First Drive in the Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee


In addition to some cosmetic changes, inside and out, the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee will now offer a diesel engine in the Laredo, Limited and Overland trim levels. Models with the diesel engine will be badged CRD for common-rail diesel. Additionally, the 4.7-liter V-8 gasoline engine will now be flex-fuel, capable of running on E85 or gas.

When I drove the Grand Cherokee CRD around DaimlerChrysler's proving grounds in Chelsea, Mich., it delivered as promised. It's ridiculously gutsy from a standing start, even with the relatively heavy Quadra-Drive II four-wheel drive underfoot. It's no surprise, because the engine puts out 376 pounds-feet of torque at 1,600-2,800 rpm, as well as 215 horsepower at 3,800 rpm. What makes this engine stand out, though, is how quiet and smooth it is. It's definitely the most refined diesel engine I've ever driven in a car — or light truck, as the case may be.


The 3.0-liter V-6, which has been used in the Grand Cherokee overseas, is a Mercedes engine that is arguably the most advanced small diesel made. When you start — and particularly when you stop — the engine there's no vibration that shouts "diesel." The same couldn't be said of Mercedes' previous diesel car engine, the 3.2-liter in the E320.


The new engine is the foundation of Mercedes' Bluetec system, which promises record-low emissions when operated on low-sulfur fuel. The Grand Cherokee CRD isn't currently Bluetec, though it does include a particulate trap to catch all that diesel soot we Americans object to. One could say the car is diesel-ready, in a sense. When low-sulfur fuel hits the pumps here within the next year, Jeep can begin to sell Bluetec versions that make the engine as clean as possible.

Expect to see the Grand Cherokee CRD in early 2007, except in non-diesel friendly states like California.

The diesel Liberty, which is also badged CRD, will be discontinued in 2007 because upgrading it to meet stringent new EPA requirements would have been cost-prohibitive.

Joe Wiesenfelder reporting from Detroit.



This is really exciting, but a huge bummer for those of us in California who are waiting for a diesel-based SUV that meets CA diesel requirements and can accept biodiesel. Any idea on when the Jeep BLUETEC will be released to dealers?

D Closson

About time N Americans get to choose diesel power. Way to go jeep. Better torque and better fuel economy. This particular diesel sounds buttery smooth. Now put a diesel in the rest of the Jeeps including the new for 07 Wrangler Rubicon.

Ken H

Good news, bad news. Great to see a new CRD Jeep, but bad news that the Liberty will no longer offer a diesel option. Daimler Chrysler needs to get this new engine into more of its product line. It's rediculous that the choices for diesel vehicles in this country are limited to European sedans and huge work trucks. Please, please, please let us have a CRD Dakota pickup.


I'm really looking forward to this vehicle. Pricing?

Horst H. Balthes

It's remarkable how refreshingly narrowminded and brainwashed a large portion of American consumers is.
Why going to Hybrids? It's still using crude oil and not the solution the American Industry hails it to be.
Developing new technologies is good. Before you do ask yourself: "Is it feasible?"
Why not trying to tap into a proven technology that eliminates the need for crude oil? Diesel!
Diesel can be made out of anything but crude oil. Substances such as: Garbage, Bio-mass, wood, Vegetable oil, any waste oil, and the list could go on. Instead of making use of it, a certain group is trying to block it by all means. Means like: Increasing emission standards to a level not found with any other fuel source, keeping the price for Diesel artificially high, (mind you it's much cheaper to produce than gasoline) Putting an astronomically high premium on a Diesel powered vehicle, (in the average it cost's only $ 1200 more to produce a Diesel engine than it's gasoline counter-part) not at last the attempt to bad-mouth Diesel engines in any way to turn public opinion against it, (quite successful so far) the list could go on.
Unless the American consumer wakes up, which is not to be expected any-time soon, the brainwashing and mud-slinging tactics of a certain lobby will continue to be successful, thus not allowing for the obvious solution. HB

Greg Faulkner

I think the author is either misinformed from an emissions standpoint or has made incorrect conclusions.

BlueTec has nothing to do with whether or not diesel vehicles will require ULSD fuel and low-ash lubricant (CJ-4). ALL DIESELS PRODUCED AFTER DECEMBER 2006, IN THE U.S. FOR ON-ROAD USE, WILL REQUIRE ULSD FUEL AND LOW-ASH OIL (CJ-4). THIS INCLUDES LIGHT-DUTY AND HEAVY-DUTY VEHICLES. This is because emission rules require an immediate, 90% reduction in particulates of matter, and this will make it necessary for all diesels to employ a diesel particulate filter. Every brand of this filter requires the use of a very, low-sulfur blend of fuel (hence ULSD fuel). Likewise, all these new diesels will require a more premium oil to remove more contaminants from the engine before they hit the exhaust steam (hence, low-ash oil).

