2007 Honda S2000: They Still Make This?


Before heading out to last week’s Honda press event, I went over the “What’s New for 2007” list. Nowhere on it was the S2000 roadster. So noticeably absent was the vehicle from the materials we were given that when I asked around the office, a few people thought it had actually been discontinued. We’re not being mean or anything, Honda only sold 676 of them in July.

Then I was confronted with a brand new, bright yellow 2007 S2000. The last time I tested an S2000 a few years back I found it one of the most uncomfortable, worst-handlingriding roadsters I had ever driven. My colleague Joe Wiesenfelder said I should give it a second chance since it underwent tweaks to the engine and chassis since then. I brushed aside my reservations and hopped into the convertible.


With the top up, you are wedged into the cockpit like a tight pair of loafers. The steering wheel is tiny and fixed so there’s no room to adjust it. You’re also confronted with an interior that has not been majorly updated since the car’s debut in 1999 — and it shows.

The drive itself was nice. On smooth and rough surfaces the S2000 now feels more planted then the older version I remember. I did manage to loosen the rear-end more than I would like, but it didn’t ruin the drive. The 237 hp all come at high revs and that will throw off people used to muscle car lurches. Overall it was fun, like a roadster should be.


Looking at the S2000 doesn’t do much for me though. It doesn’t appear as dated on the outside as it does on the inside, but it’s no longer cutting edge. Another staffer here thinks it’s attractive and he’d buy one, especially in Laguna Blue Pearl shown above. The S2000’s price remains $34,050 despite those slow sales. That seems high to me, when you can get a BMW Z4 3.0i for $35,600. Its premium interior alone makes up for any cost difference.

In the end I’m glad I got rid of those negative feelings I had about the S2000, but it might be too little too late.

By David Thomas | August 28, 2006 | Comments (109)



I guess it takes a real car enthusiest to really appreciate the engineering that went into this car. On that note, maybe someone hould give the author performance vehicle driving lessons. Furthermore, when buying a vehicle like this, stylish interior is secondary to mechanics.


You know nothing about cars. Period.

"The last time I tested an S2000 a few years back I found it one of the most uncomfortable, worst-handling roadsters I had ever driven."

I'd appreciate it if the writer would explain why he reached a different conclusion than every other reviewer of this car that I've ever read. The slalom and skidpad numbers on this demonstrate this car to be one of the best handling roadsters ever.


You don't know how to drive at all do you? Least credible car review I have ever seen. Go back to the 4th grade. :oP

Oh man. Not again. They've found me. The S2000 owners of America. The last time I covered the car and it had legitimate issues they slammed me. Honda actually fixed those issues (I must not have been right huh?) And I applaud them except for the fact that by now its a bit too late in a very competitive segment.
This is not an enthusiast site. So skidpad numbers don't mean as much as overall value and everyday performance. Didn't I say I was impressed with the performance? What would have made you guys feel better? "The S2000 is the best car ever made in the entire world and it does no wrong." That should do it.


Huh, you MUST be the worst driver in history if you think the S2000 handles poorly. Oh wait, you wanted it to ride like your mothers Plymouth. Also the seats are quite comfortable if you butt doesn't qualify for a "Wide Load" sticker.

Maybe you should go look at the A-Stock results where the S2000 is beating corvettes, vipers, porches, STI, etc etc around the track. Since it's all about handling in those races that should be all the results you need.

Go learn to drive, then get back to us.


I test drove the BMW Z4 and a number of other sportscars before coming to my decision. I bought the S2000 because it was the best handling of the bunch. Yes, the cockpit is a bit narrower than the BMW and 350Z. Yes, the dash is dated, although better looking than the BMW's and less plasticy than the Miata or 350Z. These were secondary to my decision -- the Honda is just much more fun to drive.


I don't own an S2000. now that we have that out of the way... I find it humerous that you can only defend your opinion with sarcasm. Is this high school?
Your article is fairly short on facts, and long on personal opinion. I'm not talking about skin pad numbers, I'm talking about qualifying your position. I don't care if you are not a race car driver... just don't paint with such a wide brush if you are talking to, and from, the perspective of a boulevard cruiser. "S2000 sucks" form the point of a Buick driver is a lot different than the same words coming from an enthusiast.
Just because you don't understand the purpose of an S2K doesn't make it a bad car. Do your self (and us) a favor - don't get behind the wheel of a Lotus Elise or Westfield 7. I can hear your complaining starting already...


"I did manage to loosen the rear-end more than I would like,..."

How did you manage to loosen the rear end? The car has VSA, this is specifically meant to keep the rear stable. I think you lied. It takes serious incompetence to accedentally loosen the rear, which is why most of us believe that you can't drive.


You have to be kidding me... How is it possible you’re still employed??

Topgear (International Car show/mag) has given the S2000 three "Car of the Year" awards in the past 4 years. The S2000 is still an engineering marvel.

