2007 BMW X5 Revealed


Minutes ago, BMW revealed the redesigned X5 SUV. As you can see, the company didn't mess with design too much. The more aggressive look still closely resembles the original X5, and there’s certainly nothing glaringly unattractive about the 2007.

Usually we don’t believe press release hype, but the X5 was a trailblazer in bringing luxury SUVs to the American consciousness, and this version should reinvigorate sales.

What’s new? The two engine choices are now a base 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder that produces 260 hp versus the current model’s 225 hp. There will also be only one available V-8 option, a 4.8-liter that produces 350 hp. The current 4.8 pumps out 355 hp, but we’re guessing the new figure will increase in the future.

The new X5 is also 7.4 inches longer than the previous model. This allows for an optional third row of seats — now a must in this SUV segment. There is also a rollover mitigation system and electronic damping control.   

There’s also a new data transfer system called FlexRay, but information on its actual uses is light. We’re guessing it’s basically a way to put data onto a hard drive, including music files. We’ll update you when more information is released.

Other gadgets include a rearview camera for safely backing up. It also displays interactive lines on the screen to aid in tricky parking situations. Besides xenon headlights that turn in conjunction with the car, the fog lights also turn. We’re not sure how useful that will be, but it will be one of those things owners can impress friends with.

We’re currently looking into an on-sale date and pricing for the 2007 X5, but The 2007 X5 should be reaching dealers by late November this year. No prices have been released as of yet but expect them to be incrementally higher than current models.






BMW X5 Interior





Fold flat third row



Rear DVD system


Back-up camera


Heads-up display


By David Thomas | August 8, 2006 | Comments (100)
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This is what I'm talking about.....no one can compete with German Automakers no one period.


Actually... when the redesigned MDX comes out, I'm guessing that its going to give the X5 some valid competition. Not to mention it's totally going to kick BMW's butt in the reliability department because all those gizmos aren't doing much for BMW's substandard reliability, while Acura/Lexus successfully merges technology, reliability and practicality together.


Are you serious? A cheap MDX is going to give the x5 MK2 competition? hAA


Substandard reliability? You're smoking crack. I traded in an Acura on a BMW and have never looked back. The Acura had all sorts of problems and the dealer was clueless on repairs. Like I tell people, why buy a "premium" Honda/Toyota/Nissan or a BMW copy when you can buy the genuine article? People forget that the Germans have been building these kinds of cars for far longer than the Japanese and Japan is so quick to copy.

the new X5 is clearly aimed at the Range Rover and is not worried about the MDX. the same can't be said for the RDX vs. X3.
Plus when everyone sees the new MDX it will make those debates over Bangle's designs look timid.


You should be ashamed of yourself!! How dare you even think about comparing a Honda, Toyota or Nissan to a BMW.(I refuse to use thier U.S. given names a toyota is a toyota no matter how much more you charge for it or what ever you want to call it). If Honda's are so reliable, why doesn't Honda stand behind thier product with a maintenance plan(4 year 50K mile) like BMW does. Not to mention if A BMW, Honda, Toyota and Nissan all meet at a 4 way stop sign. 3 people are looking at the BMW and the forth is waiting for the light to change.


first look at the image of the X5 then look at an image of the mdx and then tell straight up, which you think is more sexy? and sure the bmw might loose reliability in gizmos, but what is cooler then a hard drive inside the car to store music! tell me that is not sexy!

Ben Ark

i find it laughable that you can even compare these SUV's and cars to BMW! No competition, totally agree with jzin!

Just remember anyone can drive Japanese cars, select people can drive BMW's.

Big V

Whens the x5 coming out? How much you think it will be?

the one who knows

smoking crack is right! Anyone who even compares a Honda, Toyota or a Nissan to a BMW or Mercedes is an Ignoramus with a capital I.


AL claims BMW's reliability is substandard? He apparently has never owned one. I, on the other hand, have owned 4 BMW X5s (4.4i, 4.6is, and 2 4.8is) plus a 1997 M3, a 2000 M5, a 2002 745i, a 2004 X3 and a 2005 325ix wagon). The X5s have been completely and totally reliable. I've never had to take one back for warranty repair except for the occassional software update in the early models. The other cars were rock solid too, with the exception of my 2002 745i that had a defective navigation controller that caused various problems until it was diagnosed. On the other hand, my first and only ACURA was the most UNRELIABLE car I've ever driven. It never missed a month without a visit to the dealer and I traded it after the dealer gave up trying to repair it. So the problem is that the Toyota/Honda crowd doesn't know what they're talking about and they don't know what they're missing. Test drive a Lexus LX470 to compare it to an X5. The Lexus is slow, rattle prone, non-rigid body on frame constuction, has lousy handling, and it has uncomfortable seats compared to BMW's comfort seats. There's just no comparison unless you can't afford a BMW.

