Two Jeep Grand Cherokee Recalls in Two Days


Today DaimlerChrysler announced that it’s planning a recall of 131,500 2000 and 2002 model year Grand Cherokees due to a faulty cooling fan that could actually become detached, break through its cover and cause bodily injury.

This comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that defective heated seats in Grand Cherokees can overheat and catch fire. But unlike the seat recall, the fan has yet to cause any injuries, despite more than 160 complaints.

And like yesterday’s recall, this is a serious one and owners of 2000 and 2002 Grand Cherokees with a 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine should contact their dealer about service.

[DaimlerChrysler AG Recalls Grand Cherokees, AP]

By David Thomas | June 13, 2006 | Comments (32)
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Rick Doshier

I have a 2002 Jeep grand cherokee and a few days ago my cooling fan broke while my wife was driving.When the fan broke, pieces of it damaged the fan shroud and penetrated the side wall of my radiator causing the loss of all coolant.To my suprise Diamler Chrystler was unwilling to resolve this issue.If anyone has any advice for me please send me an e mail @

Stephanie Havenski

I also an owner of a 2000 Jeep Grand Cher. and the fan broke into several pieces, damaged my radiator, and doing significant damage to the fan shroud. i also called my local dealer, and their comment was........ ma'am, we don't have it in our system, Chrysler was suppose to mail out the recall notices in August, but i have yet to receive one. My suggestion, is to call and complain, over and over and over to the Chrysler Corp.

Doug Millington

Just yesterday the electric fan litterally exploded as my girlfriend was driving home from work. The explosion was frightening enough that she could have had a serious accident but since she was not going at a high rate of speed was able to pull into a nearby gas station. She thought she had unknowingly run unto something.
Sure enough the fan blades no longer exist. The radiator has a hole in it and the fan shroud is damaged. I had to pry pieces of the fan blades stuck between the radiator and shroud out with pliers.
Just as everyone else is saying I can't imagine what COULD HAVE happened if somebody was standing around with the hood open!

Ronald Galles

Two days ago this same thing happen to my 2002 Jeep grand cherokee, I'm still waiting to get it back from the repair center and so far the bill is at $738.00 and maybe more plus a rental car for 3 days and running. What is a person to do?

Alicia Jefferson-Minor

On August 30,2006 me and my husband had just pick-up our kids and was on the way home when my fan broke. We was siting at red light when it felt like someone had hit us from behind. Lucy enough we was up street from our house. When we got home we could tell that hood was smoking and discovered the fan had broken into pieces. When my fan broke it missed up my whole car the Radiator, the Water Pump, and the Thermastat my car still is not running right yet.
What is it for a person to do to get safer vehicles?

L.K. Levesque

Same thing over here and i am not amused. Told the service charges and repairs will be over $1200.00 (Canadian). However, I since learned that a recall has been made for this specific problem but nobody at the local Jeep/Chrysler service stations here know anything about it.
Has anyone had any success in having these charges absorbed by their dealer yet?
Thanks in advance.


These vehicles have been POS since day one.
Remember,it was AMC/Renault that designed these babies originally,and Chrysler only "improved" the product.Frankly,why would anyone spend so much money on something with a poor history of recalls and repairs thinking that they are going to get lucky and not buy a loser.These things are at the shops all the time for brakes,track bars,radiators,starters,rear end bearings/seals (Dana 35 and Chrysler 8-1/4"),transfer case name it.
People,you dont need a dont need a $40,000 4x4,you dont need a 10mpg Grand Cherokee.
The only redeeming quality? If your name is Cher,you can trim off the OKEE on the nameplates and have your own personalized gas guzzler.(Sorta like the cheVETTE...).

Sal Baudone

It happened to mee too. I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee. On November 10,2006 on my way home with my son I heard a loud bang. I too thought I just ran over something in the road. As I looked in the rear view there was nothing on the road. So I started to drive the mile home. As I got to my block the car started making weird noises and as luck would have it it died going into my driveway.
When I called Jeep they said to bring it to a dealer for repairs. Well let me tell you, the dealer said I have other issues like a cracked head and a hole in the radiator. When I called Jeep there position is that they are only responsible for the repairs of the recall item (fan)and all other coast are mine.
These other issues are a direct result of the defective parts and we as customers should not be put into a situation where we have to incure costs related to defective parts(over$2000.00).
I am still waiting for parts and it's Nov. 27,2006.
I would like to know what Jeep would say if someone was injured."excuse me but we only cover the defective parts, all other coast due to the difective part is your responsability"
I am totally upset and will be consulting an attorney. If anyone has had the same experience please email me.