"...You are wedged into the cockpit like a tight pair of loafers..." IT’S A SPORTS CAR!! not a Maybach. What else would you expect?


Yeah, S2000 owners are damn protective. I have a 2002. It's got some problems. Nothing a car guy has a problem with though. It pleases me that I can make it step out if I want to.

You miss some of the other Honda highlights though. Good engineering, reliability and decent parts prices. Easy to work on too.


"I did manage to loosen the rear-end more than I would like, but it didn’t ruin the drive."

I got a good chuckle out of that. I didn't bother to read anymore after the author all but admitted to having no clue what driving a rwd sports car is all about in today's landscape of factory-guaranteed understeer, traction control, and pathetic automotive journalism.

Steve H.

Who hired this moron? Not only does this idiot have no idea what he's talking about, but he sounds like some high school kid. No, I do not own a s2000.


I don't own an S2000, so no bias, but are you sure you drove an S2000? I've yet to hear anyone who has driven one come away with such a negative reponse. They are a razor edge sports car, perhaps you just aren't a sports car driver, and you'd be more comfy in a big Caddy or something cushy like that.

I suppose one good thing from this review is I know know you are not a sports car reviewer. Stick to the Camry/Accord type cars, they might be more your style.


WTF are you doing "...loosening.." the rear end? :rolleyes:


You're review shows that you know absolutely nothing about what a sports car is and should be. What do you expect out of a sports car? Fine wood, and cupholders? Maybe you should stick to reviewing SUVs. You're just not a car guy.


This is a kind of funny article to read.
Everybody knows S2000(Including AP1 and AP2) is a weekend toy car, not your everyday vehicle. So complaining about dated interior is only picking on something that means nothing to anyone. Complaining about the cockpit is narrow, okay. Who cares? For under 35 grand, you got a F-1 like car with an extra seat, and some trunk space for golf clubs, and A/C. WTH do you want?


BTW, the S2000 beats the Z4 3.0i by 22 MORE horsepower from an engine that is 0.8L SMALLER. The S200 is also about 170pounds lighter. Why in the world would you think the Z4 is a better car than the S2000? The only reason is that you are not a car enthusiast, but an old guy who loves to drive a Buick roadster to show off.


Let's see: I can pay $30K for a 177hp Pontiac Solstice (MSRP $22K, but I've yet to see one with a sticker < $25K, plus the $3-5K add'l markup dealers are getting), about $32K for an S2000, or $38K for the 215hp Z4 3.0 (because of option packages, good luck finding one w/ a sticker < $40K) Value wise, its hard to match the S2000. It's amazing how "journalists" like yourself write articles after obviously doing little research on what real-world conditions are. Comparing base MSRP's on cars that are either limited-production or almost always optioned out is practically worthless. If not, point me in the direction of the nearest Ford dealer who will sell me a Shelby GT500 for MSRP.


I cringe to think that some people may read this review and believe it to be anything other than the opinion of a single person.

Jeez! What happened to the author of this article? Are you sure you test drove these cars? Or did you just look at it in brochures and online? Cause obviously you don't know anything about the S2000.

Horrible review. Learn to drive. Get a clue.


Its too bad they hire neophytes, with little or no real world car knowledge to review automobiles -What is your normal daily driver-a Yugo? Its seems anything with pure,unadulterated performance is beyond your comprehension -The S2000 is virtually a handbuilt car with tremendous attributes - I wouldnt waste my time with the underpowered miata, the plastic 350z and the whalelike B M TroubleU...This review belongs in Boy's life -I hope I didnt offend them...


Interior quality? I agree that it is bare, but the materials are a LOT better than other cars. To be honest, I have driven the MB SLK 55 many times and I absolutely hate the interior. Everything looks and feels cheap. The seats also are way too firm.
There are too many points I want to make, but I will just end it with that. Most people have covered the rest.


Dear Dave T.,

After reading your review on the S2000, I beleive the S2000 is not your type of convertible. However, if I may, I suggest you checking out the Toyota Solara convertible. Several reasons:

1. The Solara has room for five. The front seats do not offer any lateral and back support, but what they do offer are tremondous amount of room for the driver and passenger.

2. The Solara can also be equiped with wood-grain dash. That single option will give the Solara an up-scale feel and look that you find disappointly missing from the S2000.

3. The Solara also offers an optional V6. The V6 is good for some low-end torque, but you give up the high-end horsepower and it just does not sound like a sports car's engine.

4. The Solara is a front-wheel drive convertible. In case that you pushed the car beyond your driving abilities, you will actually loosen up the front-end instead of the rear-end. The loosening of front-end is also known as "understeer" in car talk. For most drivers, understeer is a lot easier to correct and feels a lot safer.

With all the reasons I listed, I hope you will give the Toyota Solara a deeper look. I think you are looking for a bolouvard cruiser instead of a sports car. With that said, please do not review the Lotus Elise as well. I gaurantee that you will find the Elise disappointing as well.




the author of this article must not know the first thing when it comes to driving. the S2000 is no doubt one of the best sport cars ever made! i have owned one for 3 years and truly love this car.