X5 Rulez

I agree with folks who think X5 or german cars are much better than Japanese fun driving wise,
Remember why do we buy a nice car:
1. The Ride, enjoying the drive and the handling of the vehicle
2. Looks!
3. Resale Value
I have 2005 X5 myself and my close friend bought the 2005 MDX. I have driven his car on certain occasions and trust me after a year of owning and comparing, I think X5 is far better in the Handling and Performance (Not HP cuz I have 3.0) and TRILL of driving. I come to life and enjoy every turn I make in my X5, given that MDX has more toys inside the car, gizmos but trust me the Handling is nothing like X5. Its just a diff feeling that you get when you drive a Bimmer, take any Bimmer.
MDX or any other Japanese SUV makes you look old period! except maybe the Infiniti FX.

I get so many compliments where ever I go, have the toledo blue with Titanium Inserts and Brushed Aluminium Running Boards(just like the new one above) Actually a lady once pulled next to me and complemented my car, my friend never got that in his MDX, actually the opposite, people actually expect a baby seat in the rear when one pulls up! Total Family Car!

And the X5 always has a better resale value, you are talking about a bimmer man!

I work for a BMW dealer and BMW has just released pricing information to us.

3.0 models will start at 45,900
4.8 models will start at 54,500

There are gobs of new packages and options available.

When I have some more time, I'll try to include this information as well.

BMW has confirmed that the 07 X5 will be in dealerships by the end of November . . .

This means you can start ordering your new X5's in the beginning of October.


chris nichols

I have a 2005 bmw x5 4.8is, and i am dissapointed to hear that the 4.8 engine in the new x5 will be less powerfull. I'm going to wait until they come out with the high performance variant of the new x5, it's just now worth getting the new 4.8.

The new X5 has been eagerly awaited and judging by the pictures its sure not to dissapoint those anticipated enthusiasts. I for one cant wait to get hold of my suv in July 07.

don't worry that won't be the highest number. And remember this 4.8 is about $15K less, without the options, of the current 4.8 (which I assume is loaded). But either way the new one will be much less than what they're calling the performance model today. There are rumors there could be an M version of the X5 too to take on the Cayenne and Land Rovers...

Don't confuse the 4.8is with the upcoming 4.8i.

There will be a higher performance model later on.

The upcoming 4.8 is not the same car as the 4.8is . . . the 4.8is is a much better handling car and a far more responsive ride.

The upcoming 4.8i is just a replacement for the current 4.4i.

Nevertheless, the new 4.8i is going to be quite a bargain for what it offers and it will temporarily affect the resale of 04-06 4.8is.

If you have one of these models right now, this is the time to sell.



I love the new X5 and I'm buying one in November. I currently own a 2003 X5. I love it but unfortunately it's a V6. I'm getting the V8 this time. I'm really psyched about the hard drive too.


I've been a faithful BMW owner for the past 22 years having owned a total of 7. From 3 series to 5 series to my now two year old X5. My wife on the other hand has owned Lexus for her past three cars. I will only say that for those that love to spend time at the dealership you should buy the BMW. If you have hobbies or family or work, buy the Lexus. My wife has made less trips to the dealer for her three cars than I have for any single BMW I have owned. I am tired of having to have my car towed out of my driveway. It's now happend with 4 of the last 5 I have owned. It's time for a change, it's time to buy based on quality not advertising. This weekend I'm trading the last of my unreliable's for a RX.

If you've seriously had to have four of your last five BMWs towed from your driveway I wouldn't blame you for not buying another one. I've never heard of one person having that many severe problems with any one brand ever and I wonder why you kept purchasing them after #2?

But yes, BMW does not have the same reliability of lexus. This is a known fact. But it has improved greatly over the years. Many buyers today forget that in the "old" days if you were going to buy a BMW a buddy would say "Make sure you have a BMW mechanic first"

Today most of the problems I hear with BMWs, and other German vehicles, is mostly electrical/software related. All brands, even Toyota, have issues. Its how the dealer and automaker handle them that is important.


