we think really.
They mainly go for what they think.
Which i think it should stop.
I never did like the U.S. laws and rules
There stupid, almost every little law they make up is wrong, and not our opinions.
There basically taking our freedom away.
Whats next?
our homes, our cars, our jobs.
Stop this ....
do whats right...
Stop trying to take our freedom away...
the world is going down hill now...
soon no one will wanna live in the U.S....


What do expect from the state that brought us “press 1 for English”?


this is a great law...if it is illegal to supply cigarettes to children then why shouldnt it be illegal for them to inhale the second-hand smoke? smoking with a child in the car is the same as contributing illegal substances to a minor! to all you say that to smoke is YOUR choice...what about your child's choice??? Which is more important? your choice to smoke or their choice to breathe clean air?

Mark Hesling

People are so self envolved with their rights they fail to see others who suffer due to there pleasure and stupitedy. Some moron who hasn't a clue really said that "ban smoking in cars w/kids is an intrusion into the privacy and autonomy
of parenthood." and
The autonomy to make one's own decision about what risks to subject a child
to is not to be interfered with lightly."
HELLO ?!?! Although I respect peoples rights for them selfs and have limit respect for paranting, but second hand smoke is no joke and has been proven to be highly dangerous to the health of others. I have asthma due to my parants that smoked. People are so self envolved with their rights they fail to see others who suffer due to there pleasure and stupitedy.

Give me a BREAK! I am a non-smoker... and I agree with everyone here...... who thinks this is a HORRIBLE idea! So many valid points are made on both sides, BUT one of the biggest is our rights! People say "what about the child's rights?" Well... I agree with those who say "what about pollution from cars, factories, etc?" How about FAST FOOD? How about DRUGS? What about VIOLENCE?
People say "I got 'this disease' because my parents smoked, or 'this disease', etc.... BUT.... you cannot KNOW with 100% certainty of the CAUSE of anything nowadays! Maybe someone got asthma from the SMOG or POLLUTION in the AIR! Or maybe someone got 'this disease' from bad medication they were given as a child, and this was an unknown side-effect! Certainly POSSIBLE.... WHO KNOWS! The fact is, these STUDIES can have RESULTS that lean one way or the other, depending on what they WANT the results to say! OR they just could be making MISTAKES! Look at all the studies that said COFFEE is killing people.... now they say "Drink coffee, it will help prevent heart-attacks!" What about EGGS? A number of years ago, EGGS were killing people.... oh, but NOW they are GOOD for you again!
The FACT is, NOBODY knows with 100% guarantee what causes what in this day and age! Does cigarette smoke cause many illnesses, PROBABLY! But SO DOES PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING ELSE in the WORLD, and NOBODY has a problem with those issues! Passing this law will be VERY, VERY difficult to enforce! Will the police SNAP a picture of the person before pulling them over? Otherwise, how can they PROVE IT?? They could just NOT LIKE THE LOOK OF THE PERSON, and give them the ticket! Maybe a person already CHOOSES not to smoke in their car, but gets a ticket by a rogue cop.... goes to court and fights it... WITHOUT PROOF, HOW CAN THEY JUST TAKE THE WORD OF THE POLICE OFFICER? If we start issuing FINES to people with NO proof, there goes our legal system, which has enough problems already!!
This law is ridiculous! It's okay for people to shovel horrible FATTENING foods down their child's throat, or to make them BREATHE the POLLUTED air that ALSO causes MANY DISEASES.... but oh, let's target smokers, because it's currently FASHIONABLE to TARGET SMOKERS..... People are concentrating on SMOKING 100 times more than drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, meth, etc! What, did we FORGET about those??? Since when did DRUGS NOT become a MAJOR issue with our 'poor helpless kids"?
All bans do is create MORE problems! The bans on restaurants and bars have created MORE unemployment by just having to cut staff... and then worse when SO many businesses have GONE UNDER due to LACK of business after the ban! Now, this ban.... what will happen with the person who smokes, and during their drive with the kids, they feel the need for a smoke.... will they drive extremely fast and reckless to get where they are going? That's great for the kids!!! NOT!
All in all, this is ridiculous, and will be SO hard to police! Go after GANGS, DRUG DEALERS, RAPISTS AND MURDERERS.... go after CRIMINALS... because as long as BUYING cigarettes is LEGAL, then SMOKING them should ALSO be LEGAL.... PERIOD!