I'm not an S2000 owner, but I do own a 2-seat sports car. You cannot define an enthusiast car using a non-enthusist attitude. If a non-enthusiast wants a convertable, they'll buy a Solora as another posted pointed out.

You state this isn't a blog for enthusiasts; why are you reviewing such cars? You are doing an incredible disservice to your readers (see, I can use sarcasm too)!

The typical buyer of an S2000 cares about skidpad numbers and lateral-G's. They would prefer a bit or rear-end waggle over the push of understeer. Enthusiasts are willing to give up a bit of ride quality for ultimate performance. Is the cockpit cramped... or is it just more driver focused than your average car?

Bottom line, the fact that you compared it to a Z4, a rather *soft* car in the world of roadsters, shows where your heart lies. I'm sure your readers will love to get back to some reviews of the latest Toyota Camry or Hyundai's newest mid-sedan. Maybe they'd also like a review of this season newest Whirlpool refrigerator too.


the author of this article must not know the first thing when it comes to driving or the S2000. the S2000 is no doubt one of the best sport cars ever made! i have owned one for 3 years and truly love this car.


David is writing from the perspective of most people. This car isn't for most people. Honda did update somethings to attract more people, but they shouldn't have unless they planned to add an automatic. *gasp*

The problem David is you aren't supplying the intention of the car, therefore your negatives standout like a sore thumb. An real car lover would highlight all of the positives but preface with this car isn't for everyone. And by not doing that you've essentially bashed what is one of the best modern roadsters ever.

Like someone else said, if you were to review the Elise which is 10x more spartan than the S2000 and 10x more uncomfortable, it would follow that you would hate it. "Choppy ride, darty front end, weak anemic engine" But it too is one of the best cars ever made. Maybe not for daily driving, but that's not the car's fault. That's the fault of your own expectations.

The handling of the S2000 is great, backed up by numerous magazines. The only complaint I know of, about the handling, has to do with numb steering feel, but that's not what you're talking about.
The shifter (which you fail to mention) is one, if not the best shifters in the world.
It gets decent gas mileage.
It still is technologically impressive.
For 06 Honda added VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) as well as a "non-existant/non-intrusive" DBW.

And for a 6+ year old car, there are still very few direct competetors. Most of them like the BMW Z4 (which would be hard pressed to find for 35k after options) are just offering a more cushy ride, a higher price and lower performance.

This isn't an overpriced NSX here. This is an affordable quick low-maintainence roadster with one of the highest resale values of any car today.

Sure it isn't for everybody, and you've implied that, but what you didn't do is show what a great car this is/was. What you did do however is show that, car enthusiast you're not.

Guys. First thanks for your passion. Iheart2ks I think nails it on the head though. And I didn't bash the car!!!! in fact I hope Honda sees it as a reason to keep building it for you enthusiasts. A new S2000 with a more modern interior and larger cockpit could make it more of a volume seller (Mazda's new Miata a good example of adding interior room) and make it worth the company's time to redesign. With current sales all you're going to get is this model until they discontinue it. Here's my graph on the drive:

"The drive itself was nice. On smooth and rough surfaces the S2000 now feels more planted then the older version I remember. I did manage to loosen the rear-end more than I would like, but it didn’t ruin the drive. The 237 hp all come at high revs and that will throw off people used to muscle car lurches. Overall it was fun, like a roadster should be."

Wow. I really hated the car. Blog posts aren't supposed to replace the full cars.com reviews guys and this is one of a series I'm working on about the 2007Honda lineup. Unfortunately I can't talk about the rest til Friday.

BTW you all probably remember my first review of the car a few years back on Autoblog. I got about 100 responses to that one. FYI I've tested hundreds of cars of every stripe and consider myself still young at 30 thank you very much.


While I absolutely agree with all the posts that the author truly does not understand or appreciate this car (I have owned one for two years). He is right that Honda has not done anything significant with it for 3 years. To let something as special as the S2000 wither and die is just as much a crime as somebody writing about it that has no clue.

Steve H.


If you think the s2000 is wither and is about to die, you are mistaken. Put the s2000 up against any roadster in its class and I will gaurantee the s2000 will come out in the top.

I'd say Honda made a good amount of changes for the ap2 s2000. 2.2 liter enigne that doesn't put 240, but more. It dynos anywhere from 8-12 hp more with larger, heaving rims (compared to the ap1) so I'd say the ap2 s2000 is cranking out in the fecinity of 255-260 hp (just a guess dont quote me). Softer rear suspension to reduce snap oversteer (dont get soft mixed with worse handling).

Steve H
The Oversteer I experienced a few years back was greatly reduced this time out. I was very happy about that. But its still there and there's more of it then "I" personally like when in normal driving conditions. I think the S2000 is one of those cars you have to learn to drive to get the best out of it. Which is acceptable to enthusiasts. But Many other true sports cars out there offer better feel right out of the gate.

