Pontiac's Secret G5 Coupe


We’re half kidding with that headline, but the release of a new model is usually a significant event for an automaker. However, General Motors is taking the quiet approach with the new Pontiac G5 coupe, based on the Chevrolet Cobalt introduced in 2005.

The 2007 Pontiac G5 base model is actually on sale now and features a 148-hp four-cylinder engine. A CD player and spoiler come standard for $14,995. There’s also a GT model that features a larger, 173-hp engine that starts at $17,795. While the base model starts for roughly $1,000 more than its Chevy sibling, the GT costs slightly less than the comparable Cobalt SS. Pontiac is not offering a higher-powered G5 to mirror the Cobalt SS Supercharged.

We’re comparing the two because the Cobalt and G5 not only feature the same engines, suspensions and interiors, but they also look almost identical save for their different grilles and slightly altered front and rear ends.

GM assures us there is no hidden meaning behind this under-the-radar launch, but we have to think the lukewarm reaction to the Chevy Cobalt has something to do with it.

Pontiac G5 GT


Chevy Cobalt SS


Pontiac G5 Interior






By David Thomas | July 25, 2006 | Comments (47)


well i like it! sure it shares simularities, but i like the changes. But lets not just pick on GM for this, this is just a step in the door towards bringing pontiac back to where it needs to be, they need a small car for now, and i think this will help get more customers in the door since its based off the popular cobalt (its #10 on the best selling this for this year according to MSN and its only been out for 2 years!) If you really want to poke fun at badge engineering, lets pick on Ford/Mercury/Lincoln/and now landrover, or toyota and lexus, or dodge and chrysler, or any other automaker...everyone is guilty of it.

I don't mind Pontiac having a version of the cobalt coupe. it makes sense in their lineup as you stated. I just think we could've seen a few more changes to make it more unique.

In Mexico GM doesn't sell the Cobalt, they sell their clones: the Pontiac G4 sedan and coupe (AKA G5).

Just check www.pontiac.com.mx

Even the Aveo is called Pontiac G3.

That's because GM Mexico brings the Opel Astra and the Daewoo/Chevrolet Nubira, but to me it doesn't make any sense the badge engineering on the same country (USA).


Well I personally have a 2006 Cobalt SS that looks pretty much exactly like the G5. The back of my ss is a little bit different though. I'm not too happy about the whole G5 thing. Why do they wanna mirror the SS?! I just don't get it.


Well I personally have a 2006 Cobalt SS that looks pretty much exactly like the G5. The back of my ss is a little bit different though. I'm not too happy about the whole G5 thing. Why do they wanna mirror the SS?! I just don't get it.


Does the name Grand Am come to mind for anyone? That is what I thought upon first look.


Yeah, but if you paid attention to lineup changes you'd know that despite the differences the Grand Am is what the G6 replaced.

As for the G5 (G4), it's the replacement for the aging design of the Sunfire. (Which really shows.) This is much in the same manner that Cavalier was replaced by Cobalt. It's the progeny of the J-body lineage, not N-body.

But from aesthetics, I think Pontiac could have put some more distinction into to body work. There's even a naff seam around the front "nacelles" exactly where the Cobalt's grille opening would be. Why not spend a little more and give the car it's own mold for a cleaner front fascia? Also the lights could have some difference in reflectors/optics to set it apart. Even its predecessor the Sunfire had more put into badge engineering to set it apart from the Cav.

Also disappointing is no GTP or GXP to match its supercharged SS sibling in the Chevy lineup. And Pontiac is supposed to be the performance brand?

Other than those details, it doesn't seem bad. But still too close to the Cobalt still to be distinctive. Maybe there's details in factors affecting handling that aren't immediately obvious? (suspension, steering ratio, etc.)


just bought a G5 - love it, love it, love it! had my heart set on a cobalt coupe, but the performance, handling, and smooth ride from the wide set tires place the G5 above the coupe. price is similar. insurance is better priced also. another feature in the driver center that comes with the G5 is the oil life which will save me money also on maintenance. to me - cobalt 1 thumb up, G5 all thumbs up! glad i changed my mind based upon their similarities and made because of their differences.