Reliability is a very subjective topic. It seems a lot of things are overlooked when it comes to "reliability". I have both a Lexus GX470 and a BMW X5.

My experiences have been mixed, as the Lexus required new brakes at 18K, and had been pulsating since about 3K, and yet the BMW just got brakes at 33K and never even pulsated. That said, the BMW has been in the shop for a radiator leak and a couple electrical items. That said, BMW even co0vers the brakes under the initial "free maintenance", whereas brakes on an almost new vehicle for the Lexus were on me. Just an example, but I do believe the engineering BMW uses pushes the envelope and therefore is a little more pesky to maintain, but it drives like no other, period. The Lexus, well, it is a very nicely appointed 4Runner, that wanders all over the interstae when passed.

Tariq Ali

WOW! The new X5 is a beauty!!!!

I'd hate to drive a car on the pure basis that it has a better history with it's air conditioner.


I used to own a 04 X5 3.0 Granted its only a 3.0 but I had fun driving it. Handling was great for a SAV/SUV. The confidence when driving a BMW was far superior of any other manufacture. The "driver to road responce" was not like any other vehicle I have ever driven including MB C-Class, E-Class,S-Class, ML, CLK, Audi A4, A6, TT,S4, and a bunch of Volkswagens. They try to meet BMW Driving expectations but it does not come close, another word; Sloppy driving characteristic. When people say "Nothing drives like a German Car," They are wrong, "Nothing drives like BMW" should be the correct statement. 2 of my buddies just aquire some M vehicles. One is a 2006 M5 and the other 2006 M-Coupe. If you get a chance, drive them 2 cars and you will never look at any other car manufacture again. As far is reliability, this was the reason I got rid of my X5. I was in the dealer often, say about 15-18 times a year, not for maintance. The car would shut off, Yes Shut Off and go in a limp mode(car would not go past 50mph and would stall). I would have to pull over, kill the ignition, wait 20 minutes, and everything would be normal again. The dealer can't fix the problem because they dont know what it was.


Hey Folks,

I have read of the experiences of various drivers comparing this to that, but I am here to tell you I have been driving over 30 years almost like dating. I have driven GM's Ford's Toyota's, and Mercedes and all top of the line just like the women I have had. Until I met the BMW 02 X5 not only does it look good it handles like no other so now I have an X5 06. I quess I will settle down and get marrried.


does anyone knw the safety rating on the new extended 7 seater BMW x5


i bought a bmw x5 in 2004... its been a headache, lots of problems. i sold it this year and bought a mdx and so far so good.

Nuunya Bidness

This is the ugliest BMW I've ever seen . . . and Bangle's been around long enough to redesign the entire line. The ugliest duckling in a long line of ugly ducklings following Mama Bangle.

Time for a change.


Loverly, Loverly, loverly, I just love it.


whew! finally, some people with some problematic X5s. Listen, I realize that people like luxury marques like BMW and all, but you can't deny that BMW and other European manufacturers could be doing better in terms of sales if they didn't make such unreliable vehicles. True, BMWs have awesome interiors and highly desirable handling characteristics, yet brand name suffers every time these expensive vehicles are found to have defects. I believe the key to the success of Lexus and Acura lie in the fact that they truly test their vehicles so that their owners RARELY (I know that some Acuras and Lexuses can break down) have a reason to be infuriated. It would quite frustrating to have your $55000 SUV to break down like a piece of crap Yugo from the 80s. Frequent visits to the dealership shouldn't also be a concern for people who made the decision to make such a hefty investment in a company like BMW. For such a pricetag, shouldn't consumers be expecting bulletproof reliability? I know that BMW can totally trump offerings by Lexus and Acura in terms of performance, but they have to practical as well. Jesus Christ, I didn't know that I would ignite a firestorm by making a rather accurate statement. And this is to the people who've never had faulty BMWs: just because you've never had a problem doesn't mean the entire brand is fault-free. You guys should be thanking God that you've aren't part of the many, many owners who've had to go through the hassle that afflict many owners of European cars.