The day my 2003 Jeep GC got stolen was the day I knew God was watching out for me. If not for that I was real close to driving it through the dealers window.

I now drive a Honda Pilot and don't know what to do with all of the free time I have from NOT having to visit the dealer.

joey crawford

I just recently bought a used 2002 JGC laredo. Well just today my girlfriend was at the post office and started up the jeep and as soon as she started it the fan just completely exploded and destroyed the radiator and several hoses. Well the only thing I can say is that the jeep dealer here in ocala florida took in the jeep right away came and towed it and said that it would be ready by fri. So I guess I was pretty lucky in that aspect.

Luis Aguilar

june 14th 2007

In the month of March this year I purchased (in Costa Rica) a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (4x2). Unfortunately encounter what to my understanding it may be a design problem with the air intake location of this vehicle. To sustain this hypothesis below will describe the unfortunate event that led me to it.

Due to my occupation as architect and consultant for land development often must travel to rural areas and sometime cross small rivers. Last Saturday while I was crossing a river, there were other SUVs crossing it in the opposite way to mine, they were crossing at a fast enough speed to create a “wave” which unfortunately “hit” my Cherokee at the level of the radiator as I was accelerating causing water to enter into he motor and obviously shutting it down and damaging the engine.

Al Dewberry

Today my daughter was driving to the Y and the fan fell apart. My local repair man estimated $700 to replace the fan assembly and radiator. I'll be calling the local dealership tomorrow. Has anyone had luck getting Jeep to cover the damages caused by the defective fan???

Jill Estensen

I was lucky enough to have my fan problem diagnosed before it exploded or broke apart. My Jeep dealer did the repair man did the replacement of the fan. My jeep is now overheating...the fan doesn't seem to want to work at all. We replaced the sensor and it worked for a it is overheating due to the new fan not working. I called Daimler/Crysler and they can't do anything for me. They told me to save all of my receipts in case something comes up down the road. It won't be my Jeep...HAAAAA! I am buying a hybrid.

Joerg Radler

I was driving and heard this bang and then the Coolant warning light came on. There it was a big hole in the radiator. The Fan is covered by the Recall but the Dealer is charging me $600 for the radiator. Did you complain to Jeep about that and did you get a response? Please email me The more people complain to Jeep the better...

I bought a 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo from large used car dealer, a big mistake.
Inner/Outer Tie Rods had to be replaced, immediately after I had the rods replaced a loud annoying metal grinding sound on the left driver side started up. I called back the repair shop and they said maybe I need to have my bearings repacked. I still have that loud embarrasing sound but don't have the money to fix it right now. Thanks for the warning about the "FAN" I'll have it checked out, so sorry for everyone who has had any type of trouble from their Jeep Grand Cherokee.

shona sad face

im dealing with the same problem as you basicaly my car was fine had the radiator fan replaced by the recall and they charged me they said some one had tampered with the wires then a few months later the engine light comes on so i take it to a shop they told me it was the gas cap so i bought a new gas cap and waited for it to go off it never did then finally i took it for a tune up well they told me that the radiator fan wasnt comming on so it wasnt coling down the engine so i told them about the recall and called the dealership to tell them the fan wasnt working properly and that they installed wrong well before i got to the dealer ship the car just dies and starts smoking i had it towed to the dealership and told them about my recall issue they said they look at it but it cost me so i said fine well there claiming it was the rely switch the other company said it had to do something with the radiator fan and now im basiclaly stuck with a blown engine or head gasket or who knows for like 5000.00 im still paying for this car i have no idea what to do by the way its a 2002 grand cherokee laredo what would u do ..... shona


Yesterday my wife when to the mall (less than 5 miles from home) and while parking, she heard a load noice and all the car and several around were splashed with coolant (imagine that liquid all over and smoke).
I arrived to the mall and to my surprise I find a big crach on the lower right right side of the radiator !! I'm not an expert but someone could be injure if they were near by while the coolant at high temperature hit i'm thinking second degree burns.. so now I don't know if this damage is cover by any recall. any comments? Los Angeles, CA.


Jeep? More like Junk! I replaced the fan motor myself with a good quality aftermarket unit and later recieved the recall notice about the fan assembly.My time and money went down the one-holer,but We got a high quality fan blade with the same b.s.motor atached. Mayby the 3 bum coolant relays had something to do with it!Why arent those things covered by something?(besides most of the front end?)As a professional mechanic, I can't believe the problems with the Jeep. A car this popular should be built with higher quality parts! The Jeep was one of the reasons we won WWII, I guess this is why Uncle Sam dosen't use them anymore!