The author is a smart man, knows what he's talking about. Somebody had to say it.


Maybe we should discuss this further on OT, thats where the real car guys hang out


You sir are a dumb ass tool. SO STFU!!


I'd take a used Boxster S over an S2000 any day of the week. Panty-dropper for sure, and the muscle and handling to leave S2K drivers crying on their lame message boards for weeks.


David Hasslehoff called, he needed KITT's dash back.


Unless you're a midget, good luck even fitting in this car. Guess Honda didn't expect anyone over 6ft tall to drive this car.


Dear Dave,

You still don't get it.
Whoever buys the S2000 knows it is a hard to drive but highly rewarding vehicle. Whoever don't know how to drive it or they like the feeling of having a car that is easy to drive but does not have as high of a potential that the S2000 has, please consider the Toyota Solara as NFR has suggested.

Yours Sincerely,

Dirk Diggler

Dear Dave,

you should stick to reviewing toasters, refrigerators, and minivans.

enjoy your day.


The person who wrote this article is a moran.

The S2000 is by far the leader in handleobraesing and in the twisties.

He minus well stick to reviewing household appliances, as another smart commenter had mentioned, srsly.


Where's the torque? :bowrofl:

Jo Schmoe

Simply the fact that this guy calls the S2000 - regarded as one of the BEST handling sports cars on the road today - as the worst-handling one he's ever driven shows one of two things: either he's an idiot or he doesn't know how to drive. Well, maybe both.

I've never driven one, but have read just about every review ever written about this car. Somehow, this guy is the only one to say it handles poorly. You're kidding right? I've been on many a road course for track days and can safely say the guys in the S2000s seem to have one helluva party on the track with their cars.

Tom, find a new field to write about. Seriously. I will never again take any of your reviews seriously.


I gather you like crown vics, suvs etc. with inefficient v8s and sloppy handling. Why are YOU still making this? You may brush me off as a fanboy, but I do not own a Honda, but I know at least something about cars.


You guys are so pussy hurt over a car. If your S2000 is so great, why arent you driving it to pick up some 10 year old girls?

Honda S2000

2006 David Thomas: They Still Let You Write?


You obviously have no business reviewing cars. Maybe you relish the fact that you received 100 responses but I only noticed that they were all in direct contrast to your opinion.

The older model (pre 04') that did have the snap steer characteristic were phenomenal handling cars and while this was an issue for some, it is a high performance car and not meant for the ham fisted or faint of heart. It should also be noted that although this was tuned out of the car in 04' with very minor changes I might add, the car will still power on oversteer and drift with lots of feedback and great control. I would expect someone reviewing cars for the masses might have enough skill and credibility to make an accurate assesment of the cars they review but I have been wrong before. I can understand that you are not up to the task but I am surprised that cars.com would sell out their credibility on such an obviously flawed review.

S2K Owner


copy and paste that into your windows media player. why is a corvette z06 chasing a s2000?

S2K Owner

oh yea what's the price difference between the two? S2000 handles bad? look at the cornering speed differences....yea the z06 is faster in the straights...does that matter tho? that's what the s2000 is built for...circuit racing not daily driving.

al berke

I happen to be a s2000 owner and can't imagine that this guy actually got a second chance to review the car. He should have been long gone after the first review. The car is an engineering masterpiece.

S2000 enthusiast

I own an S2000 and cannot understand why everyone is so upset by the author's comments. Basically, who cares? If he doesn't feel the car suits his expectations, so be it. His job is to assess a vehicle based on his criteria. He does not own an S2K and probably never will. It is not for everyone and not every review has to be absolutely favorable. Also, he may be just taking a negative stance to "swat the hornet's nest." Either way, it's larely predicated on his opinion and you know what they say about that. Don't let the comments bother you. I like my S2000 and drive it several days a week. I acutally bought it for my wife as an anniversary gift a few years back (one of the "bad handling" models according to Thomas)--she thought it was an attractive car and we always wanted a roadster. The reviews at the time were predominantly positive, but most importantly, we test drove the car and liked it. Frankly, I would prefer more low-end torque (there are times when it's good to have it), but I understand the purpose of the design and enjoy the car for that reason. It's not for everyone and that's good--I don't want to see a multitude of S2000s on the road (I don't want to see a multitude of Hyundais on the road, either--not that there's anything wrong with that). It detracts from the pleasure of owning it. We have just bought our "dream" vehicle--a Ferrari Modena 360 spider. We still have the S2000, but will probably sell it because we don't need two occasional drivers. The Ferrari is amazing, but so is the S2000 for different reasons and the same reasons. They both handle great, are class leaders, and (I think this is the most important factor when buying a sports car), engender unmitigated driver passion. And even the Ferrari has not been unanimously embraced by our friends and business associates. One person is a Porschephile and thinks I have lost my mind, another said it is a "ridiculous waste of money," and yet another has said he would never own a car like that--a Mercedes is the only car for him." OK, good, great. My wife and I didn't purchase the vehicle for them. It's our passion and we enjoy the hell out of it. Isn't that what a sports car should be about, whether it's a Ferrari, S2000, Porsche, Miata, etc.? Don't spend time reading the reviews when you can use it to enjoy the car that you wanted to buy.