BlueTec refers to one of two advanced systems to drastically reduce nitrogen oxides developed by Bosch and Mercedes-Benz. While these systems will also require ULSD, the particulate filters have beaten the advanced, De-Nox systems to the market, and thus, these fuels and oils will have already been required before BlueTec even gets put in the package.

The EPA has given an extra year for light-duty trucks, vans, and SUVs under 8600 GVWR to meet super-tough emission rules with respect to NOx. This is not true for passenger cars which is why the E320 had to employ BlueTec this fall. With respect to PM, however, these rules get very tough, only three months after the introduction of ULSD fuel for all, new on-road vehicles. This is why OEMs have been very staunch in their demand that the new fuel blend be widely-available before the emission rules go into effect. The only way they can meet these tough, new rules on PM is to have lower levels of sulfur in the fuel.

ULSD fuel already represents 85% of the on-road diesel fuel in the U.S. We're almost completely changed over to the fuel that will allow diesels to become much cleaner.

Greg Faulkner

The "Reader's Digest", condensed version of my last post.

The author contends that the upcoming BlueTec will require ULSD fuel, as if the new Jeep CRD--without BlueTec--will not require ULSD fuel.

This assumption is false. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD, like all 2007 model year on-road diesel vehicles, will require ULSD fuel and low-ash oil (CJ-4).

Adding BlueTec to the mix will change nothing in so far as fuel or oil, so the Jeep CRD is not just "diesel ready". It is fully, clean-diesel, minus the super-low emission level with respect to nitrogen oxides. California's obsession with nitrogen oxides should not reflect on whether or not we consider modern diesels as "clean". I think reducing PM over 80% in one model year for diesel autos in the U.S. is a much more significant issue, especially since diesels were already superior with respect to CO, CO2, THCs, and VOCs. They are not just "diesel ready"; they are superior diesel technologies.

And yes, the Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD will be filled with B5 from the plant, and is approved as an alternative fuel with no engine modification or loss in fuel economy.

Daimler Chrysler is working with others in the industry on a B20 standard, and will soon approve their entire diesel fleet to utilize B20 as an alternative fuel. Other OEMs and automakers will follow suit.

Thirty percent better fuel economy and an alternative fuel that lets you keep all that fuel economy without the worry of whether or not your vehicle is suited to use the alternative fuel. It sounds to good to be true, but it is true. It's modern, clean, diesel power. And it is coming to a dealer near you!

I use B20 already in my VW. I don't worry about warranty issues. Biodiesel is good stuff. My car runs great, and unlike E85 users, I lose no fuel economy and it runs cleaner and quieter.

Greg Faulkner

"Daimler Chrysler needs to get this new engine into more of its product line. It's rediculous that the choices for diesel vehicles in this country are limited to European sedans and huge work trucks. Please, please, please let us have a CRD Dakota pickup."
It's more complicated than many think with respect to restrictions on automakers due to the anti-diesel biased regulatory environement we have over here. These rules also make it cost prohibitive due to all the emission equipment that is required to make them compliant.

ULSD fuel is finally making a path to market for light-duty diesels.

3.0 V6 CDI/BlueTec/CRD
Fall '06 - ML 320 CDI; R320 CDI; E320 BlueTec
Winter '07 - GL 320 CDI; Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD; Dodge Sprinter Van.
2008 and beyond - Chrysler 300; ???
I would say putting this powertrain in six models in just a few months is working the diesel angle pretty well. It is the only engine thus far approved for U.S. sales below 8600 GVWR. DC is putting it in everything they can.

BMW, Audi, and VW to follow in 2008. VW has announced January '08 for their new TDI in the Jetta and their new, small SUV.

GM is building a Duramax for the Silverado/Sierra by 2010 (4.9 V8).

Cummins is building two diesel engines for Dodge: Ram 1500 and Durango: By 2010. Cost is a problem for the Dakota. It would cost a couple of thousand extra to plant a diesel in a Dakota. How many will shell out $2,500 plus for a diesel in a mid-size truck? Sure, some will, but will it be enough to take the risk of mass production costs for such a truck?

Ford will introduce a diesel for the F150 by 2010.