The law was good if this is applied fairly in each and everyone. cigarettes must be sell to those adults only.


joe bassett

What if the windows are down? What if it's a convertible? If a Cop gives you a ticket for smoking in a convertible or the windows are down it's tme to start blowing Cop away. So if a Cop gives you a ticket for smoking and you have the windows down blow his brains out. Arnold S. will say we have lost 128 cops the last month for this smoking ban and we are taking it off the books. I am sorry I even did this. Arnold go back to where they can understand you speak.


How odd... Most of those supporting the curtailing of freedom are either bad spellers, awful with grammar, or both.

Very revealing.


for all you out there illegalizing smokin in cars with children is constitutional. It is protecting the right of life for the kids who cant defend themselves its not making smoking illegal just do it on your own time or dont have children!!!!

pissed off by stupid people

doris b, sounds to me like u need a new country to live in. The toys they play with do not harm you or your freedom, maybe they should.


that reminds me of a joke, maybe we should put a ban on forks, for making it easier to eat, since obesity is an epidemic in the U.S.


Hello? Hello?

Wake up people... There is no such thing as "Clean or Fresh" air!

loving mom

There are way too many idiots who have posted comments here. The ban on smoking in cars with kids inside is not all about second hand smoke. Have any of you morons even thought about what happens when the wind blows the ashes BACK into the car, and maybe burns said child? It's called child endangerment jackwagon!!!! What's more important? You getting to smoke a cigarette? Or protecting your child from burns? Or how about thinking of how many accidents were caused because some idiot was smoking while driving, and their ashes or the cigarette itself, blew back into the car and started burning a hole in the seat or floor where that person couldn't reach to put it out? Common sense people! Find some!!!!


What you are witnessing is the end of the USA. These private-interest groups are the ones behind this and all other stupid acts of the government. These fat-ass women think they are men with a brain and sit around predending they are in charge. There used to be something called certain inalienable rights in this country. I wonder what happened to them. Now the only thing left is to take the stars off the American flag and replace them with swastikas. When did this Communist/Nazi mindset take over this country? America is a doomed nation largely because there is no real government, or foundation. It appears every and anyone in power hasn't got the nerve to stand up to these private-interest groups and allow them to get their way regarding anything. Soon, the government will be regulating every aspect of our lives -- it's only inevitable. Say good-bye to America as you know it. Our only hope is that the new country that comes from the ashes of this soon-to-collapse country will grant us the nation our Constitution promised.

Even if it infuriates some, I agree to this law. We should be concerned enough for the health of our kids to do this voluntarily. Those who are against this law are the ones most likely to break it.


Most of you guys are seriously delusional. There isn't any evidence by a reliable source that suggests even first hand smoke is dangerous. This whole non-smoking thing started because an exec was let go from Phillip & Morris and had a vendetta. It causes cancer? So does everything else! Plastic, gas fumes (which is why there's a warning on every gas pump in California), and pollution. Yet you want to complain about a serious minority of inalienable rights? It's the parents job to protect the kids, not the governments job. Cops aren't going to force this. It's a secondary law. Which means you can't be cited for smoking alone, you have to be pulled over for something else. It's just the state and local governments way of getting us to pay more so they can try and funnel as much money from us as possible.

If they were so concerned with protecting the kids, why not go after bigger fish like obesity, chem trails, pesticides, etc. real problems in America where the innocent have no control. How about making this a country that isn't so bent on receiving handouts for lazy people that don't want to do anything with their lives.

I'm so fed up with with our rights being trampled on, the constitution being filled with loop holes by special interest groups that just want to line their pockets. Wake up people. Don't let the government control you or the end of America will happen in the blink of an eye.

By the way, I'm a non smoker and lost my wife to lung cancer and she never smoked a day in her life. If you're concerned about cancer, attack the bigger fish like corporate greed and the other items mentioned above.


THEY SHOULD JUST OUTLAW TOBACCO ALTOGETHER.of course half the air in california is just as bad anyway

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