Best regards

If your opinion on the S2000 is this far off, I am willing to bet you are sitting here giddy over the fact you got this many responses to a blog.

Guess what? If I wrote a blog about how grass was purple and bricks were made of water and chipmunk skulls, I could get responses as well, that doesn't make my article remotely sensical, it only proves that stupidity gets passed around the internet at a high rate of speed.

Open Your Eyes

Something he's writing must be correct. Certainly, their has to be more than 600+ "car enthusiast," as everyone is posting, out there whp are willing to buy this amazing car. You guys have to keep in mind that most car buyers are looking for the best overall package when they buy vehicle. Let's face it, the S2000 may be fast, but it's not a great package. Otherwise, they would be able to keep it on the sales lots; instead they're having to stack them onto starage lots.


"They still make this?" The ignorance is right in the title! Why I read on is beyond me. But what followed enforced my suspicions. Clearly an underinformed opinon of a unique sports car that is not meant for but a few. Honda is on their 8th year of producton, low volume, and the last I checked, they know what they are doing! Honda has touted recently that this was their "Halo" Sports Car and plans on continuing production..
Its is clear you dont understand the car, or its premise, so just say so, or, simply pass on writing about it, but, when you say it was one of the worst handling sports cars youve driven, and how tight the cabin is, you just sound really dumb.


Despite everything... Its still a Honda.

BMW owner

Wow David, you got owned. But let's face it, you had it coming. I won't reiterate what dozens of other readers stated above, about how the S2000 is an engineering masterpiece, or how it's truly one of the best-handling cars I've personally ever driven. But I will say this: I drive a BMW 3 coupe and have serious S2000 envy. I would take an S2000 over a Z4 or Boxter (aka wannabe 911) any day. Why? I think the comments above speak for themselves.

Please do the automotive enthusiast community a favor and stop reviewing cars that you're not qualified to drive and/or write about. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when you share your opinion as fact on a high visibility blog, you better be able to back it up sufficiently.


Very interesting that 'BMW owner' admits he has 'serious S2000' envy as so do I. Don't get me wrong I love my 330i, but that's after having stepped out of a Boxter (the fraud of sports cars). Recently while on business in Vancouver (of all places) I was lucky enough to rent a S2000 for the week. WOW! What a great car. I couldn't agree more that the S2000 is a engineering marvel. The sweet song of the engine the marvelous handling attributes...I could go on and on and on. I've already made up my mind. This winter I'm going to pick-up a S2000 at a sweet heart price.
As far as the review...to each his own. David got the dope-slap he had coming.

real life

lol what a bunch of butt-hurt honda fundies


"I did manage to loosen the rear-end more than I would like"

Uh...you're supposed to be able to do that with a car like that.


"if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand"

The author is likely asking "what is a sports car suppose to be?"

Larry W

I don't own either a S2000, Porsche or BMW. I'm in the market for a sports car and I don't want a s2000, and yeah I bet a lot of you are already offended by that. Honduh owners are so used to hyping their cars and think that the rest of the world is naive. No MR "BMW owner with S2000 envy" none of us believe you. We know you own a S2000, are part of some Honda club and sit around all day talking about how great your car is. Same with the rest of you who are trying so hard to fool us into thinking you are unbiased. The reality is that most people don't care or want your s2000. If they did, they would buy it. Sales aren't staggering for the s2000. Most people CAN afford it and CHOOSE something else. It's not their lack of driving skill, it's their want of something better. It's not the best sports car ever, it's just another sports car


allright heres the cut. Not sure if i am late in the game but i am 20 young live in chicago and have been going thru sports cars since i turned 16 i have been thru 1 Porsche boxter 1 mustang gt 1 camero z28 and lastly 3 Honda s2000's hmmmm lets thinkkkkkk why would i buy three(2 Ap1s 1 Ap2 current) well to the porsche guys i had a reguler boxter so i will not talk about mine lets talk about the Boxter S. Few weeks back some rich kids pulled up to my s2000 at a light in a Boxter S (45k atleast) tried to laugh me off once the light was green i blew him out of the water he came to the next light like huhh what you got in there. NOTHING . lol enough of me reminesing. The Truth is in fact i dont like cars as much as i love my Motorcycle (Gsxr600) and mark my words on this The s2000 is going to be the closest thing to tight cornering high reving mayhem that many sportbikes offer. There is noo feeling like turning a corner in the s2000 clutch kicking a slide all the way thru with your headlights on the car turning next to you. To every mustang and chevy and chrysler faggot in here. Shut your traps. You guys will never understand the true essence of a modern sportscar. Go back to your farms and this writer can join them too idiots


You fat, girlie men!