Just to prove my prove, anyone who is in the market for a luxury European vehicle should really read this article written by someone who recently brought a Range Rover in France. Although its not a BMW, I believe things like this really hurt sales. http://www.brittany-internet.com/LandRoverBrittany/tabid/168/Default.aspx

X5 Guy

I have owned my 2001 BMW X5 for the past 6.5 years and love it. I have not had any problems except for the light kit that was covered under warranty. It seems that any brand of vehicle can be prone to breaking down so you have to remember that. This is my 3rd BMW and I am upgrading to another BMW soon. My experience has been good and will never buy anything but a BMW in the future.


Like I said, you're one of the lucky ones.


Well I quess my entire family of 6 is lucky also, as we all have BMWs with no problems. So like someone else have said "Thank GOD"


I have had the same problem as Stan, my new 325i keeps stalling and you have to let it stand for 20 minutes before it will start. BMW dont know what the problem is and are still trying. It is now in for the 7th time in 3 months and they have had it for 2 weeks this last time. Does anyone have a solution to the problem? It would be greatly appreciated.


I've had two "Bimmas" and I loved them both. Currently, I'm driving a 330i with the performance package and it's a beauty and beast on the road. Most importantly, BMW offers a great warranty package and they stand behind their cars. I owned two Honda's and an Acura. I felt robbed by Honda because maintainence cost were getting out of hand. Unfortunately, I experienced too many mechanical problems that cost me a pretty penny with my Acura. My opinion is that Acura's are overrated and should never be compared to a BMW. Just the level of professionalism from BMW's staff is exceptional. Just sit in each service center waiting room, you'll be surprised (oop's you wont sit in a BMW dealer for long because they will provide you with a BMW loaner and return your car to you after servicing if necessary). I spent more money on maintaining my Honda and Acura than I ever anticipated. But, when I take my car to BMW for servicing, it's nice to walk out without spending a dime. Also, BMW offers tire protection which is AWESOME! Tire protection is money well spent. Obviously, tire blowouts are unexpected expenses, but with tire protection you won't pay a dime. I am looking at the 2007 X5 for next fall. Love your "Bimma".


Sorry you Bimmer Haters I just wanted all of the fellow Bimmers lovers know that I just recieved maintenance on my X5 over the weekend and was loaned an 07 530i to cruise around the town with only one request; "bring it back with the same amout of fuel". All of this service was with no questions or hestitation. The BMW folks are top of the line with me or maybe I am just lucky.

More to follow


"Tire protection?" BMW North America doesn't offer a tire protection plan. What your dealer offered you is an aftermarket service contract from a third-party provider.

Also, Honda/Acura's service costs are very reasonable if you follow the manual--if you go by the dealer's schedule, they will rob you blind, but that's true for any make.


According to JD Powers, BMW is the only German marque with above-average reliability and rates nearly the same as Acura. I have a friend who had a lot of problems with an early X5, but I have owned a 1997 540i for six years and it has been absolutely fabulous -- not only extremely reliable, but also very durable, with paint which still looks great after 10 years outdoors, and a beautiful leather interior which still looks fantastic after over 100,000 miles.

We also own a 2003 Acura MDX. It's a great car -- unexpectedly nice drivetrain, with great power for an SUV. But the handling is front wheel drive oriented and not even in the same league as the X5. Much lower quality interior, switchgear, etc. It's clear that it's basically a Honda; a BMW is different kind of beast. The Acura is very reliable, but durability is different -- I'm sure the cheaper materials will not wear nearly as well as those used in the X5.

I just spoke with an official higher-up in BMW's system today and he mentioned that BMW will be releasing a diesel state-side in 2008 (most likely for the 3-series, 5-series, and the X5).

Subhankar Ray

i find it laughable that you can even compare these SUV's and cars to BMW! No competition, totally agree with jzin!


Lovely car, though I must say... they really need to do something about the design.. cause this is one ugly duckling. esp the side view .. the best improvements are definitely in the interior!

As for king of 4x4s... no one does it better than Range Rover, be it best 4x4 technology, safety, and unbeatable 4x4 luxury!

The X5 is based on the Range Rover. BMW stole a lot of the tech from the Range when they built the X5 to an extent that, a lot of body parts and engine parts are perfectly interchangeable between the two brands!

Its so good Royalty and Presidents are chauffeured in it!


The V6 X5 is DEFINITELY comparable to the MDX.