Honda will introduce a 2.2 I4 CDDI for the Accord in 2009. They are working on a V6 for the Ridgeline, Odyssey, and Pilot.

Sorry they couldn't get them to you sooner, but blame the EPA; not the automakers.

Is that guy some sort of engineer for a car company or what? Anyway 376 pounds of torque will get you out of most sticky situations, that jeep would be very useful to have.


Honda has had an Accord diesel in Europe since 2003. I've driven several of them and can report first hand that it's a great car. In fact a pulled from production Honda Accord diesel (called the 2.2 CTDi) set a speed record for a production diesel car by averaging a speed of 130mph over a 24 hour period. It also averaged 92mpg. That's right that is not a typo. It averaged 92mpg! I know you can find it out on the internet as I won $20 from a few of my 'eco' friendly co-workers on more than one occassion. Either Google it or check out something like Wikicars (Wikipedia).


Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD...???Release date???Anyone???


I'm waiting for the Diesel Commander and its higher placed backseat as well as its third row.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Option Will be available in March 2007 but i still have not heard about the Commander that is the one i am also waiting for.


Can't wait to see the 3.0 CRD in a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited ( 4 door ) and it would be nice to see it with a six speed automatic trans. I juess if you wish then wish big!!!


when is the jeep gladiator (or similiar) coming out???? please..please...please!!!


I was the fuel system engineer on this vehicle when DC first incorporated the 5 cylinder (2.7L) Mercedes engine into the Grand Cherokee (WK - MY 2002). I spent many miles in my test vehicle and loved every minute of it. I'm glad to see it hit the US market (even though they changed the engine).

Robert Morrison

Can anyone tell me the engine rpm's for the Overland diesel at 100 kmph (3.73 axle, quadratrac 11, 245X17X65 tires)?

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2 Robert Morrison

RPM is about 2000

Winfried Wobbe

I am a proud owner of a 2007 Grand Cherokee Ltd 3.0 Diesel. Looking for a Diesel I accidentally came across this one. It seems to be one of the best kept secrets in the new car market! Even a service manager at a Chrysler shop did not know about this model. Why???
Having driven it for 7 weeks I must say it is a delight to drive. The engine performance is remarkable. Acceleration is awe-inspiring. I am amazed at the lack of advertizing this model gets. Practically none. Fuel consumption over 3000 miles averaged 22 mpg. I believe I saved close to $20,000.00 over a Mercedes ML 320 CDI with similar options. I only wished I also had the 7-speed transmission for better fuel economy.
The car has performed flawlessly.


I never owned a jeep before but decided to try a Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel. An awesome vehicle, but I must say I'm disappointed in the mileage. Maybe it will get better with age as it has only 3,500 miles on it. It's now getting close to 18 around town and 19 to 20 on the highway. It also bums me out to see how expensive diesel fuel is. By all standards it should be cheaper than regular gas. On the good side, it has a very quiet engine and handles well. A pleasure to drive.

T Amero

I am so happy with this jeep only downside I can see is rpm 120kms was at 2400

should be around 1500 too 1700 I like it so much that my 2007 dodge megcab 6.7 diesel sits in my driveway My jeep is by far one of the nicest riding suv I have ever come across!!!

One other thing what they don't tell you is how much it cost for you to have the oil changed when you buy see if you can get lifetime oil changes in your car deal...

Dealership told me 250.00 dollars plus you add on another 70 dollars if you want your fuel filter also changed...

T Amero®

Jeff Smith

I just sold my Mercedes 320 CDI and I loved that deisel engine. The power was awesome, the very slight sound is addicting, and it sips fuel. I'm inpressed to see Chrysler introduce a quality deisel rather than the gas guzzlers its been pushing. I may well buy one myself.


I've always heard that it's more expensive to change the oil in a diesel. But how much more expensive. Also, at what intervals does the oil in a diesel need to be change? Is it the same 3k like in a normal car?


I posted earlier that I was disappointed in my mileage. Now that it is starting to get broken in, I get 22 average and I think it will continue to do better.
I think the oil change is every 7,500 miles and it costs $75 at my dealer.
Overall I love this vehicle !!


We just got our 2008 CRD and I have to say it's truly a pleasure to drive. I became interested in diesels when I was involved in a yearlong project in Germany developing the diesel particulate filters that go into vehicles such as this one.