Wow, every real car journalist out there praises the S2000 except you clowns. That doesn't say much for your journalistic abilities...

I still find it amusing that what was actually a positive review was seen as negative even all these months later.
I just would never want to have it as a daily driver.

Curious G

For anyone interested in real information on cars and usefule reviews, go to --------------------------

Real car enthusiats who have a clue write the articles there.


Dave T, you are an idiot. Some cars don't need major revisions to stay current, they are so well built. The Porsche Boxster and Honda S2000 are two such cars.

Curious G
Like the site you mention above we do not allow comments to point to the competition.
We are also not an enthusiast site.
We're happy not to be.
I'm guessing this 6 month old post got reposted on a S2000 fan forum. I'm sorry it's not the most impressive car I've ever driven but I didn't rip it apart like the MKZ the other day. Oh and did you notice the NEWS on the S2000 CR we brought you?


The changes over the years have been almost insignifican. It sounds like all you did was swing by Honda on your lunch break and give it a quick test drive.
Buy your Z4.


Wow! After reading these responses. I am proud to be a S2000 owner. Why is a Z4 even listed in the same review "ish" even my wife was bored. I am a big guy 6' 1" 200 LBS I fit. I am currently getting my S2K out of Winter Storage and we will see you on the road in MN. Well guys thatnks for getting the back of the S2K. Remeber the S2000 needs to prove nothing. It has been proven.



I don't own an S2000, but I have ridden in one before, and it is quite a piece of machinery for the price.

I'm sorry David T, but you are 100% wrong on this car. I'd love to have one personally, and the car has held up very well for its age. It is not a cruiser convertible, it is a sporting one. All the flaws you find in it were designed in purposefully, because the car isn't meant to sell 150,000 units a year. It's meant to be an engineering watermark, the culmination of focused, professional effort toward creating something special that no one else sells. Honda did just that.

I'm not a Honda fanboi, and I have never even owned a single Honda. But I know well-engineered and well-built cars when I see them. The S2000 is far more than you give it credit for, and I think a lot of the commenters are right when they question your professional credibility with regard to your feelings on this car.

Sorry, but the S2000 is Class-A material.

I don't think you can question my professional credibility. I think you can question my taste. I don't desire the perfect track car. I think that is an imperfect vehicle if it is sold as a regular roadster. This new CR version is what they need to sell, that's marketed properly and at the right people. But folks looking for a sporty, two seat roadster that aren't performance fans/freaks will be buying the wrong car in the S2000. Why can't I tell the reader that?


To the idiot Boxster fan:

Yes, I too would take a used Boxster S over a new S2000. That is, if I could find one anywhere within $20,000 of the "brand new" S2000's sticker price.

Oh, and did I mention it would have to be the newer "upgraded" Boxster S too? Any used, older S would be no more impressive from a performance standpoint than the the brand new, $20,000 less expensive S2000.

The S2000 was just as fast and handled just as well as the older Boxster S. All you thick-headed Boxter dopes were paying for is heated seats, a famous badge and no trunk space...all for the special priviledge to be hit with expensive tune-up fees and classic unreliablilty. The real reason you would want that Boxster anyway is you can't afford a 911...you know, the REAL Porsche. So who's really crying here you poser?

You and Dave need to get a room as neither of you know what you're talking about.


Dave, yes I can question your credibility. Why?

Automobile magazine
“...the perfect roadster.”

Edmund’s 2000 Roadster Comparison Test
“First Place. Who’da thunk a Honda could inspire such passion,..” “Well, we did, it does, and this was a test of roadsters with more than 200 horsepower costing less than $50,000,..” (Tested against BMW M, Audi TT, MB SLK 320, and Porsche Boxster base model)

Consumers Reports
"Our top-rated roadster, the Honda S2000, slightly outscored the Corvette and Boxster in our tests and has excellent reliability.”

The Auto Channel
“(S2000) ..is one of the most important cars of the present day. Why? This little technological tour- de-force points to the future. And the future as indicated by the S2000 is a very good place.”

Car & Driver Best List
“the S2000 is wasted on summer evening jaunts to the local A&W. The S2000 is a unique and seductive tool for speed.” “...to produce tenacious and tolerant handling that makes even ham-handed and -footed drivers fell like F1 ace Michael Schumacher.”

Road & Track Road Test Annual 2001
“No question, Honda has bragging rights, having produced the first 2.0-liter production-car capable of 9000 RPM-and producing an astonishing 120 bhp/liter in the process, with piston speeds that exceed those in Formula 1 racing.” “The S2000 was able to dance through corners the fastest and with the least amount of effort,..” (beating the lap times of the Boxster S ($54,300), BMW M ($43,700), and Audi TT ($43,000).

Drive.com (Aust)
"VERDICT: If the S2000 doesn't win every car award this year, the judges should pack up and go home."