I will be first to admit that BMW does wonders on fit and finish, and the cars drive among the best. But to say you can't compare a V6 X5 to an MDX is, well, arrogant. In terms of technology, Acura does lead. SH-AWD will be my prime example. Also, they are SUVs, plain and simple. No matter how good your SUV is it is not sports coupe.

As far as the comment on Acura not standing behind their reliability? Free service has nothing to do with that. Acura offers a 6/70 standard. BMWs and other German vehicles are known for their lacking in the long term reliability, data is data. Not to say there aren't lemons and cherries.

BMWs are clearly marketed as a luxury vehicle while Acura is marketed as entry level luxury, nobody is arguing that. But you are being arrogant and stupid saying only a select few can own BMW's, and anyone can own an Acura. Only a select few can be fighter pilots, anyone can own a BMW. Get your head out of your rear, you give a bad name to BMW owners and drivers.



I just bought a 2007 MDX "Sport Entertainment" which ONLY 3% are being built out of production. The SH-AWD coupled with the Active Damper System and sequential sport shift is AWESOME! I've bought Honda's/Acura's since 1984 to present and would NOT consider a BMW. Every time I ask my Auntie where is your BMW? Oh its in the shop......My current 2004 RL has NEVER been back to the dealership in the 2.5 years of ownership. BMW's are NOT perfect either....


Well, Very interesting discussions...
I had to post my experience. I know it's not about the BMW but it still applies...

I owned a Mercedes S430 for 3 years and a Toyota 4Runner for 8 years.

Repairs in 8 years
- Timing belt (because it is recommended)
- Brakes at 120,000 miles. They just wouldn't go. Every oil change I asked if the brakes need replacement...no still fine.
- Clutch spring ($200)

Mercedes S430
- Rear window broke internally so it wouldn't go up or down
- Fold in mirror stopped working
- Instrument cluster replaced and worked on 3 times!!. It just smelled like something burned and all needles froze. I went 3 times to have everything working under the instrument cluster. Once they screwed up the ESP light, second the text in the display was aligned to the left instead of center, another time it wasn't displaying my phone, etc.
- Navigation antenna replaced
- Mass air intake sensor
- Audio system would not work in the morning sometimes. Still not fixed.
- Battery died
- Rust surfaced on trunk, and fenders. Replaced under warranty
- Many other things I don't remember off hand but one day I will go thorough the stack I kept as memories.

I loved the BENZ. I still think it is a good car. Unfortunately their quality is not appropriate and they are cutting costs left right and center.

Well, I CAN'T put up with the fact that I need to make an appointment 3 weeks in advance because MB closed 3-4 dealerships to cut costs.

Whoever said that if you like to spend a lot of time at dealership and enjoy their free coffee or hot chocolate buy BENZ or BMW is CORRECT.

If you want to spend time with family buy Yota or Acura! CORRECT.

I just couldn't take it anymore with so many problems and so much time at dealer and majority of the time no courtesy car (only shuttle).
Well when the S class is over $100,000 at least give me a courtesy car. They gave me 2 times a B class and some wagon...

My wife has been on my case now to get rid of this lemon and get a car that I can enjoy and not keep sending it to the shop.

THAT'S IT ! I had it!

Being a Benz fan I wanted the ML or GL. I drove the ML and it didn't do anything for me. I looked at BMW (3.0), Lexus, Volvo, Audi Q7, and Acura MDX.
Sorry... no american.
The BMW and MB is totally gauging people in Canada. Give me a break.. for an X5 4.8i close to $100,000. Same for GL450 = $100,000
I will never spend 100 grand on a vehicle that could potentially sit more in a shop than on the road.

Then I found the perfect one. Once you drive the MDX and you experience the Super Handling plus being fully equiped at $47,000 USD ($60,000 canadian) there is no looking back.

For godsakes at Benz I knew all Service Advisors and almost all mechanics.
I don't need that. I want to know my family and I don't want to know any mechanics, managers, etc.

And for those that say you can't compare the MDX to Nazi cars do yourself a favour and open google, type "Acura MDX 2007 review". You will see that the MDX compares with the BMW 3.0, Porshce Cayenne (v6), Volvo xc90, Lexus, etc.....

I can't believe that I'm happier and excited with Acura then when I bought the Benz.

BMW AND BENZ should learn from their competition.

I used to love the german cars. I still love them but i'm not sure I want to have another one. As a spare car yes, maybe... and definetely not for another $100,000.

I'll just watch them on the road for now... and laugh....

..... YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE !!!......
.... How much time have you spent at the shop????

You guys are toooo much.

I believe anybody that refers to themselves as some select subset of humanity because they drive a BMW has some serious values problems. I feel sorry for your kids in the unlikely event you have any.

I also believe anybody that refuses to consider the entire universe of available products when preparing to make any investment, demonstrates they are uninformed consumers. Therefore the credibility of your commentary is dramatically damaged.

I carefully evaluated the differences between the X5 and the 07 MDX. The vehicles are very, very close. The primary difference is when you add enough optional equipment to the X5 to match up with the MDX standard equipment, the X5 costs about $20,000 more.

I certainly have the funds to buy whatever I prefer. However, I saw no advantage in the X5 that justified $20,000........or $20 for that matter.

BMW certainly builds a nice product. But they are overpriced in a market of similar and often superior, more competitively priced products from other quality manufacturers.


I was a BMW fanatic until my X5 was involved in an accident and I arranged for a long-term (6 weeks) rental from my leasing company which turned out to be a Infiniti FX45. All I will say is goodbye BMW hello Infiniti. The build quality of the FX45 I'm driving is far superior to my X5. Don't get me wrong my X5 is one beautiful car but the numerous dash warning lights get very, very old. I'm now in negotiation with my insurance company to total the X5 (it was damaged enough to be considered border line). I can't wait to purchase the FX.


I would like to say that today I went from possibly never purchasing another bmw to NEVER purchasing another BMW. My 2002 has 58,000 miles on it. It would have more if I had been able to drive it more often. I have had these problems:

1, the CD player broke, first 5000 miles.
2, broke a bearing, but that was my own fault.
3, rear passenger window went down and never came back up again
4, battery went dead, I charged it.
5, battery went dead, cell busted, new battery
6, light blew out. Replaced light. (seemed normal enough)
7, battery went dead, I charged it.
8, battery went dead, cell busted and battery still under warrenty. New battery.

around this time, they tell me I need a new cluster because mine isn't fully lighting. New battery = fully lit cluster (dumb maintenance)

9, light blew again (bulb had been put in correctly)
10, battery went dead - I asked them to look into it. They said it was the battery's fault. New battery.
11, battery went dead when I was in the middle of nowhere. Charged it.
Had my final inspection with dealer before warrenty ran out - they said everything was fine and passed me. Had to replace windshield wipers 1 week later.
12, battey went dead (was only 6 months since last battery).

At this point, I figure some things out from the patterns... I have a battery drain that they didn't believe me when I told them there was another problem. Finally proved it at 2000 miles outside of warrenty. had to pay to have the 1 amp drain fixed by removing the dash and exchanging the fan. That didn't fix the battery drain. IT'S STILL DRAINING. My cluster is not fully lit again.

TODAY- rear DRIVER side window falls all on its own into the door. won't come back up.
Last week - driver side lock started sticking. Have to lock/unlock twice to get it to come up.

BMW's solution to my problems - I should buy/lease a new bmw and I won't have my problems any more. Not that their warrenty was a joke and nothing was ever investigated or fixed while it was under warrenty. Not that they should make this lemon of a car right again for me, the very young customer who will probably buy at least another 20 new cars again in her life. I'm just so upset with them.


oh, i forgot about when it stalled twice while taking left hand turns in the first 100 miles i had it.


i have the chance to buy a 2003 M5 4.4,sport package ... loaded up, zero damage, clean and clear... this little beauty only got a shade under 18k in miles on it... only gonna cost me bout $24k ... assuming the odometer is true on the miles,anyone see anything wrong with this,lol ??? heck, it's a BMW, still got 8 months on the warranty, and can get the extended ... so not really worried about anything other than it not being true mileage, anyway to verify that? otherwise... based on my own research... the $24k price tage seems to be a steal !!! input requested, please -- thanks !!


CORRECTION TO THE ABOVE POST: sorry, typo ... it is an X5, NOT an M5 .... still would like input, thanks

Mark Smith

I own a very high spec,UK. BMW X5 3.0D in black, very pleased with it, no problems.