Yes, it seems from all the reviews I've read on the G5 that the negative reviews are coming from people who are outsiders and haven't had the chance to drive it. And the positive reviews are coming from those who have driven it. I just purchased one 2 days ago, after test driving the Cobalt also. It has a much racier look than the Cobalt with its front end, and for some odd reason it was just funner to drive. That's about the only difference. There a some standard features that I love with this car. At first I thought what a small trunk, then the salesman pulled 2 levers in the trunk and the rear seats folded down and the trunk space grew 3.5 feet longer. Also, the driver info center which displays your mpg, when you need to get an oil change, exterior temp, and other things. Just don't knock it until you drive it.


You aren't much of a car person, are you, Brooke...GM is 'mirroring' the Cobalt because it's cheaper to take an existing model and make slight changes rather than creating a whole new design, etc. That's why there are so many similarities, not only between these two cars, but a good amount of GM cars (Yukon/Tahoe/Escalade, Torrent/Equinox, Envoy/Trailblazer, etc.).


and Toyota does it with the their ho-hum Camry and the Lexus ES 330. Honda does it with the accord and the rest of its line up i.e. Accord=Odyssy, Ridgeline, Pilot,Acura TSX, Acura TL, Acura RL, Acura MDX, etc. they may not look a like but most of them share the same electronics and that same engine from the Accord V-6, which i wish GM never had put into the Saturn Vue. want more? why is the Nissan altima and Maxima the same damn car down to a T? whats the difference? the Maxima is a stretched altima. as you can see pointing fingers at GM for badge engineering is pointless.


I think its really lame that pontiac is going to do a gtp or gxp g5. If they do it should have the turbo motor out of the solstice that would be awesome! Come on who wants to buy a g5 when you
can just get a colbalt ss?


I like it...my only complaint about the Cobalt's exterior styling was those stupid "bug eye" round taillights on the 2-door models. Voila - fixed!

fordguy needing a commuter ride

I am looking for a commuter car so my Mustang doesn't have to get messy in the winter. requirements:
* two door coupe (not hatch) that gets close to 35mpg for under 20K with stick,cruise and air. A little bit of guts a must and I'm 6'3" 235lb so i need to fit.

the only car that fits this criteria for me is a G5 GT. the civic si costs too much, the interior is different in the ion, the cobalt is UGLY the grill is horrible and the tail lights too. Scion TC cost too much and only gets 31 mpg, and the ford focus is a hatch.

I think with the better styling of the G5 they should be pimping it alot more.

The civic coupe non-si trim would probably best match what you're looking for since there simply aren't many 2-door coupes on the market let alone ones that match you're very lofty criteria.
You could also look at a Mitsubishi Eclipse non-gt but that get less mileage. Scion tC shouldn't cost too much though if $20K is your ceiling. Nothing in the realm gets 35 mpg. Have you tried using our Vehicle Recommender? It's made for situations like this.

sum dude

i have never driven either the G5 or Cobalt but even tho those cars are almost exactly identical the G5 just looks better to me, altho those "stupid" bug eye tail lights that the Cobalt has mirrors a japanese car called the Nissan Skyline R34 which cant be found for sale on nissan dealerships because u can only get it from private sellers or imported from japan. tho more to the point, the pontiac tail lights looks alot like the ones on Sunfire.


I have recently bought a cobalt... i absolutely hate the car....everything keeps going wront with it...no taillights...no a/c... several occasions.....ridiculous..if you ask me i spent 18000 on the car and for it to have these problems.. i would not reccomend anyone buying a cobalt... i am currently trying to get into a G5..which i love and has a lot more standard options that chevrolet would never offer.... i owned a 03 pontiac sunfire...which was a really good car... i will never buy another chevy... just pontiac... but seriously think long and hard before you buy a cobalt... G5 all the way!!!