Motor Trend
“Imagine if Formula One engineers built a sports car. Well, they did.”

I could send you about 50 more of these review quotes from every "qualified" reviewer and auto magazine around the world praising the car with more adjectives than you're even aware of. These reviewers are obviously professionals and you are not. If you were, you would have prefaced your review by saying you were not an enthusiast, or really a car person at all and were interested soley in sporty "looking" cars (poser mobiles...not sports cars) that got you from point A, to point B in as pasteurized a manner as feasibly possible. You know, the way my Mom likes to drive.

I write for Cars.com. Cars.com is a consumer oriented site, not an enthusiast site so why would I preface my story like that? And just because one person's opinion (even a paid professional) is different than another's doesn't mean he isn't credible.


One more thing.

How can someone who obviously does not know the definition of what a real "roadster" is, write a review about a roadster and expect to be taken seriously? If your of the opinion that a roadster is just another word for "convertible", then you may be more confused than I thought. Do a little research (no, I don't mean the dictionary) and you may learn something like; why they don't refer to the new Lamborghini Murcielago roadster as a convertible and why they also don't call the Solara convertible a roadster.

Wow Dave T, you are getting reamed here!

I understand what you are saying about your opinion and how it differs from factual reporting, and I'm guessing that you don't like the S2000 as its too dedicated a sports car for you - no problem there. You just don't know how to write that without being caustic and clearly defining your opinion fromm the facts of the car.

I hope you do a better job on other reviews!

you guys just don't quit do you? what's the point of your argument again? One guy didn't absolutely fall madly in love with the car you own but still praised it for being a great bare bones roadster? Yet thats what everyone of the fans keeps saying it is?

I think because of the headline you KEEP misinterpreting the post and because you know what kind of car it is doesn't mean someone researching new cars, selecting Convertible (we don't separate roadster and convertible, no one does in the car research game) and getting the S2000 is going to know what kind of car it is until someone tells them. That's why Joe W's EXPERT REVIEW of the car is there. He wrote a very complimentary review of it exactly as you've talked about it.

My point was to write a comical post that the thing has barely changed since it debuted and while other companies are infusing the sporting nature of roadsters like this one into more elegant and more livable cars, the S2000 is content to stay virtually the same.

You say that's great. Good for you. I was just stating that it was indeed happening. stop bashing me as you haven't obviously read any other review I've written, this was linked on some fan forum recently and you keep coming back. It's old already.

And no car review is "factual reporting" the skidpad numbers etc are factual reporting. Saying it drives better than car a and car b is not. Saying it beats them 0-60 etc is factual. the rest is allllll perspective and you have to think the guy that's driven 100 new cars this year compared to the owners who have driven a few might have some more perspective. I'm just saying...

To end this: and anymore "you're an idiot" stuff is redundant by now, all I'll say is this post never was supposed to be the end all be all of reporting on the S2000. It's a few hundred words long and I think encapsulated what I was pointing out. During a look at the entire 2007 Honda lineup of all these brand new cars, this stood out as being NOT BRAND NEW. If you misread it don't blame me.


Woa, reviews like this must be why Honda kept making the car less and less sporty over the years. "Worst handling." Wow. Now we got traction control, less oversteer, a lower redline, and a bit more fat. Thanks.

Please stick to front drive vehicle reviews from now on, or at the very least, put a disclaimer in the article stating that you're coming from the daily-driver, Toyota-esque point of view. As for your comment about other sports cars having a "better feel out the gate", again, maybe so from a daily-driver point of view. I've driven hundreds of cars as well (and autocrossed a decent number), all the M's, most of the AMG's, most porsches, Audi's, etc, etc, and many of them are still tuned for the daily driver who just wants a sporty looking car.

robbie robinsong

dave when you write the worst handeling sports car ever; what are we the supposed to say? nothing? with comments like that you come across as cracked ie humpty dumpty, off the wall. only an egg head would think that. the s2000's iv'e driven handle like a true sports car should, quick,nimble, precise, predictable and this conclusion is inescapable if you've actually driven the s2000. dave we've got a child safety seat were not using, and you belong in it, the view out the back window will be the best place for you to dream up some more reviews. stay inside around easter the kids will be looking for u.

Mikey G!

This author obviously weighs 25 stone and can't fit into the cockpit of such a unique sports car


Wow guys, defensive much? I think the reviewer makes a good point that a $30k+ sporty convertible shouldn't have econocar bin parts for an interior. Looks like something out of the 1980s - though interior has never been Honda's strong point. I believe they're in the 1990s now, which means they should hit the current century in the next decade or so... And yeah, still no torque and it sounds like a leafblower in the high-range. The defensive kids who drive this thing can keep 'em.

NOTan s2kfanatic

I agree with everything you said right up to the part where you said it was the "worst handling" car. C'mon you know there are worse.
You are right that it's falling behind its competitors (except performance wise). Let's hope that the new S2000 CR is better. If you think this car is tricky now, just wait until you try it in the wet, it's a killer.