The person who has had his BMWs towed off his drive way on a number of occasions, may I suggest that you put fuel in the tank,don't let them run dry

Zorro del desierto

For the person who said and I quote "Just remember anyone can drive Japanese cars, select people can drive BMW's". Let me tell you that your ignorance is as great as your arrogance. Anyone can purchase a BMW or any kind of vehicle he likes, as long as he has the right amount of cash with him. I have seen so many drug dealers and rich junkies driving BMWs and believe me, it does not make me perceive them as SELECT PEOPLE and I have also seen so many educated,honest people driving japanese cars and in my opinion they are not just ANYONES, as you described them.
What is so TRUE is the fact that the structure of BMW vehicles and it´s performance is so outstanding that can be described probably as incomparable. Interiors are so luxurious and inviting that no one would like to leave once you are inside, and not to mention the exterior lines. They are vehicles that no one can stop staring at. You can probably add, that these vehicles give you some sort of HIGH CLASS perception, but that is simply perception. Dress up a monkey in Gucci and it will always clown around and eat bananas, don´t tell me it will ask for champagne and caviar.
And in my case I have the right amount of cash to purchase just any BMW in any series you like, but I would like to purchase a vehicle to enjoy not brag about or for any HIGH CLASS peception. To be honest I have so many friends driving BMWs and all of them complain about dependability and high cost maintenance. My choice instead would be dependability and that is for JAPANESE vehicles. I enjoy driving not bragging and worse if SOCIALITE is socializing with mechanics and customer service people. I really don´t like spending money on headaches.
Next time before you write anything else please make sure your words do not offend any readers.

I too was very close to getting the BMW X5 since it's redesign. I test drove the New MDX and was completely impressed. So I got one. I did the Ultimate Driving challenge put on by BMW a couple weeks back to put my 17 old thru some defensive driving and later get to drive the V8 X5's on an Auto cross and also drive the Volvo XC90, MB ML 500 & the Lexus 470 which was aweful in the handling dept. I made the comment to one of the BMW's folks there that my SAV handled even better, she said let me guess, the new MDX. Come to find out that the Acura MDX was a competing vehicle on their challenge coarse but they ended up pulling it since it out performed the X5 V8's. I thanked her so much for that info. Don't get me wrong, I love Beamers and we also own a 07 328i Coupe which I love also. Acura did their homework well on this redesign. BMW will need to redesign their X5 again to compete. The SH-AWD is the most advanced system on the market. Gotta love technology. ;-) In an earlier comment some said it isn't a sports sedan, hum after a recent article in Motor Trend I think they tested it as pulling a .860 in the skid pad. To put this into perspective the new Lexus IS 350 pulls a .850. Not to mention it's 60-0 braking of 121 ft. Amazing rig, hard to believe it's a utility rig.

lesley Starr

I wonder if anyone can help I bought a BMW X5 3 years old 30DS with 38,000 on the clock. I had it 5mths and the Fuel pump went is this a common fault, not sure if i should keep it as it was fixed last week and the same thing has happened this week.

Just a Guest

Question: Why so many close to new '07 X5s on the market? I have an '06 that my wife confiscated and like the look of the new X5 but the abundance of new body style X5s on the market gives me a little pause. What's the word?

my x5 pulls to the left, despite several visits to my dealer. several other owners have the same problem. has anyone got any bright ideas.

gotta love the bmw 2007 x5 also check it out at: www.bmw2007x5.com


Ok, here is a clue for the intermitent NO START problem. = Don't use your cell phone inside the vehicle without opening a window. Cell phones power up all the way when enclosed in a vehicle. I don't know what it is doing to your brain, but the cars electronics are effected SOMETIMES. Micro-waves coming out of cell phones, yes micro-waves. The same ones that cook your food, except lower. Personaly, I don't use a mircowave oven or a cell phone anymore. But hey, I do not watch TV or fly on airplanes for the last 7 years either. Mind control, ya know. thanks for listening to your friendly german auto-tech. regards*^^*

Bill Haines

BMW makes great engines and drivetrains. However if you plan on owning one for more than 4 years forget it. Outside of the engine they can't even get a cupholder right - no less sophisticated electrical gagetry desired in today's cars. Power windows? forget about it!!

Why the photo shows this SUV driving with Münchner(Munich) license tags, is beyond me! SUV s are strictly an American idea & manufacture (with supposedly some German parts!) . SUV s are perhaps, exported to Germany, but for what reason? Fuel prices in Europe are prohibitively costly, 2+ times currently existing on this side of the Atlantic!