I have a 2006 Cobalt SS Coupe. I have owned a Nissan 240sx, a Honda Civic, a Toyota Corolla. The Cobalt is by far the best car I have ever owned. It has 10,000 KM on it already as I love to drive it. Never had a single problem. It even seems to love our Freezing Canadian temperatures. I also checked out a G5 when I was car shopping. Very close but I found My SS just outperformed the G5. Both great cars. I wonder if Emily knows that Chevy and Pontiac are owned by the same company, General Motors.


You know, I currently have a 2002 Corvette Coupe and the more I read about the Ecotec engine, the more I think it would be a blast to own one. I definitely like the looks of the G5 better than the Cobalt SS even though I'm a Chevy guy and if they had a supercharged 2.4 liter Ecotec, I would buy one! The 2.4 so equipped should pump somewhere in the neighborhood of 220 or 225 HP and with the stage 1 and stage 2 kits as in the Cobalt, it would be real easy to put away Mustang GTs even if they had bolt ons! Anybody interested in buying my Corvette? ;) :)

g5 huh

Well from reading the reviews it sounds to me that most of you have forgotten the days of old. One just has to look at the muscle cars of the late 60's and early 70's that pontiac and chev made back then and you can see that the same rules apply as they did back then. The chev was and still is about the power, and the pontiac is about the handleing. That is why most have you had said the G5 is more fun to drive. Power is important yes but if it doesn't turn or stop very well, the fun disappears real quick.

I would expect that more power will come in the G5, but the cobalt will more then likely have more for rest of these cars days.


I purchased my G5 just before winter hit up here and managed two road trips, one to Anchorage the other to Homer, on dry pavement. This little car is astonishing! The engine is smooth and with more torque than horse power, is peppy as well. Many four cylinders are nothing spectacular too listen to fresh out of the crate, but this one has a great sound to it when you put your foot down, and with a red line of 6,500 RPM can get on it quite quickly. As a matter of fact, when it shifts, at 6,500 RPM, into high gear, you are already doing 75 MPH, and even at 100 MPH, the car seems extremely stable with little buffeting and only minimal road noise, (of course these speeds were not obtained on a public road way). I have not heard what the official time from 0 to 60 MPH is, and though I didn’t have a stop watch with me when I gave it a shot, my guess is that it is in the mid 5 second range. (Anyone know for sure?)
At three months old my G5 has 1,500 miles on the OD and I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Every time I get in this car, I want to just keep driving. I test drove a Cobalt before buying my G5 and just was not as impressed with its handling or styling. I am a long legged six foot three person and can feel cramped in many cars, but with hours of road cruising at a time wearing on my skinny hinny, the comfort of this car is quite commendable. The six way adjustable seats means that even I can find a comfort zone and the lumbar support fits me perfectly.
For the past two months I have been driving on snow and ice and this little car handles extremely well. ABS brakes helps ensure safe braking even at gloss-iced intersections. I don’t know what the weight distribution is, but this coupe has been rock solid on all road conditions it has encountered during this Alaskan winter so far. So I have to commend Pontiac for putting together what I consider and excellent handling package.
So far, I haven’t had a lick of problems with my G5, and with the optional 5 year 100,000 mile bumper to bumper coverage, I feel pretty secure with it’s ownership for the future.
One of the things that I find interesting is how it appears so much smaller than it actually is. The trunk space is also rather astounding; the first time I looked in there I was completely blown away by its size. It was like looking into an optical illusion, here was all this room, but my mind couldn’t comprehend exactly where it came from.
Now, the G5 is not perfect, the rear visibility is limited by its long sweeping window. This only seems to matter when I’m backing up, say in parking lots and such. (Could be worse, could be a Lamborghini Countach or a Koenigsegg). The upholstery seems a bit thin as well, especially on the door arm rest. This will certainly wear out before the warranty is up.
Over all, this is a great little car for its price. And unlike my previous marriages, it’s been three months, and the honeymoon is still going strong!