This author has lost all credibility for cars.com


After reading this review I can guarantee I will never trust another review from cars.com. This is ... sad.


Horrible review of the S2K by someone who does not know how to drive it. From the descriptions, the author sounds like he'll make a better reviewer of mattresses or couches.

Joe Richardson

Written by a true poseur. A lack of automotive knowledge and driving skills comes shinning through the text here. This car punishes poor driving skills and the author was apparently spanked several times by it. It’s not the car that has a handling problem it’s the loose nut behind the wheel (not covered under Honda warranty). I can not believe that the author here is really an automotive journalist this review looks to have been written by someone in HR. Cars.com you loose all credibility with this review.


Your opinion is your own - no probs. However, when you quoted yourself as saying the previous S you tested was the "worst handling roadster ever" that is where you ran afoul of S enthusiasts. Especially when "modern" ones like the Solstice and Sky still can't match the performance of the 1st S ever made. You essentially said that the car's best point (it's handing) was the worst ever. And then you try to cover your tracks by saying it is a positive post because you think the 07 is really great since the tweaks Honda made (matching your wish list - thus YOU THE MAN!). Truth is, there is not that much handling difference (skid pad etc- FACTS) between the 99 and the 07. SO how could one be the worst ever and the other acceptable? This is where your credibility tumbled into the gutter. PS - Too bad if this is a revival of an old post. It's on the Internet in plan view so deal with it.o

Tony F

I agree with Dave on this one. I have driven plenty of sports cars and found the '02 S2K I drove far too tail happy. VTEC and rear wheel drive doesn't work well. The switch over point unsettles the back of the car. It needs to be far more progressive. As much as I like type Rs, VTEC engines etc.. I was left cold with the S2K. The car wasn't cornering fast when it was all out of shape. And don't come all this drift rubbish. I like to drive fast and in control. You can't drift on the road unless you have a death wish. The final nail in the coffin was that I was talking with a mate who's uncle is a driving guru in the UK. He said his uncle (who drives all sorts of high powered machines and teaches people how to handle cars - has been doing so for a number of years) despises the S2K so much they joke about how it will switch ends in an instant. Sums up how I felt after having a go in one.


Wow, if you can't drive an S2000, you can't drive. That car is a blast to drive and requires some skill. If you don't have it, I can see how the S2000 would scare you - better not try a Lotus Elise, you'll probably have a heart attack.

Tony F

I can drive. If I was to seriously consider owning an S2K the first job would be to ditch the suspension, fit full coilovers and front and rear strut braces. That would make the thing corner properly.

I drive Westfields and Caterhams regularly so the Elise is hardly going to raise my pulse LOL!


All I can say is wow! Stick to reviewing mini-vans. Every serious car journalist raves about this car. Here are a some of accolaides:

The S2000 was on Car and Driver's Ten Best list for 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004.

The S2000 was the highest-ranked model in the J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study "Premium Sports Car" class for 2004 and 2006,[8][9] and has consistently held one of the top three positions.

The F20C engine won the International Engine of the Year award in the "1.8 to 2 litre" size category for five years from 2000 through 2004.

The F20C was featured on Ward's 10 Best Engines list for 2000 and 2001.

The S2000 ranked number #1 in the BBC Top Gear survey in 2004, 2005, and 2006[10].

Best Affordable Sports Car for 2008, U.S. News & World Report[11]

source: wikipedia @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_S2000


Why in the world would anyone buy the Bangled monstrosity that is the Z4 at $35,600 when the S2000 can be had at $34,050?

you guys like the honda prelude?


Dave, seriously, get another job.


Dave, seriously, get another job.


This has nothing to do with Dave or the car, but it's interesting that the actor Paul Newman, who just died today, also apparently weighed in on this issue last year. Just go up about 20 entries and you'll see his name. Click on it and it takes you to Paul Newman's racing site. We lost a good one today - here's to you, Cool Hand Luke.

Joe Richardson

I've had my 2007 S2000 for 17 months now. It's my "daily commuter car". I'm 47 and have owned a long laundry list of sports cars since I was 18.

The thing that get's me about the reviews that I read for this car is that the reviewers just don't get it. I took me about a month to realize it but, everything about this car just works together in ways that you just don't realize from taking one for an afternoon spin.

It is powerful, balanced, lean, agile, graceful and it's true capabilities are very understated until you learn to drive it properly. It is just a freakin awesome ride. That dated dash and those radio and AC controls, they work great without having to take your eye off the road or a hand off the wheel. If the interior still bothers you after 1000 miles or so, your not driving it hard or fast enough.

The S carves up Dallas traffic like a sushi knife and returns 21-22 mpg avg for your efforts. It will embarrass cars costing twice as much. If you loose a drag race in it, you will still pass the guy during the next turn. Best sports car I’ve had since my 1970 240Z (read heavily modified here).

This car will be a collectors item.

Member 12

Idiot, WHF you have spoken!

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