Prefer Privacy

Surely most of you are aware that many of the posts are from lurking folks who profit from selling BMW's. My own experience, as a university professor with three engineering degrees and a lot of real-world experience was not rosy. I got an X5 with endless electrical problems. It was practically rebuilt over nearly 40 visits to the dealer - A/C controller, GPS, audio system, dashboard display cluster, window regulators, etc., etc., some multiple times. Finally, after much begging, a mechanic I befriended took the whole darned electrical system apart to find a main trunk cable - the "spinal cord" of the vehicle - with intermittent short-circuits. Just today, one of the windows crapped out again. My take is that the mechanical parts of these cars are pretty solid, but the electronics are indeed substandard. FYI, my PhD is in electrical engineering, so at least on that I'm fairly solid in my opinion. Otherwise, and humbly, I will not buy another BMW.


The 2007 X5 4.8 has been nothing but a nightmare fr me. Owned many new BMWs (3, 5, 7 series) and all have their own "unique" sometimes annoying traits that can be overlooked because of their great performance and driver feedback. However, my X5 is a loser, a huge disappointment. Starting with Engine light errors (and yes, I tighten the gas cap after filling up), startinng engine issues, windows that go down/up on own, constantly dripping cosmoline, and a rear hatch door that decides on its own when it wants to stay closed and when it wants to unlatch itself. I have two friends with 07 X5s and both have had recurring problems with cosmoline and check engine lights coming on as well. This is first year of remodeled X5 and HOPEFULLY, BMW will identify the issues and not be in denial over what is in my opinion, the worse car they have ever produced. Unfortunately, BMW's response to my issues has been the most disappointing aspect of my ownership experience. The "lemon" is really the company itself. Perhaps losing so much money over past year has caused BMW to lose focus on customer relations. Or, perhaps BMW's upper management is too detached from the customer and more concerned about their stock option portfolios, but if they continue down this road, they will surely lose credibility with more and more long-term loyal (formally) customers like myself. BMW, the time to up your customer service is when things are tough...get real if you think customers will spend the kind of money we do on cars with a company that clearly doesn't care!


Im neither a fan of BMW nor of Acura, prly cuz i've never owned one :) , but from the comments it seems like there is a desperation in trashing non BMW owners!


Told my 2007 x5 3.0 has a fractured radiator to be replaced for $$$$$! it has 57000 miles on it. That is a disappointment.

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How come no one is comparing BMW to the Mercades or porsche cayenne? I was looking and the x5 year/milage vs. mercades =BMW had higher resale THE Cayenne= equal to the BMW. SO LETS ALL PUT THE BMW INTO THE CLASS IT BELONGS PLEASE!! (nothing sexy about the mercades suvs) (Porsche cayenne is fair ground outside but not in)

I love this blog…just bookmarked it.  Keep it coming

There's no comparison here to any other SUV. These X5's (even though they are Bangle-designed) look great and last forever. They are tanks and very well done. Even the first gen X5 is still a thing of beauty and value (just don't by the 3.0 - its an oil guzzler). Nice pics btw.

BMW = Lemon

Going to court against BMW NA soon. X5 is a lemon indeed and I pray I can get rid of it.

Ryan Flynn

I'm thinking about buying an 06 x5 or fx45. I REALLY want the BMW. Tell me what to buy-

Shopping online is the best way to save money and ensure that you get the best deal possible. It is so easy that in some states the whole process can be completed and you can have proof of insurance in your hands as early as possible.

Ryan Flynn

F it- I bought a cayenne s turbo. F BMW.

Your vehicle might just be more expensive to insure than others even for the same coverage. The reasons behind this might include one or more of the following: your vehicle is new; the make of your car is more costly to repair; the type of car you have has higher incidents of damages or accidents; your vehicle has low safety rating; and your car is attractive to thieves.


Does anyone have an opinion on the reliability of the V8 vs. the inline 6 in a 2007 X5? I currently have a '99 528, and I have always heard there are more problems with the BMW V8 motors....true?



The CEO is almost an identical copy of BMW's X5 model, and the only reason why it's "almost identical" is that the SUV's front end it's a "clone" of the SUVs found in the Mercedes-Benz's line. match making

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What I dont like about the X5 is its hardly noticeable image change over the years compared to the saloons like the 3 series. The 3 series just gets better and better but the X5 just seems to stay virtually the same design. BMW need to pull something out of the bag soon or I think vehicles like the Audi Q7 will take over the market.

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