I test drove this car today n lemme tell you this is on fine ass car. I plan on getting it this summer

ford guy

dave T,
sorry but the base model civic is flat ugly, i like the Si but at almost 25K for it on most lots. it's out of the ballpark, honda base models are still mora expencive on lots, and they don't budge much on price. Btw, it's kinda funny i work at honda in marysville, oh and ordered a G5 GT today. it will cost me 17,200 (after rebates/incenmtives from GM) and still be much better optioned than any civic of the same price. *BIG THUMBS UP*
also i fit well in it . . . . as long as it doesn't hav a moonroof :)


y is every1 suprised; in the 80's the sunbird and beretta were identical and they where replaced by the sunfire and the cavilier the trend continued and now that they're callin them by new names y r u supised that they're still the same car.
pontiac and chevy have done this sence camaro/firebird.
what conserns me is that poniac has always been fast until now y is there no supercharged g5

i got a question for u guys and gals

i am 25 years old i just had a honda civic for the last 4 years 2003 honda civic dx-g sedan 4 doors my lease is up in less than 2 weeks for th last couple of weeks i test drive a few cars so far test drove the nissan sentra the nissan versa , the dodge caliber, the toyota matrix the pontiac g5, and also a few others and also the new 2007 honda civic coupe, i hate the new concept on the civic, so i really like the pontiac g5 but what should i do?? what car would u suggest that would be in the price range of 350$ a month leasing someone let me know i need help lol



get the pontiac g5 GT or the Cobalt SS...oh and by the way that cobalt picture used above is actually a cobalt LS, NOT an SS, 2 different looks!! Is this a car website?? Geez!


My guess is that the launch of this car isn't secret or "low-key" or "under the radar". This car is so incredibly old-school boring GM that they probably forgot it existed.

I forgot about it just now. Wow, I'm bored.

Chris V

I recently was looking for a 2-door small coupe to downsize from my GTP. I drove the tiburon, the lancer, and the civic. I barely fit in all 3 of them. I then took a cobalt out for a drive and fell in love. Being a Pontiac guy I went for the G5 GT. I'm taking delivery of it in a week, and every day is an escruiating wait! BIG THUMBS UP TO GM.


I just test drove the cobalt this week (not the ss) and it was ok. I wondered over to Pontiac not knowing that the G5 even existed. Drove it and bought it! I love my little G5. It also came with some nice added features that I didn't see on the cobalt.

I just bought the pontiac g5 yesterday and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!!

I’ve now owned my G5 for 7 months and put over 3,500 Alaskan winter miles on it.
This car was absolutely fabulous! We have had a seriously icy winter with a bit of snow to keep it interesting, and I never once felt that I was not in total control.
The ABS is excellent and has kept me from sliding through more then one gloss-iced intersection.
I tried my best to loose control of it in a large frozen empty parking lot one night and completely failed to do so. The balance and traction is just that good!
I did a few winter road trips as well and completely enjoyed them.
When ever I get in this car, I just want to drive and keep on driving.
Oh, and the 6.1 Pioneer MP3 stereo system is a sensation as well. I’m an old fart rock-n-roller and even my 60’s and 70’s top 10’s sound D_mned good reverberating through the cabin.
I haven’t had a lick of problems with this car yet and am simply in love with it.
The only problem with owning this car in Alaska is there just are not enough roads to drive on up here!


i love my 2007 pontiac G5 its wonderful. and i would much rather have that over a cobalt.. sure they may look similar but i personally think cobalts are overrated


i love my 2007 pontiac G5 its wonderful. and i would much rather have that over a cobalt.. sure they may look similar but i personally think cobalts are overrated


Getting our G5 base coupe tomorrow. Test drove yesterday. Intended to buy the G6 (already have one of those in the family) but wanted to rule out the less expensive G5. Surprise! I'm 6'4" and 230 and even fit in the GT with sunroof. (Height is not all proportioned the same -- 36 inch inseam and need my shirts with extra long tails). We drove the GT, a base and a g6. Couldn't justify the higher costs for too little additional value.
ABS, Cruise and out the door for under $15,200 including tax with current incentives (not counting the trade-in).