Our Jeep CRD handles extremely well and there appears to be heaps of power. Don’t be fooled into thinking that 215 horsepower is a small thing; it’s not, and horsepower is only part of what gives any vehicle the sensation of being powerful. The CRD has tons of torque at low RPM and it is geared nicely for how we will be driving ours. It feels like you’re in a sports car at relatively low speeds. It won’t set any speed records, but it “feels” much more powerful than our 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8. Passing other vehicles at highway speeds is no problem at all.

I had an Oldsmobile Toronado way back when and here’s something interesting to compare the CRD to (look it up on Wikipedia):

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD:
3.0 liter V6 CRD
215 horses @ 3800 rpm and 376 pound-feet of torque at 1600 rpm
Base Curb Weight – 4488 pounds (4WD)
0–60 mph in 7.5 seconds and 15.7 at 84 mph in the quarter mile

1968–70 Oldsmobile Toronado:
455 in³ (7.5 L) OHV V8
400 @ 5000 rpm and 500 ft·lbf @ 3200 rpm with option code W-34
Base Curb Weight – 4496 pounds
0–60 mph in 7.5 seconds and 15.7 seconds @ 89.8 mph in the quarter mile

The sound of the CRD is very addicting, there is no diesel smell, and the Quadra Drive II is must have from now on. I am also surprised of the lack of promotion Daimler Chrysler has given to this awesome vehicle.

I've owned my 2007 Jeep deisel for two months and I am amazed each day at the smoothness of this machine. This is my third Jeep and by far this is the best.

Sudbury Ont.


I bought my Jeep Diesel in Canada in Jul 07 and really like it but I was upset when the first oil change cost $250 ($15/litre for Mobil 1 synthetic oil and $55 frickin dollars for an ordinary looking filter. This was at my Jeep dealership.

I got my second oil change at an independent oil change outlet in College Station Texas and the filter only cost $3 ($7 if purchased separately). It's a Mighty Auto Parts, Engine Guard II filter P/N M3969. They didn't have the info for Jeep diesels on site so the manager called a 'filter hot line' somewhere and they gave him that P/N. We compared the filters and they LOOK the same.

I've been looking on the web for other replacement filters with limited success.

Original Mopar P/N is 05175571AA ($55 CAD),
NAPA says their P/N 7062 is equivalent ($13US).

Any further info or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Victoria, BC


Diesel fuel is only sold in 10 percent of US stations, and its average cost is $3.54 per gallon. What's the benefit of switching from gasoline, which is around $2.90 a gallon in the Midwest? The diesel Liberty didn't deliver on its promised MPG gains over gasoline, and that is the main reason if was pulled from the market. If there had been strong enough demand, Chrysler would have spent the money to improve the emissions system.


I sell Dodge Jeep and Chrysler products in Canada and I have drivin many different vehicles. (seeing as I take in trade-ins all the time)I must say that I am a CRD Cherokee fanatic! I just recently bought a lerado CRD in march and I love it. I know many of you have your doubts about the fuel consumption....but just wait til you break the engine in!!(Approx. 10,000 KM - 12,000 KM) You have to remember its a CRD so drive it... dont baby it. No matter how hard you make it work the fuel mialage will stay consistant which to me is mind boggling. the rated fuel consumption is 24mpg city and 31highway. .... you will most likely average out 26-27 Enjoy!!


Has anyone else discovered that $995 Aluminum Clad Chrome wheels means chrome plated plastic hubcaps? Tacky enough to chrome a current cast wheel, but these things are plastic HUBCAPS!

Anyone know what the wheel underneath looks like? If it's a decent looking wheel, I will pry these fakes off.


I have a 2007 Overland 3.0.
The first 8 or so tankfulls I was getting 22-24mpg.
Now I consistantly get 15-17!!!!!!!
The dealer saya everything checks out ok.
At present the vehicle has approx. 9500MILES.
Anyone have any suggestions?


Regarding the lousy fuel milage "Patrick", It will take quite a few miles before the engine is "run-in". Your fuel milage should become better when you reach 30k to 40k miles.

Jason Carpp

I hope that Jeep sells Diesel Cherokees and other models here in the USA. While it may not be for everyone, not everyone willl want a diesel powered SUV, certainly those who want an SUV that gets better fuel economy than what they're used to getting will want this. As for noise, well, that's a relative term. Some may be noisy, while others may be quiet as a mouse. I'd buy a Jeep Diesel if it were available. Whether it's a 3 litre V6 or a 4 litre 4 cylinder diesel, just make sure it's a diesel, eh? Bring it here to the USA, and Canada.

You completed several good points there. I did a search on the subject and found most persons will consent with your blog.

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