OMG!!! people.... I only have one thing to say... LEARN TO WRITE!!!!!! I'm trying to read up on everyone's experience so as I may know what to do w/my current Jeep but good lord... Are we Americans really this illiterate?

I have a straight 6 cyl. 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. On the fourth radiator in a week. Leaking transmission fluid from bottom of radiator from all four radiators. Any suggestions?


I have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee and we was going donw the road and it made a pop and died. Now all it does is spin freely with no spark. Any ideas?


I was also lucky to have recieved a notice from the Jeep dealer about the fan exploding problem. The replacement worked fine for about 6 months but eventually the fan wouldn't turn on. Luckily my buddies and love to tinker with vehicles, we found that the quick connect had melted. To remedy this we ran a bypass and hooked it up to a toggle switch, now I control the fan, whatever you do DON'T get a cheep toggle switch.


I don't know what you are all talking about. I proudly own a 2002 Jeep GC Ltd with over 358,000 kms on it. I have never had any major problems with it other than 3 starters and a fuel pump. I offroad with this truck, pull heavy loads etc. Other than a couple of minor annoyances over the years I have been quite satisfied. I would buy another. The factory front rotors were under sized and prematurely warped. I switched to slotted aftermarket ones and haven't looked back since.




I have a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee. I had the cooling fan and radiator replaced 6 months ago. This past weekend I started the car heard a loud bang, the fan had exploded and pierced the radiator. The cost is $1200 to repair, after I had just had it replaced six months ago. I was a loyal jeep owner but that is now forever changed.


I own a 2000 JGC Limited. On the night before our wedding on the way to rehearsal, my husband was driving and the low coolant warning began flashing. He COASTED into the parking lot, as the engine had just shut off. We checked everything out the next day (day of wedding) and found the radiator had been punctured, the fan had exploded, and now, thanks to the jeep running without coolant or a fan to cool the engine, a cracked head and 2 spun rods. Have to purchase a new radiator to the tune of $600+ labor, and another engine USED $1,985, new $5,245!!!! The Jeep isn't even worth that much anymore!!! I pray every night that a tree, or meteorite, airplane ice or SOMETHING falls on it so the insurance will just write me a check and I can get something else. Jeep = Just Empty Every Pocket. Also, this is the 3rd Transfer Case in this vehicle, the buttons on the steering wheel don't work anymore, the door locks dont work, the hood shocks are gone, had to have the Blower Motor replaced 3 times because it melted and almost started a fire while I was driving ($250 each time), brake lights went out because of a short in the wiring and the housing melted (that cost me $400)'s been nothing but problems from day one. I'll probably get something else and part this one out. I do not dare sell it to anyone..I don't wish this nightmare on my worst enemy! This is definitely my first AND LAST Jeep!

Terri Chiaradonna

I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo now that I bought like 2 yrs ago, and was having no problems with it at all, until three days before Christmas of this yr on the way to work my temperture gage started reading hot, so then we see all this smoke and a horrible burning smell, the first thing I thought of is OMG the engine is burning,so then of course it wouldn't start after that, so we had it towed and they said that we blew a head gasket. But we got it towed back to our house and had a jeep mechanic look at it and he said that we just need a new radiator, new plugs, new clutch fan, and of course new oil, filter, and air filter. I used to have a 97 jeep grand cherokee I loved it never had one problem with it, but I totalled it an accident, if it wasn't for the jeep I would't be here right now, that's why I wanted another one so bad.

Yep, I'd take a used 93 to 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee in good condition in a heartbeat over any newer Jeep. Had one with 260,000 miles that was still great when I mistakenly sold it. Paid 2400 bucks for a trans rebuild on my 2001 JGC at only 125,000 miles. Jeep had to "improve" the new transmissions with sensors that are designed to go bad around 125/130K no matter how nice you treat it. It really sucks to have such a great product that once had a great reputation go to hell so fast. Just sad. Never again.


Thank you all so much for your posts! We were at a dealership this evening seriously considering purchasing a 2000 JGC Loredo with 164,000 miles for $5,999. I think my mind has been changed!

Stephanie Le Blanc

I have had my 2000 Jeep for about 3 years now. I have put three radiators in it and now I have to put another one in it. Don't know what is making it pop the radiator. Any input would be wonderful. I'm at battle with my Jeep and can't afford to get it fixed every time it breaks.

Aly Luciano

My radiator just blew yesterday, if this fan recall happened years ago am i still covered if this was the reason?

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