The G-5 is one of the best cars (especially for the money) that I have owned. The 2.2 liter has all the power needed due to the engine/curb weight ratio, and with the abs brakes and enhanced traction control, I am comfortable, even in wet weather. My only additions were an upgraded horn (took out the single tone junk and replaced it with dual electric units) and upgraded the headlamps to real Zenon units, with the necessary high voltage ballast starters and legal wattage tubes. BTW, I did not get trashy blue colored lamps, but white color (about 4000* in color scale)that really lights up the night, especially on rural roads and in the fog.
Best part is the XM radio with the great speakers, including the factory base reflex unit in the truck, and of course, a moon roof!


I just bought the 07 g5 se model yesterday and at first it didnt seem all that great with the stock steelies .Other wise the car was great .This morning i put on 17" aftermarket rims and it makes the world of a difference not only in style but handling .With this car it doesnt take muck to make it look amazing a set of aftermarket rims , chrome exhaust tip and tint in the back looks amazing.G5 is nice i love it.


I actually have the G5. I went out to buy the 07 Cobalt but they are ALL OVER around here. I also didn't like the back lights. I do agree that they are a lot similar but I like the back of the G5 better than the Cobalt...


Is the G5 Coupe a girl car?


I got 17K on my G5 GT and it is still awesome. I love my baby goat (as I like to call it).


I bought a Pontiac G5 GT, and I absolutely love it. I drive quite a ways to work, and love every minute of the drive. I have had it since September 07. The only thing I am kind of unhappy about is that recently I found that when you double click the remote to lock the vehicle, the theft detection system sometimes goes off shortly afterward for no apparent reason. I took it in to get looked at, and as my luck would have it, it would not alarm for the tech. So, they can't fix what they can't find. Has anyone else had that problem? The only thing I can think of is some wire somewhere getting wet. I live in Wisconsin, and it was actually happening when we had a warm spell and a lot of the snow was melting. Just curious if anyone had any ideas??


idk if anyone has asked this question, but are chevy cobalt parts compatible with the G5? i mean, it looks like they are and i may be asking a stupid question but i'm just making sure before i even think of purchasing something that won't even work with it. i just recently purchased the G5 and i absolutely love it. i'm a total pontiac fan (even though i really would've taken a Trans Am any day but the insurance would've been waaay too much) and this car rules. If anyone could answer my question, feel free to email me please.


I bought my Pontiac G5 back in July for 13,800$, which is about 1000 less than the invoice. I am quite happy with my Pontiac G5, and I still get the "sweet car" compliments and it has 25,000 miles on it now. I drive about 3 hours each day on average and the car holds up very well. I have noticed a few small unusual sounds comming out of the car at certain times (a slight rubbing sound in low gears comming from the transmission), but that does not deter me from my choice.

I was out shopping that day on impulse for a new car after fixing my old saturn SC1 for the (i was determined) last time, and I saw the Cobalt's, which I did like. However, having driven my ex-girlfriend's Cobalt quite a bit, I had already been bored of them when I tested out a Cobalt SS. However, when I saw the Pontiac G5 back in the corner, I fell in love. Driving it was just as fun, and with the torque rating a few points higher than the HP rating, it has a good kick to it when you put your foot down, which combined with the nice handling makes it very fun to drive, I think.

I very much enjoy my G5.

juan guerra

I have a pontiac g5 gt. The car is ok in it's general aspects. The only thing i would remark as a negative in this carwould be th noise. The sunroof makes a lot of noise, as the dashboard un general. If you pass through a bumpy roa, the dashboard starts to vibrate and produce noise, as the sunroof also. Does any of you have the same problem? If yoy put that aside, the car is great in all the othr aspects; great price, great equipment, great engine. Thanks!!!

i like the g5 more though im a kid

i like the g5 more though im a kid

do cobalt parts fit on the 2007 g5 i absolutly love it i had it for the past 2 years n the only problem i have is i cant find hardley any aftermarket parts for it so email me if the cobalts after market pars will fit thank you

im trying to build a custom car wit a bumping system n i cant find an install kit for the head unit im sure that it will fit but i dont wanna waste the money

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